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November 19, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 19, 1924

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LINA ISLANDER IAL AND PERSONAL bra a !' nd Mrs. J. Reamer of Pasadena ~ guests of Mrs. Grace Roraback ~r a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Griffith are va- cationing on the mainland. Mr. Joe Cameron is visiting his ranch at Et Mirage, near Victorville. OUR PHANTOM ARMY By Major Lawrence Mott, Signal ORC, U.S. Army ~st a minute in our lives, Pals; st a moment, while the world rides by; Just a thought for the Phantom Army That for its flag went out to die. KR. ~-':" Case the genial wharfinger Mr. Clarence Kinne, of Long Beach Gone from human s .... and understanding, ~a~he pier, is spending a few spent Sunday on the island visitingBut ever present in the hearts of all; Steamer Let us watch our own lives, comrades, * On the mainland, friends. Toward that last, long bugle call. Let us keep our ideals towering r. Sam Hawkins of Long Beach Fred Paulson made a flying trip to Toward the great skies overhead; ~l'uJOjnedu - the carpenter forces in Av-the mainland Saturday, returning homeKeel> the flag from ever furling, , . And, so . . . do honor to oul- dead. coming over Monday mormng, on the Sunday steamer. ~ ~/rs.. Miles Overholt and little son, Mr. Marion Vuich spent a few days ~l~eJ0,'' left Saturday for Los Angeles, visiting his Island friends last week. sho[[e they will visit friends for a He is now proprietor of the Purser t While. Apartments at Santa Monica. iss E ,^ unite Hart left Friday after-Mrs. J. M. Beck of Pasadena and ~i,~a for Gilman Springs where she Mrs. Charles B. Smith, secretary of hat'~rernain for two weeks, taking the the Howe Scale Co. of Chicago, are rest.s and enjo3~ing a much needed guests of Mrs. C. E. Greeley for a few days. Let us urge each other forward; Let us smile along the road-- "Buddy... what's the matter, Pal? Let me help you with your load." Phantom Army, in the front line-- We seem chosen to be kept behind; But we'll do the best within us ro be helpful---cheerful--kind. (Editor's Note)--Major Mott read the above on the occasion of Catalina Post Legionaires banquet at the St. Catherine Hotel, Armis- tice Day. It was so much liked that we publish it, NOTED FISHERMAN PAGE SEVEN THANKSGIVING SERVICE The general public is cordially in- vited to attend the Thanksgiving ser- vice at 10:30 A. M. next Sunday, Nov. 23, at the Community(Congregational) Church. PILGRIM HISTORY IN PICTURES Rev. LaRue C. Watson announces that he has been successful in secur- ing for Avalon a series of three sets of stereopticon pictures on early Pilgrim history, beginning with the rise of the movement in Europe and carrying the story into early American history, The pictures will be accompanied by sermon-lectures read by the pastor. This series of studies is especially ap- propriate for this time of the year, as we are near the anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, and also of the first Thanksgiv- ~r an DIES AT DENVER HOME ing holiday. : d Mrs W C Brown Mr There will be a special meeting of ~d M ........ These programs are scheduled to be Iff p Is. j. Daws and Mr. and Mrs. the Mary Williams Club on Thursday William G. Evans, aged 69, of Den- given at 7:00 P. M. at the Community ~' aCkman returned home last week at 2:30 P. M., in the Congregational per, Colorado, passed away at his home (Congregational) Church, as follows: ~ttr Spending a month in San Fran- Church library, to take care of Red1310 Bancock Street, in that city, Oct- Nov. 23, "Fore-gleans of Liberty. tS{~O. Cross material, ober 22nd. For many years Mr. EvansNov. 