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December 28, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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December 28, 2012

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Lt. Fetteroll, Year In Review Whales and . From page 3 From pa e 2 dolphins seen the Sheriff's Department as part of Academy Class #224. There were frequent sightings Fetteroll said he has had an in- of gray whales in the channel. Or- terest for some time in community cas were also reported seen just policing, a trend that has been pro- past the Cabrillo Mole where the mated and growing in the field of Islaai:!~l~eSs Boat arrives in late local law enforcement over the past The Avalon 50-Mile Benefit Jan~!phins were also alSun- 25 years, held Saturday, Jan. 14 had a re- dam~annel waters as welt. "Community policing is crucial cord number of entrants. The 340 The:"Aquarium" of the Pacific in a city like Avalon," he said. It people signed up to run exceeded in Long Beach repol:ted that 169 is a key to public safety here and organizers' expectations. The e 'gray whales were seen in Decom- that is paramount in what we want vent attracts an average of about ber 2011 alone. to accomplish and we can only do 200 run hers a year. Gray whales leave the north that by working with the members The race begin- at 5 a.m., and arctic and head south in the fall to of the community to keep every- the course would close at 5 p.m. Catalina Island fox. Courtesy photo siaend the winter breeding off the one, including the tourists, as safe It was the 31st anniversary coast of B.aja, California. Calves as possible. Fetteroll was trans- of one of the longest runs in the fox recovery team, and all other are born from early January tO ferred to Avalon Sheriff's Station United States. The event is put on Conservancy staff and partners mid-Febru'ary. From mid-Febru- on April 15. He is assigned as the annually by the Avalon Lions Club. who have supported this effort." ary to May, gray whales will be unit commander. The money raised goes to a variety The Island's fox population plum- seen migrating northward with the Shark attack off Catalina left scars on the of charities. Lions Club past presi- meted from an estimated 1,300 ani- newborn calves, Shark Attack g,~,,~ board but she was unharme0. dent, Ran Doutt said, "Over the mals prior to 1999 to only about 100 past 31 years the event has raised in 2000, following an outbreak of From page 1 more than $500,000 for Catalina canine distemper, which threatened patrol local waters as a safety pre- Great whites, hammerhead sharks charities." the species with possible extinction, at ']r~vo Harbors caution, and bull sharks all have a reputation After the Conservancy and its part- pronloted to VP Based on descriptions report- for attacking humans. There'is a seal her, the Institute for Wildlife Stud- edly provided by the victim and rookery on Catalina Island. Large More fo]xes on ies, launched a recovery program, Phillip Winter assumed the po- other witnesses, the shark,in ques- great whites are known to feed on the Island which included captive breeding, sition of vice-president of visitors tion has been tentatively identified seals and sea lions, so it is reasonable vaccination, and monitoring, the operations and marketing at Two as a great white. A man reportedly to suspect a great white in the attack. Foxes on Catalina have been population has been steadily in- Harbors in early February. photographed the "Three distinct Mainland media reported a great busy this past year. The federally creasing over the years. The day-to-day responsibili- jaw dentition impressions are vis- white attack on a seal off Catalina endangered animals have reached "While conducting our field sur- ties as harbor- ible in the photograph. A positive Island in 2008. a new milestone of 1,542 individu- vey efforts it was apparent that the master would identification of the causal species The last documented shark at- als a whopping increase of 534 fox population had substantially in- pull him away and its size are not possible without tack off Catalina was perpetrated foxes from just 1,008 recorded on creased since last year" said Julie from the duties examination and measurements of by a great white in 2008, when a tide Island last year. King, senior wildlife biologist for the of his new po- the board. The young lady was not woman was kayaking. "This is very exciting news,, Conservancy who oversees recovery sition, making physically injured," read a state- In the United States, deaths said Conservancy President and efforts, room for a new meat posted on the Shark Research occur up to 30 more times from CEO Ann Muscat. "We are ex- on-the-water Committee website, lightning strikes per year. tremely proud of the work of our Pall1 Kellogg employee. The new at CIMC new harbormas- ter would report Catalina Island 'Medical Center to Winter, which would free him ,ve u,~-'-m,'x~,,.l~,,~,t,,~;zw.