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November 5, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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November 5, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER Ii' IAL AND PERSONAL and Mrs. W. Edmunds of were week end guests at the St, Catherine. and Mrs. Charles Cliff, of 28 esSaavenue, returned Sunday from business trip to Los Angeles. Al Imelli of Los Angeles was an Island visitor Sunday. W. D. Rose, who is employed at the Black Jack mine, spent Sunday with his family in Avalon. Air. and Mrs. C. W. Carver and family, who have been vacationing on CELEBRATING---TWO-IN-ONE One of the most charming dinners given recently was one given by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Craig, celebrating their birthdays, which come one day apart. Their guests were Dr. Emma M. Car- son and Victor Malcuit. One of the outstanding memories of the occasion 'atyr. and Mrs. Crawford of Tremont the mainland, returned home Sunday. was the reading of the impressive .... verses accompaning the gifts presented ,~ee.t are spending a few weeks with Mrs. B. O. Kendall of Pasadena is to each other, a copy of which follows: "~tatwes and friends on the mainland, occupying her cottage on Sumner av- Jta "~ enue for a few days. TO HER~ May the joy and happiness, ,.C. Spence, auditor of the Santa -- This day brings ~ll-ana Island Company, of the Wil- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Glidden return- Health and wealth and All good things f0rgtn office, was an Island visitor ed home Sunday after.spending sever- Be yours, my wHa ~eVeral days last week. al days on the mainland. On many a birthday With the love of me on PAGE SEVEN GITCHE GUMEE CAMP FIRE The Camp Fire meeting was held Thursday evening on account of the girls having dates with the spooks and gobblins. They practiced pieces to be played in the Gitche Gumee Kitchen Band, and are learning the tunes and har- mony to the pieces. Gordon Stone played the piano for the girls during the evening. Mr. Ogden, the leader, is on his vacation, so he did not make his appearance. BLUE BIRDS Last Saturday the Blue Bird group held their regular meeting at the home -- Avalon bay. of their leader, IVliss Myrtle Gibson. l"liisSThursday,Dra Fern left for the main- Cy Crowton, Sr., who has been in TO HIM~-- The girls started their baskets, some ~h~r~ where she will spend Arizona, Los Angeles and other Calf- You were a gay boy, forty and free e . . Fall for a woman? nay, nay. of them showed real skill in the work, d_ months visiting friends in Pasa- fornia towns for a few weeks,came "Once but not twice" had you solemnly sworn ~na a,a o - Nine girls were present. Next Sat- ", oan Francisco. over to vote last Tuesday. And kept it for many a day. I was free too, hut for serious work urday afternoon the girls will continue k[r and Man-hater my earned reputation ~'._ ' Mrs. Ralston and Mrs. Pat Brown, who has been residing Two hates make one love their basket work. They will meet at Somebody has said a~:~Ces Matthews, of Long Beach; with his son on the mainland for sty- 'Tis truly a wise dispensation. 336" Whittley avenue. ~erttly.several days on the Island re- eral months, was an Island visitor last But--Fate--How she did we now plainly see, "-----'--- --'----- They were domiciled in the week. Pat says that he came over to Decreed we two Scots be united "Can you change human nature?" is a~Ullso r cottage on Descanso avenue, vote for Coolidge. Since one birthday dinner the question to be discussed by Rev, Would do for us both LaRue C. Watson in his sermon at the ~r and " What a saving is thereby invited. el,,,.' Mrs. Ben Ogden, popular Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McMinn return- Through weal and through woe Community (Congregational) church at 8a~sat the Hoover Market, left last ed home last Friday after spending We have traveled along, 10:30 a. m. next Sunday. As it will be Thus far, and the future the Sunday preceding Armistice Day, the -uay for a two weeks vacation on several weeks on the. mainland. It is Seems bright, ~h raainland Ben is the manager of rumored that John bought a flivver We still like each other the service at 7:00 p. m. will be direct- " Which makes us believe . new Store in the Atwater Hotel while on the mainland. That life's little jokes ly related to the event commemorated Ullding Are all right, by that day. Those who are or have Hey and Miss Hadfield are restmfing ttl r .and Mrs. Chester Beagles re- their employment at the Hotel At- 31,,ed to the Island Friday October ~t, , water. y,. aher a month's vacation. The yUng people motored as far as Ore- ~, Mrs. E. L. Long, Sr., of Chicago, is taking in all points of interest. visiting her son, Everett L. Long, Jr., ~I-fie on one of their jaunts they met and wife, of Descanso avenue, for the i nd Mrs. Fred Ashbridge and the winter. This is Airs. Long's first visit I~ r Spent several days at the famous to Catalina, and she told our reporter ~eaver ranch. Mr. Beagles is the that for more than a vear she had I;-~|!'kaown bookkee er for the Cata been an interested reader of the Is- -,.a ~ P , - hi ~tardware Company known to lander, and that as soon as she arrived "fT" ,, rends as "Chet. here she felt "quite at honte." been in any branch of the military or ~o Mr, Robinson has returned to his "KID" HALOWE'EN PARTY naval service of the United States or rd comes from Mr. and Mrs. L. home in Santa Ana after a pleasant ~. ~e-treeter, who are in Chicago, that visit here with his son, Bevier Robin- Last Friday evening