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December 10, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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December 10, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER .... , -. - . - , , r . ..... ' ..... PAGE SEVEN $0CIAL AND PERSONAL Mr. J. M. Dickinson of Santa Paula Mrs. Jane Stamford is planning to Christmas Mail is planning extensive improvements to spend the Christmas holidays with her We are informed by a representa- ~Irs. Miles Ov--erh~t and son, who his Avalon cottage, son, Mr. J. H. Stamford, at Claremont. rive of the post&rice department that have been visiting on the mainland, ~ - no mail will be distributed at the Av- returned home Thursday. Captain and Mrs. Everett Adargo Mrs. H. M. Jamison, who has been alon postoffice on Christmas Day, De- returned home Saturday, after spend- spending a few days in Avalon, re- cember 25th. No mail will be sent out A~ir. and ~ammond and ing two weeks on the mainland, turned to her home in Glendale last - except first-class letters. Get ALL ~ghter Elaine are spending a two Mr. and ~unkerly of week. your Christmas packages into the post- eks Vacation at the Isthmus. office before noon of December 24th, Los Angeles spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Powell were if possible. ia~erge Mulford,~band director, was Mr. and Mrs J. Wedlake, at their dinner guests of Mr. Roy Kerr on t;.twn again last week. He is con- Catalina avenue home. Saturday evening at Hotel St. Cath- The foundations for the Zane Grey '"Uall i ' " Y reproving his local property.Mr. A. C. Brode entertained his erine, residence have been completed, and workmen are now erecting the walls ~.~'iiss Haz~rned home friend Mr. J. Nounan of San Fran- B.R. Scott and Capt. Charles Pat-of the structure. . i,a~day, after spending several weeks cisco for several days last week, at the rick left last Wednesday for Gihnan ~re with her sister, Mrs.George bungalow cottage on Maiden Lane. Hot Springs, where they have planned The electricity and gas made at the a, llsen. Misses Irene and Lucy Warren of to remain two weeks, public utility plant is said to have re- corded the highest amount in the his- . ~iss Elle~ding a week Chicago, are spending some time on Genial "Bill" Quinn, manager of thetory of the Island during the month f~. the mainland. She is visiting the Island. The former is a stenogra- United Theatres, and Architect Web-of November. ~aends at 2455 West Adams street, pher in the office of the Chicago Cubs. ber, who drew the plans for the new ,~s Angeles. Mr.H.I.,Hollingsworth of Los An- Strand Theatre on Crescent avenue, Mr. Frank Burgess was a week-end ~r. and ~acRae and geles and 'Alexander the Great" were were Avalon visitors Monday. Manager visitor to Los Angeles last Sunday, to ~Ughter have returned to Los Ange-Island visitors last week. They visited Quinn stated that he is planning towelcome the arrival of his sister, Miss, after spending a few days last week the Tuna Club, of which Mr. Hollings- send for Christmas day a pre-release Emma Burgess of Manchester, Eng- their Avalon home. worth is a member, film, so that Avalonites will all have a land. real good Christmas. th~hmas ~returned to Mr. and Mrs. A. Seymour Scott are Have you noticed that we are gct- e t'Iarvard Military College Los An- spending this week-end as guests ofAdditional names for members in ting quite cityfied? Two hoists are ~eles, after spending the holidays in Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parker of San Die-the Twenty-Five-Years-in-AvalonClubbeing used on the building projects; ;v~ln with his parents, go. Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Parker alsohave been proposed as follows: on the Strand Theatre building motored to E1 Centro and Imperial Whitney and family, John MacLean and the othe~ at ~th, Hi-SchooL. eL..~r. and ~g--~teckeI and Valley on a sight-seeing trip. and family, Sam Rinehart and family, ~ldren, Margaret and George, of Co- J.E. Mathewson, Robert Cope, John There wasa splendid rain on Friday ,an, were guests on Thanksgiving Day Louie Passarelli, cornetist in the Wegmann, Tad Gray, Albert Seileman,night, and another scattered over Sun- Franklin orchestra, returned to Avalon Ernest Baldwin, Joe Adargo and ram-day afternoon and night and Monday ~t Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hunt of Vic-Thursday after a month'svacation ily, H. D. MacRae and family, forenoon. As this is being" written, orville, California. Tuesdaymorning, the 'sky is still over- spent in the east and south. He visit- ,P. T. Di~Avalon last ed his father in Indiana Harbor, Indi- Mr. Frank E. Hand, who has been cast. The rainfall to date is 2.78 inch ~eek, and is again working on the ana, returning by the way of New Or- seriously ill for the past month ates. To the same date last season: ,46 '~rl~enter force Mr Dill had been leans, and stopping off in El Paso, his home in Chicago, left for Los An- of an inch. . . .,. alva " ' Texas, where he formerlylived, to geles Sunday, accompanied by Dr. C. _ Y form the Island for several B. Dixon of Los Angeles. Dr. Dixon With grass shooting up all over the ~ortths. Mrs. Dill will probably join visit friends. made a special trip to Chicago, andplace since the last rain, Chief Gaxd- er husband after the holidays. Mrs. R. V. Baker entertained on hopes to arrive back in Los Angelesner Albert Conrad is a busy man these Wednesday at a bridge party, for Mrs. Thursday. Mr. Hand was lifted into days. On the ball park. the groukd~ th~rs. Birdella C. Watson mother of F.R. Bunnelle, who with her husbandthe train at Chicago, but, with hisresembles one great ,gree~ roagic ca.r- e Avalon pastor, has returned to the ~Valon parsonage to spend a few and small son have been visiting the usually cheerful disposition, he said, pet. The lawns at-the Mr.