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December 7, 1932     The Catalina Islander
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December 7, 1932

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' NESDAY, DEC. 7, 1932 PAGE NINE ~y4 MEASURING TIME the beginning and end of either seems:" : ....... ".... :." ....: .2. . : .. . " % : 2 -- c~nvenientlv call time. valon Laundr vc(i l~'" t3y W.~--. Allen to us a recognizable unit of what we 1[ clOtogical Feature Service Whatever the attitude of the lowest TrY[btheh}ast forty years Ihave crossed savage mav be it is certain that more intelligent "savages, as well as civilized ...Jl~s. ~"uartes of "time Zones" many man find other cyclical units and eels- - ik-t'~aut the change of time never Dry Cleaning and Pressing =.--u In - tions hips which can be applied in at |tit ~ Y attention particularly. Re- == IL2.~ made an automobile tri into measuring time. The moon's phases "ua . P 1~'~a and the change of rune at the and the seasons appear to be recog- S.C.I. Co. Laundry Dept. _ ~.resi~ of a river made considerable nized and used in discussing and plan- ,r ~ ~0a .on me, probably because it ning the affairs of intelligent peoples I~rt~.etlnRe relation to ,ny arriving all around the world. But even in civ- Work called for and delivered. Jib;t~in destinations at meal times ilized countries there is a strong ten- ~r~'~re ni ht All m crossings dency to use some striking event as One Day Service if i equired. at~re ha~ 'been ma~ty by traina beginning for measuring a period of 1 erasCash i~rding to routine schedule, thus ti:ne. Thus one may find in certain sern! remain unnoticed because communities that time is measured in "~mr^,. glance to a ustomed routine, so many weeks or months or years ~m~ t"L'~lq (Whatever t~ec reason) on this from a great flood or a great drouth Pit o 32 Ik,s got to thinking about time, or a great pestilence. IIC ..m-V~ VI ,t.)t~~ relation to time and man's el- Apparently there are scores or hun- "-In . ' deeds of different ways of measuring ~'! ~. ensure time I even got so 20O7o ~ [ ~~a,p try to find some satisfying time, depending on the needs and in- 11~ lo,~lo.a of what time is, but soon terests of an individual or a group of . tllj itS, ,el the speculation. Perhaps individuals. Many of our ways would Itw kth ~Bl~tLw what time is I must con- be useless to a savage and many of ''10f'a~iI do not. I have tried think- his ways would be useless to us, but discount on a or ru]lour ~r~itv tIne as a measurable part of underlying all attempt at measurement I[~e out that does not appear to there seems to be the practical idea 15 C Al~atly ,anywhere, because I fail to that time is an interval between two Call Office--- 1 atahna Ave. :)lill~ t. qefinite ,I fixed mark in eter events or between the beginning and j, 1-"r0,,. . 1~. " ending of a series of events and that IP"o'~" whzeh to begin to measure. ~s ~"ristian Era" is surmosed to be this interval can be subdivided indefi- I["Ured, ,-. nitely, e.g. into hours,minutes and IL~ zrom the birth of Christ but t' Seem . '. [ti~s .. to be certam ser,ous dxffi- seconds, and minute fractions thereof. .l~his~but fixing that pointin hu- Some years ago many of us were llt ter not to mention thevastly startled and amazed by the suggestion lll~t. Itheulties of fixing itin rela- of theorists that time could be re- ~1,t[.~ eternity. . versed and that history might be re- ~';v~evt~, I did not g,ve much atten- peated by processes similar to those ,~hips ~se questions of timerela- used in manipulation of a moving pic- ~c[ ... eeause I recognize them as ture fihn. In actual practice we need ti.the'uY comprehension. Approach- not be worried because no theorist, or ~1, ~f Ll~roblems of time from the other agent can really manipulate time, l~lv UUman experience it is consid- no matter how plausible his juggling ~feasier to get some kind of an of its man-made units may appear to IterraWhat we ordinarily mean by be. Ii~a' Most of us resemble prim- Because the day is so convenient, Etch^u (and probably most beasts)we tend to use it in all ordinary af- ~};~raz,ng in our existence recur- fairs even when the results of its use ~l~t'~n,raena (cycles) which we call become absurd. For example, a trav- eler uses it on Iris journev around the ~5 world although he knows that it makes Unzversal-Star" r:lt him seem to lose a dav if going east C laltfla lslondLMge,F.