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November 19, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 19, 1924

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iuol ~eOmplete set of books, using cash part by the Pt, bhc Speaking class ql) CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN (ata,i a Hll .oaf' _____.__2_" _ ____.___ i ~d' EDITORIAL STAFF The babyhood of our school is fast and appreciation for playing the piano. Physical Education Course as soon as I. tt0r-ln-Chief, . . Martha Meyer disappearing. We are taking unto our- Mr. Robinson read a selection from clubs are secured. Assistant Editors: selves more and more resmnslbd~t / ktlatlehe RunnelsMalcohn Renton .... ~ ~ , , 1 y Mark Twain's "Roughing It." Miss tt _ AT" .... ' an~ aodlng to our (lay s program more Fox sang, fully convincing us that we Basket Ball 9 Brace rtLEFIC REPORTERS ,- . " er I | Tre,~a.,L_ ~,, , ,~ ,~ and more organizations and activities, have talent in onr faculty. Grape men r.~lwart, reltrop .... Basket-ball practice will start Mon- ..l"~, I! 8 ttr-rUl~.ll~R:~ .........A hterary. . soc. ety has been orgamzed, punch anti cookies were the "eats." day for the boys of the High School. /~.e.Venth G ....... which will mclude debates and plavs. Those who were in charge of the Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Priestly will ,;lght ~ane Lieorg,a ~ote,nan, .... - | ~.'um~q;~"hQrGrade, . ' ..... " .,.anlo S...ll'~ ] he first regular meetmg x~dl, be heht entertainment may be assured that the take turns in instructing the boys i en,t. ,~ aue >adie Goodman Tnesday evening at 7'30 in Mr Robin- party was a decided success. ~ r--., L~ ....... Practice will be held on the granmmr fly,:. | ~leve_. rade . .Frederick McKelvey son's room, under his direction. Some ~re are grateful to Mrs. Stone and school court at three o'clock Monday, ~e;;t' / 5e'l~fthtaG~rude 4-," ' .~{ary Gibson of the students will then give vent to Mrs. Shiekts for being such efficient Thursday and Friday afternoons. We ~, uc .pmwarn ~ an Aelstyn . . . [ -.,,,uc .mawarn ~an &elstyn thmr lntherto suppressed enthusmsm chaperons, hope to have a team strong enough to ~i1" ]la~,ftr~r.lp.T in adebate which has been planned / CO ........ R,..a~t.. , play the schools on the mainland. All | " " on thetopic: 'Resolved, that the peo- Let it be known that all school part- boys, large or small, who have any 20 | SOmeone rema~ha .... ple of California were justified in pass- ies, hikes, picnics or any other form of school and sport spirit, are urged to /apn.._ . " t we nopetl to . v~ar u" , .... ,rig the 1"2 roumt box,n ~ law." entertainment whatever, are and shall , |I1.~ q lee busmess hkewhen our g come out for practice. We need all. ! fhce desks i % . . Edythe Stone and Edward Van Ael- always be, well chaperoned by at least ,-rio /all h- were nstau :d.l,et .. " . /. c assur,n .,__. ~ , styn in attirmative" Blanche Runnels two parents anti two faculty members. ,Olllr" i lzed _ ,.u that our nopes are real- ' ' -~ ~ ' Las ...... and George Minncy in negative are Parents may at all times feel them-CUSTOMS ON THE STREET setI shk. year the only COl;lnlelclal ' ' I'l* |,'oJeetgiven w~ c" ....... ;.r a.;,~, scheduled to appear on this evening, selves heartily welcome at all school IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES .---" I he. Tt.. , . All students who are at all interested affairs. I eltld-- ms year our currlcmum m- " | es. bookk_~v..~,oo.i ..... ....,t -:v-,s-*" ";"'* in. the Junior anti Senior High, . are rin- The gentleman's tradition of taking head ]e12~ is easily perceived that the typing vlted to be present. Don t wmt fo a Pupils of the Junior Hi agreed that off the hat in the presence of ladies ! . ~ Is "on ~,,c*u~ :_t.uu' ..... ~lto et,,~^-t,,c~'L~-~ special invitation,, because, you are a hike would be far better than a has come down to us from "days of ) ~re t J ' g /i~, Wenty-one enrolled for the sub- likely to be disappointed, party for this time of year. All plans old, when knights were bold." It was '-d" I;';~"-tWenty beginners and one ad- ~ previously made, they assembled in the custom then for a knight to re- ~:,s Ill .tea;~ed Student 'rheh'~ ,,ra ........ ..... i. ;o ~h,.* - The weekly student assembly, held front of the Bandbox on Saturday move his helmet in the presence of his # | ~.