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December 10, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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December 10, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN EDITORIAL STAFF LITERARY SOCIETY ..... Martha Meyer Editor, Edward Van Aelstyn The Literary Society will meet on Editor ..... William Daly Thursday evening in Miss Fox's room. Editor . . . Hermine SierksPart of the time of the meeting will i~, Reporters be given tothe organization of the lal R, . eporter .... Blanche Runnels Society, and the election of officers. delllehe Reporter . . . Edward Feltrop All residents of Avalon are invited to ~... Nellie Smith be present. The program is as fol- lows : itt OUR HIGH SCHOOL! anything can inspire a feeling of .School spirit, surely we in Avalon rid be thoroughly~ roused The Itl " g of the corner stone for the first a lina High School has marked-a ,betterl day on the school calendar. is is an event of a lifetime. The dents who have their names cached in the stone fortunate in- are , and shonht be duly proud. On nl falls the responsibiiity of begin- traditions that will last through- all future years, and of starting SChool off in a way of which they not be in the least ashamed. THE ANNUAL Musical Number. Fred McKelvey will lday a saxa- phone solo, accompanied by Arthur Goulding. Talks : Malcolnt Renton, Political Situation in Mexico. Shirley Stall, Italian Economic and Political Question. John Shields, French Recognition of Russia. Martha Meyers, Discussion of the "Pueblo Indians." ROME WON The \Vorht History class had a de- bate Friday morning on Rome and Greece. The question was: "Resolved, that Greece had a better civilization in ,.A.Valon Hi is at last showing some the time of Pericles than had Rome ;.eal signs of life Thls year we are to in the time of Caesar." n~.':e . " . ~le our first Anmml. It was a strug- They put up a hot fight for Greece, ~ to arouse enthusiasm in such an but all the judves were for the Roman arlueavor, but it has been proven that side. The whole class debated the i%lffnnual is both possible and pract- point, as follows: Affirmatives : Grace Tregarthen, Catherine MacKay, Fred McKeh, ey, Real Warrick. Negatives: Hermine Sierks, Myrtle Gibson, Fred Berning, Arthur Gould- ing, William Daly. The Girl's Gym Class has been or- ganized somewhat differently than at the first of the year. Two captains were appointed who chose sides, vchieh ha're been named the Purple and Gold. In all games that are played (luring Gym period the Purlde and Goht bat- tle against each other for points. The team havina the most points at the end of the year will be given a party by the other. This idea of permanent sides not only saves time, but creates the spirit of competition which makes the girls work harder, attd puts inter- est into the games. The class is also divided into squads: A, B, and C. The leader of each is responsible for the nniforms and at- tendance of the members of her squad. The first ten minutes of Physical Education period are given over to squad stunts. The next ten minutes are for exercises for the whole. The object of these, at present, is better posture. The rentainder of the time is for game-work. There have been four The ~. Financial Committee's reports there highly exhilarating. Thev fotmd ,~at merchants of Avalon are more marl W' " ~a flhng to support the Annual bv e~V.ertisements. All that is now need- ~^ for a successful edition is the sup- a7rt of the Student Body, individually u Collectively. nd edit The Seniors are financing a ~g Annual although it is to be the r e' the whole school and not to one ~RSS. 8~)~ytbe Stone was elected by" the ,~plOrs to be the Editor. The. Busi- "~ss Manager is Edward \Tan AeIstyn. THE WEEKLY ASSEMBLY [lll.~riday afternoon the student body ~its weeldv meeting. George Min- Was in charge. Real Warrick had the student body prae. . , nee yells. Shirlev Stall gave the ~adings, "Romancing" and the "Tree 0ad ,, . ,, },, , by James Whitcomb Riley. ,.'~r. Robinson gave a mighty interest- lg " ~ . leCtUre and lesson on parliament- qry law. LEADING QUESTIONS I. \Vhat method of vamping does eal Warrick employ to get his,, with the feminine portiongames played, two of bat ball, one of ~f the faculty? corner ball, and an over-under relay. t2. How does Fred McKelvey manage Both games of bat ball were ties, but keel) intact the solitary wave which the Golds were victors in the other Rracefullyundulateshis "crowning two. ~flOry~,, " The Pt/rples on last appearance had ha. "Where does Betty Berning get 8er nora de plmne of "Queen of aeba ?,, 'd' How does Arthur Goulding miss-- master', his geometry corollaries ? donned white stocking caps decorated with a purple pom pore; but the Golds declare it will take more than caps to hold them down. Do you remember that goat they had at the poultry show ? She near- ly starved to death on chicken feed. One afternoon site became so hungry she ate all the feathers out of a roos- ter's tail. When she was milked, she gave cocktails.