~.-~ III [II named Pam Kellogg it's new phys- to focus more on marketing Cata- , ~_~ ical therapist lina as a desirable destination for. ~, in late Januay. Southern California boaters. ~ ~ - Kellogg, who has 33 years of Brush fire Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday experience in burns an acre Sunny Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy Mostly Sunny Sunny Mostly Sunny various thera- 58148 59148 61/47 60147 59145 61 145 "62148 pies, received A brush fire burned about one r~ipCa~:o~ ~ipCh~e:5~ ~pch~:2o~ r~ipch~: 10~ r~pch.~:5~ ~ipa~e:O~ ~ipC~:5~ her master's de-- acre of land in an area of CaEe gree in physical ~ ~ Canyon on Thursday, Jan. 26. therapy from dk Peak--Fishing Times This Week Recreational Forecast According to Capt. Mike Today we will see sunny skies with a high the University of Southern Call- Lewis, chiefoftheLACountyFire temperature" Of 58, humidity of 47%. The record l)avAM ~ Carnie after being inspired to pur- Department on Catalina, once Los high temperatpre Col: today is 85 set in 1956. Fri 11:30-1:30 11:00-1:00 0-2: Low. 3"-5: Modrat~6=7: High, Expect. partly cloudy- skies tonight--with an Sat .... 11:31-1:31 sue the field while an undergradu- Angeles Fire Department arrived 8-10: Very High. 11+: Exa'eme Exposure overnight low of 48. The record low for tonight Sun 12:18-2:18 12:48-2:48 ate at the University of California, on the scene, it discovered a small is ~0 set in 1954. Saturday, skies will I~e mostly Man 1:04-3:04 1:34-3:34 LOS Angeles. fire beneath some power lines. sunny with a high temperature of 59, humidity Tue 1:50-3:50 .2:20-4.20 "The fire was contained with Date ~ Low_ Normals ~Ig,~__~. of 47%. Skies will be partly cloudy Saturday Wed 2'.35-4:35 3:05-5:05 $4 6 mii sewer the resources we had on the 12/18 53 44 65/49 0.13" night with a slight chance of rain, overnight low Thu 3:21-5:21 3:51-5:51 Island," Lewis - said. "We also 12/19 53 43 64/49 0.00" of 48. Expect mostly sunny skies ~unday with a work underway 12/20 60 44 64/49 0.00" slight chance of rain, high temperature of 61. , had two hand crews and two 12/21 57 46 64149 0.00" Skies will become partly cloudy-Monday with a As part of the city of Avalon's helicopters from the mainland. 12/22 56 45 64149 0.00" high temperature of 60. $4.6 million dollar sewer improve- We believe the fire may have 12/23 56 49 64149 0.04" ment program, the first sewer main been the result of the power line, 12/24 55 49 64/49 0.30" Avalon Catalina Harbor line rep!acementwas scheduled to but that is preliminary. It is still pay ~ Low ltJgla Low I~ Iragla Lowrn,h Low begin on Jan. 31. being investigated." Did the Greeks and Romans 0 Fri 8:31 am 2:23 am 10:17pm 3:47pm Fri8:364m2:31 am 10:22pro 3:55pm The project was a response in Catalina has suffered its share often erect temples where f Sat 9:02arn 2:574m10:48pro 4:17pmSat9:07am3:05am10:53pro 4:25prn lightning struck? Sun 9:354m3:33amll:22pm 4:48pm Sun9:404m3:414mll:27pm 4:56pm part to studies of bacteria counts at oflargerfires. OnNov. 29,'1915, Man 10!09am 4:134mll:57pm 5:19pm Man10:14am 4:214m10:learn 5:27pm Avalon Beach. The Southern Call- a fire burned half of Avalon's Answer: Yes, they worshiped the gods Tue 10:484m 4:594m None 5:52pm Tue12:024m 5:07am10:534m 6:00pm fornia Coastal Water Research buildings, including six hotels there in an attempt to appease them. Wed12:364m 5:57am11:324m 6:28pm Wed 12:414m 6:05amn:37am 6:36pm Thul:21am7:134m12:31pm 7:10pm 'I'hu l:264m7:214m12:36pm 7:18pm Project determined that Avalon and several chbs. In May of 2011, has a marine beach impacted by a fire at the Isthmus scorched mixed sources of bacteria con- about 115 acres. Dee. 28. 1987 - A winter storm __=~,~,~, l)av SunriseSemnr, t M~.rise M~met ,rib, tamination. produced heavy snow in the upper Full ~1~. ~ 6:56 acm. 4:55 p.m. 5:32 p.m. 6:57 a.m. New ~,~.. Fri - Year ln Review, Page 5 Mississippi Valley and the upper 12/28~ Sat 6:56 a.m. 4:55 p.m. 6:27 p.m. 7:38 a.m. W 1/11 Great Lakes region. Up to twenty Sun 6:56 a.m, 4:56p.m.7:23 p.m. 8:16 a.m. inches of snow buried southern ~ Man 6:57 a.m. 4:57 p.m. 8:20 p.m. 8:52 a.m. Minnesota, and 20 to 40 mph winds Last(.~ Tue 6:57 a.m4:57 p.m. 9:18 p.m. 9:26 a.m.~ First produced snow drifts six feet high and 1/4 Wed 6:57 a.m. 4:58 p.m. 10:17 p.m. 9:59 a.m. 1/18 reduced visibilities to near zero. Thu 6:57 a.m, 4:59 p.m. 11:17 p.m. 10:32 a.m. ~9 - - _ _- q~-,~,,,,w - - -- -- *FREE for iCatalina. O . m Book Nowl 4 i Friday, December 28.20"12 THE CATALINA ISLANDER