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November 18, 1937     The Catalina Islander
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November 18, 1937

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NOV. 18, 1937 PAGE NINE INVISIBLE ENEMIES the realistic description of thc condi- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCHES tion. RADIO PROGRAMS W. E. Allen Now and then we get horrified and "Mortals and hnmortals". This was angry because some arlnv is said to Due to chan es oi station schedules the subject of the Lesson-Sermon on hmnaa beings, the most plan the spreading of infectious dis- , . ~_g . . , , Sunday in Christian Science Society infornlation that can be gi'~ .... oecause ot tne lnauguranon otaay-ii~~f~!~i'li!ii@~!i'"~~'"l'e-"c'Tt""r""t"" eases m the land of thmr opponents,. _ . . . . .... . :s the nanle of a hulllan enemy. . ' ngnt saving nine m me r~ast, ractlo- but we pay no attention to these . -c' .... o. one of us is wholly, indifferent to " - cast programs ot nnsuan ~cmnce on methods of spreading disease on most the 8th 18th and"28th of the month kind of informatiou, although of the athletic fields and playgrounds ,.. , : .... , e of us may teel that an enemv of our own count-v It is clouhtfnl if wmcn are given m co-operatmn with civilized community is less in~-any armv could invent more effective t e Vederatlon of Protestant Churches hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son :ant than a dependable friend. Of de'Aces }or spreading disease germs ot Los .~ngeles, are now being broaa- into your hearts, crying, Abba, Fath- :st, eveu the most indifferent of than a filthy sponge mouthed by all cast over KFI (640kc), as follows: er. Wherefore thou art no more a nay show a lively interest in the the players of a team. But, we cannot 9:00 a.m., when these dates fall onservant, but a son; and if a son, then tenet of an enen{y if we are con- see these germs and their menace does Sunday. an heir of God through Christ." :ed that he wdl harm us in some not interest us very much. 7:45 a.m., when these dates fall onA section of the Lesson-Sermon in- ' Our natural urge to self-pres- -~-~-o----~ Monday to Friday, inc. eluded these verses from the Psahns: .hon demands that. "Let thy work appear unto thv serv- CATALINA INSPIRED VERSES 8:15 a.m., second and fourth Satur- ants, and thv glory unto the{r chil- L view of our interest in possible ---- days KFSD, San Diego from human enemies of known By Jane HollinasworthGlddmgs ' . .. " ~, dren. And "let the beauty of the Ltity, it seems strange that all of" (Septeml~er 1937) 2:00 p.m. weekdays; l :o,o p.m., ~un- LORD our God bc upon us: and es- tre indiffcreut to certain recog- I" n" .~' ..... days, KFOX, Long Beach. tablish thou the work of our hands d dangers fronl eneinies of other /2enr, mgh~Tt~"geah~ly litter, 6.45FPa.m.~ ,~.... LdmlSa'nglnC!udmg,,~ ~ ~,~ Sundays. upon us; yea, the work of our hands s. Doubtless it is true that if we In nay ga establish thon it." "One fhing have I ertook to give attention to all I found the flowers all a-twitter The '** ' " " ..... desired of the LORD, that w{ll I seek 'Ces of posslb!e injury, we would Jnst laughingand shoutingin elfin ~viomtor Vmws the News Dauy, danger of worrynlg ourselves to delight: except ~undays after; that 1 mav dwell in the house 11 in addition to losing time and They were watching the sunbeams I1:00 a.m. KVOE, Santa Ana. shoot out the night. 11:15 a.m., KMTR, Hollywood. .'~Yof neededliving, fotstill,theit routineis true busi-that Evening Twilight 12:1{ p.m., KGB, San Diego. L"nes each and every one of us Did you ever watch tile western sky 4:15 p.m., KGER, Long Beach. vs an indifference to the known P!led with clouds flying high.? Daily, except Saturdays and Sundays tenet of hidden enemies which is : , ,-, 2.__ ~ ..... ,___ _, ........ J~Cl vou ever watch the settmc~ sun .4.-3 nm K"FS]-} San l"llocrc~ astonishing. ~tnt ;hese rClOu(!s,hol]ei by" one. _ 9:30 p.m., Mondavs ~Vednesdavs and ~rne of this indifference to condi- y Uor~'ewatc I a nt-pots ot theFridays KDB Santa Barbara~ W Cl ' ' s affecting bodily welfare is plain- Splashing broad bmmers, all unfurled ? .. ~ Monitor CEldren's Prosram Ue to custom. Nothing can illus-Did you ever watch a far-flung sea lu:t~J a.m., ~aturdays, over KNX. this point better than our atti-Reflecting paint tones perfectly. ?--:----o---- Gnever toward the "common cold". Our Thus, while I'm watching, a cahn con- GAME FISH OF CATALINA "The Gnu in Danger of Extinction," ~StOrs, through remote generations, tent . __ . says a headline. Shall this popular lit- regarded "colds" as necessary Envelopes my hill ho:ne in the Occi- Marhn Swordfish (Tetrapturus mltsu tie crossword animal disappear~ Gno, , hazards of existence which must dent. " kurii), gnever!