~0us Job of learnin,~ the he-' board Thursday, November 13 was ofdual morning. At six-thirty by the clock, lady. This was a sign of peace.--It lth t s ~ ' " '" ' " ~0~ | ~: he we " o .~,~;~o~r-r~,, ,mportance. It was the first m whmhthe partySet out for Middle Ranch. was equivalent to saying, "I have no ulsgll arlsom.~ e ............... i. Sting it is to for et the -msition a social program was presented and Stimnlated by the crisp morning air,fear when I am with you." Our cus- 0t t - g t . ! 0 hat letter wb;,-h ..... 1,1 ....... lo*. -~ 11 was the last to be held under the they soon reached the summit. There tom of tipping the hat is a corruption " II P~ t^. "" .................. t"~'-~'- '~~, . . r.~et | 1% coIly! It is nmst provoking btudent Council. they stopped to enjoy the scenery, of this. Unfortunately, it looks as if ,k | d ' When a sli-ht misha- in s')acin~" The assembly was brought to order Such an enthusiastic crowd could not this practice were deteriorating into | ~ ~ands that ever-.thin~- be done over by Mr. Dunkle, who announced the long remain in one spot, however. Amere wiggling of the thumb and fore- I ~gam. After tho ~~',, ~,~0 ,, F, ....... student election returns. The new hike is not a hike on Catalina unless finger--fingers once used to lift the is. | ~'~re fater ,;~'~ )~'~',~"~;,;~o~"'~'l~'o'~ commission consists of Malcohn Ren-some one gets to chase a goat. Thishat. If men persist in not using these 0" | ~'r~s to learn ,~eneral writin,~ ~Den ton, Uomnuss,oner oi Student AchvP sport was afforded the group shortly, fingers more, our great--great--great ~tt | ~. hVely march ~; .... ;~ ,,~. ~' ...--" ~t,,~ ties; Martha Meyer, Commissioner of when they passed the summit. After grand-sons will develop a three-fin- ~'; | v!etrla to -r ...... ~ ,o_ v,,,~,~,, ,~ ..... ,~ Art" George Minney Commissioner of such a merry frolic the participants gered paw--jnst as the horse develop- ~tI th,,tt p omote the spee(, an(t . , e I t ~Unl The tunesarea stim t n- Athletics" John Minney Commissioner were quite ready for a rest at the ed a one-toed foot when uses for the t0r ' U a, t ' ' . the S of Safety and Mary Gibson Corn i tan: olidGeometry class in the : , - second punaping station. Fifteen rain- other original toes vanished. Is it ~lO~ni - . . ! f' ng room B- the end of the lmssloner of Welfare. utes was the limit of their rest, and possible that American men are taking lrS , y I! t Year's ..... 1. ,~ ...... :~ ~.... ,a The n, eetmg was then turned overthe hike was resumed. The arrival so little thought for the future of the i l~llO~t L vv .,J x e.. tt~ puptt~ ~uuutu ! ,.. -,low to s,)ace and set u" various to the Student Body President, Johnat Middle Ranch was celebrated by. race! Men and boys of Avalon, the | ~Yl~es of b,,~:_'[ .... . v ,~... Shields The bill from the Foresterseating hmch and green apples. One Women plead with you to save our a t^ harness teeters, in a(lOltlon " " Thi as aid ,| "their general writin'* Inn for rent was ream s w p girl came home barefooted, and sever- son's fingers. Yours is the responsibi- ' l'he b e.. . by the Student Body ' ! ~ln Ookkeepers--four m number-- . al were nicely"nettled," otherwiselity. Do not shirk it! " not see ..-... ~:~ ......... t. _~ After the business meeting we en- " ' " d" a 'i m to e.juy ............... " ~ . . everyonesurvived the hike in fine Nearly all European countries hold | -,e typists ']?he are stri in t ork joyed a program put on mr the most shape, espemally those who hoppe the same street manners as do Ameri- 0tR y v g o w . . ! t%_ . ride part way home. They reached cans. In the East, however, often dif- la ?~k, purchase salesbooks and the George Mmney" gave a select,on" bytbe Bandbox at 4:30 P.M., making ferent customs are supported. I ~" ger recei t 'and ch k ' k , q~obertIngersollentitled "At the the trip in good time. I the ~..' P ec uoo s, and ,, In France, where the world's most hies for Tomb of Old Napoleon The poem | si~ invoices and receipts be- , exquisite manners are upheld, the I -:ues Other bu " ,~,. ' "Oh Captain My Captain " was recit- ATHLETIC NEWS Ii lq--" smess papers, tne tom .... . word "Merci" is heard on the streets i "'~uon of t~". , _, . ed by Edythe Stone. The program 7, more often than any other one word. m n,., IllS set is an a(aSOlUte te- l ~mrernentf ...... was concluded by an extract from Girls Golf ! e~ or me nrst semester. . It means "Thank you." m man meet- rtr, ershl Les M~serables gl\ en by Esther ! al~(~ . "p and corporation problems, " " ~ . ,' , . Under the instruction anti guidance ing another man kisses him on the ! C ,adjusting entries and reports, form Rose. The pieces were splendl(!ly of Mrs. Beasley, fourteen girls of the cheek, a custom not used in America. l "'~ basis f-r .... gixenand well received although theHi School have started a golf club.They also kiss a lady's hand, and say u,^ . u me second semester's ' . I ~:~k. It doesn't sound just like en- speakers had difficulty m .nlakmg Mrs. Beasley has generously offered"Bun Jour," or Bun S, oir"--"Good urage themselves heard abo~e the no~semade i s~ ment, then, when the teacher '. , them the use of clubs, balls, and course, morning or Good evening'--as it is. ~Ys that on the pier ~, one year's work should give " Within a few hours after the offer ty the m ~k plea was made for classes other I ~ _. ost elementary knowledge " . . ~. had been ,nade the fourteen girls halt In Port Said, head of the Suez Can- mls su than pubhc speaking to contribute to | v]. bject.After two or three signed up. Some have spent all their al, every language in the world is -~rs, ho ............. the pro ~rana(We'll watch for re- spare time for one, two and three days spoken, and every style of address is i ~bl- wever, th.. ot,.d~..t ohv,Ad b.. . g " to k suits ) i eep quite a complicated set" in the caddy house, where they learn- used. This is because they take head- | -" hOOks. \re have seen what the Council can ed different grips, stance, and swing age of all steamers going or coming I n- ~._~__._~.___ do in regard to programs and student of body and club. Mr. Beasley is before they enter the Suez Canal. i ~xt)IdND NO. 1 OF THE government. Avalon Hi awaits with giving instructions in the caddy house The language of India is Hindustan, / TENNIS TOURNAMENT . interest to see how the Conunissionsince Mrs. Beasley has taken the girls such as is spoken in Bombay, Calcutta | l~larie, -------- fulfills its duties and oxercon,es the up to No. 8 fairway. She has been and Madrass. "Salaam Alia Cum," ! Pat- ne Runnels ............................... 6-6 handicaps under which it is working, teaching golf etiquette and how to meaning, "The good wishes of God be | ~ aY Lee: ............................. i::[:ili::::";- use the driver, midiron, and putter, with you" is said with a bow and a ~ S~S The girls have learned to distinguish raising of the hands by folks passing i| ~erraine~artha MeyerSlerks ....................... ................... 0 6 0 the tee, fairway and green. After the on the street. ]t is not necessary to I ~rdn Col ....... - - Hard Time Party girls have practiced five times, Mrs. (Continued on Page 12, Column 4) I a~l, .. eman ................................ o-o I Uarcia ............................................ 1-0 Forester's Inn was the exalted scene Beasley will start them around the ! ~:War(1 Feltrop 6-7 of the Senior Hi Hard Time Party oncourse so they may get in shape for I ~erge Minne,, " ................................... 0 ~ Monday Night, November 11 There the coming tournament, which will be- i "afar ,,. a .................................. --, ~ | ~d e Vregarthen 0-0 were few students who did not attend, gin as soon as the tennis tournament uythe .............................. . I ~ Stone .... 6-6 and they were plunged mto deep grief is finished. It will probably be after ! ry .Gibson ...................................... 7-6 because of their non-attendance, the Christmas vacation. Golf clubs lI "~Ylt'''terme Mackay 5 0 Musical Chairs had the honor of be-and balls will be the prizes awarded. myrtle " " ............................. " | N'el," G,bson .................................. 6-6 mg the first game, that caused all The girls are making fine progress and i ~me Smith 4-4 kinds of excitement. "Gossip" flew Mrs. Beasley keeps their spirits up by I .. "If ~ ~ from mouth to mouth for a while, then telling them some funny golf stories. I ~P Avalon a Spotless Town." was given up for dancing. Mr. Got- She is a real 'golf shark". Miss Hahn [ "" P edge our help! don Stone has our most hearty thanks will incorporate golf practice in the