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December 19, 1940     The Catalina Islander
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December 19, 1940

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DEC. 19 1940 PAGE SEV '" ANB PERSONAL LAS POSADAS * "/'he two Dens of Catalina Pack No. ' ,~|~ r -----" 1 have been well occupied recently. 10 cents per line. Minimum charge 25e ~Ier y, Merry Christmas to all! Details for the second annual Las Den 2 was lucky. Mr. q'homas of the it~a ",:=l Posadas, already becoming known as theatre took the fellows through the For Sale--Radio, stuffed chair and ri~!i if~rnttaoYcfo~' . a national event, were completed at aprojection room and explained every- baby bathinette. Phone 24. 51 [ bf s ; " special meeting of the Avalon Corn- thing to them. Den I will have its turn -. Aot.~v ~fl~n~dCn;ti! ii mmfity Service Council, with an execu- one of these days. - Dog for Sale--Black Cocl~er Spaniel. ;~'~?r,P tive.committee appointed, con, prising On Monday evening, December 16, " F~one 87. " Aot.~T ' .51 1 ercy Mackey returned Satur-Mayor Wilbur White, Al Bombarl, Gum .the Pa~ts first Christm~ party. . ~.i~lI~e~et One of her freauent visits to Wiseman, Mrs. J. W. Taylor and Miss It (the Pack) isn't a year o!d yet. The Dancing Lessons--A~uthentlc Hawa- CIIJ ro " ,b . party was held in the social hall of Janet Fry. iian Hula taught. Cottage 8, Pebbly 5~! ~11 Pohs of the PacKm coast. All Avalon-Town in costume, singing theTheComnmnitYmeeting Congregationalwas opened byChUrCh'cub- Beach. AOLET 46tf r.~e~lturnlnated Christmas trees on ~c, " ------- "Bienvenidos, lAmigos" will meet the t-~D aa ~Venue, at the Hotel St. Cath- noon-day steamer, and the "diligencia", master Iteiss, who spoke to the Cubs Catalina Card Cove--Fine greeting c~l"~tfiae P at Buena Vista Park with prancing steeds, will be at the about keeping on their toes during cards and novelties. Atwater (handy to 1l(0~.1 ~/, " dock to take distinguished guests to Advancement of the Colors at the the post office) Arcade. 39 'th t ~ Saturday evening, Mayor White and Mr. Helms turned the meeting over Public Stenographer -- Reasonable ia~l~ Clarhe ope~mlg of the rac ng sea- the Hotel .St. Catherine. theatre. Watch out! ,~ot.Er tl~.#J~Cat ~uce butlbright has deserted his lady, Miss M;irgaret Taylor, as E1 to Den Mother Mrs. Paul Smith, who rates. Phone 167-J or 500. Golf Club and hied away Patron and La Patrona, will officially had prepared the evening's program. , ~'~ ta Anita open Las Posadas in the colorful patioThe Colors were brought forth by --'--~~ e, 11' 155 ~i~lar Roma Donovan, one of the of El Encanto; and the impressivelyJack Patchett, with all Cubs as Color beautiful candle-light procession of the Guard and the Pledge of Allegiance "'~ ~.~e, COuriers on the cross-channel "peregrinos" will again take place, with was given by Cubs and r)arents. : rs, i ~ii~,~ftfirtg t s reported as rapidly re- everyone carrying lighted candles and Program fo rthe evening was as fol- Winter Policy td#l~tlieitis from all operation for ap- chanting the plaintive songs in the lows:,Any Seat 35c Ill search for shelter, until the arrival at Den No. 2 gave the poem, L ttle ~ra' ----- the "nicinliento". Following the proces- Chihtren, X, Uake and Listen", from W'il- Gov't. Tax 04c i .I ~ I)-nd Mrs Harry I Willadsen of t I1"~iiI .~lt,;s~atlso, just re;u.rned frokn a s!x sional each ev'ening, the t)atio will be liamsons Children's Manual. given over to games and festivities, Den No. 1 gave "Christmas Morn- Total 39e , :*| ~.[% yo~eation, vismng relanves m with Al Bombard presiding, assisteding", bv Edwin Waugh. It was an- Children (under twelve) 15c ::l Ne W and New Jersey. A grand bv Huncey Gildner. Art Hodgson and nounced by Richard Griffin, who said : Two Shows Nightly, 7:15 -- 9:05 P.M, , If that ~s had with a new Studebaker, Al Pallas. "The following presentation expressesTHURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 el,!:,-as Secured in Sbuth Bend IndSunday night Al Bombard, president the hope and prayer of each heart in is the r" ------ the world tonight." 