the Misses its allies will be considered as special I~y Y. eXPect to arrive in Los Angeles son, who is a teacher in the AvalonMary and Myrtle Gibson and Harland.guests of honor. rathe middle of November. It is ru- high school. Gould held a Hallowe'en party at the ~[ed that they are going to make ~ home of the latter. The guests cameTry Lucky Tiger Hair Remedy now, ~lr future home in California. Harbormaster W. H. Mulcahy and dressed as they did in their childhood. It stops that miserable itching and family have returned from an enjoy-Many games were played and prizes corrects all scalp disorders. A single %~ bottle will convince. At your barbers rs. F. H. Ott, who has been serf- able trip to San Francisco and other awarded.Besides games there was or druggist, under money back guar- aev~ 1.11 at a Long Beach hospital for California towns. Mac says he met adancing. ral Weeks, has sufficiently recover- good many ex-Islanders on the trip. Miss Elizabeth MacLean was award-antee.--Advt. ~u to return to her home in Avalon, ed the booby prize. She was dressed STATEM~NERSHIP, u~t ~s not yet strong enough to re- Ralph M. Heywood, the popular dryas Topsy. MANAGEMENT, ETC. "~tve visitors, goods merchant, made a business trip The house was decorated in orange to Los Angeles the first of the week. and black, with cats, witches, owls as required by the act of August 24, 1912, of the Catalina Islander, pub- o..?erge Greene has returned from anIt is suspected that he was also in-and pumpkins. After refreshments lished weekly at Avalon California, for ~i~~eifeast The first terested in the auto show, were served the happy party left to October l, 1924. serenade their teachers. Publisher, Ernest Windle, Avalon, Dave Roberts, who has been in the The guests present were: Misses California; editor, Ernest Windle, Av- alon, California; business manager, employ of the Avalon Transfer Corn-Nellie Smith, Elizabeth MacLean, Mar- Chas. H. Smith, Avalon California; pany for several years, left for the tha Meyers, Iona and Betty Berning,owner, Ernest Windle, Avalon Calf, mainland Saturday to spend the win-Louise Newberry, Helen McKelvey, fornia. th~en~eral Manager D. M. Renton, of 'ter. Catherine McKay, Grace Tregarthen securityN bondholders,holders, mortgagees or other and Messrs. Malcohn Renton, Fred Signed, Ernest Windle. left fanta Catalina Island Company, Miss Jean Stewart, who is attendingMcKelvey, Arthur Goulding, John Sworn to and subscribed before me ~h::r Chicago and the east Tuesday. klr"~viln Chicago Mr. Renton will visit a boarding school in Los Angeles, Shields, William Daily, William Gib- this 4th day of November, 1924. t ' illiam Wrigley lr 'Mr Renton spent the week-end here with her too- son, Charles Cliff, John Fate, Edward Ethel D. Kilgom'. " ,as b ..... " " ther, Mrs. S. C. Stewart, who is win- Feltrop and George Minney. (Seal) City Clerk, City of Avalon, Cal. Icy een commissioned by Mr. Wrig- the tA build the new baseball park for tering at the St. Catherine Hotel. Miss Jean thinks it would be pretty nice Miss Mary Conrad, 215 Sumner av- vb' ngels at Los Angeles, and will 1~_ Several of the larger baseballto attend the Avalon high school, enue, gave a delightful Hallowe'en THE ISLANDER ADLETS party last Friday evening. Dainty re- ADLET RATES--Ten cents per lint ~le~s, including the Polo Grounds at Frank Burgess, wife and family leftfreshments were ser~'ed. Games were per issue. Minimum charge, 25 eta. York. the boat Monday. They report a fineplayed, and among the games was ~ayor a ~ ' time shopping, especially Frank, who"Grab the apple." The winner of the For Rent--Furnished,-- sunny, cozy, ~- na Mrs. P. V. Reyes 'sus- is known as the best schoffer a news- latter game being her teacher, Misssix-room cottage, with sun parlor, with piano, sewing machine, linens. For paper ever had, is back on the job for Maude Tittlebach, who took the largest adults. 327 Sumner avenue 43p another year. You will get your pa-bite front the apple. Those present per now! were Alice t3arbosa, Ruth Edmundson, For SMe----Home Phonograph, chick- Margy Duly, Kathelene Valley, Mar- ens, rabbits and goats. Mrs. Carl Stephen Hey and family have re- gnrite Bradly, Vivian Harris, ElsieJohnson, Falls Canyon~ . 43-2p turned from a short stay in Holly- Clarke, Florence and Marion Johnson, Announcement--Benjamin Leffluran* wood, where they went to look afterLucile and Allemay Cress, Katbelenenounces that he will visit Avalon but some property interests and other bus- and Irene Hoover, Isabell and Dorothy once a month in winter. My next visit iness. Mrs. Hey's sister, Miss Annie Scott, MaudeTittlebach and her cousin willa stockbe Onof dresses,the firStskirtsOf December,and furs withthat Hadfield, was also with the1~ Mrs. Miss Beckerly; Agnes Conrad and thewill be appropriate for Christmas giftS. hostess. See announcement later. MacRae ho- Mr. William Lefavor is visiting So- bobo Hot Springs for a few days. The stork recently visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rabe at 227 Descanso avenue, and left them a fine baby girl. George is very proud of his new daughter. "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are on sale at Windle's News Stand. tel, Wait for your gifts till you see mei Money Wantod--$2.00 for six months --$500 for 12 months, 7 percent real estate security. Franklin, P. O. g 1453, Avalon Cal. 42-3 Wanted--Good lot on Marrilla ave. preferred. Might consider house and lot block from beach, ~rom :oWner only; 2616 Manitou ave., Los Angeles. 42-4 Hou,~:leaning~-By the day or hour, Mrs. Van Dusen. Box 1205. 41tf