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December 7, 1932     The Catalina Islander
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December 7, 1932

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I h It7NESDAY' DEC. 7, 1932 - 7- PAGE SEVEN !t 0CIAL AND PERSONAL CLARESSA AVENUE NEWS especially at our present stage of civil- Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Baker Jr., ~!g][~.'l'! ization when our telescopes are limited were here for the week-end, coming Alay 's, 0 E B "'-7- -7- .. ,. alley is spending a few ;~'h. Wlth friendsat Manhattan By J. W. Lowe and so far we cannot go there in per- over aboard the yacht "Dolphin", as Mr. Pete Vuich is out again after son to explore. The moon is very guests of the owner, Mr. Arthur Letts. .,d~ ~1 _ an attack of flu., * * close to us, astronomically speaking, They were anchored off the Hotel St. ~l~s~ and it is possible with large telescopes Catherine. es atSt. Catherine's Catholic to see its rugged lunar landscape which --------- .'e~i~I0:00"a. are now being held at 7:00 and Mrs. Raymond Keller is visiting her stands out as an open record of the The P.-T. A. will hold a rummage ~ - .rn. eac'h Sunday. mother in San Die.go~, past ages. This is due to the absence sale Friday and Saturday of this week, ~!i~iliii~ieI of a group of changes which we call December 9 and 10, in the White Cap Mrs. C. A. Dow of 242 is visiting weather, causing denudation and ero- Care on Sunmer avenue. Each day relatives in Los Angeles. sion. This is responsible for the rug- this week, from 2 to 4 o'clock, there * * ged and sharp features which remain will be someone there to receive bun- P. V. Reyes returned Sunday from substantially the same as whe/1 they dies. Bring your old clothes and a three day visit in the city. were made. A crater hole forfiaed b~" shoes; we can use them all. * * a falling fragment during the past Lyman and Thomas Smith of 122 ages still stands as an everlasting mon- , Miss Billie Dahl, pianist for the are entertaining Bruceand Wayne ument for the future researches of'Maryelyn Boles Dramatic and Dance Ripley of Los Angeles. astronomical science. Studio" left last Sunday for her home * * he moon s general appearance in Walnut Park. Since the first of " a T ' ~ittl~. nd Mrs John Barrymore and Mrs. Emma L. Berkeyspent sever- gives the impression of having been a July Miss Dahl has been a guest of l~t's~ left for the mainland on al days at her cottage at 211, returning planet on a small scale at one time, Maryelyn Boles at 235 Whittley ave- laeht ,Y last aboard their beautiful to Beverly Hills Thursday. but farther out in space away fromhue. During 'her stay she has made re. 'Infanta', after a week's stay * * * t e earth s influence. It has ocean many friends, who all regretted her de- h ' " Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mead spent beds, mountains, moonquake fissures,parture from the Island. ~t~ ~, the week-end at their Island home, and even old river beds which couM " ol " have been made only in tile presenceThe Avaconlay Club will meet at J~ Stringfellow active memberId Ours . They had as their guest, i~viee aUna Club Came over via air Mrs. Oscar Schmidt. of an atmosphere. Through some cat- the home of Mrs. Ann Haldeman, 310 ~itle f-u was at his 'home on the . , . astrophe in space the moon was E. Whittley avenue, Tuesday, Deeem- I~ he or the week-end. During his For several weeks, during the brought closer to the earth. The ber 13, at 7:30 p.m. There will also be ~'~ Was at the Tuna Club. afternoon and far into the night, we stronger gravitational influence of the a Christmas party the evening of De- ,' t.' ~- earth divested our satellite of its at- cember 20 at the'home of Mrs. Lewis ~t~nd Mrs. Wm W Hewett of have been hearing the click-click of a mosphere, including its moisture, at the Bird Park. Meet at the Atwa- typewriter.Our curiosity becoming 'lJtl 7, eae There remains no water on the moonter Arcade at 7:15 for transportation. ~*il'~f W h, are here spending a con- greater than human endurance could ~billa aeeks in their Island home, 238 bear, we decided to do the "Sherlockand the lunar atmosphere is exceed- Mrs. Margaret Lewis will be hostess. ~t x, Venue and having as house Bo es stuff. Following the sound lugs" still remain, but with them there Wilmer