'ARGENTINE NIGHTS" 'i! of the Avalon Business Men's Asso- ~tlteaulfall during the past week Singing by all present : "Silent Night, Starring the Ritz Brothers and the elation, and Mrs. Bombard. will have o r " i,~.l fo~t to 1.25 inches, making the the honor of El Patron and La PatronaHoly N~ght,Jov t the W0 ld,Andrew Sisters. ALSO' Latest Issue of l:~ti[ ~t~ ha~ the season 3.38 inches. The for the evening; Monday night, Harbor "Jingle Bells", witfi Mrs. Taylor ac- March of Time * # ~| ~[%i~g .Oeen of great value to all Master and Mrs. Iohn Wegmann will cofpanying on the piano. lJ~| ~% thetrees, vines and grasses. Last act as Patron and Patrona; Tuesday Presentation by the Cubs of present FRIDAY, DECEMBER ZO and card to Mr. Helms. The boys gL,Io,ram to date was 3.93 inches, night (Christmas Eve), Commander Annual Xmas Tree Prolfram For ~~!ff!~~ii~i@i Art Stevens of Catalina Post 137 fonned a circle around the Cubmaster American Legion,and Mrs. Stevens, and gave the "Grand Howl". Aval,ony~di~ president of MaryWilliams Club, will Followed the Pack remembrance for SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21 " officiate; Wednesday night, Mr. and each Cub--a bag of candy and mixed Mrs. J. W. Taylor, president of P.-T.nuts, a nice big shiny red apple, and a "DREAMING OUT LOUD" ~~ren~ ~g21112~'u~~t iiii':| ~ ~frs [g, Miss Lois Coons, A. will be Patron and Patrona; Thurs-little cake from Alice Smith. Featurin~ Lure and Abner, and Frances day night, Ralph Humphrie~ president The meeting was closed by all sing-Langford. PLUS Cartoon and Travel- of Toastmasters Club, and Mrs. Hum- in~ the first and fourth verses of phries, president of the Auxiliary of~ "America", led by Art Hodgson, the log. s the American Legion; Friday night, Assistant Scoutmaster, with Mrs. Tay-SUN. and MEN DEC. ZZ-23 MrI.Arch Laurance, president of Rotary,lor at the piano. "HIRED WIFE" and his lady, wilt be Patron and Pa-Since school will be out Friday, the ~ l ~terI J" L. White, Mrs. Gross and trona; Sunday night, Fire Chief and20th, there will be no Den meeting on With Rosaland Rus~ll and Brian ~:| i't~ ~" Chas. H Smith Lawrence Mrs. Charles "E. Sullivan, will be hun- the 24th or 31st, but "business as usual" Aherne. ADDED Disney Cartoon and v~| ~.ftr~rs. Mabel'Paper 'Miss Nola on January 7th. Our next Pack meet-News. . , ,q ~,: Miss Mary Black Joseph prod: Monday night, Wilfred Laurin, chairman of Red Cross, and Mrs. Laur- in~ will be held on January 21, 1941. ~| t~ :nn~aan, Sam Sepperson Fred So, till then: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24 in, will act as Patron and Patrona; ~| ~ ",u others. Tuesday night (New Year's Eve), the God bless you one and all, "MARGY" " ! r~0r~1~" '~aryBoles, left on Sunday's second annual Las Posadas will formal- And to alla Merry Christmas, Starring Tom Brow,n and Nan Grey. k~!i~ghter x, the mamland to meet her andlV cloSeLadyWithofficiatingMayor asWilburfinal PatronWhite Andsee youa verYin 1941!HapPy New Year. ALSO News and. Selected. Novelties. ;.it~ t~.r r%rf.taryelyn, who arrived Tues- and Patrona. ~ ---Scribe. WED. and THURS DEC. 25-26 ~ ~fUng from Honolulu Mary- An outstanding contribution will be AVACONI~Y---~UB ENJOYS "YOU'LL FIND OUT" ~'gl ;~ti%sPeCts to enjoy the many at- the Reyes Dance Troup, who wilt en- Featuring Kay Kyeer and Boris Kar- l| ~ t~o acre on our shores for the tertain with special feature acts be-XMAS PARTY ~",tt~ ~t ~Onths. Their address will be loll. PLUS Cartoon and Novelty. ~1 ~1 ill )ke~ .Clark, Los Angeles, when tween the games Saturday night, De- ----- comber 28th. On Monday evening the members ------"~---"--- )! ~'~| N" al n a.~ed 41, of Alhambra'c2t Contributions of musical features, of the avaconlay Club gathered at the THE AMERICAN LEGION loN~el: games and contests, are welcomed by House of Friendship for their annual AUXILIARY UNIT NO. 137 the committee in charge of entertain-Xmas party. ,~t I. thna.- the rock quarry near mont. The evening was spent playing The December meeting of the Ameri- L1S W " i~| .rat-rYe ro : as kdled Monday when Carrying through the Olden Califor-games, with prizes awarded to the for- can Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 137, was ~,~u, et~a,Lek, loosened bv the recent nia Christmas theme, the Avenida Latunate winners. Delicious refreshments called to order in the City Hall by ;'~ "rated | {~ hod, down to the quarry floor.Crescenta will be transformed into were served; but the highlight of the' the persident, Mrs. Gertrude Humph- ~;| tl~t,h.e i~.was taken to the mainland Avenida Las I'osadas with cypress and evening was the Xmas tree and the ries. Members were urged to partici- t~ |~ ltrst squest. Mr. Nielson's death is holly, colored lights, mass bouquets of gifts for each and every one. pate in Community plans for Las Pu- g| ~ "N si~ertous accident that has pc- poinsettias, and artistic holiday and It was a grand /)arty, and the madam. | ~the {~ce the quarry was reopened fiesta motifs Dai~ted on windows, heavenly showers of rain in no way Mrs. Ellison's report on Unit Re- ~ ut, tv ~s Angeles Harbor Depart-So that Caialinans and the strangerdampened the Xmas spirit, that per-habilitation showed that many cartons ,~, months ago ~t I!ue- " within our gates may all enter into the " vaded the evening, that of Peace andof clothing and other articles needed PaytUres b "----- IiI ~ ~, uiet Y steamer Sunday after- spirit of Las Posadas, there will be Happiness for all. by the Veterans Facility in Sawtelle~ baskets of blossoms for senora's and ----------o~ have already been sent to them. ed. Mr. and Mrs. Harry senorita's tresses given with the corn- Merry, Merry Christmas to all! Boxes are now being filled with ' r gh L. Mobley, Clarence pliments of Avalon Town at the steam- Christmas gifts. The boxes will be fill- ~1 I( ~ V '~ars. Hard, Mr. and Mrs. er pier, and at the Hotel St. Catherine. Bombard in charge of games, programed today. ~ ,~Jarth' " eClanahan, Mr. and Mrs. To enable one and all to enter intoarrangement and street features; Town We have adopted a veteran of our ~1 ~r~9,~'x,and son Captain Everettthe spirit of the olden, golden Califor- Decorations--Malcolm Renton, Earl own, and all who wish may write or ~trs ' " send gifts to William John Simpson, ~'| ~r-' l~. ~, ' Sehutte Mrs Brooks nia Christmas festival and turn back Pollok,George Taylor, Bud Upton, J2-~" '~Io-'vaguer W Smith Mr and ~% ure ~tnd'dau',h tfl' ~1~ ~I ~. g ter. W. Borter,the pages to the clays of the Dons; Frank Johnson; Singing at Dock-- Cx)mpanv 16, Sawtelle, California. (tte mantilla frames and mantilla lace forMarjorie Bell; Costumes--Mrs. Mac- prefers Lucky. Strikes!) ~l~I,:?, Ti mountain Mrs E Carv Rae, Mrs. G. A. Wiseman} E1 Encanto o--- Secretary. : "~tl~%s~rnY Pavne and "Pard;' the senoritas, and inexpensive cummer- bunds, sashes, flat-crowned hats and Music Entertainment--M~ss Janet Fry / black string ties can be obtained at and Art Stevens; Square Dancing-- Atthe regular meeting of the Cata- [ Sh. ~o.- -~- W harton's Curio Shop at the Hotel,Ralph Ellison; El Encanto Procession- ,ma toastmaster's Club held Wednes- I/ 0h'~FI'A CLAUs IS COMING St. Catherine and at the various Ava- al Setting--George Taylor. Bud Lipton day evening, Ralph Humphries was ~~! ~i~ ft~i!~ thii.~t l~'r~a ~eta~yr~laa@ !on stores, and Joe Riojas; Processional Music-- elected president' Gum Wiseman vice- t The spirit of Las Posadas is for Emma Pallas, Jerre Wyckoff, Mrs. G.president and Wiiliam Helms secretary- ,everyone to get int? costume antihave A. Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. David treasurer. George W Tavlor was re- fun. Your e~stume is your speem~ prz- Valles; Dinner Dance at St. Catherine elected deputy governor. "The organi- vilege badge to go out on the steamer --Miss Marie Hoffman, Herb Batho; z atlon, which meets twice monthly at (:~ W, dalac be a program'of recita-dock to greet incoming passengers mad Recording and public address systemt!~e Catalina Country Club, has some ![!~~e~i~es, music and movies, also to bid them farewell. --"Shorty" Gaylord. thirty members. At each meeting four i:F .~.~re ~;'l~ ae a beautiful Xmas Tree. Monday night, December moth, there Las Posadas is twelve days and ~{r five speakers make addresses. Later ~:~[Mllg st i'r oea treat for all children is to be an old fashioned barn dance nights of fun and gaiety, climaxed with they are criticised by other members | ~ t~ thmPortant of all, Santa Claus at the Catahna Stables, wtth Fret hy the New Yea s Eve costume dance at as to the manner o~ public speaking, iE~ ~*t f~e:e in person. Small as major dump, ready with a the Hotel St. Catherine. Fun for one grammar and the text of the sDeech. ~r get th ~--~r ~ a" - e date Friday, De- barrel of fun. and all in the truly olden California Current topics are discussed and the ;Stat the Casino' Theatre The Comnfittees for Los Posadas (assist- way, with everyone paticipating and debates are frequently enthusiastic and -s at :s0. ed by all Avalon Town), include Alfun to remember the year through. mteresting.