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December 7, 1932     The Catalina Islander
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December 7, 1932

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA ISL ESDA "GOSSIPING EYEYS" AVALON THEATRE PROGRAM CATALINA FISHING REGULAR EXERCISE ~bEIIATI SAID TO (Continued from page 1, column 3) Week Days--Loges 40e; General By Capt. Earl A. Wood B HEART Admission 25c; Childrenunder 12 On the way to Catalina Harbor be- Billingsley 'Sock the Duke, Edward years, 15c. --- Trobridge Rinehart, John Rushton Week End*--Loges 55c; General yond Church Rock I saw a rowboat v Science Service near shore. I ran the "Maimee" up toA fair amount of regular e Windle and Harry Deffenbaugh were Admision 40c; Children under 12. 25c. it and found it loaded with about 15 the poor gents that tried to play ball a means of preventing hen: for the Association. Evening 7:30 and 9:20 sand sharks Some fsherman had an- in middle life was urged by It was a cinch, folks ... they can'tWednesday, Dec. 7--Sari Maritza, chored it for a while, to pick it upWillia:nson, Professor of beat the old Vets, and we are the Charlie Ruggles, Mary Be]and and Lu- later. They cut the fins and tails off Medicine at the University c champs with three games out of five,cien Littlefield in "Evenings for Sale," and dry them. There is a market thatCollege of Medicine Chica~ and can be at them any time Mark a smart Viennese musical romance; a ships them to China. n 1 .... " radio address under'the aU Williamson throws his silk under-s'hirt eve ty, Get 'lhat Lion , and acom- I saw a live bait boat at CatalinaScience Service over the' on the mound, edy, "The Mouse Trapper". Harbor make a live bait haul, getting Broadcasting System. ! have some more cigs confing from Thursday, Dee. 8--"Evenings for enough sardines for three, weeks. Two Dr Williamson pointed @t those birds, if they ever pay up. Sale", an amusing Viennese musicallarge express cruisers auchored overessential part of the heart ls l1 ~he second game brought in all As- romance starring Sari Maritza, Her- night and several yachts visited themusele which by its contraC s@iation members; the "Glendyes" bert Marshall and C'harlie Ruggles; harbor, which is a nice place for vis- duces 'the force that causes ! ve'rsus the "Roadhouses" or "Methu- also an added feature, "Get that Lion" iting boats. 1 1 " . . to circulate. A muscle, 0t se a~s. Glendye 'had SM Smith, and a Vitaphone cartoon, "Rid 'era A few days ago a large school of should be exercised regularly' Glendye, Kramer, Shonafelt, Arnold, Bosko". bait cause in close to shore near the"Imagine an athlete preparttt Pallas, Aheru, Rinehart, Trimble" and " Friday, Dec. 9--Mitzi Green, May pleasure pier and the bath house; ter a contest who did not exe Berning; while Roadhouse had Ryan, Robson and Ed Kennedy in "Little some were driv'en ashore by small bar- " " ' on Freize, Clark, Roadhouse, Cummings, Orphan Annie", a motiot'l picture of racnda, of which there are a number ularly, saJd Dr. Wllhams .~ muscle which is not exercise O. Griffith, Billings!ey, ,,J. Wim,!le and the comic strip by the same name from 6 to 10 inches long around nowly becomes flabby, weak, P0f Bechtold. Glendye s shavers' beat which is now a daily feature in scores They are fis*h that hatched out this- ished, and, in the course of.Yl the "Methuselafls" 6 to 2. It was a of big newspapers in the United past summer, comes unable to fulfill its d~ dandy game with Oscar Griffith star-States and Canada;' also the eleventh About a utile out from Avalon some Walking is easily the beS ._ ring by backing up the pitcher and episode of the Last Frontier Serial, kind of 6sh were after the sardines,exermse m middle age he s ~thin,, , tagging third every time he was sup:I nvmg Dauger ; an Educatmnal and swarms of sea gulls were having t co ..... i! i:w :ii2? posed to throw to first. Yazzah! reedy, -Sherman was Right , and a a g1:eat time. I have tried several The third game was the classic with Universal Newsreel. times for rock bass; one day 10 were Larry Paper challenging Pallas the Saturday, Dec. 10--"You Said a caught, another (lay, 5, another 8. One v Great. Wet a Game! Wet? Yes, in- Mouthful'; featuring Joe E. Brown,fisherman brought in a nice catch of deed! This Bill Barr is some pftcher. Ginger Rogers and Farina. The pic-rock cod and sand dabs. Mr. Moult- He shoved them past our noses so fast ture has as its background a swim zer, a famous fisherman~ came over that we thought a north-easter was marathon and will no doubt prove in- for a few days, but he was too busy blowing. 