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December 7, 1932     The Catalina Islander
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December 7, 1932

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Weekly at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California. Avalon's containing the local news of this wonderful Island publication of the Light Tackle Club, an organization of Sportsmen. Baseball training field for Chicago "Cubs." Avalon: Year round mecca for tourists and travelers. Boating, bathing, golf, tennis, baseball, riding, fishing, hiking, marine gardens. Unexcelled accommodations. VI~ CENTS AVALON, SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1932 VOL. XIX NO. 49 -D FORGENERAL RELIEF ~ilfllfllUltilll~ "GOSSIPING EYES"___ Sunshine Psychol0gy ~~AVALON NIGHT By Mickey Ahern Relief Committee f~r ~ Thursdaynig'~t will be "Avahm ~ Later on in t'his attempt I will tell MOTIMA-'TION .en appointed for tt e t ' "" " represents all the churc'hes, ~ Night at thc Hotel St. Cather- ~ you now the Yets , those old grand- altles, the Clubs and associ- ~ inc! ~ dad(lies licked the "kids" of the Ath- ' By The Editor All Avalon and his wife are ]! letic Association. In the meantinae, Fal Conmaittee is divided ~ invited up,to the Hotel St. Cath- ~however, I MUST give you folks a ,SUNSH,N~ PSYCHOLOGY t)'COlnmittees one for vis- ~ erine to 'preview" the changes ~ little inside infor:nation on the 2nd Readers of this column Who a, re in- the other for administra- ~ in the dining room. .~ ANNUAL HI lINKS of the Catalina terested in thesubject of telepathy T'here will be an entertainment ~ Athletic Association to be held at the will findan interesting article bv Vords, one group will have.~. 1)rogram of specialty numbers, ..~ Riviera Theatre, Dec. 12th, 1932~next FrederickQ. Kennedy, c a p t i 6 n e ~l "PsychicWireless", in the December e investigation and recom-~ put on by artists of the Eloise ~ Mondav. Yessir, yes ma'am and you issue of"Psychology Magazine". The ~hile the other will have ~ Hovey Dance Studio, under the .~ kid(lies~ ,e management and the se- ~ (tireetion of Miss Lee Lowry. ~ Say, folks . . . it isn'~ a rel)ititi0n of writer oftile article has spent some There also will beSpanishen- ~ that good show of last year (hold the time in India. He says: "The main Onations of clothing, pro-~ tertainers. ~ loscs .... funds. -.~ ); it s a (hfferent show entirely, and most curious connection between Mote, our banker, has ~ A feature of theeveningwill ~ A WHOPPER. Every see(rod some- the pituitary gland and telepathy is act as treasurer. When .~ be dinner dancingand a buffet ~ thing clicking; a variety of entertain- found among the Hindus... nmittee meets it will or- .'~SUl)per. The charge will be but ~ ment that will make you leave the "The sea of emotion and nfind in ter by electing the neces-~ 65 cents--so, come one, come all, ~ Theater chuckling and satisfied. I'll which we swim, like psychic fish(s, and enjoy a real evening. ~ bet you a cup of coffee, and put on innocent of the medium that suspends abcmt six gallons inthe making to us, has ripples and waves of unimagi- s:'Pinted the General Corn- ~ Islanders, it is felt, should ac- ~ prove my assertion. ,nable fineness. These penetrate liOt quaint themselves with what Cat- i~! Really, I was amazed at the talent only stone and lead, but the solid mat- Committee--F. M. Paul- ~ alina has to offer to its guests ~here in Avalon when witnessing the ter of the human cranium. We are n Renton, H. M. Ahem, ~ and visitors. That is why rhe .~ ;n, R. M. Heywood, E.R. ~ first night at the Hotel St. Cath- ~ rehearsal the other evening. Last immersed in these seas of sensation t,, Laurance, Mrs. Percy ~ erine, inaugurating a new plan, .~year, we had a big variety...all area- all the time, penetrated with sensa- I" R. A. Kilgour and R.E. p::'ts everyone seemed to enjoy it im- tention and knowledge, the psychic has been reserved for Avalon ~ tuerish, of course--and from the re- tion, but for the lack of positive at- "rer. ' ~ folk. It will be remembered that ~ mensely. This year with an entirely world goes by .... " .Committee--Capt. James a~e Lefavor, Miss Grace .~ the first night at the new Avalon ~ SUNSNINE PSYCHOLOGY Casino was reserved for the Is- ~."new type of acts you will marvel that larrha Bernstein, Miss.~. lamt people. ~ Avalon has so many artists. And speaking of "psychic influ- trrey, Mrs. E. R. Pollok. Music by a cracker-jack, snappy or- ences", we 'have been asked several .~. Tell your folks that Thursday ~ chestra; clog-dancing, eccentric andtimes if persons with "salt blood" are ne function of the Visit-.