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October 21, 1931     The Catalina Islander
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October 21, 1931

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vOLUME Vil EDITED BY JOURNALISM CLASS OF AVALON HIGH SCHOOL .... AVALON HIGH SCHooL, WEDNESDAY, OCTI 21, 193i ........... HEALTH CONDITIONS GOOD IN AVALON SCHOOLS hnmmlization ,f the school children will begin soon. Dr. Estes, of the Los Angeles Board of Health will be here in November to give the toxin, anti-toxin and smallpox vaccination. Application blanks will be sent houm to the parents of those children desir- ing to take advantage of these meas- ures. Miss Bernstein advises that all children who have not been inmmnized take advantage of this opportunity and reduce the possibilities of acquiring diseases. An advantage of preventive medicine is that the danger of an epi- demic is removed. A corrective class for pupils in the elementary school who need special at- tention is being formed by Miss Bern- stein and those children who do not stand and walk correctly will be hellled to acquire and maintain good postures. The general health omditions of Av- ahm compares favorably with those of o~her schools. Co-operation of parents has eliminated a good many problems with the result that Miss Bernstein rinds the children on the island to be more healthy than those on the main- land. The tmmber of colds in the elemen- tary school has decreased since all children with colds or signs of colds have been excluded. Incorrect eating has caused a large number of boils among the boys. ELEMENTARY STANDARDS ABOVE AVERAGE Last Friday night a Baby Party was held for the ]'he reading standard in the ele- mentary school is at least two n~onths ahead of last :,,ear and also above the national average as measured .by the Stanford achievemcut test g~ven to the children lately. The arithmetic at this time is about average. This state- ment was given out by Vice-Principal Hollingsworth. This is due to the good staff of teachers and to the new building and supplies, which the ele- mentary school has received this year. With the present faculty of the school, it is believed by Mr. Hollings- worth, that the boys and girls will ad- vance considerably in the national av'- erage. A.H. S, VARSITY WINS IN SPEEDBALL Winning by an overwhelnfiug score, Coach Brentford's varsity took down the second string last Wednesday in speedball. Scoring on the part of var- sity was frequent and it also showed a good defense. The line tip was: Varsity-- A Hernandez, re, R. Feltrop, rf, D. Welsch, c, N. Garcia. If, F. Burgess, fb, H. Lillie, rhb, J. Peterson, lhb, W. Conrad, lg, L. Granteer, rg, J. Row- icy, g. SecBnd-- J. MeKay, re, John Reyes, rf, J. Gu- tierrez, c, M. Hernandez, lf, M. Reyes, * * * * fb, J. Hernandez, rhb, E. Becket, lhb, A.H.S. C. Gibson, lg, L. Reyes, rg, E. Wil- WORLD'S KNOWLEDGE IN SET OF BOOKS Two COlnplete new sets of enclyclo- pedias with information COnlplete up to the end of 1930 were received in the library last week. These new en- cyclopedias are the new revised edi- tions of Compton's Pictured Encyclo- pedia and the Americana, considered by many to be the best along scien- tific lines in the English language. The Compton's Pictured Encyclope- dia is of great interest to the elemen- tary pupils, the many illustrations and somewhat simpler language making it popular for school work. ]~he Americana is excellent for tech- nical scientific and industrial informa- tion. It is a set of thirty volumes with information as recent as 1930 in- eluded The books and magazines that were sent to the bindery in June returned this last week. With their bright, clean covers they make a welcome ad- dition to our shelves while the bound magazines are already being used by Mr. Meadow's classes and a few oth- ers. A. H. S. Three classes of members in the Swimming club were adopted at their last meeting of the organization. The first class is the Swordfish, the second the Bonita, and the third class is the Minnow. All tests in each class must be passed before the club emblem is awarded. Impromptu dialogues were the main SCHOOL SPIRIT ASSEMBLY School Spirit was the general assembly put on ;-lnd (}Iris' 14eague last Canyon Theatre. School yells led by and Catuerme .~arlncol lug the Giris' by others led by er showed himself to be efficient. Miss Bernstein gave school spirit, pointing lllakes success ill ally inv.Joe Hcrnandez jazznumbers on his At)S t/ipc, followed by a lection by Bob Coleman. accompanied. A. H. S. PROGRESS BENEFIT~ A century ago the first pallet press was put in to then newsllapers we~ hand presses, slowly an The first power preSS steam. The hand press lint of 250 copies an hour. press increased the ou o./pies an hour. When th er press was placed ill office of The Loudon men opposed it. Their e~ jection was that it cal injunction that man his bread bv the sweat Their obvious and real that one man could Junior High girls and cox, g. source of entertainment in the foreign press whereas four men language club. Three skits were giv- sarv to run the hand pre their m,/thers. Everyone came dressed Coach Brentford is getting the teala~ en in Frencti and one in Sl)anish, the "l;oday labor welcome as babies and was given a lollypop, in shape for a game with Toyon nextmembers dividing into four groups, devices. Modern produc which they all enjoyed. The evening Thursday. A H S " A.H.S. be maintained by the ha was spent in playing childish games in ' " " Due to the dust in the shop, the me- labor in the world and which both mothers and babies took Points will be awarded for insect,chanieal drawing class changed its chines doing the work o part. Prizes were given for the two animals, plants, ocean life, and even headquartersto room 11 