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December 3, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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December 3, 1924

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ISLANDER r ~t , PAGEELEVEN EDITORIAL STAFF ..... Mar,ha Meyer Editor, Elward Van Aelstyn Editor ..... William Daly Reporters .... 13lanche Runnels Reporter... Edward Feltrop Reporter.... Nellie Smith really counts in composition to be the question for English according to Mr. Ward, and au'thor. \Vithout a doubt, ! a problenl for the pupils who la- OVer theme writing. After. hand- the work in, which has been gone over for correct punct- it is returned marked with Such comment as, "Story is flat" life in story." On the next day, papers are handed in a feeling of satisfaction to the The piece will surely t~ring a mark, as it has been filled with and vim. The eagerness with he receives the corrected work changes when, "Miserable gram- or "Poor I,unctuation and spell- confront him. You wonder why even the most students get disgusted ? FIERY HEARTS a Hll MY CONCEITED ROOSTER By .Mary Gibson. The otber (lay I happened to t~e out in the yard when a neighbor's rooster flew over the fence and alighted in my chicken yard, and of course a battle between the feathered-leg old [ord of the harem and the intruder began. \Vith bills held close to the ground, and with neck rafts standing the wrong way, they (lanced around each other, while sparring for an opening. Then they closed, and the fight was On, They had hardly made a dozen passes before two blue jays settled on the fence just above the combatants, and with shrieks of approval and chuckles of delight proceeded to re- feree the bout. This old rooster of mine never for- gets the role he is expected to play. He is always ready to show off before the hens, or anyone else who happens to be around. His swagger, the way he throws back his shouhters and puffs out his chest, and his conceited air when speaking to the hens--all ad- ertise his self-esteem. He takes credit for everything that happens in the yard, and when one of the hens lays an egg, he takes the words out of her mouth, and in hoarse JUST A MUTT By Edward Van Aelstyn, Junior English He is a little rag terrier pup, white, with a' brown spot~ on either flank; two brown ears, * and an irregular brown splotch at the base of his tail. Short; fat, squat, and bow-legged, he is surely not the most graceful or b6atitiful fiound that ever made rags of a perfectly new pair of slippers. His awkwardness makes h,im funny. He is just about the cutest, little wretch that ever tracked newly-laid cement. Ahvays into mischief, he is the cause of more annoyance than an approved edition of dog meat ought to be. No- thing is safe with him around. His sharp little teeth lnake quick work of anything earelessb' left where he can reach it. Still, with all his mischiev- ousness, he is a wonderful pet, for most of his pranks are comical. It is \cry amusing to sue him try to run. His legs are so short it is hard- ly possible fo, him to make any head- ~vay. He has the poorest excuse for a bark that ever howled for a bone. High pitched, shrill, thin, ~nd still liable to "break," his bark scares no one hut himself. Eat? That is one art he has mast- Wednesday Evening, December 3 Conrad Nagle and Aileen Pringle in "SO THIS IS MARRIAGE" A top-notch tale of Wedded adventures. The low down on marriage, divorce and bachelorhood, and there are a lot of good laughs in it. Also hnperial Comedy "THE PINHEAD" , .;TRAND Thursday Evening, December 4 Gloria Swanson in "MANHANDLED" Climbing the false social ladder to suc- cess, swamped with silks and furs, MANHANDLED, only to find in the end that honesty, even in love, is the best policy. Also Century Comedy "DANCING DAISIES" gTRAND~ Friday Evening, December 5 By special request we are showing a return engagement of Zane Grey's "WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND" Filmed in the gorgeous Painted Desert of Arizona, entirely in natural colors. By Nellie Smith accents brags about what \VE have ered. To keep him well fed and satis-See it to appreciate it. . Even the fire burned with the tense- clone, t-Ie is also a cheerful liar, as fled with his board would bankrupt Also Snub Pollard in ~ess that prevailed in the make-shift any of the hens ,,,ill tell you. Ihave the commissary of a couple of brigades. ___ "WH.