--Los Angeles Chronicle. :ndured. Therefore, we tend to ~ .--'G--L--- Broadbitl Swordfish (Xiphias gladius). ~t the same attitude, although Insistent e, rn investigations have shown For qmck results--Try an Adlet! Dolphin (Corphaenus hippurus). Telegram to Friend: "Washout on .v ' . ~j Black Sea Bass (Stereolepis gigas), line; can't come." USwely that most of the afllnents ..... [ Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus macrop- "Replv: "Borrow a shirt and come tded under that name are caused doFln uaraner ope I terus), anvwav)'--Pearson's. rlfection, i.e., by the carrying of Attorney at Law ] Albacore (Thunnus alalonga). attve germs (our invisible ene-. ..... AVALON~ -- '1Bluenn ..... luna (Thunnus thynnus)" Tailor--Every time I come to col- ). from a victim to his kin and a, ..... A Phone Yello~tail (Serioia dorsalis) ~lates. So firmlyestablished is I ...~.1.... Io.. . [ ' " lect for that suit you say "tomorrow". T cker 3608 Califmnia Bonito (Sarda chiliensis). Phone 628 U " ~ ~ " Painter--Naturahy, I am a futurist." attitude in all ranks attd classes 126 Sumner 607 So HillSt ] \\ hite Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis) Ur people that infected individuals ] ..........................I Ocean t3onito (Gvmnosarda pelarnys). lot hesitate to visit other homes, tl'~erous places of business or ~`~...~...~...~..~.~...~.~..+..~:+...~:.~...~:.~..~.~:.~:~.~..~..~..~..:+:.~.~NNNNNNN~N~N'?a 2atalln.Ho.I ital r human activity. And, they are ~ ..~.. Completely Equipped for Medical ] ~kUrrged to do so by friends t;r kin ~ ...... H.C. FRYMAN, Proprietor .~. Surgical and Obstetrical Service now their condition. ~ Ot~[ ~ W~.rd R.H. WAGENER, Man~r .. X-Ray and Diagnostic L=boratorles ] ~'aybeadnnttedwithutdenying~~ ~'~2 i ' Graduate Registered Nurses I eXiStence of the general tendency i 207 Sumner Ave. Telephone 68 t'inanv- .oersons- .... aDl,arentlv indif- ~ ~ LOS ANGELES | " - are inertly hopeless. They ex- ~,Jl~ 'nfection to spread no :hatter ~ ~' . , ~ , they do, so why try to preveut ] $200 SIXTH AND SPRING STREETS , any particular time ? In addi- I " . UP_ ~1 , -*.~. "~ I they, togeth:'r with others more ~ .. . ~" .* See M a rt i n for ,~tot~v al-~ur~,v ~ ...~ i ~w~''~ "lleed bY the fc'tr that they wiil i :l~euled or comlemned by ac~tuain- :s, or that will lose tinle from or business when it cannot be ~ i! !l' It is 1)rbable als that sme~Infol , i~ ~(~_ ]] 1 "reed pe,,t,le who know the ~ 3 Minutes from Bus Stations [ ".Iris" are'e'xity and varietYinclinedOftotheriskCauseSthe ~ 10 Minutes from R. R. Stations ~- ~(~', ? I ~. of infectiou because thev be- :: --'--"- Fireproof Gara.e in Connection ~ ~ ,x ' )t to be of a harlnless type. ~ Autos Gheeked at the Door. "~,~=:- ts who feel sure that the victim's c[..__ "It is caused bY clnmn gernls ~ 2~ :~:'~ ~ tUously present"in all of our bod- Shopping and Theatre Center lay think care against infection ~Ortant because they believe hint ~.@.'.~.'E~.'~ .@.'.~i~Eq~.~ ~:'.+.'.~:.~:~.~.'~.~.':+.'~ :~.~.'k~ ve become ill on account of ex- on or chilling at a time espe- k tavorable ior injury by the I ~" That is to say, thev consider lSeeptibility to a{tack {he princi- ature instead of the character of Lo~ Angele Daily P,,per .... "~rals" er contact with a victim suffering I , ,,cold,, is no greateror:.ore l" ~ THE CATALINA ISLANDER FOR SALE HERIT I ' Thanks t ur custmers frII ] a[ .t!~an that toward germs of all ~hmh people still show as con- past favors. \~,e will continue Common drinking CUllS'', "corn- All The Well Known Best Brands of lWels" and the like, even in I , , [ I to keep our tailoring and work- I t ~Ylaimi;~g to exist for the promo- lgars and Cigarettes I standard. ~: .health. Probably many thou- I ~ readers were greatly shocked I Your Favorite moking or Chewing Tobacco I :Y by a mapazine article which I-'aud-I)!Sla ~W hundred~s (representative f ~IStory and filthy asl)ect, for aads)lOotball d but of of aplay other encouraged of single or high ((regardlesskindsbasket-ballspongeschool towereuse a single boys of ofnot teaminfect-vener- onlyand oil I' Wil'] Freshest and Rest of CANDIES at All Times dl~ ~ . E. WlNDLE, Prop. N ~'~kl~l~ Stl~ ill I HAll'S. lI~ I ,~'ers) While some of us "nav -- .... r ' surprised at the protest of t~ner that his team would losel JACK SCHOOLFIELD MARINE l ~:k" if the players were supplied I PHONE & ~EnVlCE TO ~EAM~ IdAHINE REPAIRS | s s I Avalon California I "can individual towels and clean L R~P*m Xu~ ~sL~oz~ ,~ , we mav ha,,e been sickened bv