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November 12, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 12, 1924

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LINA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN q 11 !i! ; iii' - - i== ~t EDITORIAL STAFF THE RECOMPENSE . PIONEER DAYS effort it cost him to carry the child !~'iI 1~, "~hsie.f, . Martha Meyer the long way back in the storm. i. ~ ! ?~lehA;I.IRLE!sla'nt Ed[ta~c;ina Renton By Nellie Smith (Third Year I~nglish)theA sternStrangeold lightMiahwaSBentin astheheeyeSlo0kedf ~/Vritten. l~YFreshman\Villiam Class)O" Daly (of the ~|t-I race ,~ TIC REPORTERS "The sunrise is as red as the pose- at the drooping figure of the boy be- re~arthen There was no moon nor stars; the ~--ij.i Edward Fehrop granite seed," said Miah Brcnt, as he fore the fire. A drop of melted snow, ~lJ ~,~i~. tlth GradeREPORTERS - entered the door."There will be a --or was it a tear ?--glistened o11 the night was cloudy and l~hth Q . Georgia Coleman bad storm before snnset." dropped from mv fingers. ! stiffened. cold. My pipe :~|~lllth ~r~de ..... John Fate "The sign has never failed," said his old man's check. Slowly he advanced I heard a rustic of leaves and dry Pr? l tll e.*2'e .... Iona Berning . . Arthur Gelding wife, looking up from her work by the and laid a trembling hand ou the boy's twigs. I stood motionless behind a : /*+~lt+t- Aara(le .... Nellie Smith fireplace. "Callthe children, Jere- shoulder, giant boulder as an arrow sped over /~ "Gd blessed me'" he said' in a shah- naY head and sank in the hard turf rajah;the breakfastwillsoonbe ing voice, "in blessing you." . ready." bank. Hastily I crawled down a steep / WHY WRITE THEMES "l am readv now, mother. Good THE BLOODY DAGGER embankment and, well delft, made | ~hile th ~-" morning, father. You have been to the time in the Ollposite direction. :| ~ris" e study of the uses of gram- church alreadv?" By Arthur Gonhling (Second Year [ was tired and sleepy, so crawled into the first dugout [ came upon. I |~11, it ,.per3.' beneficial and necessary to The voice did not go with either the " English) t ' " ' la(t no expectation of slecpmg, But 111 J t0%,wuld be of no avail if not mt boy's years or his appearance. It was One night I was awakened bv some- sleep soon overtook me, though in a I fitabl:eheal use. Certainly a very pIro- deep, but soft; sweet, but by no means thing. I don't know what it was; butfew moments 1 was aroused with a " USe" . !ajl~ 0r~zsg~x en through readmg a woman's voice. His hair was a massI was never so scared in all my life. start. A clark figure cast a shadow ' | the~, "t Work. However, the art of of sunny curls; his face was not only I sat up in bed and gazed about theover my open cave way. | ~eth~dW.r'tmgoffers us an excellenthandsome, but seemed possessed of aroom. There. on the opposite wall, in | ~1 f m which to acquire and apply spiritual beauty. There his beauty I don't believe he knew I was in. | i~ssit,~rm in English. It is almost is- stopped. His body was wasted and the middle of a patch of moonlight,With a leap I was upon him, and took " | ~Ses ,he to demonstrate the structnral twisted. One arm hung useless at his was a shadow--the shadow of a hand the Indian by surprise. We grappled i ~ever~hr,ugh ordinary conversation, side, and his walk was a jerky shufne,holding a dagger. Drops of blood were and rolled about like two wihtcats. '~ | this ~'ueless, it is necessary to know As he crossed the floor to his moth- dripping from it. I looked again. No doubt he would have killed me but _ | i~telt:UUndation in order to converse er's side a twinge of pain crossed hisWere my eves deceiving me ? No, it for the surprise. He hehl a long knife i }hen'~tgSUtly. The best opportunity father's face. Miah Brent's one great was still there. 1 felt terribly brave above me, but with a speed as swift as | is n,.~" Practice and im rove this art grief was the deformity of his onlyall of a sudden, made a dash for the lightning I grasped his wrist and with "uqO P " door, and opened it just in time to see a sudden jerk snapped it from his ' ! MlthlgUbtfdly offered through theme son. the hand disappear upward. | the : It develops appreciation oflust then, mischevious little Victoria hand. ~ iilveh~rus, descriptive and narra- bounded into the room, and the shad- The next night I lay awake, and I got a full hold, anal slowly but | ~at~ ,,,t not only enables one to culti- ow vanishedfrom~ the old minister's again I saw the shadow on the wall;surely broke his neck. l'hen I lifted -t~ - but this time I heard the noise that him bodily and threw him down the | his0 e Practice o5 these qualities but | sflf..P_rves a great aid in teaching face , , , , , , must have awakened me before. It gully. Then I turned and staggered I ~tpression. Few answered the call of the oht came from the roof. I crept stealthily back to my lair. | ~N" ~ church bell that afternoon, for the first to the back of the house and climbedThe next I knew the sun was beatS J " EIIAL SCIENCE AND ITS USE blizzard of the vear was howling down up on a ladder. What should I see, to lug piteously upon me--and i awoke, the street and swishing around the my great surprise, but my old fat land- only to find myself in Silver Canyon, ~~Y Jean Stall (E~ghth Grade) corners of the cabins. The blinding, lady, uncertainly leaning over the side in the fine Island of Catalina. | to' e Will all ach~;t that if we are able driving snowmade progressalmost of the roof dangling a cord from her hand. She was blissfully unconscious INDIANS EVERYWHERE i ourselves in theimpossible, of being spied upon. I ~e ,--' We must have au education; that * * * * * * I hastily and silently ran down theBy) Max)t atterson (Seventh Grade) ! '"u--st at least know the fundamen- Victoria labored with the stubbornladder, dashed back to my room, seiz- !