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November 29, 2013     The Catalina Islander
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November 29, 2013

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Watson From page 1 ever, saw the income potential in offering cold beers and hot toddies to their clientele. The best way to get around the Bannings and their prohibition of alcohol was to incorporate as a city and thereby operate the town un- der the more lenient alcohol laws of the County. Thus, the people of Avalon jumped on the incorporation band wagon. The Catalina Is- lander newspaper, which in those days was pro-Banning and therefore anti-alco- hol, mocked the idea of this potential for increased revenue. In the first edition of this very paper on January 27, 1914, a front-page editorial chastised "li- quor interests" who had "hoodwinked the 'dry faction' of the community into the belief that liquor sales will add money to their coffers." But any advantages or disad- vantages the legalization of alco- hol might have brought were ren- dered moot by two developments. The first was the near destruction of the town in the 1915 Fire, which severely curtailed tourism and Jim Watson Columnist brought the town's economy-with or without alcohol--to its knees. Then, just as Avalon was begin- ning to get back on its feet, came the infamous Volstead Act which essentially prohibited the "manu- facture, production, use, and sale" of alcohol everywhere around the nation. I say "infamous" because it wasn't long before the abolition of alcohol created a crime-wave across the nation, kick- ing off the decade known as the Roaring '20s and giving birth to myriad il- legal enterprises, includ- ing smuggling. Like everywhere in the United States, Cata- lina was greatly affected "oy this legislation. The Island's proximity to the thirsty denizens of Los Angeles meant it was a perfect location for smuggling operations. But while the Island was often used as a "stashing" area for smugglers trying to get their goods to the mainland, there's no indication that the Island was ever a major venue for such operations, at least not compared to the she- nanigans occurring on the East Coast. But local Islanders still want- ed to wet their own whistles and the real entertainment was in the lengths that locals would go to keep themselves provisioned. One life-long Islander, who wished to remain anonymous, told me that teams of pack mules trav- eling up and down Silver Canyon in the dark of night, saw many a bottle of illicit hooch smuggled into Avalon from the remote beaches of Salta Verde. Once close to Avalon, the merchandise was transshipped to human carriers and hustled into town. There, the goods were hoist- ed into the upstairs loft of what is now Zim's on Catalina Avenue to be parceled out to local customers over time. Some local folks insisted on making their own liquor. Either they couldn't afford the imported stuff or they simply had their own preferences (or couldn't wait for the next mule train to arrive). Lolo Saldana remembers hear- ing stories of the Slavic immigrants that lived on Whittley and Marilla in the 1920s and the home-made wine they produced. "They would put the grapes in their bathtubs," said Lolo. "Then they'd make the kids take their shoes off and get in the tubs and smash the grapes" "Then one day the officials came in and dumped everything down Whittley," he said. Wine and the "hard stuff" was made up and down Whittley and Marilla in those days and the odor associated with this business gave the area the name "Vinegar Hill," a term you still hear from time to time. (My first enterprise on the Is- land was a youth hostel on Marilla which I briefly considered naming the "Vinegar Hill Hotel"). After more than a decade of such charades, the Volstead Act and its parent law the 18th Amend- ment were nullified by the 21st Amendment. Once again alcohol was legalized around the nation. In 1933, Abe Perluss' liquor store on Sumner Avenue, known to this day as "Abe's Liquor," was the first establishment on the Is- land to be granted a liquor license after Prohibition. The inescapable fact that Pro- hibition had created a maelstrom of crime in America largely put an end to the temperance move- ments on Catalina and around the nation. The end of Prohibition also ended the practice of making bathtub wine and gin and closed yet another chapter on smuggling on Catalina Island. Jim Watson is the author of "Mysterious Island: Catalina," available at Amazon, Kindle and in stores all over Avalon. 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Tuesday, skies will be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 67. Avalon Catalina Harbor nax I~h Izm l~h Low 1~ ~ Low l~h Low Fri 6:05am l:03pm 7:03pro None Fri6:10am l:llpm 7:08pro None Sat 6:38am 12:15am 7:51prol:43pm Sat 6:43am 12:23am7:56pm l:51pm Sun 7:14am 12:55am 8:38pm 2:23pm Sun 7:19am l:03am 8:43pm 2:311ma Moll 7:54am l:36am9:25pm 3:06pm Mon 7:59am l:44arn9:.30pro 3:14pm Tue 8:35am 2:19am10:.14pm 3:50pm .Tue8:40am 2:27am 10:19pm3:58pm Wed 9:20am 3:06amll:05pm4:37pm Wed 9:25am 3:14am ll:10pm4:45pm Thu 10:08am3:57amNone 5:26pm Thu 10:.13am 4:05am None 5:34pm -~urt ~ o~ Chat-hi_~ V~e ~* n Fri 6:38 a.m.4:45 p.m.2:57 a.m.2:25 p.m. /~l'lN.'~ Full 12/2 V Sat 6:39 a.m.4:45 p:m.4:00 a.m.3:08 p.m. ~,/2~,,/ 12/17 ~'- Sun 6:39 a.m.4:45 p.m.5:06 a.m.3:57 p.m. ~ l-ktc', lhi~ '~'~ cck Mon 6:40 a.m4:45 p.m6:12 a.m.4:52 p.m. First ~ Tue 6:41 a.m.4:45 p.m.7:16 a.m.5:54p.m. ~ Las~ 12/9 Wed 6:42 a.m.4:45 p.m.8:16 a.m.7:00 p.m. 12/25 Thu 6:43 a.m.4:45 p.m.9:11 a.m.8:08 pm. December 18 - 22, 2013 Adult $30 Child $15 (3-12 years) 6:00 till 7:30 and 8:00 till 9:30 800-830.-7744 LUAU LARRY'S CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF WORLD FAMOUS FUN... ...all summer long! CITY OF AVALON PUBLIC NOTICE December Renewal by Declaration Catalina Snorkel & Scuba-Renew Comm. Vehicle &Autoette Siria's Cleaning Service-Renew Comm. Autoette Catalina Steam Cleaning-Renew Comm. Autoette Tremont Apts.-renew Comm. Autoette Christy Lins CPA-Renew Comm. Autoette Vivid Visions-Renew Comm. Autoette Island Express Helicopters-Renew Comm. Vehicle Catalina Diver's Supply-Renew Comm. Vehicle Ken Redding Constr.-Renew Comm. Vehicles & Autoette Catalina Coffee & Cookie-Renew Comm. Autoette Kirkpatrick Maint.-Renew Comm. Autoette Ghost Tours-Renew Comm. Autoette Published: The Catalina Islander: Nov. 29, 2013 Posted: Bulletin Board at City Hall City ofAvalon Website: / ;ill| CATAUNA ISLANDER Friday, November 28, 2013 i 11