'The Pallas team leading un- teresting to people in Avalon as aputting fancy wrapping on his rod to til the 9th inning, 7 to 4--a run comes great manv scenes were made here do any fis'hing thisotrip. across for Papero; 2 men on, ~ outs,and at the Isthmus; also an all color ~ : :'-~-- the arnica Larry had been rubbing all Broadway Brevity, "Tea for Two", and ECONOMY" AND THE week came to the surface; Paper the an Educational comedy, "Battleof NEXT LE'GISLA, TURI~ Great" at bat; he swings--and misses; Century". t I o uct f a w" IRll',,,v'~',~ a he swings and misses... "oh, daaar- Sunday, Dec. ll--Robert Montgom- From "The Tax Digest Dr. Williamson pointed out. I[11 ~rl~,l~ ling, where is that Arnica" pleads cry,and Tallulah Bankhead in "Faith- clusion he said: 's~l"x~ J[ J~ Larry silently. Then~ttle pitcher de- less', the story of a girl who 'has been Because retrenc'hment in govern- livers the ball and . . . Wt)W , . .left a fortune and a Park Avenue ment can no longer be avoided, the "If we would all take reg#,~ ~ e/_ WOW AND. WOWSIE, the Great Pa-mansion. Both the fortune and the nast inaprtant Problem before the ! )aiii~i ~! i iili!~ ~es!!rCr~ ~~ per hits a clean one to center; in mauslon leave her later in the story; Legislature when it meets in January come 3 runs and his team wins 8 to 7. an Educational comedy, "Always Kick:- is: How can the cost of government P I missed that last inning . . . but it ing" and a Fox Newsreel. be cut ? have our own motor inspeC~ b~-""'- must all be true BECAUSE PAPER Monday, Dec. 12--"Men are Such An economy program looking to- competent physician at syst~'~li?l~[~ TOLD ME ALL ABOUT IT. So, go Fools", starring Leo Carillo, Vivienne ward reducing the cost of the state tervals, we would go a c0~f~,~ ~: ahead and doubt and prove it WITH Osborne, Una Merkel amt Joseph government by $35,000,000 during theway towards making the sixtt~d~'lU ['~1 HIM, Cawthorn. The film revolves aroundconfing biennium will be suggested to to the Biblical three score aOO~!| v i t'~kl Sure... next Sunday afternoon at the activities of a nmsician--a second the next Legislature by California " ~ ~ t.Qw~ 1:30 p.m., I think they'll be arguing violinist with classical ideas, who is Taxpayers' Association. ~ : " '~tand and battling out some other games, forced to work' in jazz bands for ally- The Association's suggestions for. For Health and HappineSS~%, ~l*re~ You should come up and laugh and ing; *also a Mack Sennett comedy, economy are based on nearly two while-- ,~[~,.".~,~and jeer and c'heer. But lay off of ME, "A Hollywood Double", and a Vaga- years' intensive study of all depart- Take a trip to Catalina Isle: ~ ~ will you (in a whisper, don t you bond travelogue, "Malaysia". ments and functions of the state gov- ' --Ilene D. 5~1[ know?) O,h, yes--"Chief" Sullivan Tuesday, Dec. 13--Leo Carillo, Vivi- ernment. While rigidly economizing mnpired and the winners thought he enne Osborne and Una Merkel in and retrenching, these reeommenda- CatalinaIsland--the PlaCes I was great! , "Men are Such Fools"; a Mack Sen- tions do not discriminate against nor quietness and repose sootlaej~, ----:o: ~ nett comedy, "A Hollywood Double",will their adoption permanently injure nerves and renews health a~u/ AVALON COMMUNITY a Vagabond travelogue, "Malaysia",any governmental functions, ness. ~! and an M.G.M. Newsreel. Each of the suggestions for re- CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Wednesday, Dec. 14--Jack Haley in trenchment has been carefully re- One way to become acqU#t~t~l a comedy, 'Then Came the Yawn", viewed by the State Affairs Commit- the people who live in A'~b~ / Rev. John B. Toomay, Minister and a Spirit of the Campus song nov- tee of the Association, made up of read the Catalina Islander. ' | Sunday, Services--Church School, e~Ytl "~J/cl~~'}j?oa amnri~alalCl! prnailaent Califrnians" representing'~ ,~ ; ' " ; , " ', - all taxpaying groups of the State. now. A 9:00 a.m., morning preaching service; g 10:30 a.m. Cnln: ~leagYai~HarhyBaO~eS,~di(~e Each of the recommendations was Do you know that AvalO.'4 10:30 A.M.