30, "The Pioneers." br E was a member of the Catalina Tuna Dec. 7, "Pilgrims in the Wilderness." a.." mma M. Carson returned to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Shelley, of Club.On August 20, 1914, he landed These pictures will have historical Ocean Park, with their son and daught- ~::l~n Friday. She was confined to the record marlin swordfish, weighing as well as religious interest, and every- i ed for several days while on the er, Leonard, Jr., and Evelyn, came to 340 pounds, which was an unbeaten one is invited to attend. Singing and "lainlartd but returned home much im- the Island for a monfh's visit. They event for several years. Proved. ' other parts of the service will also be are so delighted with Avalon that they According to the news reports from from the screen. tb.~/rs. Ben Ogden returned home Sun- are staying for another month, enjoy- Denver, Mr. Evans had been ill for ing the lovely weather, boating andabout a month. Mrs. Evans was also Mrs. Jessie McClanahan and child- ~urt~:*-y after a delightful two weeks vaca- fishing. Avalon is surely the placeseriously ill at the time of her hus- ten, of Eagle Rock, are Avalon visit- Spent in Los An eles Mrs Og ~erl i- g - - for a complete rest. band's sudden death, ors for a few days. ~_ ~ again at her work in the Hop- " .... Bill" Evans was a much loved and -- -- or (2ash Grocery. On Friday afternoon the Ladies Aidrespected sportsman at the Tuna Club. The value of advertising depends of-~Ir, and Mrs. Courtland Lawrence, Society held its meeting at the home In Colorado he was known as an largely upon what the merchant does k_,~remont street, left for the main- of Mrs. W. D. Burnham, on Whitfley"empire buikler," with his father, the to his customer when in the store, "~act M " avenue, late Governor John Evans.: Much of Some men don't advertise--well, draw' -. on0ay where they start for an A very pleasant time was had, the ~ttended tri" - . the progress that is now manifest inyour own conclusions! then p to the Atlanttc coast and ladies being busy preparing for thethe city of Denver is said to be direct- to the Orient. bazaar, to be held December 9th. ly attributable to the enterprise of the "I can never land a fish as.long-as those two big ones keep on fighting," br a " ~ Mrs. Btlrnham served a nice lunch to father and son. grumbled the eastern angler .... 10a '. nd Mrs. Zane Grey were Ava-the ladies. Next Friday afternoon the ,, J , l~ro visitors last Friday, to note the William Gray Evans was the father Well that s part of. 'the i/~port, ~e~vgress in the construction of their Society will hold its meeting at the of the famous Moffat Tunnel, in thesympathised the boatman, i 'Unless church, you want to see a dog fight." E. home on the west side terrace. City of Denver. -ae~vations for the foundations are Mrs. D. M. Renton entertained at Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Dash left for SanGAME F ALINA : a~W~ Under way. her Catalina avenue ,home on Mon- Francisco Saturday, for a two weeks Yellowtail (Seriola dorsalis). ~:LeOnard ~ day, in honor of her mother, Mrs. M. - Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus). last Shelley, Jr., returned home vacatmn. Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus macropterus). ~a _Week to Ocean Park. He thor- C. Ryder of Pasadena. The occasion Albacore '(Thunnus alalonga). White Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis). ~d~hly enjoyed his hike to the Isthmus was the celebration of Mrs. Ryder's Mrs. E. Smith of Pasadena arrived California Bonito (Sarda Chiliensis). h,_u his father" also the many other 84th birthday. A feature of the table here Thursday to spend the winter at DolphinOcean BonitO(coryphaenus(Gymnosardahippurus).pelamys). -.vOu . . ' ia~ ,ntam h~kes, boating and his swim- decorations was a beautiful birthdayher Avalon home. Giant Bass (Stereolepis gigas). Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus mitsukurii). Broadbill Swordfish (Xil~hias gladius). C~rateat. l~te said he would be glad to cake. Among the ladies present were Mrs. J. Opelt, Mrs. Mary Runyon, Captain Sam Goulding, who has e again to "dear Avalon." " Mrs. Jane Stamford, Mrs. M.E. Wood, been visiting Murietta Hot-Springs, Watch the world come to Catalina, For Sale---Two goats; dis0 sixteen months old rabbits; 8 does and one buck, and 12 young ones; hutches and feed bowls. All for $15.00. Apply to Mrs. Carl Johnson, Falls Canyon. 