- Ada home 8~riths with her son and his family. C.U. Bunnelles here for several weeks. "I'll be all right when I get over to of Mr. and Mrs. wiiiiam Wrigley Jr., ~e was here last winter for several Delightful refreshments were servedAvalon and the Forester's Inn." are in splendid condition. " to Mrs. W. H. Mead, Mrs. Charles t0rtths, and is known to quite a num- Mr. W. H. Gill, proprietor of the oer of Avalon people. Patrick, Mrs. M. B. Dunkle, Mrs. B. 0. Kendall, Mrs. C. J. Dash, Mrs. C. New Catalina Hotel has just completed (~ord comes from Washington U. Bunnelle and Mrs. F. R. Bunnelle. remodeling the interior of this /am- .The bursting of a blood vessel in the ous hostelery. New carpets have been brain'is kiiown as apoplexy. It is fatal. ~Urt House, Ohio, that Mrs..George Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes of Los An- laid and every room through the house Apopiexy is :brought about by high h " Green, who has been cohfined to geles, a great aunt of Rev. LaRue C. has been painted, redecorated and blood pressure; high blood pressure is ter room for several weeks with a ~tadly sprained ankle, was able to join Wat'son, has been visiting for a week made more comfortable for the guests, caused by poisons in the blood. Blood ,,re family at Thanksgiving dinner. It past at the Avalon parsonage. She "I think we are going to have the poisons can be removed through the ~i said that it will probably be some expects to return home tomorrow, best winter tourist season we have kidneys if water is used plentifully. ~le yet before she will be able to Mrs. Hughes, who is eighty-seven ever had,' Mr. Gill said. "The reports Lack of water prevents proper clean- t~ lk about. This will explain to Mrs. years old, has visited the Island be- of all the tourist information bureaus sing of the blood. Poisons and waste ~areen's friends the reason for the de- fore, the first time being twenty years on the mainland predict a record num- materials are concentrated in the kid- ago. She is interested in the rapidbet of eastern visitors into Southern neys, causing kidney stones and kidney ay in her return to Catalina. progress of Avalon, and is delighted California. And, if Los Angeles gets diseases. I ~ goodly number of friends and re- with the many charms of the Island.its share, Catalina will not be far be- With the copious drinking of pure hind with another record. Anyway, Iwater, and with the attention to elim- ~t,~ves of the participants gathered at Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Opie of Los An- will be prepared for the crowds dur- ination by the intestines, high blood ~*~e Congregational Church on Thurs- geles, who recently returned from a ing the summer months, pressure is not feared and apoplexy cannot occur. t~y evening to listen to a piano reci- six months trip to Europe, arrived in Avalon Saturday, to spend a few days Away from home and no money: ~[l given by the pupils of Mrs. K.F. Much depends on a copious daily Cleaves. A ladies' quartette, corn- in their cottage on Marilla avenue.This was the experience that Charles supply of pure water for the body; we ~sed of M'rs. Newberry, Mrs. Virgil Mr. Opie stated that although they Cliff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles neglect water drinking and serious dis- :tOOver Mrs Ellington and Mrs. W. S. h~eilliams, gave several pleasing num- had visited the principal cities and Cliff, and William Duly, son of Mrs. orders arise. pleasure resorts of Europe, they did M.F. Brown, had last Sunday. Both The assertion may be positively made that with some attention to diet and A rs between the instrumental pieces, not find any other resort to equal boys were in Los Angeles enjoying the the copious use of Puritas, high blood s .~ong the students who gave piano ~los were Florence Johnson, Irene Catalina,,Island. "We had a fine trip," Thanksgiving holidays, and did not re- pressure is practically impossible. ~[~OVer,lsabel Scott, Ida Williams,he said; but it is great to be back on alize how quickly their money supply the Island again." was depreciating. Something delayed To maintain health two quarts of ~'flldred Sprinkle Catherine Brown, them Sunday morning, and they did Puritas are necessary daily.--Advt "vtaxin ' e Carson, Martha Meyer, Mar- SURPRIS~ PARTY not get to Wilmington in time for the Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., ~ret Daley, Stephen Williams, Bert steamer. Then, it dawned on them at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. ~tett, Dorothy Scott, LQis Harrison, A surprise party was given for Mr. what a predicament they were in: No "sarion Johnson and Edgar Harrison; and Mrs. Wm. M. Hunt, at the "Hunt money, and miles from home! THE ISLANDER ADLETS duets were played by Lois Harrison, Rancho,"Victorville, Califot:nia, on No- They were forced to telephone to ~d Mrs. Cleaves, and Martha Meyer vember 29th. Cards, mah jongg, radio their parents in Avalon, and money ADLET RATES---Ten cents per line xmd Ruth Edmundson, and a trio by concerts and dancing were enjoyed by was sent over to them on the after-per issue. Minimum charge, 25 cts. ~aXine Carson, Irene Hoover and all. Week-end guests from Los Ange-noon steamer. They returned home ~'tartha Meyer, The audience was lib- les were Mr. and Mrs. A. Seymour Monday--no worse fortheirexper- Wanted-- A janitor for church. .~ral in its applause of the young mus- Scott, Mrs. Harry French and Edward ience---maybe wiser. Apply C. H. Smith, Islander office. 48 lcians. It is pleasing to know that so French, Mr. Ben Watson, Mrs. Alice Rooms and Board can be had at the ~t~Ln. Y of the young folks are studying Dearden, Mr. Harry Sloan, and alsoCatalina will give you the rest of Margaret Cottage, 237 Sumner Avclme, -his desirable accomplishment. Mrs. W. H. Mead of Avalon. your life. Come to Catalina. ~. at reasonable rates. Home ~:~g-48.