___.._ETRREA~M 1,". ~P of the two gvpsies It diel and seen him deliberately plant a big Like all pups, he likes to fight; butSaturday Evening, December 6 :~Ped with the intonations of one feathered claw on that of a baby chick, there still remains in his memory the The screen version of Booth Tarking- ~'~s voice, as he cursed with a ter- and pin it down, a shrieking prisoner, dim recollection of a recent defeat " ton's amazing novel, nntil the mother rushed up with blood One dav he slipped his collar and "THE TURMOIL" ,hie hatred and malice the man on in her eve. Then he would just as chain and ran away.In his journeys Featuring George Hackathorn, Eleanor ,e Opposite side. It's crackle and Boardman, Eileen Percy, Emmett ;~tltter might have been the chuckle deliberately step aside with a low rout- he met a little kitten, about half his tered, cr-cr-er-r-r, as much as to say, size, with whom he would have liked Corrigan. A big creamy slice of up- he.a demon who had caused enmity to-the-minute American society and heen the two men. "\Vhv, was I standing on one of yourto be friendly;but, when the dust business life, with a crash and a " ', smash in it. Also Christie Comedy children? cleared, a small streak of white and ~ he fire seemed fed, as (lid the brown was seen with his tail between "GRANDPA'S GIRL" k~ger of the gypsies, on some un- ~ his legs, heading for borne.Unabash- . .STRAND-- ~i.wn thing. Only the red coals re- Sunday Evening, December 7 ed, the kitten was sunning herself and ~ amed, and from these the flames Bv Myrtle Gibson, Sophmore English rearranged her fur. Rudolph Valentino in his greatest ~*u as the hostility of the men Our journey thus far had been a The purp is now a woman hater. AI- romance ~rora their malicious hearts~. " "MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE" ..iThen, tt~e flames flashed red on the weary one, but all our glmnness leftthough a confirmed bachelor, he has a The brilliant star as the gay young us as we sailed from a bank of silver soft spot in his heart for one woman. Duke who refused his heart to the % rnmg blades of a pair of murder- gray fog, and saw lying far below us a That one is his mistress, who serves King's choice. The most romantic knives The two lunged at each hero in literature Also Joe Rock in ~ther, fac ' " , ~" , little city wrapped in the radiant robes him his dinner. h es lmteous m eontortmns of of slumber.I say radiant It was all "MARK IT PAID" ~tred.The fire crackled fiercely, and and INTERNATIONAL NEWS of that. It fairly shone in its bright- . .~TRAND-- ~te flames whipped about asthough in hess, for all around the bay electric List of Catalina Teachers, 1924-5 -[ze Path of a storm. Steel clinked on lights were swinging and winking in Monday Evening, December 8 ~eet T ' .... ' hen a sharp point found un- the evening breeze, while here and M.B. Dunkle, principal--mathematics .A stirring drama of the Wild West-- there the lights of some hotel or the Dorothy C,. Hahn--English, commer- "THE SAWDUST TRAIL" home of some hospital person spell- Gibson is a riding kid with a lbvable ed welcome to the weary traveler, cial, girls physical education, grin, and a personality that reaches The evening breeze sighed through Angle L. Fox, mathematics, music, art, out from the screen and grabs you. the trees and caused the little white history, English Also Our Gang Comedy wing of a sail boat to swing to and Bevier Robison--social sciences, Span- "THE BUCCANEERS" , ~Yn flame was left, The head of the fro. ish, public speaking. STRAND " t. ri turned sideways, and: the flame The weather was quiet and dreamy. W.C. Priestly---science, glee club, boys' ~ Tilesday: 'L,ioneFEvening'Barr~nore)in.i'Deceml:mr 9 2rned a little" higher only to die ..... physical education." " "I AM THE MAN" , ".~eel~t for the glow of a spark in Everything spoke the words calm Maude A. Tettelbaeh---sixth grade. the coals.~ hand twitched. The and "peaceful." America's greatest actor in his greatest tl)ark was ~0ne A tiny wreath of Far to the back and to the sidesJosephine H. McCorkle--fifth grade2role. It is a living, breatlaing picture sra~ke . ~ ~. . were hills that tucked this little city Myrtle Knox--fourth grade, that will bring pleasure to all who _ disappeared m the tree-tops, in by the sea, while the moon and the Hazle D. Putnam--second and thiz:d see it--apl)ealing romance, tense dra.- elld all was Still. stars smiled down upon the houses on grades, ma, and, for good measure, a bit of ,jazz.' Also Century Comedy the hillsides which nestled cosily in Emily Tower Cou'sins--firstA and first" "HERE HE COMES" among the trees. If you don't like these jokes, And their dryness makes you groan, Just call around occasionally With some good ones of your own. J. M.--"I .,had a .mind reader with me all day yesterday." E. S.--"What a dull time he must have had !" B grades. Katherine J. Steigely--kindergarten. Another car load of silver ore was shii~ped from the Black Jack Mine to San Francisco last week. A leopard seal was reported Friday swimming about in the vicinity o the. Hotel St. Catherinepier. Advertise your needs in The' Catalina Islander. and INTERNATIONAL NEWS ~TRAND- Wednesday Evening, December 10 Betty Compson in "THE ENEMY SEX" "A story of a! girt of the present day " revolv; adventurous and unafraitt; without home t~es; with a passion tO explore, but not to experience, ands curiosity fed by the zest of life. "UNREAL NEWSREEL" ADMISSION PR~S---~; and Children under 12, in First S~don, 1~ Marine .e~-25c. Children 10c, l~b~-"Can anyone be punished .for a~.Ything he hasn't done ?" Miss Hahn--"No. , / ..... ....,: ~.b-""W~I',~"T have/a't done my kykeeping today." ~~0 was the smallest man in His- tory ~,, '~i give up" ,--hy, the Roman soldier who went ,~, Sleep on his Wa*~i~h the world come to Catalina, Subscribe now--~ per year.