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October 22, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 22, 1924

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PAGE FOUR ' IT'S every woman's duty to make the most of her looks. \TV'e offer a "Course of beauty treat- nlents guaranteed to brit}g out your c!larnls. "Charmingly Different" ST. CATHERINE HOTEL BEAUTY PARLOR Phone [or Appointment AL. WILSON ( |NVIENTOR} AL. WILSON TROLLING SPOONS and SPINNERS "BEST BY TEST" 693 Mission St., San Francisco Yomr WantsSmoothly Attended To at the ; ATW TER H 0 T EL ER SHOP PAGES FROM A CATALINA JOURNAL (The following are extracts from "Pages of a Catalina Journal," which is the title of one of the chapters in a book entitled "Light and Life From Above," published by Solon Laucr in 1S96. Interspersed in the matter de- scriptive of Catalina will he fonnd the theories of the author concerning met- aphysical qncstions.) (Continue~l from last week). The Spirit's World July 25.--I:A ening descends, with mantle star-decked. The moonlight draws a veil of misty shadows over the rugged crags, and on the rolling waves doth cast her spell so strong that. all the ge,~tle nymphs and mermaids of the (teel~ do follow her with ioyful shouts, the jewels glistening in their waving hair. Strange creatures of the ocean caves do waken at the music of the seanymphs' voices, and stir among their weedy laybrinths. The stars of hea\en have their sister-lights among the rocks and sea-plants of the bay. They tlash below the darkly rolling x~'aves, and all the gents of ocean's hidden caves do seem to rise in lively sport among the weed-clothed rocks. A spray of molten silver (lashes on the rugged shores, and shatters into fiery mist among the crags. A fairy world awakes to life, and there my spirit wanders with the gentle moonbeams, companioning with creatures of the air and sea. It is 1113" world, that fairy realm, the spirit's ]aatix'e air; and all the day I languish, languish, yearning for that world with all its scenes of light and joy. I wander on the shores of Time. a listeller to the sounds ot htmlan life, the laughter and the cries of pain; I look tIpon its fairest scenes with misty eyes, for they are not the scenes 1 love to look upon, the scenes of this my fai,'y world, my world of li'ght and jos'. And so I love the com- hl~.' of the fair night-qt~een., who .in tier "As Good as the Best[ robes of light walks forth i,] heaveta Betier'Thanthe Resi'" ] to ~it;~Gm the souls of men beidw. She i " l; " co1~.S' to "light the poet's w~rld, the .BiLLlEPRlCE, Proprletor -I' dreamer's world, ~the ~pirit's native - ';, " i" ,4' ... I realm; and "~vheri 'shecomes, the soul oumner ~venue. ~va, on. ~a, ltorma I a~vakes which erstwhile slept. 1 love Curios and Souvenirs Look for the. Sign of" The Big Curio S, tore H. D. MacRae Co. DO YOU PRIZE THAT MAGAZINE OR BOOK? The) will last much longer if they are b0tind: in a neat, co'vet; arid thai Radio Journal, or record, can be ~re- ser-ge_d,2fOyl future refere/ice. How about that old prayer book or Bible? Does it need a new cover? Let the Islander do it for you. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, ~Ior information about sea angling. "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." We pledge our help! O, W. COLE Painting, Decorating 201 Metropole Avenue Avalon, California this night of beauty an,.I of joy', this spirit-day, when all the sights and sounds of grosser earth have died away, and wakes to life at]other world, of spirit-texture, habited 1)y creatures of the soul. i A Morning Picture July 20.