45p Mr an( Mrs. S. Cook, Mrs:JaneCasey and returned home Sunday. Sam said he ~. t Mrs Julio Picc'olo were THE ISLANDER ADLETS'-" [~SSengerSe c~, th~ A,,~I,~, Mnnd~v Mrs. J. Wedlake. had "a fine'time." A party of touris /ro'-~ New Mex- Mr. and Mrs. Margar"--------~t Sullivan have ADLET RATES'Ten cents per line at the Hoover Market within the ic0 were visitors to the Magic Isle on returned from their two weeks vaca- per issue. Minimum charge, 25 cts. "KXt fe Friday, having included the much-talk- tion on the mainland. Mrs. Sullivan XMAS R-E'AL-'~OSIERY ls: W weeks, as soon as h~s wrist m COndition to permit him using it. ed-of-play-ground in their worthwhile is the genial assistant housekeeper at Ask about Gift Certificates. "sights. Those comprising the party the Hotel Atwater and Island Villa. Ask about Combination Orders at $5. ~.~rs. Fred A. Carter, Jr., and son Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hughes, Mr. and Men's Silk and Silk and Wool Hos- ~bert, of Ocean Park, came to spend Mrs. Cecil Rhodes, all of Las Vegas; Mrs. A. S. Laurance left Tuesday iery in seven different shades. w.~ek with her parents Mr and Mrs.Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Vaughn and little for Durant, Okla., with her mother Ladies' Silk Chiffon in 48 colors. t ~helley who are at Avalon for a son, of Santa Fe, and E. R. Mason of Mrs. Louise Phipps. Mrs. Phipps has Silk and Wool in 7 different colors. eW ' been a house guest for several monthsOrders taken now for Christmas. sn,~ rnOnths.~.,t-- Mr, F. J. Carter, Jr., San Marcial.They were all delightedat the home of her daughter. During Mac Osier, Glenmore Hotel. ~vit~ me week-end, le~.ving on Sunday with Avalon. her sojourn in Avalon she has made li~, his wife and son, after a de- " -- ~--- many friends, who were on hand to tul time spent here. Mr. Arno D. Smith, Inspector forwish her a very pleasant journey. Lost--Two-stone marten fur, Re- ward if same is returned to Windle's News Stand. 45 (]ene , the Perishable Freight Service of the is _ ral Manager D. M. Renton, whoNew York Central lines, has been Malcohn Renton was the house guest theut~ a business trip in Chicago in visiting his aunt, Dr. Emma M. Carson, of Scoutmaster Bcnjanfin Robison, at interests of th~ Santa Catalina for the past few days, leaving for his his mainland home, for several days ~sla.nn ,-, -~ ~ . .~ t:ompanv, left Saturday for the home in Detroit Tuesday afternoon, last week. During his visit the young ~1~:fire ~oast. "I~Ie will remain for two It is Mr. Smith's intention to return Avalonite visited the Boy Scout camp th~Srin~ e San Francisco to look over to Southern California, probably Ava- at Pasadena, and interested them with turns from the last samples ofIon, and establish a home for his the signalling work done by the Ava- ~e shi l~ra . PPed from the Island to San mother and aunt.Mr. Smith corn- Ion Sea Scouts. The Avalon Sea iff~C~SCo. If the ore samples are sat- plimented his aunt, Dr. Carson, Mrs. Scouts was the first organization of ~:"~tory, plans will be made for the W.H. Meade and Miss Lucile Mead, its kind in California to receive a ~,~tt.shipment to be sent direct from with a delightful farewell dinner at the charter from the Boy Scout headquar- tahna Island to the smelter by boat. Hotel St. Catherine, Monday evening, ters. a~'I~r Rent" and "For Sale" signs are "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., ...... S~tle at Windle's News Stand. We pledge our help! at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. Rooms and Board can be had at the Margaret Cottage, 237 Sunmer Avenue, at reasonable rates. Home cooking. 48 Wanted--Second-hand furniture. J. O. Brookbank, general delivery, Avalon Wanted--Good lot, Marilla, Whitt- ley or Metropole, block and ~ from beach. Might connider house. Owners only. 2616 Manitou Avenue, Los An- geles.