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December 30, 1937     The Catalina Islander
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December 30, 1937

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SINGLE COPIES C weekly at Avahm, S:mta Catalina lyland, California. Avalon's ~t~Cial newspaper, ccmtaini lg tile local news cf this wonderful Island ~or d. Baseball training field for the Chica~.~ "Cubs". Avalon: Year rounil mecca for tourists and travelers. Bc, ating, bathing, hell tennis, baseball, riding, fishinm b;kina, marine gardens. Unexcelled accommodations. VOL. XXIV NO. 52 "TELL ABOUT YOURSELF" e. inally when at the appointed too- the doors swung open, they fair- in and the wal'ls of the Ca- never rang with more joyous The Boy Scouts, stationed by r: Pollok at points of vantage, to e~r everlasting ere(tit maintained a of order. , the heavy velvet hangings of ~tage parted, there, to our wondering eyes, did appear" "A mimature sleigh and eight tiny deer", but a family we all knew, . they were hanging up stockings t.rimming a tree in anticipation of ~slt from "Jolly Old Saint Nicho- @was the night before Christmas", we cannot say "Not a creature stirring",.because, sitting right in , ~t of tile fireplace were two little s, and they just cou'ld not keep st~rrlng about while they Ched their big sister attaching the of the brilliant ornaments to just right twig in order to make them off more conspicuously. motlaer was looking on cahnly Counting the stitches m her knit- (nmthers have many things we that they keep in their hearts), '.n father came m from business. ring into the spirit of peace and he picked up his accordion "It Is Love and Love :e the World is Seeking". big sister was asked to do her and, with father accompanying piano, she sang, so clearly and the old familiar "Holy Night". reminded the next to the littlest that she had learned a piece to for Christmas, and this she pro- to do, to the delight of all. "Who's this knocking at my No, it's not Santa. It's only and he has come big sister out for the eve- Mother notes the hour--it is late--too late for babies to awake any longer, so, after just a minutes allowed to listen to the singers under the window, moth- aers them off to bed. Father, with his pipe and his paper, the urge of. rest and extin- ng all lights, retires. Everything darkness and very quiet. this'? Those naughty chil- have come scampering back, de- to SEE Santa Claus when he ~es. But drowsy lids soon droop, the two little sisters are fast ' Too bad, for sure enough, (Continued on page 3, col 1) CATALINA GOLF "BAWLS" New Year's Day Golf Tournament By Roy Phillips A v/ew and unique "Blind Bogey" Golf Tournament will be run at the C9untry Club links on Saturday, New Year's Day, and another on Sunday, for everybody that can hold a golf club in their hands. Every person has a chance to win the first prize, due to the rare way of picking your handicaps, and the new method of selecting tne Blind Bogey nunlber. An entry fee of 5t.)e will be eollected, and all entrance fees will be present- ed to the winners in the form of mer- chandise. There will be one of these tourna- ments every week-end for the balance of .thewinter season--each week-end to have a different event. The Eighth Annual Avalon City Championshilf will be run this season starting January i6th with the quali- fying round of 18 holes, to determine the flights, and one round of match play each week-end /or four weeks, with the fina'ls on February lgth. This tourney was won last year by Huncey Gildner, when he (lefeated Frank Marin over 36 holes by a score of 3 and 2. Previous winners are Sal Reyes, Fred Berning twice, Vince Petrich twice, and Austin Shonafelt. This year it will be a wide open tournament, as most of the boys are . playing about the same brand of golf. Vic Lytle, Oscar Griffith, Clint Dur- ham, Huncey Gildner, Frank Marin, Jack Davis, Julian Stiff, Lyn Camp- bell, Frank Sullivan, Art Hodgson, Jimmie Trimble, Learn Crandall and AI Pallas, are each playing pretty even these days, and will be out to give a good account of themselves. BUSINESS MEN'S BANQUET The Annual Banquet of the Catalina Business Men's Association will be held at the Hotel St. Catherine on Thursday evening, January 6, at 6:30. Members of the Association are asked to purchase their tickets early. They may be obtained from Messrs. L. C. Crow, Paul Hines or O. C. Hoo- ver. This aunual "get-together" around the festive board promises to be an in- teresting event, and a large attend- ance is anticipated. SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS On Wednesday evening of last week the members of the Conmmnity Con- gregational Church Sunday School partmipated in a very pleasant