W. Pedder, widely known !1% ~rs. Geo. E. Robinson of the n " " inglv rare. The old planetary mark- 4A" Partments, Long Beach. of thetypewriter we came to 207, and aswe approached the open door are many more recently made crateron the Pacific Coast as a yachting en- holes with their accompanying ridges thusiast and vice-commodore of the there emerged from beneath a stack and valleys. Los Angeles Yacht Club, died at his ~'i~rup of Navajo Indians arrived of manuscripts, writing paper, news- lt~ ,, ?:~t'~t0S; S. Avalon" Saturday, en Raymond K. Belier, author of the home, 3801 West Seventh street, late papers and books, two young men. above article, will be glad to explain Saturday night as the result of a ~t, whtae Catalina Island School for One was Moray Armstrong, son of the details of the transparency to any heart illness from which he had been ~tlle w ere they gave an exhibition Dr. M. M. Armstrong of Los Angeles, ~ i, Ork done by members of that the other Franz Joseph Lehu, former one desiring him to do so. suffering for more than a year. Mr. 2' Various lines--blankets - : o : ----- ~tl~k. , bask director of dramatics at the Pasadena Pedder was 62 years of age and was Mr- ~*-': ......... born in Sunderland, Durham, England. i' r boysCmmunity ratherPlayhuse" Atbutfirst the urda ~" ir;m"~aCe;Ua[U~CKsresttrne~tn ~at~e He was also a member of the Catalina were reticent, finally Y - Y Y Island Yacht Club. ,an_d Mrs. O. Koetchmer of Long admitted they were putting the finish- Metropohs of the Southwest. i~llg've~re on the Island a few days, ing touches on the second writing of ~ ~ . ..-'77-- , . , Mr. and Mrs. James G. Sprecher, ~htt,-~rs. Glladys Hovey and her a novel and had finished several short fr22Fogntin~Vt~(~n~e~teg~tate~e;urn~a with their house guests, are at their ~l~. tt" Eloise. They were charmedstories. We wish the boys success ..... 1 .... n t~e Avalon home 310 Sumner avenue, for 'he Island and enjoyed the Bird and a safe journey through the land ~'e~e Qva~n ~on.flunaay, were Q v.. the holidays. They recently purchased ,~'~'~' "0Urs.eSpecially' where they spent of literary critics. Per~ s, ,Ji(; ~" ~mun and Ia~nuy, }vtrs. this property, and have made extensive ..... ,~ ', . ,~ .... l:np ovements. Mr. Sprecher is in tile Ol~ile, ~ , , , y vv est :vlrs. t~a,tnL. xicr,_ay r " Unlllp %onraa .VllSS tJettyMc(i-trry r " " , ' " ' " and vlr and Ivlrs t~arr onnson .g ~'~ AI)dge, deputy city prosecutorThose who are interested in our .... ;,', ;'; ~ , " , dave t,smg pubhshm business m Los nearest celestial neighbor, the moon; Y 3 Angeles, and resides m Verdugo ~vi~Pgeles, and Mrs. Dodge have tlmt .fascinating orb which rev'olves ...... 7---- ....... ~ Woodlands, Glendale. He is a Rotar- ls~ting their a ~ret ,~. ' d ughter, Mrs. about our earth every month and ~ne oemmlUt . yaCht ~eawara , ian, and active in the Advertising Club. owned ov k..ecn fie 2tllle was over for H is an ard,m* ,~ol; - .... A ~.~...~ L#~ ~7,, ~-t~anslor on Whittley ave- which lendsso much romance and - ' . . e , e , ~ ................. "#~I~" a'th them has been Mrs. Chan- ~es w21~okae~d.wi~t?hna dea/t~,ll~fhls son all, is and has been for years an en- nti at, Mrs. Beth C. Cooke, who beauty to all of civilization, yet has been such a powerful source of witch .... " .-. p. y . . you !gthusiastic booster for Avalon. ~t'~-l:~a yereturned to Los Angeles cry and superstition in the dark ages, folks as guests. During their stay "o" I, ar in Europe. they had a wonderful time on the golf --" "-- f~h. ~ ~ will be well repaid by visiting the course and returned to the mainland MARY WILLIAMS CLUB " Watch and Clock S'hop on Crescent Sunday evening. ~h~rJ~Sephine Miller of Avalon, avenue, where the public is cordially ,I ~f l~Ugbter, Miss Freda Grass- -- The next regular meeting of the ~' L,.. s Angeles were ests ofinvited to view a very fine transpar-The next regular meeting of the Mary Williams Club will be held at "~'ms ' gu ency of the moon which has recently l~'latr. , t~lklns at a house party at Avalon P.-T. A. will be held the even- the Club rooms on Thursday, Decem- "~rs " ing of I)ecember 15th at the high ber 8th. The subject for this meeting ,'.~_011~ t .home m Glendale. Two been taken through the big telescope at Mt. Wilson. school. This will be a Fathers' night is "Literature", and it will be in charge '~a]13o,.