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October 29, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 29, 1924

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PAGE TEN ' ' ' " FHE CATALINA M,h, RY WILLIAMS CLUB The Sa!~ta Catalina ENTERTAINS NEW TEACHERS ~ for the weight of the water was tooare considering the ------- great, building a new concrete Thursday afternoon the Mary Willi- There he lies to this day with his south corner of Catalina and ares Club Jhet at Foresters Inn hall. wrinkled sides and his horny hack avenues, opposite the buildin ~Irs. Charles Jacob Dash presided exposed to the sun, and his stony face cupied by the bank. over the meeting. After a short bust- looking southward and to the east, ness session a fine program was given, where crones the mist that savors of T~R .~k.. Mrs. lohn D. MacLean in a delightful the sea. And as he lay there tile sun parched his skin nntil it wrinkled into manner read two poems. Mrs. Fran- great crevices and his horned back ees Wallace read a poem by James became more ragged than ever, and Whitcomb Riley and responded to an his horns, pointing toward the sky, ~"t.~E,,'n,~.,,,~ encore, both poems were much en- stand forever as a monument to Maul- joyed, tou and iris might. There he is today, lying with hls Mrs. R. Heywood and Mrs. \Villiams ~llllllllllHiiir~ face toward the sea and his tail rendered a vocal duet. The ladies were then invited to the banquet room, THE LEGEND OF toward the i,eak that leq.ds the way which was effectively decorated in CHEYENNE to heaven, just as he fell and died'~at yellow chrysanthenmms. Delicious re- freshments were served by the follow- ing ladies, Mrs. John Fate, Mrs. John Ednmndson and Mrs. Clarence Bun- helle. The public school teachers of Ava- lon Were the guests of honor. A de- lightful afternoon was enjoyed by all present. Manager Peter Lubetich of the Strand Theatre, who has been adver- rising for a piano player for sometime, has installed an electric piano, and it plays better than most player-pianos, said Pete last night. IT SO haPl)ened that among the Chosen People there lived one tram find one wolnan who relnaine(l true to the Manitou, and Who were given warning of the punishment that was to come upon the evil spirits who dwelt in the valley of the holy moan- tain. And so this man and this woman, warm in the Manitou's smile, built a canoe from tile stalk of the maize, which in those days grew to great size and thickness. When the storms came and the floods and the winds swept the earth. they floated for many days In this canoe; and with them on other stalks floated beasts and fowls. Finally, the Manitou's command. When the Cimren People reburned again and saw the wonder that the Manitou had wrought, they called it Cheyenne, and the mountain they called Cheyenne monntain, for it was of. tremendous size and resembled the rocks and the earth. Those who do not believe can go :~.-~.i z:'e, for there the dragon lies to this day with his face toward the sea 'rod his tail toward the great peak, and the txvo horrLs of his head stretch- ing clear above the body and into the air, llke the horns of some evil spirit. Scatter Apple Seeds. From Maine to California you can \Vednesday Evening, October Wesley Barry in "THE PRINTER'S Wes. of the ;rcckles and smil nicr thau fun; more exciting citement. Also Sunshine "THE DIVING FOOL" STRAN Thursday Evening, Octobq Rod LaRocque and Estelle "PHANTOM Startling expose of the big the crimewave at present the country! " Tensely man, thrilling--it will keep your tiptoes with excitemen fail to see it! Also Peerless FELIX IN "A FRIEND IN The Catalina Islander every week, when the floods subsided and the see where forests once grew how these STRAt ti[ty,two times during the year, is winds ceased and the rains no longer forests have been destroyed. Mighty Friday Evening, October" 3t' boosting Catalina Island. The results fell, they floated to the summit of the stumps and san:ddering trunks still at- A brilliant cast includnig Est of this continuous publicity are of ma- mountains, and there their canoe test to the magnificence of the trees lor, Pauline Garon and that are gone. Whole tracts of court- rested. When they had rested, they ate freely of the