-- ..... Ears to Hear. considered both from the standpoint of the finest all-year clima]e~[ 7:00 P.M.--"Union of Types." Gribbon. '~ of those who receive the service andPacific Coast of the Uniteu| As an added feature Miss Boles will from the standpoint of the taxpayer ~ Mid-week meeting, Wednesday eve-present her dancing class in ome high- who pays for the service. ning at 7:30. Catalina Island will giv~ The public is cordially invited to at- ly entertaining Xmas dance numbers. This "program and economy recom- "rest of your life"~in | tend any or all of these services. ------- :o:-- mendations applicable to local govern- sense you choose to take it. t -- :o:-- SEA WORMS LIVE ON ~ ment are presented in The Ta:~ Digest ~ r DIET OF GERMS for I)ecember. Summer, Winter, Spring,,1 Sunamer, Winter, "Spring or Fall, __ As every function, department or in- Catalina'___._[s best o._._~f v'i/ Catalina's best of'all. By Science Service div'idual position in government has its k ~ S "" orln nnct c~tho, t~c~tt ..... I, oll beneficiaries and supporters there will More messages this wee ~! y ~ ca v , ........... r ......... -,.w,-..- . ' , be strong oppos~tmn to suggestmns Is our Skio ing animals get a good deal of their . " ..... advcrtisers, Look them over'| ,. . ., - . ,, ~ t . for retrenchment,even though they ~i livings OUI OI luerich.nora or oacterla t - - , - k [ ~ oenentth( 1 eople as a w'nole. that swarm m thmr habitats G. E, _ . ........ Advertise for what you fie Broken Out?~MacGinitie of the Ho)kini s 'Marine. . ~unlnetlpum,copm,ou~snecessary~ . Catalina Islander. Jl' o,_q,~, ,~;R~nn,%,,-All,.;, )~,-~;~. ~,o ff any program of retrenchment m ,- ........... government ,s to succeed Every per- ( ozlk -;-..| ueves, to test hiS rneory ne ice two ,~ ,.e . ," ,~. . Q worms on nothing but bacteria for 68 . . ...... . . .. Here's uic-- elp for You ' . sonm bamorma must ClO nlS part to _ make pOSSlDIe tile reouctlon el the ] A,valon k. {~ays.During that tlme the worms . . cost oi go, ernment ~ A~tl~' i sh ~wed greater r~rowth than that usu- ~ ~ '" "" ~ : ~ho You don t have to put up with that ' ." .~" ~ (let your local Chamber of Com- atlv occurring in nature Two ~lher ' ....... [ 517 CRESCENT /~'' |_ embarrassing disfigurement unless you " . . ,, . ,' ,, . .. merce au(i other c~v~c (~rganlzatmns to wornis,Keptas controlsunflerthe .... ; ,~ ,4 I LUCKY NO. 3503K~..~,t wishl , ' - Dack tire econonly program ot Galliot- same condxtmnsexcept thattheygot . ,~ ,_ . ;. ,~ Emerald Oil--soothing, llealing an .......... "O Dac[erla,wag[e(l away ant,(lle(,'", n,a .... .axpavers. .~ssc'ann' .~ ~enu,~cop- ] Consult us for your X.~f 6e~; glllers tiseptie--will act like magic to clear after 6I and 6" da re cti ' ot their actmn to your btate ~ena- I ~estions. Our collection ~,~ ~it~ O ys, spe vely. ~ , ~. . ,, , tot an(lour btate ~sscmoly nan away every blemish. Just bathe your Mr. MacGinitie s experiment will be Y * " " : ] a variety of carefully chS2 e lil- "" ' face with ho.t water and soap, andthen reported in the forthcoming number -- :o:-- [ smartly presented ~- rl#u'J~'urlllg a apply Emerald Oil. No rubbin~ in of of Science. " Our AdletCohmm helps. Try it. [priced. -J~'~llr thicl~ grease! Just lave vour face ~]ll Ilsll gently with the healing oi,,leaving a ':o5: 1 In a few days you'll see an amazing w diffcrence--not a pimple on your face, ~ Va IOpEcl~H i ! ~MPKE~y CO.' ~ ~7: PthooHs~ L~_I~ But don't waste' time merely t'hink- ins about it. (let Emerahl Oil today from your druggist with a promise of A money back if it doesn't clear your 405 Crescent Ave. Phone 75 face.