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November 4, 1937     The Catalina Islander
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November 4, 1937

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PAGE TWELVE THE CATALINA ISLA NEW SLANT ON DISCOVERY I OF AMERICA BY COLUMBUS Refined_ _ ~fll" ]i 3h dern commentators, in calling at- ,. ~ tention to October 12 as the 445th an- 1 niversary of Cdumbus!s landing in the ii iBahanla archit'elag' say that if it had not been for Jews and Jewish in- A Little Publicity "'11 tlle fluenee, the great explorer might At a village concert at wlatc . i never have set sail. Thev also con- local blacksmith was chairman, oiff tend, and historical recor'ds seem to ca st was loudly encored after~ agree with them, that Columbus was ing "The Village Blacksmith..~ t~c of Italian-Jewish blood, that King ~2ks he was about to respond t~,td: "~ g. Ferdinand was the grandson of a encore, the chamnan whl P i~ ~ Jew, and that one Luis de Santangel,"When you sing that again, pt~ ?/ a Jew, and a sort of one-man financeverse about me mending bieY" ROOM HEATIB company, provided tile 1,140,000 mara- Montreal Star. .~. ~Q.llty :" vedis (about $11,000), through Queen ~P Isabella's influence for Columbus' ex- Saving Time , do 1 ~ ~i~ ~C~I ~11'- II "~ i plratin trip' The father stormed up ana~ During 1491 and 1492 there was a the room before the young ~a_~,~t~ ~-I~I~I~ .~ wholesale expulsion of Jews from "What !" he shouted. "You hav,,{o, t ' ~ ; ~ Spain. Sautangers purpose in helpingnerve to come to mv office to as~,~e~ i Columbus, it is now believed, lay in my daughter's hand) I might assail ~EROSENE room heaters made by Per- some five million people in the past, Is .~ the hope the explorer might find sometell you that van could have 1'~ fecfion StOVe Company have been built into a new line of beautifvl banters .~ new haven for Jewish refugees, yourself the journey." ,.it0r known for more than a generation as the in modern design. ~ Searching records to find what hap- "Well, that's all right," the '~es~, dependable convenient healers to A variety of new color combinations and ~ pened between Columbus's arrival and said, brightly, "I had anotlae~tail~g. the founding of Los Angeles in 1781--sage to deliver in the same 19u~'~ bring comfort on those between season , . " . finishes, including the modern 'Firelight' .'~ a period of 289 years--the Federal --Peai'son's. chilly days when the regular heat,ng ~." model with Pyrex brand glass globe--the ~ Writers' Project, WPA, ran across a ~." equipment ls wasteful--or to warm up far .......... , ~ "~ new historical angle The almost bankrupt brok ~. co .... sa, thehoussinrqmllycddweathar, str~rZ'te:Vo;7'~ ;hV~mM;:erL:'H~St;;7bry ~ "Isabella did not pawn her jewels, eating his meager meal--the c' Now the same clualitiesthathavesati~ed PorfKtion. ~i to raise cash for Columbus' voyage,"the seedy restaurant afforded Hugh Harlan, Sugervisor for the writ- he noticed that the waiter i ~ i ers, says. "Santangel, according to erstwhile colleague on the tile records, voluntarily advanced the "Great heavens GeorgeI" he e Moorish money, and Isabella, in a ed, "has it come to this?" generous gesture, assured him her gave his one-time pal a frosty crown hohtings would back up the "I wait here, Bill," was the re: i C ~ loan." There is no record, however, l ejoinder; "I don't lunch here. that tile SUill was ever repaid. It is ~ obvious why Ferdinand was in sympa- Road maps tell a motorist atallna Hardware Co. thy with the proposed voyage. An in- thing hewantstoknowexcept terpreter, two surgeons and a kinsman fold them up again. Phone 400 " ~ of Santaugel were on the Santa Ma- ria. Co t:nbu: can c I rice t il~ir~..U:..: .:.:.: ~~ quadrant were make a better rid. Columbus's map and his sea rAinybody can cut prices, bul qua ant were furnishedby Jewish b a" s to ma':e better friends. Philip D. Armour. i ] day ' w 'at----- --- Phone Richmond 6171 Private Ambulance thought to be the direction of India,Now occurs a strange per! OVERHOLTZER ! the three-ship fleet landed at what IVY He' llg. lence in California history. later was called Sah, ador or Saviormost two centuries nothing FUNERAL D IRECITOR Island. In 1497 the English Cabots ed about it. Ahnost 165 yea ~ ~ ~ set out for the North Atlantic coast, before Gaspar de Portola sl That also was the year the Spanish Lady Attendant Los Angeles, California Crown decreed that all lands fotTnd andhere marchedm 1769. Henorthward.landed atAu ~ by Columbus were to be used partly he camped on the river near 27; .... .'" : .'" "~~.~a as penal settlements for political and tion of the old Downey St religious prisoners. This again | strengthens thehaven-for-Jews tile-now known as the i pr i COURTESY MONTH| bridge. He called the river dry. Santangel seems to have had a region thereabouts "Po:ciun~ hand in this matter for by this time cause the eve of August 2 ~ he had been made the Crown's royalyear is the tay Roulan Cath at The Tailored Lady Shop ~ treasurer, with no little authority, ebrate the Indulgence of the In 1498, Vasco da Gama reached India by sea route. Ponce de Leon Francis by Pope Sixtus in 1 During the month of November Santa Catalina Island residents will .~ cula, a dispensation grante landed in Florida in 1513. Cortes con- part of the 1200's, following receive a discount on all purchases, i quered Mexico in 1519-1522, and 10 visitation to Francis in the This week Special Items are "~I years later Pizarro subjugated the In- cula chapel of Our Lady of, i M.,an,.. 1. 5 R., Pantles39c ~ casOfPeru'OnOctOberT'1542'ea-gels'abOutthree-quartersO! .... brillo, the Portuguese navigator dis- from Assist, Italy, his birthP1 arts0,, o,lvS .a# covered Catalina Island which he, too, body is entombed in the and J2"'" : /': called San Salvador. rice. i Crescent and Metropole Avenues, in Boos Bros. Building i Next day, as he sailed north, he Twelve years after de For . .. .. ....~.~~ .-....: ... .. :.-~ halted long enough in the outside wa- plored this region, Felipe o founded the mission church ters of San Pedro Bay to notice some .:/': : "" : ..... :" . "tH~ltlli~tl~ . "'" ""% "" ~.. smoke on shore, which caused him to M A ~.---~ CA RDS ~ name it in his log "Bay of Smoke". He passed by Santa Monied Bay without noticing it. I,ater he died on | with Your Photograph on Them one of the" bleak islands off Santa Barbara. Thirty-two years later, Sir 1 ,_.g . ecla! o ~ ~ Francis Drake sailed over the same i ~ course but he left little record of his Dn1.inl| Noven be1. and Deeen be1. ~ voyage. One portrait hand colored free with each half dozen orderg Twenty-eight years later Viscaino I came to these shores. He renamed Geniqs Ph Shot W~ 1 ..... San Sa radar, Santa Catalina, after ate the patron saint of old maids and early Christian i~hilosophers, and dro. after Peter, Bishop of Alexan- ~;~ dria, martyred in the third century. 1o on the Porciuncula River. Junipero Serra always re Pueglo as "his little No record shows that de nitely named it "Los at best is a senseless contrac' The name is the outgrowt little mission which at first an outpost of the mother San Gabriel. Illiterate tives) found it easier to say geles than Porciuncula. In outpost took its name church and not the river. even the river lost its name, falli.n~z under the spell of the astic nomenclature. For th; Men-- N ). new l jfle of fan%, shirts in stripes or-cheeks, p}iced at $1.50 with Gray- ct,s, Arrows, or Van Huesans in white at $2.00 and $2.50. Gravco ties in striking fall patterns at $1.00 and 2 for $1.00 at DS O For the ladies-- new shades in Phoenix hose at 89c and $1.00. Rainy day capes {if rt bber died silk, 79c to $2.95. House sliP" pers in several styles are priced fror0 3% to $2.50. You1. Friendly Sto1.e Fo1. Yeam.--On Sumner Ave.--Act.ore. The