wrinkled kernels of the yellow maize and then they prayed the Manitou for their deliverance from the waters and the storm. When the Manitou looked down from heaven and saw this man and terial benefit to every merchant, busi- ness and professional man, as well as every worker, residing in Avalon. Mr. Business Man, how many weeks dur- ing the year do you return the comp- llment ? try are barren, where these forests were destroyed, and nothing put in their place so that the rain and the winter frost broke and washed away the very soil, and rocks and desert lie where once splendid trees stood in "their noble beauty. If the men who ard in "FORGIVE AND The wife danced and the hU paid the piper, but it led to a happiucss than they had ever Also Century Comedy "SAHARA BLUES" LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE OCTOBER this woman, and the beasts and the killed them root and branch had had STRAND , Th 30 ......... 3 41 10 12 5:00 11:36 fowls, he became sad, and his heart something of Johnny Appleseed in Saturday Evening, November 1.5 '6.9 -----0.6 4.6 Virginia Valli and Percy MarrnO 1~ 31.......... 4:22 I0:56 S:57 .......... was filled with plly for those who fled their hearts, they would have used 2.0 6.7 --0.4 .......... the sea and reached the holy moan- these forests wisely and with love, and "K-THE UNKNOWN" NOVEMBER taln. So he loosed the dragon thirst, today trees would stand where treesBased on the novel by Mary R0 S 1 ......... 12:44 5:12 11:48 7:05 4.3 2.4 6.3 --0.1 a monstrous I)t,a~t, which phmged stood, and the wounded land be Rinehart. Pree-release ahead oJ Su 2...... 2:08 6:20 12:s6 8:23 into the tide of waters and drank and whole. * * * Angeles. A heart appealing stO~ " 4.1 2.s .;.8 0.2 1~ 4.......... 3:38 8:12 2:21 9:41 drank nntil tile earth was dr5" to walk Carry with you as you go on through the most absorbing type--a love beyond compare. Also Rogers t.t,, 4.2 3.0 s.3 9.3 upon, and only the rivers and the life a pocketful of apple seeds, or , K" Tu 4 .......... 4:50 10:09 4:01 10:46 lakes were left as before the floods their equkvalent. Perhaps you will 'THE COWBOY SHEi 4.6 2.7 5.1 0.3 ---~--~----S T R A N D~ W 5 .......... 5:4l 11:25 5:12 11:3s came. And beyond the valley even not see the fruit of the tree you 5.1 2.l5.1 0.4 these were dried up and the land wasplanted, bnt fruit there will be. What Sunday Evening November Tides are placed in order of oecurence. Comparison will show high and low. as a desert and the grass was brownyou do for America will be done forThe screen version of David t3el'~ Light figures a. m., black figures p.m. and dry and only the cactus and theher, not for yourselves. Yet the doing stage success sage thrived, will wonderfully enrich your own lives, THE WARRENS of vIRGI When the Manitou sqw the earth for such is the law.--tlihlegarde Haw- With an all-s'tar cast. A pict0J rapidly drying up he became afraid thorne, in St. Nicholas. which made history sixty yearS a and bade the dragon cease, lest n,t --~-~ Also Joe Rock in a drop of water be left. And then he Rocked Husband to Sleep. "IT'S A BEAR" .~ commanded the dragon to arise and "Where are you going to In such a and INTERNATIONAL NI~W~ return to Iris cave in the dark recesses hurry?" STRAND--~-~--/4 of heaven. "To the police station to get a war- Monday Evening, November. But when the dragon tried to arise rant for my wife's "~rrest." House Peters and Aileen Prirtg~I/.~' in answer to the Manitou's command,"On what charge?" he was too full, and as he attempted "Rocking me to sleep." 'DON'T MARRY FOR to get to his feet he fell forward on"Yt~u can't have 3"our wife arrested He wanted her to marry for m~eYl~" his face, a crushed and shapeless for rocking you to sleep." so she di4 her own choosing-~se~ mass. And he was unable to rise and "Can't I? You should see the reck." successful sbe was Also BabY go on, and so the gree0y monster died. --London Tlt-Blts. -"PEG O' THE MOUNTI~D" ~ : ,, STRAND~ ....... ..... ....... Tuesday Evening, Nvember 4"~gtm~ ! Discrim:nating people Bla An antazing plot written by a "WO always get the best The Catalina Islander Subscription nk solver of real criminal mysterieS, " values for their money J. 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