~. night will be "Avalon Night' at ~ classical; singing, musical instruments; more psychic than persons who are ee to discover, investigate ms of need to the Exec- i the Hotel St. Catherine. ~ up to the minute gags, playlets, andacid or alkaline in their "blood types"; ee. It will then be the to cap it all a real closing wit'h athat is, is the "salt blood type" more ae Executive Committee appropriate funds, gro- necessary to relieve tess. Committee-has been :ted, and its strong per- appeal both to rhose those who receive aid. that such a corn- secure, and the plans is able to develop, no roger or cold or ill- food, care and ady barrels have been o-o. o oo o,o REGULAR MEETING OF BUSINESS MEN HELD At the regular monthly meeting of rhe Catalina Business Men's Associa- tion held in the Casino last Thursday evening, the following officers were elected for 1933: Carl W. Carson, President ; Harold Stamford, Vice- President; Lehman H. Crandall, Sec- retary-Treasurer. Directors: D.M. Renton, Mark Williamson, A. L. Laur- grocery stores, like- ance, Wilbur White and A1 Bombard. dry goods stores. By It was announced that the newly t~arrels handy when elected officers would be installed at these stores, it will be the first regular meeting in January, put some useful A good be- made. It will be eommititee to decide, these garments and be kept until they are the committee. We SUrer at the bank. We for goods and l Seven central points in et us give. John B. Toomay. reader? Here is a g to Mr. Walter B. Pit- oi journalism, Columbia reader who skims 000 words in 1 min- the fast reader, minutes and 47 sec- in 4 minutes has to do with s no more difficult than newspaper article.--The 'heard an owl for the be asked. the reply. I know that, but Exchange. 1933. A banquet was planned for the occasion. Although considerable effort was ex- pended to induce the officers of 1932 to serve the association for another year, it was on t'heir recommendation that the new officers were unanimously elected. Before adjournment, the secretary pro-tern, P. S. Allen, announced that there was a cash balance of more than $400 in the treasury; whereupon, a motion was duly made and carried that the retiring officers, President R. E. Mote, Vice-President R. M. Hey- wood, and Secretary-Treasurer E. G. Snow, be given a sincere vote of thanks for their faithful and efficient services as officers of the organization during rhe past two years. The entertainmeut committee ap- pointed for the banquet to be held January 5th, consisted of F. M. Paul- son, Mark Williamson and Ralph E. Brown. In co-operation with the City of Avalon, it was suggested that the Cat- alina Business Men's Association send out 1500 letters inviting patronage to the New Year's Eve Ball to be held at the Casino. "knock-out" embracing about 15 per- sons you know that will exit you laughing plenty--and plentifully. Yaz- zahhh ! Kids, near-grown-ups and grown- ups. All Avalonites. If you miss it, you'll be regretting it. I never gave you any bad tips in the past, except a few bad dimes, and if I didn't think this Hi links was going to be a W]OW I wouldn't guarantee it to you with that cup of worn-out, nmddy coffee. Now, for the grand finale.., tick- ets are on sale all over town. Even I will be glad to sell you some. Jimmy Beerson, Roy Mote, Harry D'effen- baugh, Jack Davis just was a good enough salesman to sell one to me; Oliver Murp'hy Greenbaum, Frank Roadhouse--and tickets at the window. Buy 'era now and be sure of a seat. No foolin'. I'LL BE SEE,IN' YO'U and von'll be seein' us. SO~ME SHOW! Get those tickets now, before we sell out. Also--Eunice at Seal Rocks, Arch Laurance, Jimmy Glen- (lye, Atwater Barber Shop, Billy Friese at Safeway, Vinee Petrieh and a host of others will cater to your wants on tickets. Bring the kiddies, to(), we have some great children in the show', and a reduced rate for t,he kiddies. OK. Thank you! Now, about those bass games. Yes- sir. The Athletic Association spon- sored three entire games of indoor outdoor baseball and each was a clas- sic except the first, when they got trimmed. The Legion, embracing Ryan, Mark Williamson pitching, Ly- ham, A'hern, Crandall, Hannon, Pyle, Smith, the Fire Warden, Arch Laur-. :mce and George Carlisle hit the offer- in~zs -f Billy Frieze of the Association for ten runs, while the Association members, Pallas, Freize, Roadhouse, Bill Greenbaum, Sweney, Berning, (Continued on page 10, column 1) easily influenced and stimulated by electrical forces than the acid or alka- line blood types? Answer: We have no reliable data regarding the "blood types" of persons who claim to have psychic power. It is said, 'however, that "the breakdown of salts in the human body forms electricity." Also, that under normal conditions the salinity of the blood is the same as the salinity of normal sea water. The problem as to why man is unable to retain his sanity and rea- son and use normal sea water for drinking purposes, is an interesting one. Foods boiled in .sea water art, palatable and wholesome. SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY For the manufacture and control of physical energy, many things are re- quired: Blood, glands, nerves, gaseous combinations, oxidation, etc. These things are just as important to the physical organism and the brain, as is tile battery to the ignition system of an automobile, or the battery to a doorbell. Speaking of "doorbells". electrical experinaenters 'have recently discovered that the "doorbell" makes no sound if it is placed il~ a vacuum. So, we note that experiments and their results (tiffcr according to the physi- cal environment, just as the results of human motives (lifter according to the index motive and the enviromnent se- lected for observation, SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY Every engineer will tell you that "b/owing off steanl to relieve boiler pressure", is a wasteful process. He will also tell you that if you burn fuel just to heat up the surrounding atmos- phere you are using up not only the fuel but also the feed water from which tile steam isproduced. Tem- perature control isnow replacing "pressure relief" as a modern method for reducing the hazards of overheat- ing in all hot water systems. (Continued on page 2, column 1)