last Thurs- men there is no surpluS, best babies. Euniee White was award- dead goats by the Naturalists' Clubday. civilized countries virtuall ed first prize and Helen Gibson sec- for speeiniens brought in by its mem- " A.H.S. is done by machine, bul ond. Delightful refreshments were hers. In most cases the specimens COLLEGE EDUCATION IS ment is local and tetnP served by some of the larger kiddies, must be aliveand not exceed more opp.osed by labor the mac and then it was time for all mofhers VALUED AT $60,000 to take their babies 'homel than six in number. This new idea is nished more work and b~ to stimulate competition between mem- A.H.S. bers of the club. Conservation of nat- Seattle--Is a college education ~orlabor, t~ The girls of the after school iilay- ural resources is one of the interests two liersons worth $60,000? Thus does man actua., ground have formed a v,~lleyball group of the organization That was the valuation put on an ed- m,~tives, Often op'pose hi. called the Bird Farm League. ]'here " A.H.S. ncation by attorneys who brought suityet labor can not be co are four teams: The Crows, Lilyan Pronounced a great success, the first for $60,000 against Fiorito Brothers,obstructing mechanical MoGarry, captain; the Hawks, Leta sch,~ol party of the year was held last contractors, owners of a truck which at a time when every nv Bradley, captain;the Macaws, Cather- Fridav for the Torqua fund. Dancing, collided with a car and caused the provement served to mc~ ine Brown, captain; and .the Eagles, sin~ing and card games composed thedeath of Edward Sc'hieck. The attor- general unemployment. Helene Rassaa, captain. Last Mon- anmsements. The orchestra was an neys contended that Edna and Fred Industrialism presents and paradoxical pictttre day, and Wednesday the Crows won -utside organization under the diree- Schieek, children of the victim, lostinto the two stages of over the Macaws 29 to 10, and the tion of Len Grinnn. The Junior Class their opportunity to get a college edu- machine manufacture. Hawks over the Eagles, 23 to 14. The was SliOnsor.A H S " cation when their father was killed, thing was made by ha finals will be played off this week. and should have compensation for be- over-production and A. H.S. B, ws' League has had a hard time ing deprived of the schooling. Edna Now that everything is Agnes Conrad was chairman for the getting representatives from the class- is nineteen and Fred sixteen. last Junior Dramatics Club meeting, chine there is under-1 es .at the meetings. At the last meet- work for all. held last Thm:sday. Her program consisted of a pantonfime given by each member. A prize was awarded Ramon Machado and Robert Digidio, pantomiming Romeo and Juliet. The object of this club is to give the mem- bers a knowledge of both public speaking and pantomiming. It has proven very successful so far. A. i-I. S. Short plays and pantonfimes were given last Thursday in the Canyon Theatre by members of the Senior Dramatics Club. Of the several plays put on, the one produced by Director Richard Welseh was judged the best. The play was a pantomi/ne of a mar- ried man, a lover, and a jealous wife, and was entitled "Ah Ha!" A. H. S. Last Friday Mary and Stans Fink- enbeiner, two students of the school, checked in their books and are trans- ferring to the mainland. They are ex- pected to return to this school again in January, according to Stuns. A H. S. The ringworm squad, as the boys who have the foot disease, are called, is slowly decreasing, and it is hoped that in the near future there will be no squad ing, there were only two present. El- mer Beeker from the seniors and Joe Hernaudez from the tenth grade. John Rowley is president of the League. Catalina Island"~th-e--place where quietness and repose soothes ragged nerves and renews health and happi- UeSS. o STAFF Editor--Helene Rassau. Reporters---Mawelyn Boles, Frank Burgess, Roland Feltrop, Bob t-tarry Lillie, Charles McClanahan, William Orr, Anne Vuich, Dick Betty McGarry, Dorothy Winterbottom, Catherine Fullerton, Agnes Edna Hensen, Jane Dowdle, Norma Mattson, Leta Bradley, Charlotte and t~mer Becker. Don Meadows, Faculty Advisor. Dunkle, Welsch, Conrad, Rassau, EDITORIAL The regulations instituted by Mr. Dunkle regarding merits and demerits are very well made and should result in solving the problem of discipline, which heretofore has been one of the big problems confronting the teachers. The new regulation provides that the first offense shall be one demerit, the second offense one demerit and fifteen minutes detention after school, the third offense one demerit and half an hour detention Under the old plan, demerits were the only things given for misconduct. We believe that if more students would pay attention to what happens in the class, the grades would be much higher. It may seem that the rules are too strict, but if they'are made hard .it will mean that results will be quick in coming. The demerit system is really not a very efficient mode of correction, but on the other hand, us- ing detention only would be too hard on the students. We believe that a con~bination of the two should prove successful.--W. O. Keep on If the day looks ki.nde~- And your chances kmde If the situation's puzzJ Antl the prosl)ects aW And perplexities keep 'Til all hope is nearly Just bristle up and gri And keel) on keepin' on. Shnnning never wins a fight' , And frettin' never pa.ys;,.,00dita There ain't no good m u- These pessimistic wayS... Smile just kinder cheerftfllY \Vhen hope is nearly g.flflf/~tff And bristle up and gr lry- And keep on keepin' on. There ain't no use in And grumblin' all the When music's tin .amd everything's in Just keel; on smilin' If hope is nearly gone, ,,otff And bristle up and gmt : * n And keep on keepm o -(__vLJ. Our Adlet Column helPS'