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December 24, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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December 24, 1924

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PACE TWELVE W~ roming bring you the fullest measure of atdl ro perilg Refined Crude Matched Rastus--"What you all doin' wif dat pen and paper, Sambo ?" Sambo---"Ise just gwine to write ma' Liza Jane." Rastus--"Go long, Midnight ; you cain't write." Sambo--"Dat's all right, A![igator Bait, Liza Jane cain't read]" The Qbjeetion to a neighborhood that is good is that it attracts so many people who are not. Comp|imentary "Your cousin is dreadfully thin, isn't he ?" remarked the candid friend. "Thin?" responded Wagg. "Why, he's so thin that if he'd only close one eye he'd look like a needle[" Some people talk without apparent strain, and soine have a reputation for cleverness. Beyond Price His Neighbor--"Why don't you get rid of that measly hound of yours? He's only a mongrel and nothing but a nuisance." Mr. Meekinmild--"I wouldn't part with him for any money. Nuisance he may be. Mongrel he is. But he's tl~e only member of my household that re- spects and obeys me." Wife's Precaution "Darling, before you go to bed, spread :I THE CATALINA ISLANDgB KINDNESS i ! How often we in daily life | Can look about anti find | A real worth-while achievement | Has been launched by being kind A word has stirred a memory, A hand-clasp brought a ray Of light, of hope, of promise, And a smile has saved the day. If it's just a glad "Good morning!'' Or a little word of praise, It may prove an inspiration For higher, nobler ways. Let us, then, be ever thoughtful, Kind and helpful while we may. "Some other time" may prove too late, Man's need is for today. --Josphine Aldrich MonS0~' Love, the magician, and the wizard ttat, Though one be like white fire, and one ~tk flame, ..,r0tlg~I Work the same miracle, and all are ~ Into the image tbat they conteroplaL~" None ever hated in the world but cah~~ T .....y baseness of the {oe he fo___~g;pogr~0 Tho' our luck may be good or bad, ~,Ve all look forward to attother daY; And the best part of the fishing ga~e Is the mess of fish we give away. --Sportsmen'S l)igOt At~r whether your bait be the lowly wLd0r~ the artil'icial fly gaudy and gran, We all belong to the same old gang" The brotherhood of the risherman. . And when we go forth on a fishing tr.~ot,,o, Some fish for sport and others for qflp. And whether our creels he empty or ~ # Hello! "What Luck?" are the worO~ use to greet. CHRISTMAS May we awake this Christmas rnornu^; To Christian Love and Truth neW v.~ , And may we hear Christ's voice ag~t~c~[' Say "Peace on Earth, Good Will to And may we dedicated be To that grand Creed of Equity. ~/0tlt December 25, 1915. Waldo l~. Punctilious (gatalina {arilware some newspaper on the floor so the "I have enjoyed this bridge gar0e; sparks won't get on the new rug.-- but I must get home now." -;e." --Scripps-Paine Service. "Why, it's only five o'clock, de~,~i~t 'True, but I always tnake it a ~:~r~e Going the Limit to wash the breakfast dishes in t~af" Lady (to teacher of languages)--"Ifor supper."--Louisville Courier'J~ want you to teach my son a foreign hal language." Teacher--"Would you like Polish, A Full Sharer Jugoslavonian, Czechoslovakian, Arme- "Do you share your husband's s0r" nian, or perhaps even Arabic?" Lady--"Which is the most foreign ~" rows ?" " "Yes;'he blames me for everythig' ---Nebelspalter (Zurich). --Louisville Courier-Journal. I ~ The difference between a cynic and A Large Exception . U a stoic is that one bathes dishes in the cynic, while a stoic is a bold that"At least once in my life I was gl~o brings you little brothers and sisters, to be down and out." --Wilmington Journal. "And when was that ?" ..e" "After nay first trip in an airplau ' flterr rtatrna , golk "Mamma," said the Young Thing, "I want you to stop forcing me into Mr. Gottit's all the time. People{"~]~hl EV~NigOD'/ "t'Og/g ~ are talking. But my dear," protested the Solici- [ ~OUC~T ~,T MOOR ~YO~-~, m~. . _. 2 ~ - oO tous Lady, "he is a wonderful catch !" ~ I, AE~0_,F~/XNX', ~X ~IOL~LD P~x'-I 'qOO [ keep on thinking you are a pitcher,J "fiaE'~$ ~'f~/~klC~-,~ ~OOIgl' fro { he'll get on to your curves and throw OLIDAY ST CKS the game."--Riehmond Times-Dispatch / "TO~I ~OkWlklOAbLM, ~2~1[N;2,' [ fl ARE WELL SOLD UP, - I"1~ wasS celebrated,YU were in Paris when peace -k. ~3ECDKAa kl~Cl'XaZ&Og_....] BUT WE STILL HAVE A Sure I was. FEW THINGS FOR THOSE ~~0 And they say the French girls-- ~~k See here, now; I was lying about LAST MINUTE PRESENTS. 0 --Americanbeing in PariS.LegionI was miles away! ~OOO~'~ ~ ,An Ev.n Bre.k ~ M~ t.~I "~+~i~i:.:~'~~ Townly--'Do you often have to rush to catch your morning train?" t:a O~t"~-~L~ COME IN AND SEE OUR NEW Suburbs--"Oh, it's about an even "tba~t.! ~1~.~ break. Sometimes I am at the station ~t.0 m~'~ ~lltl~l~.< o ,~o/ when the train puffs up, and other ~ o~o ~i~u,,'..~m~tva _ "v ,~,oa.~n.r I "~\,%'~\~t " ,,I CALENDARS. times it is standing at the station when a,~ 0~'f .~ ~]k\%Yo k~ J/o - .'k w vo o oo oo ~~~ I Devdoping .......v..~- EYWOOD "I understand that your boy Josh is interested in perpetual motion." ~'v "Yes," replied Farmer Hawbuck, "and I'm kinder encouraged about it. I thought for a while that the only thing Josh was interested in was per- petual rest."--Boston Transcript, ~i k~.~~ Job's Condition at End zln~t ~/ "Can you tell me in what condition Job was at the end of his life ?" asked the Sunday school teacher. Maga " , newspapers, candies, ere,, |0::::2~0:2:::::~0:::::::::~~0t:::2::~0 rt~j "Dead," promptly replied the young- ster at the foot of the class, at WINDLE S NEWS STAND.