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December 14, 1939     The Catalina Islander
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December 14, 1939

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H. URSDAY, DEC. 14, 1939 PAGE ELEVEN High S "! :+ e chool Sugar Loaf . . . [ Continued __ from _page 4] IN FINAL GAME OF FOOTBALL THE TRUTH HURTS ~ SENIORS WIN BY SCORE OF 9-0 If at first you don't succeed, get a ~ , The final game in tile intra-nmral 19,R) model Ellison super-snare. " .10otball season came to an end Decem- It seems that everyone turned out to ~ her 7, with the Seniors victorious by a be rather salty afte1 rehearsal Thurs- I i SCore of 9-0 over the Juniors. The (lay night. tirst quarter came to an end with noThere's no fool like an old fool-- ~eore by either team the main gains huh, Howard> t~eing made by short 'passes. The geometry class motto--"Honestv In the second quarter the Seniors is the best policy". Margaret E., O'live V., Marie V., amt ~tarted a march down the field that Katv ~[. seem to be doing right well .%ded in a successful field goal. With ~ f0rth down and five yards to ~o thev hanitling their own socialcalendars ~ %lUe through with an unsuspecteil these days. ~ ~ This school is noted for its good :: :~ ~laee kick by Jack L. that was goodsportsnlanship (?). t~r three points. After this a deternfined Junior teamMost of "Last Year's Crop of Fishes" g... ~tarted a touchdown march to the five- ought to be back Christmas vacation, u ~'ard line that was only stopped by the and it is tile writer's opinion that the ~ ~tan at the half period. It seemed as female heartbeat ar(mmt here will go .~ j ~hough theJuniors got all the bad up at least five points. ~ ] Ilr~aks' Annabelle surely keeps up her ap- ~ n the third quarter the Senirs pearances while l~b's arund' ~ I ~ade the only touchdown of the ~;ame. This llarty which some of the Sen- his was ma'de bv a lon~ pass (o Joeior gates are swinging the 22rid, souuds 3:' who was stopiwd on the six yardlike a good deal. "He. This left the Seniors with a "first Joe Banks has been so busy the last ~ ~,0wn mid six yards t~ g~ for a touch- two weeks being a Wiseman that he ~ .~ II0wn. A sh~{rt pass to Harrhl>:tm hasn't had time to indulge in any hu- ~ ~oved tile ball to the two foot lane,manitarian activities or in those con- ~ A few words spoken into the telephone may" ~here they were held for two plays,nected with the heart. ~ gladden a day or a life. - % the last down an intended short It seems that the old saying, "The :: , , .~. D.ass was changed to a run when Ibiar-wav to a man's heart is throngh his ~ Is someone wishing vou d call :+: t lrtgton found no one open and he stomach" is not running trne to form, ~ ~ ~ " ,leeted to run it around left end for a at least in Coy's case. .~ Our part is to take your voice-message t.%chdown. The point after the touch- \Vho sends the letters llostmarked ~ there, quickly, clearly, dependably--to serve %Wn was no good. Chicago, to a certain gal who reads ~ you at low cost, and in the spirit of a friend. In the last period the Juniors start- them at tile ocean-shore ? Couhl it be }el a drive bv an end run by Cameron the same cue that has a Mount Carmel ~0r a uain ~i~ some eight yards on tile Senior ring in her trunk in Long ~ tltvi~laY. "~;nfor roughnessthis there againstWasa 12-yardthe Seniors.pen- hasl3Cach ?a past.Say' boys, this Mary Ehlers SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE COMPANY }his advanced tl~e ball to tile eighteen- \Vhy do the kids ahvays take their ~ 135 WHITTLEY AVE, TELEPHONE AVALON 696 hrd line where there were two playstime going to a certain class ? Is it ~ith very little ~zain. The next play, because a certain teacher talks to,, ~~.~'.+.'.~.~.~~.~:+::+:~.~:~.~.~~.~.~..~.~.~:~ i sh"rt l)ass cmpleted t Hall n the nmch ? ~ i :ft side of the line, was penalized for George Gibs,m's middle name should P H O N E 3 ~ o r 10 5 ir~necessary roughness, against the have bccn "bi~-head" don't vou think ? t.enit,rs. The ball was then moved to His crown woi 't fit. First-class work makes clothes look and feel like new. Let he fot r-yard ine where this drive was Songs of the week : ~. u~ brighten up your holiday wardrobe. .