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October 29, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 29, 1924

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PAGET we garr of the "There is a destiny that makes us broth- rs; none goes his way alone. All we send into the lives Of othors comes back into our own."--Edwin Markham. (Sunshine Psychology Service) The firefly is a brilliant bug But they say he's got no mind Because he struggles through existance With his headlight on behind. The question is: Do you make of your own mental processes a circus tent or a place to store images of everything you have seen; or do you use the process to bring happiness and contentmentto yourself and those about you ? Shakespeare said: "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Professor George M. Stratton of the University of California in his book "Developing Mental Power" said: "The effect of emotion upon judgment is notorious; according as we like or dislike a person, will his acts be dif- ferently interpreted; according as we are elated or depressed will a task seem easily within or quite beyond our powers ..... Strange to say, emotion even works backward, increas- ing or diminishing our power to rec- ollect what occured before, as well as during the emotion itself. A know- ledge of these interconnections makes for tolerance ..... Emotions never know their place; they wander and make strange transfers and associa- tions. They appear in unexpected places." Never throw mud. You may miss your mark, but you must have dirty hands.--Joseph Parker. POOR ECONOMY Many a man, for love of self, To stuff his coffers starves himself; Labors, accumulates, and spares, To lay up ruin for his heirs; Grudges the poor their scanty dole, Saves everything except his soul! "Four things greater than all things are, Women and horses,' power and War." --Mercury. Typographical Where's Happiness? That city fair I sought in vain to find. A friend located it for me: It's in the State of Mind. Watchful Waiting "Waiting for an opportunity," says the Silent Partner, "is like fishing for a four-pound lake trout without a hook on the end of your line." Again, on the subject of Opportunity : "Give some men a dozen years right in the most fertile valley on the American conti- nent and they will Come out" of this garden spot of Opportunity with two sprays of poison ivy and a handful of worthless weeds." VINCO HERB TABLETS 25 CENTS For Sour, acid-stomach and indigestion. A vegetable bowel stimulator. AVALON DRUG CO. 405 Crescent Avenue THE MOSQUITO-FISH (Gambusia Afllnis) By David Start Jordan A good many little fishes will devour mosquito-larva, or "wrigglers," when- ever they find them, but most of them prefer to live in clear waters, while mosquitoes lay their eggs only in wat- er which is stagnant. There is, how- ever, one little top-minnow willing to meet mosquitoes on their own ground, as it were, devouring them with such great enthusiasm that it is appropria- tely called the Mosquito-fish. These little creatures reach a length of two and one-half inches, the males being smaller and relatively scarce. It is nearly plain greenish in color, with large scales, a flattish head and small mouth. The top of the head usually shows a small silvery spot or streak. Several different species are known, swarming in every small pond, slug- gish brook or gutter in the lowlands from southern Virginia to southern Illinois and to the warmer parts of Mexico. The name Gambusia is a modification of the Spanish Gambusino, which expresses the most triffiing sort of fish. When an angler catches nothing at all, he is said in Cuba to be "fishing for Gambusinos." In the southern lowlands where lit- tle top-minows, killifishes and gambus- inos swarm, there are several much smaller than Gambusia, some barely an inch long, and generally very brightly colored. As this whole tribe are very hardy they are becoming more and more valued as aquarium fish, being much more lively and interesting than the conventional gold fish. The Gam- busia and several of the others are especially interesting, as their eggs are hatched internally, and the young are born alive, six or eight to the brood as a rule, each little one within a couple of days ready to go after mos- quitoes. Some twenty years ago Hawaii was sorely beset by mosquitoes, not the sort which bears malaria, but the an- noying big singing kind brought over by whalers in water barrels from Alaska. The government set aside a considerable sum for a search for mos- quito killers. I was asked to direct this work, and to that end I sent a Stanford student, Mr. Alvin Seale (now superintendent of the Steinhart aquarium at San Francisco) to New Orleans to try out certain species of fishes. There was yellow fever in New Or- leans at the time, and Mr. Seale went to