--This morning I rose at 4:15, and started for an outing. The east- ern sky was delicately tinted with the frst blushes of the Lnorning,' a.nd the water of the bay was calm as the heavens ov~'rhead, l secured some small fish for bait, and rowed to Rocky Point, where I cast my a]~chor. But I could not be interested in fishing, ht the presence of the Beauty of morn- ing, with sea and sky" and the distant hills appealing to my soul, it seemed x'ery idiotic to sit in a boat, dangling. .a long string with a hook at the end of it. It seemed to me that a man's ti,ne must be very cheap who could afford to spend it in such a way. But I baited my hook, and let it down into the sea, hoping that I should get a bite from something worthy nay at- tention. I suppose I did not attend to my line as well as I .should have done in order to catch fish. A long fishing-boat approached, between me and the horiT.on, and the boat,with its figures of men, standing out against a brilliant golden sky, where the sun was struggling with the mist, made a start- ingly beautiful picture. I think I had a bite, while 1 was gazing at that pic- ture, with an artist's longing to put it upon canvas, for when I pulled up my line, my bait was gone. I soon found that nature was fishing for lllC much more successfully than I was for the fish, using the bait of Beauty with a thousand lines. How could I catch fish under stlch conditions ? I myself was caught tllJ, and saw a vision of the Spirit of 2,~ature, robed in the mo'n IL~ light. I soon pulled tip my anchor, and set out for i'ebbly lleach. Tl~e Law of Labor July 27.--This forenoon I sl~e]~t iI~ fixing luy boat to receive a small sail I confess tliat l sel(tom enjoy row ng It is svlggestixe of the primal curse of labor. It represents to ~ttc the strug- gel of man a,~ainst nature, and when I am 1)nlling against the tide, the waxes, or the wind, I feel that I am simply in line with most human effort slttce the world began. Civilization be- gan with the (-l'fort of man to over- come nature, and the curse of (]od has chiefly accomPanied it. I see a higher law fo, man than this con~tict with the forces that are arouud him. 1 see that ~t" is possible for him to live so in har- ]110115' with nature that his work shall be blessed play, a rec,'eation, yes, ~'er- ilv, a re-creation, for it will be the - y.. creative l)ower working throngh him. ] see that tliis will come so soon as man beg its to obey" his instincts, and to yield to that Infinite Power which saturates the world and all things thereiu. \\heu l spread my sltil to the breeze, l killl in harmony with na- ture. Iter power drives my boat, 1 a,H no lo,,ger a wretched galley slave, laboriug ~lLV hcaxy task, but a spirit of joy. a comrade of the hird, the fish. .the ,nautilus. 1 li:!e in a chariot of the stm, for 'tis he who drixes the horses of the winds. Neptune's chariot was not more beautiful tha~t is my boat to 'i'1~e, when her wings are filled with the sw~'et breath of old ocean. The bounding waxes leap up to sport with me, aml seelll conscious of my joy. 0 .this lnl'mite NaLt~re in which we live! This Infinite l:'ower by which we are surrounded! Yea, this Infinite Life, which throbs in every tiny form that hides even in :the ocean caves! How ]1as 'man escaped it ? I-low missed his share in its bounteons energy and health ? Stirelv hy pullit3g against the stream of nature, and not by' sailing ,with her g!ad, f.resh currents. Hence- a;orth let me sail, tl0at 'fly; but let me crawl and creep,: toil and struggle no more again forexer! ' ~The True" HeaVen ' I do not write as much as I feel that one ought who seems to have no other occupation in life. \Vhethet"it is be- cause I find so little tl!at is notable in nty daily life, or whether it is because every ~loment is full of thoughts and suggestions whicti it were.hopeless to attentpt to state, I cannot say. My life seems often commonplace, and yet, as I lo0k back at it from some point of ~-antage,'it is full of beauty. I live in the presence . of the sublimest thoughts. I commune with Mystery, with Destiny, and listen to oracles 'from the Soul, and yet I do not set these down in writing. I face Infinity, I ask prayerful questions, and hearken attentively to the. answers given; but it does not seem meet to set them down. i cannot ptlt nty highest dreams into words. I see my ,houghl~ reflect- ed in the shimmer of golde'h;Iigh{ uiion the waters of the bay, When the f'ull (Continued on Page 5, Column 2) THE CATALINA Jqfter even t pleasant and agreeable sweet and a l-a-s-l-l-n-g benelll ns well. Good for teet]h, breath and dillestioL i Makes the next etg taste better. Squibbs' Milk of Ma DENTAL 12 The Best Tooth Paste Counteracting Mouth Acidity 50 Cents AVALON DRU0 405 Crescent Avenue FOR EVERYONE . 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