Christ- mas entertainment in the Social Hall of the church, which was fairly filled, so nmch so that desirable standing room was at a premium. Mrs. William Maxwell had the pro- gram in charge,which was substan- t~a.y as follows : 8o~ag, "Silent Night". "Welcome to Our Christmas Tree", by troy ,'~ancy Carter. "Christmas Carols", by the Begin- ners Class. Prayer by the pastor, Dr. John B. Toomay. "A Christmas Story", by Alice Lee Heywood s class. "Thank God for Songs", by Mrs. lnez foomays class. '"l'elephonmg Santa", Elaine Eber. "'O t, tttle Town of Bethlehem",-- Song, by all present. "If Santa Clans was Pa", by W'ini- fre(i Estcs. "The Lullaby Hymn", by Mrs. Hey- woods class. "A Schemer", by Betty Franklin. "l ne Lord's ?rayer", by Louise Newbcrry s class. "'Tne r'irst Noel", by Albert Hay Xlatlotte. "'Otlr Gifts", by Mr. Toomay's class. "jingle Bells", sung by a~l. 'inc, came Santa Cmus (Jack Broobzs) and the Christmas 'free, to- gether w~tn a remembrance for each naember of the Sunday School. The first number "Silent Night", was presentett in a very interesting way, illustrating how the melody came to the writer and its pleasant singing by a party of young people. O BIRTHDAY REMEMBRANCES Among Avalon residents and others whom The Cataliria Islander wishes to congratulate upou having passed an- other milestone on the journey of life this month were the following: Wm. Watson, C. L. Crow, Carol Lou Hoo- ver, Harry Kirby, J. D. Malloch, M. Lutey, Mrs. Josephine Miller, George E. Aull, Mrs. Josephine MeAfee, E. C. Hire, Miss Blanche Heath, Mrs. Jack Nelson, V. C. Lytle, Matbew Cliff, Richard Welsch and Governor Frank F. Merriam. Th~sc were practica'lly the w(wds with which the writer was greeted when he returned fron~ the mainland on ~;he noun boat Sunday, followed by: "Y,,u are all the tnnc telling ab,~ut where So-and-so has been, and what they have bccn doing--now tell about yourself." \Veil, there is no secret aboul (~ur lnc;\'enlellts, So, if allyone cares to know, here's the story: Leaving Avalon Thursday evening on the b. S. Avalon, arrived at DCil- nlli'lgl.L~n on tlnlC, fllere we took a bus tot Santa Momca. During that trq) we passed the gas well at El Se- gundo winch had taken fire several clays ae~ore and was still burning. The roaclway was hned with automobiles, while crowds of people were gathered as near the well as they were allowed to go, to, watch the flames as the gas came from the ground. {.A day or two later the well ceased burning, either from exhaustion of a gas pocket or a cave-in of earth below the surface). Arriving at Santa Monica we went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wallace, Mrs. Wallace being our old- est daughter. There we remained for the night and Friday, also meeting Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mace, the ladies being daughters of Mr. and Mrs. W'allace, togetiaer witfi httle Ruth Mace, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Mace. This, m- cmdmg the writer, brought four gen- erations together. Then, on Friday an- other great-granddaughter arrived from Los Angeles, M*ss Constance 8tone, now about twelve years of age. Other granddaiJgnters were to arrive Saturday, but because of other ar- rangements we had to forego meeting tnem this time, and late that evening was taken to Los Angems by Mr. and M r.s. Wallace. Jn Los Angeles, as usual we made the Hotel ttayward our lodging place. .l~2,arty Cnnsunas mormng we took a t;ain ior Santa Ana, where during me clay there was another gathering ed /our generanons (inclucluag the ~',ner). fins party included two (laughters .of ou; youngest brother, Joseph 1.~ .>math, who departed this hfe nearly Iwcnty years ago. These were Mrs. e. ~. LeVitt, well known in Avalon,.. .and .\l~ss Myrtle Mathews. The lat- Ier took the name of a step-father .aiter her mother married again. ,~ The third generation included tWO ,daugnters ana a son of Mr. anti Mrs. .t, eV,tt--Mrs. Ruth Hougham and Mrs. 2'nomas Clark (nee Barbara LeVitt), :together with Mr. Floyd LeVitt of .klollywood--their respective wives and h,~sband also being present. The fourth generation included Don- ald LeVitt, son of the Floyd LeVitts; Miss Harriet Hougham, daughter of the Houghams, and Master Richard Clark, young son of the Clark family. While there we enjoyed the Christ- mas doings, including a tree and pres- ents, and partook of a liberal helping of meat with al'l the "fixin's" from an 18-pound turkey. Incidentally, it may be remarked that Mr. Hougham, who is in the em- ploy of the Union Oil Company, has just been transferred to Sacramento, where he is to take charge of that dis- trict. This gage the gathering a nfin- or note of sadness, as these annual (Continued on page 2, col. 1)