Galveston, Texas, instead. I in- structed him to test a big "killifish" (Fundulus grandis), six inches long; a very handsome "top-minnow" (Mol- lienesia latipinna) with.a banner-like dorsal fin colored like a peacock's tail; and the little dull-colored Gam- busia. Being very hardy, all of the lot reached Honolulu safely and were put in aquaria, each with a lot of mosquito-wriglers. The fundulus showed but mild inter- est, eating mosquitoes leasurely, as he would angleworms. The mollienesias was also not excited and showed a vegitarian disposition. The gambusias leaped instantly on their quarry, clear- ing the aquarium almost at once and demanding more of the same. They had found the joy of their lives. From Hawaii they have been intro- duced into Formosa and the Philip- pines, and no doubt into So~tthern China and Japan. The Japanese have a little top-minnow in their rice ditch- es, a fish they call Medaka. It eats mosquitoes, but apparently the Gain- THE CATALINA busia could "give him a hundred and beat him every time." The State Fish Commission has now a pool of Gambusias at Sacramento, and will soon be prepared to distribute them. In garden lily-pools they are indispensible. They devour not only mosquitos but other insects. I have seen them leap out of the waters to seize flies, creeping along on the mar- gin of their preserves. In default of mosquitoes and flies the gambusia thrives on gold-fish food. They care little if the water grows turbid. They do not attack gold-fish or other neighbors, not being voraci- ous like some other "top-minno~gs." One of these (Cyprinoeon macularius), found in artesian waters in Riverside county, will trim up the fins of a gold- fish in short order, eating the mem- branes and leaving the fish with bare poles for fins. The "top-minnows," by the way, are not "minnows" at all, having teeth in the jaws, which no minnows possess. Their relations are rather with the pikes or pickerels, and they may be regarded as pikes reduced to the low- est terms, some of them being the smallest of all fishes. Dr. G. J. Crandall, Avalon's dentist, will return to Avalon November 1st. He will have a permanent office at, the Catalina hospital on Sumner avenue. The office will be up-to-date in every detail, and Dr. Crandall will bring his equipment over from his Los Angeles office. He has just returned from a course in diseases of the mouth and oral surgery. We feel that with the Santa "Catalina Island Company's co- operation the people of Ava,lon will "have a permanent dentist. "Dentistry can add ten years to human life." Didn't Bite at the Big O~e First Angler--When I landed pier the crowd stood there mouthed. Second Angler--Nonsense ! few people can eat raw fish. NOTICE INVITING BIDS BY CITY OF AVALON, FOR THE FURNISHING LABOR AN MA'] CONSTRUCTION OF ING FLOATS FOR SAID CITY, Public Notice is her sealed bids will be Citv Clerk of the City of Santa Catalina Island, Califorui; I :30 p. m., Friday, 1924, for the furnishing of and material for the Two (2) Landing Floats for according to plans and therefor adopted by the Trustees of said City and on file City Clerk's office in said City, said plans and specifications are by referred to and made a part o notice. " t0~. Said bids must be made on .'e;~ which will be furnished by said ~, Clerk upon application and in ~'~,~1. .... st~~ dance wsth condmons thereto .,, A certified Cashier's check on s~i~ ~iykb~i:!he:iUr~Tte~us~tfefe:Lhi:pA~'~! of Avalon in a sum equal to 2 pe of the aggregate amount of the 0!,~l a satisfactory bond in an amount ~tl to 10 percent of the amount of tlae.,~'~t " n it J,,-- payable to the C~ty of Awalo '-..,~t6 accompany each bid as a gu~,~ that the bidder will enter into a ~;~ tract if awarded to him in conf~ with his bid. s ~t The Board of Trustees reserVe,,~ right to reject any and all bids n~'- under. By order of the Board of Truste# of the City fo Avalon California'-,, ETHEL D. KILGOUer'~dk City Clerk of the City of Avalon, ~'- fornia. 4~A City of Avalon, California. October 24th, 1924. f DO YOU NEED a New Walk this Winter? DO YOU NEED a foundation under your-house? DO YOU NEED a new bulkhead to keep bank from caving? DO YOU NEED a rainwater cistern? DO YOU NEED a shower bath in your home? DO YOU NEED a cellar for laundry and storeroom? DO YOU? CALL ON HERBERT R. BAKER. Cement Contractor 350 METROPOLE AVENUE IT PAYS IN THE LONG RUN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AVALON REAL ESTATE GET IN TOUCH WITH A. L. LAURANCE ATWATER HOTEL BUILDING AVALON, Baggage Checked st Your Door THE AVALON TRANSFER CO. WE HAUL ANYTHING. F'URNITUIREPACKED OR UNPACKED M. L. JAMES JOHN F. Magazines Ne wspapers Stationery Windle's News-Stand, Opposite Boos Bros. Phme* 61046 Main 1048 PRIVATE ivY H. OVERHOLZER FUNERAL DIRECTOR 958 South Hill St., C.or. Tenth Lady Attendant Los Angeles, (~al.