&l.M, and gain a da,, if going west I4e Tarpon Tuna Deep Sea or Ocean Reel ~-4-7-', .... ii .... could avoid this absurdity by measur- ~v,~ry F'n'~..y..Nieht...o,'~ month ing his time in units calculated from FOR SALE BY ~itldn~btethrenare The period of the earth's revoh, tion H.O. MacRAE COMPANY, AMALON, CATALINA ISLAND ~1 ~ ~veleome. around the stm, but the periods of TUFTS-LYONS COMPANY, LOS ANGELES | l~,l~l~CV E. MACKEY. MASTER light and darkness due to the earth's B- H~ DYAS COMPANY, LOS ANGELES ~W rotation on its axis are so much easier NEW YORK H-A]RDWA~RE TRADING CO., Los Angeles, Californlm HiTI~' SECRETARY, to follow in practice that he prefers OR ANY OTHER DEALER, OR DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTUR~ER I I*RI. WESTERN to use them and to make any adjust- ments necessary tomeet hisappoint- Edward vom Hole & Co. I HOSPITALITY ments at different places. i,.ATAT --:o:-- 92 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK |'~amtle Hawy-- ard AVALONcatholic__st.CHURCHcatherine,sSERVICES The largest manufacturerevery desoriptionf Hand-Madeln America.Reds' Reels and Tackle of B ~'he ~, ....... *" .... Masses 6, 8 and l0 a.m. in the CATALOG NO. lS__172 PAGES__ON REQUEST ESTA]BLISH-IrD IS(~7 - eevotite in LOS ~,n~ele*) i church durirtg July and August. After 8iXTFI AT SPRING arrival of noon steamer mass will be held in Crescent Avenue Pavilion. i THE AVALON TRANSFER CO. i ~EST BEDS Christian ;ci;nce Society I BAGGAGE CHECKED AT YOUR HOME TO DESTINATION ' i] BEST SERVICE A Branch of The Mother Church, I The First Church of Christ, Scientist, [ [ BEST LOCATION Storage = Packing and Unpacking /|[ BEST RATES in Boston, Massachusetts, holds Sun-] day service at II:00 a. m., Sunday L M. L. JAMES TLEPHONE 16 '11 ~al~fr the Business Man School at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday even- ing services at 8:00. Reading Room ~] ~2onV~nient for the Tourist open 2 to 4 o'clock on Wednesdays IF INTERESTED IN AVALON SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ISlaNDER and Saturdays in Sunday School room, IF INTERESTED IN AVALON SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ISL.ANDIR ' "~ Church Edifice, East Whittley Avenue. f . . .~ Subject Dec. ll--"God the Preserver[ Ashaway Original Cuttyhunk of Man," Community--Congregational I ~ A Famous Line For Big Fish , l Sunday services--Church School at I/~lr/~~X*~k~.-~ Holds most of the important world s re,e- | 9:30 a.m. Worship and Sermon. 10:30 i/tl~lV/t'~~~li o~. for the largest o~ean g~me fi*la l~k- l a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Mid-week service [~,[/,,~~_1 en with rod and llne. l Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Evervone cordially invited to all the services[ |~l~"~'~'~a'~17;0 ASHAWAY LINE AND TWINE MFG. CO. / ~:o: _- I l~kl~~%~",~,~;~i A shaway, Rhode Island / ll]OSOChoiceRooml AVALON PUBLIC UBRARY I ;ll ,.,. 11"2.00 Up. Avalon Branch of-~--the Los An~elet ishin ines Oounty PuBlic Library, in Atwater Ar- iJ] cade, is open every week day from 2 to 5 and 7 to 8:30 p.m. k. Ill..I~tl~'k Wlz~'~'--Coffee Shop ( Phone: Tusker '~61 1 ' IS ) 'r ~f~rVALON' C~J~L| "'l PHON~ R''"MONOI' S''' ) [ DB, 6ARBETT J. NDALL [ --- ,,,,-o. so, ,,,. so. ,,..w.,, s,. "1 q*,~Y C. FRYMAN, Prop. [ BENTIST | [ RAY C. WALL, REPRESENTA'FIVE OF ] [1[ c. Wencher [ InstMlmant Pa~rmemts If Desiredt I 9VEItlIOL | Elk Ru*~Ii H. Wa[ener [ 1I(17 Brockman Bldg. i