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October 22, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 22, 1924

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA LOS ANGELES JUVENILE COURT INTERESTING Los Angeles has many places of in- terest for the visitor, and one of these is the Juvenile Court of Los Angeles county, which is housed on the tenth floor of the Hall of Records. If you should go up there some Monday, Wednesday or Friday morn- ten o'clock, you would find that court is in session; but not such a court as you would imagine if you are thinking of a criminal court. For the judge does not sit on the bench, and the child is not subjected to a severe questioning and cross-examination to force a confession from him. Instead, the judge is seated at a long table and the chiht sits facing him; the child's ]~arents or guardian, witnesses, and a few necessary officials are also seated at the table. Judge Harry R. Archbald, who is the present judge of the juvenile court, is a man to command the immediate con- fidence of the child--qtfiet of voice and manner, sympathetic, fair and unpre- judiced, he puts the boy at his ease by a few simple questions and soon wins his confidence. The boy is given an opportunity to tell his own story to the judge. In no case is he dealt with as if he were on trial for some crime, but an effort is made to find what the situation is, and what can be done to remedy it. A suggestion from the judge is often sufficient to induce the boy to give an account of the situation from his own viewpoint.. After the boy has told his story, wit- nesses are called upon for their state- ments. Whenever possible, the father and mother or some relatives appear with the boy. They are asked about home conditions, and the kind of train- ing they are able and willing to give the boy. If the attitude of the parents is good and the report on the home, gNen by the probation officer, is also favorable, the child is often allowed to return home under the supervision of the probation officer. The case is then continued for a stated time when a report of progress is made. . . Perhaps the boy will be sent to a school, where he will be given every opportunity to do his best, away from the influence of a poor environment and bad 'companions. 9henever the offense is of such a nature that dam- ages may be paid, the boy is required to work and earn the money for that purpose. The daughter of a certain strict- principled old deacon had attended a dance the previous night, much against her father's wishes. When she appear- ed for breakfast the next morning, he greeted her with the words: "Good morning, daughter of satan." To which the maiden respectfully replied: "Good morning father."--Cor- nell Widow. Wear your Light Tackle Club But- ton. It shows that you are an angler and a sportsman. II Quickly Relieves the Most Painful Sunburn ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 4IT Crasont Avonuo WHAT MAKES THE TOWN ' WORTH LIVING IN, NEIGHBOR? Why should the business interests of a town support the home paper? asked Editor W. L. Gaylor of the Antlers (Oklahoma) American. The best answer received was as follows: 1.--From a business standpoint. The business interests of a town should support the home paper from a business standpoint because they can get better results from an ad in their home paper at less cost than from any other advertising medium. More people will read an ad in the home paper than can be reached in any other way for the same amount of money. This part of a home paper is one of the biggest appeals it has to a business ma n. And this part of it is nmtually bene- ficial to advertiser and publisher,'be- cause the more advertising a paper carries the more readers it can reach, because it can afford to put out a bright, clean, newsy paper at a reason- able cost to its subscribers. 2.--The home paper is always on the right side of progressive and moral questions. Many of these movements that end in good to the comnmnity cannot be put over without the pub- licity that the home paper gives freely. One small town paper that is known to the writer carries a column exclu- sively for the fine public schools of its town, thereby arousing a favorable interest in the schools and making the town a better place in which to live. The home town paper is a great fac- tor for good in any community. 3--A town that does not grow soon dies. It cannot stand still. One of the greatest helps in town building is the home paper. Could Oklahoma City, Dallas, St. Louis or any other city have reached its present size without the favorable publicity given them by their great papers ? If the home merchants did not get a bit of return in the way of increased business front their support of the home town paper they could afford to support their home paper because of the benefits their town receives from a good home paper. The home paper is the mirror of the mercantile life of a town. If your home paper is a small sheet with little news and few ads poorly displayed and poorly set up, you will know that the paper comes from a dead town. 4.