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October 22, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 22, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER hE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLF I Wor,~ beginning of time, when the the ,u was new and beautiful, all l~e_azihnals dwelt together in o~e the" There was no trouble between r~'~' Sad the weak lay down with the )~ s and the strong protected the ~_e~k and all v~ms peace anti quiet. h ,a those days the wolf was the most ~tlt~Ul of all animals, and had long ~lvnt glssy black covering his entire ha".aad%~, Was much favored by Mani- ~01:l~''a Was tile ruler of the whole ~ai~.a the wolf and the Manitou geth-~u together and counseled to- UP, ~eh and they were friends unto ~0~ldether, and what the Manitou ~10, command,, tllat would the wolf day, as the wolf was going the forest searching for his in those days was herbs and fruit and corn, there a Small rabbit, also searching And the rabbit, not seeing to eat at a spot which had selected for his own meal. 01f became angry and corn- that the rabbit go elsewhere, Said, the fruit belonged to him herbs also, and there was none touch it. rabbit was unafraid and he to the groat wolf and said, You to command me thus'/ who t~ your father, is father, and he who placed to roam also gave this spot rabbit for his home--and here told to live in peace and happi- the Wolf ~as very angry and the rabbit spoke the wolf him and seized him and, snap of his Jaws, killed him his body in the brush. And Wolf went back to his friends no animal of what he had tit the Manitou, who dwelt in and was father of all the ani- Saw the act and knew what had and he was very angry and servants down to bring the him where he lived in the the wolf saw the servants of coming he was sore afraid, to hide away where they not find him. The hair on his up from fright and as the Manltou approached it was turn gray at its enos from the for the wolf was very much :he servants seized the wolf and tim before the Manitou and the Who was very angry, looked and sa!d: ar~, the great wolf and you are But you have killed your the rabbit, and you shall be even though you be my son my family." ha. called all the lesser gods to pass Judgment and to the Said : you have been brave From this time on you COwardly and afraid to run by You and all your family together in packs, and your be against all the annnals of all the animals shall you. No more shall you Peace, but you shall quarrel Yourselves, and the strong will the weak, and to no other ani- you be friend. Your glossy which this day has been gray from fright shall ever re- as a mark of my d4spleasure, that see it shall know that you ved the Manitou. And now hunt in packs from fear of lg alone, and must you be on always, else you will be killed fellows--for the hand of all Will be against y_ou from this time forth, and the Red Man who has loved you will come to hate you, and slay you, and nowhere in all the world shall you find peace." When the Manltou had said these words he caused the wolf to be set down again on earth, hat all he said was true. The wolf no longer walked with the otber animals, but sneaked along through the woods, and never more could he associate with his friends, but only with the other wolves who formed Into a pack and came forth only at night and killed and were killed, even as the Manitou bad said. So it is unto this day even as the Manitou commanded. If you believe it not, go forth into the quiet of the woods and watch the wolf and see his habits. And be you alx~ays on guard, for the wolf which was good Is now bad and his hand is against you and yours Is against him, and so shall it be always, for that is the command of the Manitou who is the father of us all. Note----This is a common legend among the Umatillas and occurs in a slightly different form among the Blackfeet. Its Disadvantage. Kindly Uncle--I suppose you wish that school didn't keep so many hours. Schoolboy--Yes; when a feller'| playing hookey it's hard to put in so much time. Iceland Poppies. The wonder of tourists at Lake Louise, Alberta, and at Banff the last year has been the marvelous display of Iceland poppies. These poppies, planted by Princess Louise at Lake Louise about ten years ago, now cover acres at Lake Louise and large areas at Banff. Perennials. they live all winter and blossom continually from early in May until October. The faster one plucks them, to quote an old Irish song, the faster they grow. At Banff they are the first green things to show above the soil, and the gardener at the Banff Springs hotel has often found a dozen wild deer feeding upon the early shoots. The deer eat the first growth, but the sec- and growth is too bitter for them. Besides, by that time other green sprouts have appeared, and the orange, yellow and white poppies ar~ left unmolested, to bloom all through the summer and well Into the fall. l A Sticker. Wife--Dear, I wish you'd call up auntie and tell her that Uncle. Tom has cirrhosis of the liver. Or you might write her. Hub---Write! Excuse me. I'll tele- phone. A disease like that Is a bang sight easier to speak than to spelL-- 'Boston Eveninsr Transcript. Whales Not Disappearing. Can the whales multiply with suffi- cient rapidity to prevent their exter- mination by man? The whalemen themselves are convincedthat they can. They estimate that there are tens of thousands of whales in the seas, and at present the various whal- ing stations have been able to catch all the whales they need without going more than two hundred miles up and down the coast and out to sea. Each station has undoubtedly already taken more whales than would be natural residents of the.waters in which they operate, hence the losses in that area can only be made up by other whales swimming in from other parts of the sea. Sure Enough. '~'en dollars'/ Aren't you over- charging me?" "Haven't you ten dollars?" "Oh, yes." "Then how can I be overchar~n yon ?" PAGE THREE AN ALLEN'S PRAYER f By Martha Littleton Across the sea my hands reach out To my native land with troubles wrot, My thoughts take wing, and kneeling pray : "Dear Lord of hosts, art Thou not nigh ?" \Vith outstretched hands, and tear-dim- med eyes I look to Heaven, and wonder why 'Twas ever thus in ages past, And fear to think how long 'twill last. Could we but see, as in a glass, Reflections of the awful past Pictured there before our eyes, With fear our hearts would paralyze. "Make us to feel thy wondrous power, The need of love, in this late hour; The power that love alone will bring Solace and peace to hearts of men. Endow us Lord, with love of a brother, Make us, in harmony, one with another. Peace on earth to all men bring-- Thy will be clone, Oh, Lord. Amen." Venice, California. Talkative Balloonist (finishing story) --And then, thousands of feet above the cruel ledges, I pulled the string that released me, knowing well that should nay parachute fail to open I would (lash my poor brains out on the rocks beneath. Interested Lady--And did it?--Life. GAME FISH OF CATALINA Yellowtail (Seriola dorsalis). Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus). Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus macropterus). Albacore (Thunnus alalonga). California Bonito (Sarda Chiliensis). White Sea Bass (Cynoscion noblis). Ocean Bonito (Gymnosarda pelamys). Dolphin (Coryphaenus hlppurus). Giant Bass (Stereolepis gigas). Marlin Swordfish (Tetrapturus mitsukurii). Broadbill Swordfish (Xiphias gladius). Subscribe now---S2.00 per year. "For Rent" and "For Salff' signs are on sale at Windle's News Stand. Advertise your needs in The Catalina Islander. Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. 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