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December 17, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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December 17, 1924

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Phone 10 | ) - " 'FOR PAINTING' ..... 1 : SEE . ~ " - :] Cole Paint Store[ 2,10 MtvaoPo~ AWNdZ [ :.: :. c.L, FoRN,.j THE CATALINA.__ ISLANDgg I (Science Service) those cases where choice would lead Write to the Catalina Light Ta~l,e THE GEOMETRY OF ETHICS him toward his goal, whateverthat Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, Califofnlt angling may be. for information about sea ~, " By Dr. Edwin F. Slo~s*:m, l)irector ScieIleeNobody has a t,ght to do wrong. Watch tile world come to~" "-1;"~ Service Nobody but a con~zenital idiot wonld YoII nlav, if votlr arithmetic is er-clainl such a right and nobody but an WRIGLI,Y$ ratic, add up a column of figures a incorrigible criminal would want to ex- dozen times and fret different sums. ercise it. I';verv sane man wants to do Only o~lc is correct. It is necessarily what is for his best interests and every the same about tile more complicated good man wants to do what is for the After Every Meal problems of life, only we cannot see best interests of others as well. it so clearl,-. F.l(,mentarv mathematics There can lit' no two opinions about I|'S the longest-laslilag is the onh" science man has mastere~t this. The onh" thing we disagree a- eonleeUon you can I)n so he can lmt real confidence ill the bout is as to what is for the best in- --and It's a help to dJ results of his ratiocination, terests of ottrselves and society. This" I/estlon and a eleaJmser Science. which aims at certainty, al)- is due solely to ou," ignorance for if J[or the lllOLIUm proaches it by the method of trial and we all knew always what was best and teeth. error, thousands of trials, thousands of. errors, before an approximation to the truth is attained. Truth is one; false- hoo,~ls are infinite. Nine-tenths of the ideas that come into our heads are wrong. The object of education is to select the one that Js right. Nine-tenths of the impulses that be- set ns are wrong. Tile task of civi- lization is to suppress the nine No matter how complex tile problem, there, is never more than one ri~ht answer, one right way out, one strai;~ht and narrow path, hard to find and hard to follow; one road .leading out of the ntaze of many false turns; all the others are blind alleys or paths that return ut)o/~ thenlselves. it is an axiom of plane geometry ~hat there can be only one straight line connecting two points. From the point where we are to the point where we wish to go, there is only one staort straight road, all the other possible paths are more or less divergent and devious. - The rules of eondt~et are as invari- able and absolute as the rules of ge- otnetry. The only difference is that we cannot see so clearly in ethics as in mathematics. The falling of a fog makes our road obscure but does not alter its length or direction. There is only one best move in a game of chess, whether we know what it is or not. There is only one wisest action in any emergency, whether we know what it is or not. There are no different actions, no equivalent choices. It may seent a matter of indifference which street you turn down in your morning stroll, but that ,is because you do not know what fate awaits around the corner. If you turn down First Street you ntay be run over by an automobile. If you turn down Second Street yon may meet a man who will make your for- tune. If you turn down Third street you may catch a fatal microbe. If you turn down Fottrth Street y6u nlay see the girl you want to marry. If yon knew, you could choose. But all the streets look equally inviting and not knowing which is the best you leave it to "chance." You toss up a l~enny, but it is not a matter of chance which face of the penny falls upper- most for that is determined .by the inevitable interaction of the forces of gravitation and rotary mon~entum. Even if you could know what lay" before you on the optional avenues, you would not necessarily be able to select the best. It may be that Second or Fourth Streets would lead you to more unhappiness than First or Third, Not knowing which is the most fortu- nate road yo.u'wouldbe grateful if on "}bat rl~orning you should find all other roads blocked by signs of "Street clos- ..ed.. Detour." You would be glad to be forced into good fortutae if you could not frnd your own way. Nobody wants freedom of choice except in to do, we should of course all want to do it. But because we don't and can't always know, we have to allow considerable latitude as to thought and action, the more latitude in those fields where there is the tnore uncertainty. There is obviously but one course that ought to be pnrsued or would be pur- sued if we could know in adx-ance the outcome of all our options. THIS NOTED ASTRONOMER ELIMINATES 'TIME FACTOR" AND WATCHES PROGRESS Dr. Mars Baumgardt of Los Angeles,, lecturing oxer K.. H. J. radio on the "End of the World," made several startling revelations in his address last Wednesday. ht his series of talks Dr. Baumgardt has eliminated the time factor, as be calls it, and looks direct- ly into an apparent moving picture of the earth as it will appear as the years roll Jay. There will be many geological and astronomical changes during the next few thousand years, he said During the next 2000 years Southern Califof nia is destined for a great wave of prosperity. Buildings 2000 feet in height are to be erected. Airplanes, balloons and several new devices for air travel are scheduled in the list of inventions during the advancing pros- perity. Through the Dr's. florescent screen he also saw Catalina Island. That, too, seemed on the program for many im- proventents, lasting over a period of several hundred years. Suddenly, as Dr. Baumgardt describ- ed what he saw, the scene changed. The snow of the mountain tops grad- ually descends to the valleys, and the steel structures crumble. Then for a period, Southern California is plunged into a frozen state, similar to that ex- isting at the North Pole, and Catalina Island is divided into two. islands. Presently, there are ntore, atmospher- ical and climatic changes, and human beings start once again, some 45,000 years from now, on the pre-historic plane of living. Then,'a great planet comes within three million miles of the earth--a huge ball of fire! l)r. Baumgardt will continne his ad- dress over K. H. J. \~'ednesday, De- centber 17. LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE DECEMBER T}: 1L~ ........ 3:08 7:46 1:30 8:24 4..3 3_.1 4._3 1_.0 F 19 ........ 4:01) 9:49 3:II 9:24 4__6 2._7 3..9 1._2 S 2!~ ........ 4:48 11:ll 4:46 10:23 .l 2_.0 3..9 1__4 Su 21 ........ 5;5:) 12:08 6:04 11:18 5_.7 1_.I 4_.1 1-.5 M 22 ........ 6:12 12:57 7:08 .......... ~_.2 0__3 4..3 .......... Tu 23._~_._._12:09 6:52 1:42 8:03 1_.5 6._8 ---0..5 4..7 W 24 ........ 12:57 7:34 2:28 8~53 1..5 7..3 --1..0 4..7 Tides are placed in order of occurence. Comparison will show high and low. Light figures a. m., black figures p. m. Watch the world come to-.Catalina .... Wrigley's melt# benefit as web ltlJ pleasure. GIVE THE CHILDREN A ' TYPEWS ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Aventm Perhaps you have found someone wearing a Catalina Light Tackle Club button; If so, tell us about it. There are 6000 buttons out in the world--somewhere. We want to keep in touch vci~ the C. L. T. C. members. Thank you. LYLE PENDEGAST Attorney at LaW 622 *Stock Exchange Building 639 So. 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