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October 22, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 22, 1924

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INA ISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN a Hll ~. . EDITORIAL STAFF THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION NIGHT CLASSES AT THE HI ~tr-ln-t~hief,"- . . Martha Meyer anal .---ssistant Editors: By far the most iml)ortant study in The second meeting of the Parent Last week marked the opening of "~.lrRuunels, Malcolm Renton American schools is English. It is Teacher Association for this year will the night classes conducted in the O~. ~FHLETIC REPORTERS necessary to have a knowledge of lan- be held Thursday, October 23rd, at high school classrooms. '~raee Tregarthen Edward Feltrop guage and literature not only to get7:30 p.m. " A naturalization class for all those ~.' REPORTERS along in business dealings but to get Community singing under the lead- having their first papers and for wo- ~g~thhr,C'rade . . Georgia Coleman even a moderate enjoyment out of life. ership of Miss Tettlebach and Mr. men, who must be naturalized separ- ~itlth r~]ratle ..... John Fate re~th ~atle .... Iona Berning It is the general aim of high schoolPriestlv will be a si)lendid feature of atelv under the Naturalization Act of ~leven,tracle .. . Arthur Golding English classes to solidify the founda- this Thursday evening's program, and, 1922," is being given. The certificate r~,^,.~?n tirade . Nellie Smith tion of grammar given in grammar we hope, of many fntnl-e programs, given for completion of course is good "c~iaer'Rose school, to teach its correct usage, and The Spanish instructor, Mr. Robin- at any time, and is required by the to give a general knowledge of world son, who has spent a good deai of naturalization court in Los Angeles. "- I'IIQH SCHOOL SUPPLIES literature, especiallv of English and time traveling and studying in Mexico, At present there are five attending the ~)~ high school has received eight American writings, will give a talk on his experiencesclass, with a probability of several t~l~- ~ ot laboratory supplies for scien- The I)articular aim of the first year there, more. llli~r WOrk, including five compound English is to make the student an in- As a program of addresses filled last Thirty were present at the first ~hi[sc.pes, chemicals, and glassware, telligent and wide reader. He is en- month's meeting, the election of offi- meeting of the class for foreigners who ,a,, With the other apparatus which eouraged to read books for their real cers was postponed until this meeting, do not understand the English lan- ~" received last year for physics, worth and for the enjoyment he mayThe officers incumbent wish the mere- guage ,well, but desire to learn it. As s~'st"t~e-n-- school a very well equipped get out of them. The selections for bers to have their nominees in mind, others have registered, the class will boo.. w l' be i to two soctio., r0~]~w equipment for the commercial of adventure, short stories, narrative, go off wtih a snap. --one section doingmore advanced t[~'~ Was also received. This includes poetry and natilre. Although the asso-In addition to the election, p/ans for work than the other. i~ga_,mdern combination bookkeep- elation with good literature is a benefit the year's work will be discussed. The Every Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, tu- ra~" ,typing desks, with" office chmrs" in itself, there is the added advantage more people that turn out to offer a series of science lectures are given, b%kJ_arch, mimeograph materials and in reading broadly in the contact which suggestions for the work and to dis-that are open to the general public at ~'e ~eeping rulers and paper. When one gets with proper and forcible En- cuss the year's t)rograJn, the more in- all times as well as to those who are t%,,.re into the new commercial glish. The student necessarily derives teresting to the members and the more regularly registered for the class. This "" we ho like. pe to look very business- a clearer and more fixed understand-beneficial to the school and comnmnity is the only class that meets once a ing of its correct usages will be the work accomplished, week; the others meeting twice a The composition work of the first year week. THE NEW ROOM deals entirely with development of MEETINGS A beginning Spanish class will be A. correctness in grannnar and individu-On Tuesday, October 14th, the corn- started when the NationMizationwork f0tlr'bextra portable room, twenty- ality in writing and speaking, mittee engaged in submitting a con-is completed, probably commencing the the Y.twenty-eight, is bein~ built on The first term of second year work stitution for the student body held a first Monday in January. This will be else ~asmo southeast platform for the deals wholly with composition. Ability meeting. The commission form of a very valuable class for business peo- Illliltutr the high school. It is being to express one's self clearly is especi- government was strongly, approved, pie as well as for those who wish the uy the" Santa Catalina Islanl Co aM ally essential for everyone, and the This is the form of school govern- cultural value of the subject. It rented to the high school district. development of this expression, written ment which is now used by the Long t~venwill be the home room of the and spoken, is brought out in sopho-Beach high school with great success. GOL~ENT tile th grade, and the classroom for more work. The constitution will be modMed to Last year the golf team, Charles De _larger classes of the junior high.The second term deals largely with a great extent after the Long Beach Soto, Bob Garcia, Walter Coffee, Ed- MII~no will be moved into it whichcomposition also, but some reading of High constitution;but, of course, many ward Feltrop and Carl Eddy, played tla ue Used by the glee club and music poetry, plays, and novels isinter- changes will have to be made in order only two games. They were both with 8$es. 