---Your home town paper is a home institution the same as your grocer, your baker or any other business in your town. It should be patronized the same as you do every home busi- ness, because if you spend a dollar with them they have a dollar to spend with you or your neighbor. You may be sure the publisher of your home paper never sends a dollar out of town that he can spend in town. STUART B. HALEY. And still right here in Avalon we have business men who say tliat they do not need advertising; that they are doing all the business that they can handle. Seemingly, they are business- men of limited capacity. Patronize the advertiser that invites you to his store and keeps you there with fair treat- meat. Guest (to hotel cleark)--How much do you charge here by the month ? Clerk--Hum--ha--well, really, sir, I don't know, but I'll ask the manager. Guest--Don't know! What do you mean ? Clerk--Well, sir, you see, nobody has ever stayed here over a week yet. --Japan Advertiser. Used and endorsed by millions, the old reliable Lucky Tiger Hair Remedy. Stops falling hair, corrects scalp trou- bles and promotes growth---druggists and barbers sell it under money back guarantee.--Advt. As the days are growing shorter, the afternoon boat for the mainland is leaving a little earlier. The time for departure now is 3:45. FISH AND GAME COMMISSION NOT OPPOSED TO POWER DEVELOPMENT OF RIVER President Frank M. Newbert of the California Fish and Game Commission has issued the following statement: "In connection with the fight to save the Klamath river, I want it distinctly un- derstood that the Fish and Game Com- mission is not opposed to power dev- elopment in the State of California wherever it is actually needed. If, at any time, it shouhl become apparent that l)ower d(velopment on the lower Klamath river is permanent to the fisheries resources of that river, no opposition will be made." " T.he commission believes that at the present there is no question but that the greates~ good to the greatest num- ber demands that the proposed erec- tion of a 250-foot dam near the mouth of the river be thus opposed. Not only does the Lower Klamath consti- tute one of the most beautiful recrea- tion grounds still left in its primitive condition, but it also acts as the main source of egg supply for the state's hacheries. That the people of the state will back up the commission in this fund- amental conservation move is evidenced t" by the united support being -the measure in the initiative and by the present aid being the commission in its fight. Fish and Game THE SUBMARINE Among the marine specim( may be viewed through the taline waters on the lava-like a 1 'e" KELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Chenille Moss Sea Grape Kelp Irish Moss Giant Bulb Kelp Feather Boa Ribbon Kelp Ruby Moss Rainbow Kelp Feather MoSS Red Alga Sponge MoSs. Sea Lichen Heather MOS" Bridal Veil Moss Coral Moss FISH AND SHELLFISI'I Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare . Blue Eyed Perch Sea Pnrcuptne Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead Striped Bass Moray Eel Ratfish Abalone Kelpfish Crawfish Candlefish Sand Crab Whitefish Starfish Sculpin Keyhole Limpet Ghostfish Sea Anemon DO YOU NEED a New Walk this Winter? DO YOU NEED a foundation under your house? DO YOU NEED a new bulkhead to keep bank" from caving? DO YOU NEED a rainwater cistern? DO YOU NEED a shower hath in your home? DO YOU NEED a cellar for laundry and storeroom? DO YOU? CALL ON HERBERT R. BAKER. Cement Contractor 350 METROPOLE AVENUE IT PAYS IN THE LONG RUN Built on a Scientific Principle Old as Archery But Brand New to the Angling Game In strength, lifting power, resilliency and finish Shaver "DUALWO00". rods, laminated of two woods personally selected for totally differe.m properties successfully withstand the tensions ond compressions ~ cidental to the hardest and longest battle and COME BAt;~ STRAIGHT! That they outclass anything yet produced for heavy sea angling is the unanimous verdict of famous anglers now using ther~ Regulation DUALWOOD Rods $35 ROY F. B. SHAVER. 233 West 42nd Street. Los Angeles Twenty Years a Deep Sea An and Custom Rod Builder. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AVALON REAL ESTATE GET IN TOUCH WITH A. L. LAURANCE ATWATER HOTEL BUILDING AVALON, CALIFORNI m Baggage Chocked at Your Door THE AVALON TRANSFER CO. WE HAUL ANYTHING. FURNITURE PACKED OR UNPACKED M. L. JAMES JOHN F. McM] Magazines Newspapers Stationery Windle's News-Stand, Opposite Boos Bros. Ph~ 61048 Main 1048 PRIVATE A IvY H. OVERHOLZER FU N I='RAL DI R EOTOR 958 South Hill St., Cor. Tenth Lady Attendant Los Angeles,