- .. ,, , R0pped by the heavier line of the Sen= Oh, Happy 1)av--'I'he day the alum-~ Courteous Service ~rs. The Seniors then took over the ni come over. ll~-tJ for the few seconds remaininv in_ ()ld Fai/hfnl--l,clcieE. and lack L, AVALON I}LBNERS LAUNDRY { he game. ' ~ H ~ ' It's a Sin to Tell a Lic--Billv Grcig. . t lust Got a Letter--Shirley" l'vle. LET'S GET AWAY FROM IT ~kLL Typical Cave-man: Eves--Art Cressman Ir. Smith's solid geometry class is Teeth--Tommy I'uckett ~ PHONE 32 OR 105 115 CATALINA AVE. ressing rapidls through cylinders, Phvsique--Ho ,vard Harrington $ 14 N M' A N $ M I T H , D i $ t r | b u t o r raids and cones. At presen't they Clc{thes--Turp Hall studyin~ cl)nes and expect to be Feet--Sam ['pton ~~N~~~N~i~,~ ~ :~ ............:: ...... ::.. =.: Personality--Chuck (;innett Hair--Jack 1,o~x ell Name--Asbel Famous Last W,,)rds: "Can I hold' vour l'mnd ? .... No, thank you, it's ~Ot h'eavy." into spheres by the new first year algebra class is ad- tlleing favor.ably, and the inmates to be well started in division by time sckool is let but: for the vacation. AVALON CHURCH SERVICES Catholic--St. Catherine's Rev. M. E. Murphy, Pastor nday Masses 7:00 and I0:00. Days, 8:00 a.m. torch School, 9:/)0 a.m. Saturdays Sundays: Christian Science Society Branch of Tile Mother Church, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Eoston, Massachusetts, holds Sun- service at 11-i00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 a.m. ; Wednesday even- meetings at 8:1)0. Reading room, Crescent avenue, open 2 to 4 daily ept Sundays and holidays. Church bee, East Whittley. Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath School 9:30 a.m.. and Bible class at 2 p.m., Whitney Chapel. in Community Congregational Church. o "Ble:~sed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sonsof God".-- Jesus in Matthew 5:9. -O FEMININE APPROACH Since the turn of the century women have been going into business in ,, big way. Now they seem to be apldying their delicate touch to government and politics. Significant as a trend in cou- sumer activity, women of Minneapolis, Minn., and Jackson, Mich., last week launched drives for more economy in their nmnicipal governments. The women, in each case members of the National Consumers Tax Commission, non-partisan tax study organization, ect Dec. 17--Is the Universe, In- Man, Evolved by Atomic II I Entire Stock of Arcade Pottery Storeroom Discount on all items 3:00 P. M. to 6:00 P. M. Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays ottery op I III IH I Phone Richmond 6171 " Private Ambulance IVY" H. OVERHOLTZER illC. , , , proposed a study of economy nleas- ~'UN~-F~AL DIRECTOR Community Congregational nres effected in cities comparable to ~ ....... Anton M. Hanson, Minister their own. In a. "spirit of friendly co- 1719 South Flower Street, at 18th 9:30 am.--Church School. . operation", they proposed that a board Lady Attendant Los Angeles, California 0:30 a.m.--Sermon, I Shall Talk of citizens and city officials be appoint- ed to make the study and recommen- -- - You""Christn'.as on tile Singing drives dations,bywomenThe progralI1 isimportant of these to watch two ~",. v..._ -_-- == """ """"' '*" "Y"CHRIS """"" "" """" .v..,..,.. ,..v.,, :":"""-" rMA '""" ' ""' """'"""" " .v..""""" " c A 11tI D "''"" " .v..,.....,..,. , ,,.. ,..,.. ,..v..,.. _-- -= .,.. ., .., , A dramatic story from the as another link in the chain of events I la d Pha acy 0shone mining country, leading toward streandined govern- , ~ ,, te public is cordially invited to at mental econonly and efficiency, i rm any or all of these services, o- ~ _--= rner Metropole avenue and Beacon If you don't trade in Avalon we all ;." ----=-- *." ---N-- street, lose" money. &~.-.~.*.-.`..*~.*.*~~`..~`..*~~`..~`"~`~`..*~*.~`..*~"~.~.~..*"*~..*.~"~.~..*.~.*..*..~.~..*.~"~.~..~..~ ............. --...i~ , Y' : ~ " a' *, 4