--Exchange. S How tll" does Malcom Renton resist e wistful smiles of demur co-eds Who fain would ride in his "red devil ?" ~r. Robinson--"What is an illiter- ate ?,, 13right Pupil--"A person that's ilL" YE SCHOOL GOSSIP By ti. A. S. (With apologies to K. C. B.) a DEMD' : ditqe LASS WITH flaxen CURLS uncertainly ON THE spring board POISED NOW.just bend BACK A little her KIND TEACHER said Your Ev:s oi blue ou MT. ADA glue YOUR ACK y o. ,nust BEND QUITE double AND INTO the water YOU will go. . WITHOUT trouble AND THE. maiden did GRACEFULLY as a swan SHE DOVE and with an IMPISH SHOUT of glee HER KIND teacher to FOLLOW. DID .invite OVER HE bent Mt. Ada DIZZILY before, his EYES S~rAM. the little MALDEN )va.s : minx h. VOWED AND instruction DID NOT need a lesson D SC I'L!N should SURELY BE applied YET FACULTY honors MUST BE. uphe.ld SO PLUNK went kind TEACHER a.nd ,.lit flat ON TItE faculty,, back I TIIANK YOU! Health does not mean physical as- pect, only; it includes the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the individual, the development of the per- sonality as a whole. Personality may bc defined as the "possession of the soul." To "possess the soul" one nmst first possess health. ]'ick up your posture. Yells, as poetry, don't amOunt to much--all true, but when Neff puts his arms in motion and says, "Let's go--" Boy! Then's when a yews a yell. A yell ending up with "Avalon," makes a thrill run up your spine; puts the fight in fighters; makes you long for a foot- ball field and an eleven. That'll put Avalon on the map. Basketball practice is being held re- gularly every Monday, Thursday, and t:riday. From the way practice has been going we hope to have a good team this year. Napoleon said Hannibal was next to the greatest general in the world. --Exchange. Mr. Priestly--"What is steam?" Charles--"Cold water grown crazy with the heat." The school weenie bake has been 1)ostponed until after the holidays. We soon hope to have an "Exchange Corner" in our "Sugar Loaf." A wise man never blows his knows. --Exchange. Wednesday Evening, December 10 "THE ENEMY SEX" Also "UNREAL NEWSREEL" ITRAND Thursday December 11, 1924. Baby Peggy in "CAPTAIN JANUARY" Surrounded with a brilliant cast in- cluding Hobart Bosworth and Irene Rich. The world's biggest littlest star in a picture that will make you laugh and at the same time bring tears to your eyes. Also "FELIX PINCHES THE POLE" STRAND, Friday, December 12, 1924. "UNGUARDED WOMEN" Bebe Daniels and Richard Dix in The drama of a woman who put love higher than honor and a man who put honor higher than love. Also Christie Comedy, "DANDY LIONS" .STRAND, Saturday, December 13, 1924 Kenneth Harlan, Norman Kerry, Ruth Clifford, Laura La Plante in The famous Kathleen Norris story "BUTTERFLY" Are you a good flirt? Or are all flirts bad ? Dora Collier was as good as she was bad, a dimpling, facinat- ing, heart breaking, clreature, until the big smashup came: Then what happened ? See "BUTTERFLY'." Also "DON'T PARK HERE" ,,,STRAND Sunday, December 14, 1924. Extra Special Attraction D. W. Griffith's most powerful story "AMERICA" Nothing will so stir the blood of the average American and so fire his imagination as this stiring and ro- mantic history of his own country,-- introducing at the same time a pret- ty romance. Also Bobby Dunn in "I'M CURED" and INTERNATIONAL NEWS' ! ,STRAND Monday, December 15, 1924. Win. Fox presents "The Hmnan Monkeys" in "DARWIN WAS RIGHT" (With apologies to P. T. Barnum) A hilarious story of the age-old quest for eternal youth. Don't monkey around on the street when you caw conte and laugh at other's nlonkey business. Also Our Gang "PLEASANT JOURNEY" STRAND Tuesday, December 16, 1924 "THE BREATH of SCANDAL" With Betty Blythe, Patsy Ruth Miller, Lou Tellegen, Forrest Stanley. He went ontside his home for the love he could not find within the walls. Then when people started to talk, not only his, but anotb, er's reputa- tion suffered. Also Century Comedy "SWEET DREAMS" and INTERNATIONAL NEWS .STRAND Wednesday, December 17, 1924 Thomas Meighan and Estelle Taylor in "THE ALASKAN" A James Oliver Curwood story that Breathes, of the spirit of the great out doors. A single handed fight against a syndicate that seeks to despoil the country. Filmed amid the majestic mountains and lakes of British Columbia and Alberta, Also "INBAD THE SAILOR" ADMISSION PRICES--25 and 35c. Children under 12, in First Section, 15~ Matinee--25. Children 10c.