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November 19, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 19, 1924

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PAGE FOUR. , ,, ' ' , THE CATALINA ALe WILSON (INVENTOR) AL. WILSON TROLLING SPOONS and SPINNERS "'BEST BY TEST" 693 Mission St., San Francisco Your Wants Smoothly Attended To at the ATWATER HOTEL "As Good as the Best, Better Than the Rest" BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor Summer Avenue, Avalon, California Curios and Souvenirs Look for the Sign of The Big Curio Store H. D. MacRae Co. DO YOU PRIZE THAT MAGAZINE OR BOOK? PAGES FROM A CATALINA JOURNAL (The following are extracts from "Pages of a Catalina Journal," which is the title of one of the chapters in a book entitled "Light and Life From Above," published by Solon Lauer in 1896. Interspersed in the matter de- scriptive of Catalina will be found the theories of the author concerning met- aphysical questions.) (Continued from last week). The True Freedom For the past few years I have been as earnest to reduce my possessions as most persons are to increase theirs. I realize that the only contentment lies in freedom from the world's good~. To earn and maintain such an estab- lishment as most men deem necessary would make my life a slavery from which nothing but death could release nle. I cannot tint! my pleasure in the ways of the. world, but in ways exactly the opposite. I am bound outward, away from the things of the earth, while the ships which I have spoken arc all bound toward them. How shall I find company when such is the case ? I would flee unto the wilderness, there to commune with the spirit which made and preserves it, fresh as in the morning of creation. There habits peace, and rest from the turmoil of the world. The ends I would strive for are peace, content, and a life in har- mony with the Divine Laws. I do not care for the applause of the world, I do not care for its good opinion. I care very nmch for the approval of my own conscience, however, anti to get that I have often been obliged to ignore the opinions of my neighbors. To simplify my life until 1 am free to live after my highest intuitions, to make it so pure and cleanly that I may be worthy to entertain thoughts of truth, this is nay highest "ambition. I am not regardless of the effect of my life up- on others, and nothing is further from nay thoughts than a selfish existence .whereof the fruit falls to the ground untasted by other men. But 1 know that my highest usefulness to nay fel; low-men will come from perfect loyal- .ty to my highest perceptions of right and truth. I cannot serve nlan by ig- noring God. My good Genius is con- stantly leading me closer to the divine laws, and showing me their beauty, and charming me to follow thenl. I cannot ignore these divine leadings for any alleged duty to my neighbors. Shall 1 leave gazing at the stars to look on sortie such light which lily neighbors are pleased in ? They will last much longer if they are bound in a neat cover; and that Radio Journal, or record, can be pre- served for future reference. How about that old prayer book or Bible? Does it need a new cover? Let the Islander do it for you. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." We pledge our help! O. W. COLE Painting, Decorating 201 Metropole Avenue Avalon, California Habitation Man is .the only animal that makes a habitation nluch larger than his own body. The nest of the bird fits the bird, the burrow or den of the aninlal has a definite relation to the size of the aninlal. But man seems to think that lie must wall and roof in a quar- ter section of land, before he is hous- ed. Why not have the earth for our house, and donaesticate it not by en- closing it with brick or lumber, but by bringing ourself into vital sympathy with Nature ? The sky is an excellent roof, if you are in love with its blue and its floating clouds, or its clustered stars at night. The earth is my gar- den. The spirit of life is my gardener, who keeps it filled with most beauti- ful trees and flowers and grass. I find a wondrous aquarium in the sea, whose climr, blue waters :ire filled with varied forms of life. The birds and squirrels age my pets, free to go and come when they please. To cage them would rob them of all interest to me. I cannot find pleasure in what causes pain to any creature. Freedom for me must be based on freedom for every creature in any way related to my life. You put me in prison when you cage my pets. You lacerate my heart when you wound or kill them. In my lodge, only seven feet square its wails builded of old weather-beaten boards, its roof of canvas; its fur- niture a bunk and small table built of boards, and a box for a seat; in this humble habitation, I say, which most poor people would refuse to live in, I find the largest freedom and joy;" for my soul has the world itself for a home, and infinite space for elbow room. A house, even the largest, is small and poor, if you live in that on- ly. But a hut, a cave in the rocks, is a mansion, when you expand intel- lectually to the worlds limits. Yes, I have a very large house, for it is as high as the sky, as wide as the world, and furnished with nature's best. And I live alone in my house, and am not troubled with callers. There are many people breathing the same air, tread- ing the same dirt with me; but they do not live in the same world, and are not of nly household. In some rooms of my house I have dear friends, but we do not trespass upon each other. We respect the sacred solitude that should ensphere every human soul. [ find that as my house contracts, my world grows larger. The farther I go from civilization, the nearer I come to nature: and nature is infinite, inviting the soul to expand to her own dimen- sions. "I find even a smaller house would be adequate to nly needs. If I might have the conditions which I would like nay house should be but little larger than my body. It should be merely a sort of great-coat, to be put on in cold or sternly weather. I cannot un- derstand why we should wear a coat so much too large for our needs. I prefer to clothe myself with air and sunshine. I wear the summer sky for a hat, and it is none too large. For a chamber I like a cozy place under a cluster of shrubs, where the night-winds may whisper to me through all nay dreams, and where 1 may see the stars above me in every waking nlonaent. Beautiful Night! How 1 do love thee! And shall I shut thee out of nly house, with thy star- spangled drapery, thy lustrous eyes, thy hair of trailing clouds? Shall I t~.ot rather invite thee as my best be- loved, nay bride, and prepare a holy. chamber for thee, where thou mayst visit me ? Dark-haired one, with nioon-lighted brow and eyes of star- beams, how shall I sing thy praise? I cannot sing of thee, my song is not ~orthy. Let nle love thee, and adore thee, and make myself worthy that thou shouldst visit me. Let nit drape my couch with nothing heavier than the thin night-nfists, and enclose it with only the leaves of the trees, that thou mayst find ready entrance to it, and visit nae in my slumbers, and kiss my brow with thy cool lips, and caress my hair with thy delicate fingers, anti whisper to me thy secrets, kept from the ears of day. And thou,, fair Morning, how shall I be pure enough to look on thee? Thy countenance is rosy with the blush of health. Thou fair Spirit of the east, I would be worthy to look on thy ra- dient form, as thou risest froan thy cloud-draped bed, and standest gazing (Continued on Page 5, Column 2) After Every Meal the eontectlon you cam --and It's a to gestion and a lor the pleasm'~ JONTEEL SOAPI CARRIES THE FRAGRANCg 01~ 23 FLOWERS TO YOUR BATHROOM 25c a CAKE ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Avenue FOR EVERYONE A Brilliantine that REMOVIng: DANDRUFF, Promotes the Growth of Hair, and It stays Combed as you like !t~l ONAOLAMOIOR IIlt[A M Prevents and Relieves Sunburn" Try it and see the difference" Ask your Barber or HairdresSer'" They Know ! J LYLEPENDEGAST Attorney at La 622 Stock Exchange Buildin~ 639 So. SPRING ST.~,,,~1 Los Angeles Phone VAndik~"1 The Catalina Islander will "welt'2.. correspondence on problems of ~ p~5~ chologieal nature. ERNEST WINDLt3 NOTARY PUBLIC Legal Documents Promptly Executed Jal News Stand, 0pp. Boos Bros. Ca fe~.J HUBBARD AUTO SALES GO. AUTHORIZED FORD AND LINCOLN DEALglt5 MOTORS REBUILT And Returned in Three Days CLAUDE WALTON AVALON REPRESENTATIVE /