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October 22, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 22, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA PRACTICE HAPPINESS Someone has said that happiness is something to be practiced like a vio- lin. Put the finest instrument that ever was made into unskilled hands, and what a doleful whining is the re- suit! But out of the cheapest fiddle, the real master can bring strains that will charm the senses. Happiness is not so much a ques- tion of instrument, then, as of practice. Your circumstances may be far from ideal, but if you are bent on practicing the art of happiness, you can draw sweet music from them. And it does not matter how perfect your instru- ment is, how much you are surrounded by all that is desirable, without the practice of happiness, discordant strains are all that you can expect. THE EAST And then I saw the men of the East --they were looking at me. The whole length of the jetty was full of people I saw brown, bronze, yellow faces, the black eyes, the glitter, the color of an Eastern crowd. And all these beings stared without a murmer without a sigh, without a movement---Nothing moved. The fronds of palms stood still against the sky. Not a branch stirred along the shore, and the brown roofs of hidden houses peeped thru the green folage, thru the big leaves that hung shining and still like leaves forged of heavy metal. This was the East of the ancient navigators, so old, so mysterious, resplendent and somber, living and unchanged.--Joseph Conrad ---in Youth. Ornithology At the entrance to the Zoological gardens a man approached a keeper. Have you really got flyingfish here ? Yes. I'll have to see 'era. Which is the way to the bird-cages?--Lustige Blat- ter (Berlin). Sambo--What kind of watch you got ? lasbo--~I has a wonder watch. gambo---Wonder watch! Never did heard of that before. Jasbo---Well, you see it's this way. Every time I look at it I wonder what time it is.--Good Hardware. Game wardens are warning lobster fishermen that their catches must not be less than ten and one-half inches in length, nor more than 16 inches. all your heating If W. i;arson J.I[IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlll~ - ___= ~illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll~ THE LEGEND OF FATHER SUN went to the top of a high hill and there they built altars and offered up sacrifices, and prayed to the Father Sun that he might move back into the heaven so his rays would not he so hot. When they had prayed for a long time then the Father Sun sent down to them a lesser god from the sky, and the lesser god came up to the chiefs and the medicine men and told them that the sun had heard their prayer. "And so long as you remain faith- ful to the Father Sun, who provides you with heat and with light, so long will he protect you," the messenger said. "And when another day eom~s then will the sun move back in the heavens and the grass will grow green, and water will flow through the their new world and had bullded their homes and made their fires, then they planted their crops In order that they might live In comfort. Round about them they planted golden maize, and grain and many foods. Their flocks they took Into the green fields to eat of the grass, and their horses and their cattle they turned loose to roam In the beautiful valley where they had come. But as the days went on the crops failed, and the grass turned brown and the streams dried up and the NavaJos were much perturbed, for they knew not what to do. For the sun, sweeping through the sky, had come close to earth, and the heat, which at first had seemed pleasant, became unbearable--and even the tribesmen themselves were made sick by the brightness of its rays. Many there were among the tribesmen who wished themselves back In the world of twilight, hut the road had been closed and only a great mountain re- rosined to mark where the roadway had been. As tim summer came on many of the tribesmen became sick unto death, for the heat was terrific--but there was no place to go and no place to turn, for all the world was a vast desert, burned by the rays of the Father Sun. As matters became worse and worse the tribesmen became desperate and finally, one day, called a great council of the chief and the head men and the witch doctors. For ten days and ten nights these men sat In solemn conclave to determine what best might be done to relieve their oppressed people. Finally, at the end of the ten days and the ten nights they called the tribe together, and the whole tribe, even the women and .the children, DO YOU KNOW Fungi have queer appetitesl species of mold feeds on acid. Heroin is unnecessary as a remedy, the League of Nation'S committee has decided. Subscription Rates: Annually ........................ $2.00 Three Months .............. 50 Six Months .................... 1.00 Three years, in advance 5.00 NO ......... Date ............................ Publisko of The Catalina Islander Avalon, Santa Catalina Islctnd, Caligornia Please enler my subscrilMian /or I he CataK a Islander/or ......... ............. _commencing .................. /or which I agree to #ay you $ ........ in advance. Nurse ................................... Address ..................................... 15TRAND~ Thursday Evening, October.~,i# Elliott Dexter in a powerful prodU~"- "BY DIVINE RIGHT" You'll enjoy every minute of t.he~~ story, based on right, truth and ja~,'- Also Pathe Comedy "FLICKERING YOUTH". ~TRAND~ Friday Evening, October 24 "RESTLESS WIVES" . st An all star cast. Every wom. s it sometime or other in her life te~'~,t# " " e Is amposslble to go on--See the P for the reason. Also Bobby l..,un~ "FLAPPER FEVER" STRAND~ Saturday Evening, October ~tts. Pre-release--ahead of Los Ang~u The screen version of Geo. Barr~x,~. ' " he x~" Cutcheons famous novel, T band of Edith" "THE FAST WORKER" f j, Featuring Reginald Denny, Laura/~. Plante and a great supporting ca~e# eluding Ethel Grey Terry, Lee ~t'~0a and Richatrd Tucker. A fast'S~att comedy full of breezy incidents, au~ great thrill finish. Also Comedy "SNAPPY EYES" ~TRAND~ Sunday Evening, October 26. ,e- Modern Cinderella romance of a l~vt0 ly little convent rose. transplants 04 mingle with the hot-house bloow # the gay world--Mary Philbin, "Merry-go-round" girl in "ROSE OF PARIS" Pre-release ahead of Los Angele" Billy West in "THE NERVOUS REPORTEg' and INTERNATIONAL NEW5 ~TRAND~ Monday Evening, October 27 "DAMAGED HEARTS" ids Flor. A rothantic Fantasy of the itt" east Everglades, with a remarkable eluding Mary Carr, Tyrone' P~cr Edmund Breese and others. Also Mermaid Comedy "THERE HE GOES" ]TRAND~ Tuesday Evening, October 28 "THE BLACK TRAIL' A powerful love story with a g,nPtPest mystery element--here's a real " with wonderful scenery. Also Century Come