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November 12, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 12, 1924

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"Keel) Avalon a Spotless Town." We pledge our help! O. W. COLE Painting, Decorating 201 Metropole Avenue Avalon, California PAGES FROM A CATALINA JOURNAL .-.---..--.. (The following are extracts from "Pages of a Catalina Journal," which is the title of one of the chapters in a book entitled "Light and Life From Above," published by Solon Lauer in 1896. Interspersed in the matter de- scriptive of Catalina will be found the theories of the author concerning met- aphysical questions.) (Continued from last week). Ideal Food August 8. --My simple fare is as consistent with happiness as with health. A table set with fruit and nuts nourishes not only the body but the soul. I eat not merely with the appetite of the flesh, but my sotfl's hunger for beauty is fed as well When rny table is set, it is a fit sub- ject for an artist's brushes; but what artist would choose a rib of beef or a mutton chop as a subject for a pict- ure? A golden muskmellon, fragrant and sweet; a bunch of purple or white grapes; a few peaches and plans; a section of watermelon, with its bril- liant black seeds set like gems in the rich, red tissue; a plate of ripe. red tomatoes, glowing with rich color; such food as this would furnish a sub- ject for a painting, and afterward nourish the hand and brain that wield- ed the brushes. Who could write a poem to a piece of pie? or an ode to a beefsteak ? or compo~e an oration on the qualities of boiled ham ? Faugh! But fruit and nuts tempt the very muses, and inspire the mind with fancies as delicate and beautiful as their own nature. Poetry may well be composed on such a diet. Who could fail to write beautiful after having dined on distilled dewdrops, crystal- lized sunbeants, perfumed airs, tints of morning and evening? We are told that fruits and nuts will not furnish the body suWacient nu- triment, and that meats and coarse vegetables must be added. I would not decide this question for another, but it seems to me that what is purest and best in nte is well nourished by fruits and nuts. If there is a beast in me craving flesh, I prefer to let him starve. He cannot die too soon for the good of my higher nature. To speak more distinctly, I believe that our diet is chiefly an indication of our constitution, and our habits of life and thought." If I can live purely enough, dwelling in the highest realm of my being, I believe that the daintiest and purest foods will satisfy my needs. But if I live coarsely, I must eat coar- sely. The beast in me eats only when he is active. If I can put him to sleep, he will not growl for his meat. When my intellectual and spiritual faculties are most active my diet is the purest. I think that when the body is sufficiently dominated by the higher faculties, so that even manual labor is an intellectual and spiritual exercise, a diet of fruits and nuts will be adequate to the needs of the hard- est manual worker. At present, man- ual workers seelu to need a coarser diet; but this may be due to the fact that the digestive apparatus has de- generated so far as to be unable to extract sufficient nutriment from its natural food. Our bodies have been so miseducated by generation after generation of false habits, that thei: present demands and apparent needs are no criterion of their possibilities, I do not advocate a refornl by arbi- trary methods. I do not believe that character is determined by diet, but diet by character. I wish to reform the man, and then let hint reform his diet. When higher ideals have taken possession of the mind, when the soul loves purity so ntuch that impurity and uncleanness in food have become offensive, then a reform is instituted which will be lasting. But to eat from prescription, to weigh and analyze one's food, to feed by rule, I would not sanction. Do not imagine that I care what you eat, so long as you, the eater, are the same. You convert all food into yourself. If you are impure, you will extract impurity from the fairest fruits, as the bee extracts its poison from the flowers. If you are sensual, all food will nourish your sen- suality. If you are pure enough, you may eat pork, and not become swin- ish; but I think you will have to eat with your eyes closed and your con- science asleep. I speak of the quali- ties of food merely that you may know that there is a food as pure as your highest aspiration; a food on which your soul's best faculties may feed. By turning your thought to the subject you are benefited, whatever food you eat; for you become purer by communion with Purity. The Life of Peace AugUst 9. Today I am on a beach about two miles from Avalon. The sea is cahn, scarcely a ripple distdrb- ing the smoothness of its surface. The glorious sunshine pours over all, fill- ing the whole earth with splendor. Great masses of clouds hang in the eastern horizon, tinted to a rosy hue, betokening a hot day on the mainland. Two large yatfhts are drifting by, their sails scarce filled by the lazy breeze. Row-boats with merry crews glide along, ravens are sailing overhead, croaking hoarsely, and occasionally I see a flock of gulls in graceful flight, making a sort. of squeaking- noise, as if the hinges of their wings were in need of oil. The tide is coming in, and rushes purling among the rocks, ad- vancing with each wave a little fur- ther on the shore. Altogether it is such a day as should restore the hu- man soul to its universal relations, and bring it into harmony with the Divine. All-Perfect Life. Tile spirit of Peace, which broods over the sea and over the golden hills, possesses me utterly, and fills me with celestial joy. I dis- miss the perplexities of the world, the desire for earthly riches, and am made rich in the soul's treasure, which moth or rust do not corrupt nor thieves break through and steal. It seems to me that human life should be attuned to this sweet harmony which sounds in the purling music of the waves. Why should we worry and fret, and heat our blood with care? ls not life a holiday, and happiness its end? For what else was this beauti- ful world created, with its lakes and rivers, its seas and islands ? I would be as happy and free as the sea birds which sail over the blue waters and habit among the rocks. Why should 1 fret nay soul with self-imposed tasks, the only reward of which is the plaud- its of my neighbors ? Give me simple food, a shelter from inclement weath- er, and clothing to cover my body, and what else do I need for happiness ? I have learned that peace and happiness increase as nty worldly possessions de- crease. I would be tree to follow the soul's leadings, for that way lies the divinest and most happy life. To be at peace with the world, to commune with Truth and Beauty, to breathe the divinest air, this is the soul's native (Continued on Page .5, Column 2) THE CATALINA ISLANI)# i s..z it, Pt. 7 CARRIES THE FRAGRANCE OF 23 FLOWERS TO YOUR BATHROOM 25c a CAKE f ISLAND PHARMACY cO. 417 Crescent Avenue FOR EVERYONE 5 A Brilliantine that REMOVE DANDRUFF, Promotes the Growth of Hair, and It stays Combed as you like it- [ ONAOI:A MOTOR ISEAJl Prevents and Relieves SunbOrn" [ Try it and see the differenCq" [ Ask your Barber or Hairdr~' I They Know I LYLE PENDEGAST Attorney at LaW 622 Stock Exchange Building 639 So. ST. SPRING Los Angeles Phone VAndike ~ The Catalina Islander will welC~e. correspondence on problems of a ps7 ehological nature. - ERNEST WINDLI NOTARY PUBLIC; Lenel Documente Promptly Executed News Stand, Opp. Boos Bros. Cafele~,J AUTHORIZED FORD AND LINCOLN DEALI~g~ MOTORS REBUILT And Returned in Three DaY' CLAUDE WALTON AVALON REPRESENTATIVtr .~