'l'he r . sperced, that it may fit the comparatively small Long Beach. The game played here tt.- oom formerly used by the On the other hand, the work done studentbody of the Catalina high was won by the home boys, and the t~th grade will be the commercial ,,ue~ ty~i ' Thts gets a big cheer from the in the junior and senior years deals school, one played on the mainland was won II~rig and bookkeeping classes, which ahnost entirely with a study of litera- by the Long Beach team; therefore, ~ been working thus far under dif-ture--in particular, American and En- GRAMMAR SCHOOL NOTES superioritythe boys haVeto Longyet Beach.t prOVewethelrare ~ Conditions. glish. The juniors arc at present The boys of the grammar school are sure that they will do so this winter, siudyingearly American writings. They forming a basket ball team and are since, besides Long Beach, there wilt ~lfr.,~reialrmrmthatwillis atbe occupiedPresent theby seem to find it difficult to enjoy the getting ready for the athletic badge be games with other of the" mainlanff %ii tiobinson, and the room now oc- fire and brimstone style of our Puritan test. The badges are given bythe Fathers, especially those of Richard Long Beach city schools, schools who play 'advanced shinny.'" a ed by him will become a study hall and Cotton Mather. The composition ~tl r It has not been decided, definitely, as eeltation room for Mr. Dunkle's ~es work in the third and fourth years is The music and art classes are show- to when the,games will begin, but pos- r0~o.h~ Iarge evening classes now en- made up mostly of the writing of long, ing remarkable progress. If the girls sibly in two months. The boys have had extensive prac- ;t18;7~ Will enjoy the use of this room clOsely - connected, well organized do not watch out the boys will come tice and their experiences as caddies themes on subjects which require con- out 'way ahead. siderable thought and study, have helped exceedingly in their know- I/~/$'i'RIJCT~WIMMING No fourth year English is being All the grammar school children ledge of the game Some plans have Last Wee "- - taught this year. as there was no de- can be proud to think they saw the been discussed for an intra-class tour- IMp- " k Georgia Coleman was ap- mand for it. However, public speak-Shenandoah on Thursday. It was nament; but as yet, the plans have d0 ~t;d as instructor for the girls who ing has come in as a special subject, plainly visible in the northwestern amounted to no more than discussion. I,.. t know how to swim. The fol- It has proved a most delightful course, horizon, and thepupils were dis- Fred Bering is playing this year, and ~,~g is her method: ' and those who are taking it are be-missed to see it. The pupils at the shows ability. Carl Eddy is not play- ;~ ue first thing you do is to go out comingmore'and more interested. Var- high school were also allowed to watch ing for us because he is no longer at- ious entertaining and current events it in flight just before noon. ~t~t~the Water and lie down on your tending Avalon Hi. arid ~.h with your head under water topics are presented to the class by ~ , "CHEW IT AFTER EVE""-'---"~Y MEAL," ~hetl~zck your feet as fast. as you can. the members, who find that it takesFreshmen know nothing, but don t BUT NOT IN TYPING 1~, You come up for atr. You re- a great deal Of intelligent study to know that they don t know. If the typing class continues to grow ~ftt that about half a dozen times, prepare these speeches in good shape. Sophomores know nothing, but know Mr. Wrigley may as well go out of r0a~.r that you lie down on your sto- The ability to have a command of they don't know. , the gum business. Gordon has added ~h ~goairn :rnd kick your 1 feet a d ones English and to express ones Juniors know, but they don t know that his name to the list of those who have aa~ ms in a c" c e at the ideas in clear, concise form is the goal they know. found it impossible to chew and tyl~ Seniors know, and they know that they at the same time. tira~ time, After doing that about six toward which all in these classes must know. it ~s with your head under water, do work. In Botany !haagain, trying to hold your head On mules we find Mr. Priestly--Your next list of in- ~,. ve Water You do that over and Speaking of odors of Edom, some- Two legs behind, sects will come under Swallow Tail er . ' And two we find before. Catetpillars~__~ 'l't again till you get it down pat. thing else beside the arrival of much new We stand behind ~;n try to swim. I hope you suc- equipment has happened this week to Before we find, George Minney is a shark in U. S: Georgia Coleman. make us feel 'as if we belonged to aWhat the two behind before, history. Ask him yourself, if you don't real high school. Mr. Priestly has believe us. :e Tregarthen and Edward Fel- being exposing ns to ammonia sulphate in Public Speaking been appointed athletic re- during general science period. Mr. Robinson (to John Shields)-- Oh! Johnl Poor boy[ I've taught y~ everything John Minney (to Miss Hahn, in typ,- for the remainder Of the first I know, and still you dont know any- lug)---If I get my hands as clean at Subscribe now--~ per year. thing, yours, wilt it be satisfactory ?