~rlends were present, Mrs. Very little has been known concern- meeting with the fathers in complete of Mrs. Matilda Murdock, literary .i~,~.tar~lTM of San Diego, and Miss ing our satellite until very recently ~:~~'~1~ ,,eY of Long Beach. An ex- charge of the program. Mickey Ahern chairman, who plans to have a speak- [1~. o good time was had by all." we have learned, through our modern is in charge and we are assured of a er from Los Angeles. Visitors ,viii be astronomical apparatus, many new good program and a lot of fun. More welcome. ,~" l~rod ~ and interesting facts, as compared details in the next issue of the Is- ~ :o:-- ,~l~.'~r~ r e was at his home on t~ ~,,it~ane over the week-end hay- with the cloud of superstition and lander. Our Adlet Colunm helps."-Pry it. mystery which has heretofore envel- ~l~ht, w~him as his guest Bert oped the general ideas concerning the "tI2ahasbeenwithMr'Brde THE ISLANDER ADLETS Angeles Soao Co for over moon. ;~t% ~ars W - . Our earth is blessed with at least ~,~t ;,..' e are glad to notice one moon which adds much splendor ~:~t.~, ~UProvement in Mr. Brode'sand romance to the Arctic as well as A, careful reading of these Adlets will reveal many bargains that o~h- '~% t. Year a~o at this time he the tropical night. Some of our neigh- " , alls Way on'~ ~ bor planets have no moon at all, while you a round-the-world wise might miss. others have many such, as Jupiter, ~~~ which has eleven moons, some large RATES--10 cents per line 'l~,'~sy. evening while on her way- ones and some small, revolving around in. Orr was knocked I ' hieh ermusly bruised by a large the planet giving a continual succes- For Sal --Cottage at 228 Metropole. For Rent--3 small room apts. $14. Jl~?t ~th Was apparently chasing a sion of moons in all their different$2,500. Inquire on premises. 49. 360 Eucalyptus 49 ,~lt% ~er animal: Mrs. Orr had toFhases and various degrees of bright- ADLnVS ~-.DLBTS hess. On Jupiteroccultations and lti~~. t,. Orne in a taxi She ~s rad . For Rent--Call at 134 Whitfley Ave. For R~nt--Comfortable ground floor ~,~-,x%_. " g - to see roomy sunny apts. r.,levanon flat, neatly furnished, suitable for ~.~rM ~rlng from the injuries andcounteclipseSof werethe numbernightly ofCcurrenCeSmoons ofnvari-ae- ~;~lk~ther was able to be out. This ous sizes, making a most fascinatingperfect. Close m. Low rent. Moneysthree or four adults, or small family. wortla guaranteea ~9 F~ve too ,~1~ al~-reason why dogs should drama of the sky on a gigantic scale. " " " ms--two bedrooms, large lip- "! "Wed on the streets except Those of us who can conceive men- ADIJ~TI ing room, with piano and fine fireplace ~r -----_._ tally of such awe-inspiring beauties of Bridge Score Cardv---The Catalina(air tight heater or gas burner if pre- ~'~ afternoon Miss Eloise Ho- the universe and which are not en- Islander is now prepared to furnish ferred); dining room, convenient kit- tirely fantastical or without founda- bridge players with simple score cards, then, with tile sink, gas range and re- 'i~.f% t~anied by her mother, tion, and will but take the time to at the low figure of 25 cents for 50 frigerator. $25 per month until June ~'~alla~e mainland. Eloise will comprehend some of the stupendous cards. 15, or by the year at reasonable ad- "~'~,,.. ur~th to the study of dane- distances and gigantic sizes of some ~,z~s vance.336 Sumner. Phone 639. oo he or aetan sate te o oro V e -- not even including the many island kodak and developing department, and For Rent--Fur. cottage apts. Winter universes which are found in distantbathing beach goods, at 519 Crescent rates---S12, $15, $18, $20, $25 per ma recesses of interstellar space, can eas- Avenue. A,x,nvs 30tf Mrs. Westbrook, 217 Sumner Ave. 36 ily content ourselves with construc- Ao,,,x~ tive thought and forget for the time View Lot--40xl20;5'room house Watch & Clo~k Sp~iMist--Raymond ,! Ja~,ncing will present pro- tiesbeingof attheleast,work_a_daythe wearisotKeworld, triviali- 40xs0(beds forfr 8)income.On rearFrttit40, andleaveSflowers.frnt K. Bevier, 702 Crescent,~o,~t Ave. 9. i the 'mary 9th and 23rd, at the O~ar moon is more interesting to us $1000 cash, hal. like rent. Lefavor, 332 For Sal#IMathewson Cottages, 17 a,re than any of the other heavenly bodies, Metropole. nnits. P, O. Box 1366.