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October 19, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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October 19, 2012

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I Jordan Monioe above is the KISL Community Outreach Director. Courtesy photo KISL's Meet the Voice Where the Catalina Islander and KISL introduce you to the voices behind KISL's live radio progl:amming. This week: The voice behind the voices. Jordan Monroe is the KISL community outreach director. BY JENNIFER LAVELLE KISL: How did you get in- volved in local radio? Jordan: Radio has always been. my favorite medium. And it's also because of the TV show "North- rytellers to the Island so they can gain hands on experience. KISL: What does it take to get involved with KISL? Jordan: If you have some- thing to share with the community you can be involved. Listeners can even send us an "audio post- card," just a message saying hi to their family and friends by calling HAHA-BOATER. KISL is open to everyone. KISL: Does being involved mean committing to a weekly DJ show? Jordan: Not at all. We love Tower of Babel "bageled or not bageled." Boater's use many VHF chan-Aboard Afishinado, if two or nets when operating off Catalina more fish (marlin) are hooked John King Columnist Island; some are for safety (16) some are for contacting local har- bors (12) some are for radio checks (09) and some are for commercial use. These are important channels, but if you want to learn to fish Catalina and the surrounding off- shore waters, channel six-five is the angler's lo- cal channel. It is amaz- ing what you can learn by listening and scanning these channels, but you need to know how to "hear be- tween the lines." One of the best times to learn to use the VHF as a to01 for collecting fishing info is during a local tour- nament. Every tournament needs to have a channel for communicat- ing hook-ups, location and general information from the participants to "tournament control" It usu- ally does not take long to find the channel with your VHF on "scan all" but you can bet it will be 65 or 71. If you can gel a grid map our local DJs, but organizations of the tournament's zones you will such as the city's Recreation De- improve your information gather- partment cannot commit to that ing efforts tremendously since all amount of time. Instead they drop hook-ups must be reported and re- in the same grid and we are not "in the fish," we make the move; that is how important the information can be. However, there is a lot of misinforma- tion and general radio chatter that is simply noise. Good captains know how to pull the good "dope" out of the noise. Here are a few tips: 1. Learn the names of the captains and boats in the tournaments and the ones that are the high-liners, fre- quent winners. They are likely to go "radio-silent" come tournament time, but even the best will let info slip out. 2. Learn the grid enough said. 3. Learn the shorthand names of the banks and ridges within the grid. If you are "off the slide" and hear some good dope "off the head," then another report of a hook-up in "the pond" you want to know which is closer. 4. Learn how the fish are act- ing. A common slip is to men- tion, "we had a few feeders come up, but could not get on them fast enough," and then "water is 69." That is info you can use. 5, Know "the other one," by scanning channels and remem- bering what you hear. Get in the habit of making notes of important info. Lastly, do not even dare ask for numbers on the VHF! Happens every day, "hey, you guys on six- five talking about Dorado, can you tell me where you are?" Forget it, you already got some great info. Capt. John King is the owner and founder of Afishinados Char- ter. Contact him at (310) 510-2440 or (3"23) 447-4669. Send us your letters to the editor via email editor@thecatali- ern Exposure." KISL: "Northern Exposure?" Jordan: Ha, yeah. It takes place in a small town like Avalon and has a local radio station. In one of the episodes, the DJ asks his friend for help over the air, and I thought, "How cool is that to be able to-reach a whole communi- ty?" Then I realized that we have that capability with KISL. KISL: What is your role at the station? Jordan: KISL is 100 percent volunteer-run and operated. Basi- cally I try to help bridge this re- source to the individuals and com- munity organizations in our town so they can share their mission, their efforts or even just their fa- vorite music. ]~t.ning ndex b~ecrealiona I l:orecas! Peak Fishing Tin]cs This ~,:cek KISL: What is coming up next for the station? Jordan: We are always con- tinuing to grow our live program- ming and local involvement, but we also have two big projects that we're working on. The first is our Show & Telethon fundraiser, where we hope to raise money for our station as well as raise aware- ness about local organizations. The Show & Telethon. will air De- cember 3rd from 7-9 p.m. on local Channel 3. The other project is a Radio Retreat where we will bring aspiring radio journalists and-sto- time is taken up by podcasts. I love the storytelling format ra- dio provides; from programs like Radiolab to This American Life to Wiretap and the Dinner Party Download. I'm captivated by the era when radio was the home the- ater system. Orson Welles' War of the Worlds from 1938 still draws me in every time I listen to it. This is one of the reasons why I get so excited about local radio. We have the opportunity to capture local voices, and the sharing of these stories can be so special and pow- erful. Everyone has a story, and the easy thing about radio is that all you have to do is talk. If you or your organization would like to be a part of the Show & Telethon where you can show and tell the community about all the wonderful things you do con- tact Jordan Monroe the Communi- ty Outreach Director: jordanmon- us a line in 30-second updates of corded by time, boat name, angler contact information, i.e name, address and telephone number. their upcoming activities, pro- and sometimes other info such as grams, sign ups, etc. via smart "bait or jig," "line test" and even No anonymous letters wiilbe published. phone. This format is very easy to use, and KISL will walk you through the three simple steps you~ ~ ~ ~ ~1 need to start sharing. KISL: What is on your iPod ~ ~t~ playlist right now? Jordan: I have a few select albums, but most of my listening Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunny Partly CloudyPartly CloudyPartly CloudyMostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy 75 / 58 71 / 58 71 / 57 68 / 57 68 / 54- 71 / 55 70 / 58 Pre6pChan~e: ~/o PrecipChance: 10% PrecipChance: 10% PreeipChance: 10% PrecipChance: 5% PrecipChance: 5% PrecipChance: 10% ~/ I 0-2 [ 3141 s liliU 819 I~01 11+1 0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate 6-7: High 8-10: Very. High, 1 I+: Extreme Exposure IIIIII Da~ U.~h t~w Norma~ ~ ~ ~ 10/8 68 57 74/61 0.00" 10/9 66 57 74/60 0.00" 10/1062 56 73/60 0.01" 10/1160 53 73/60 0.81 " 10/1262 54 73/60 0. I0" 10/1371 56 73/60 0.00" 10/[486 67 73/60 0.00" ~:eather Trb, ia Does lightning strike land a lot more qften than at sea? Answer: Yes, due to storms developing [ more frequently over land. X~,;eat h er listory Oct. 19. 1844 - The famous "Lower Great Lakes Storm" occurred. Southwesterly winds were at hurricane force for five hours, driving lake waters into I downtown Buffalo, N.Y. The storm drowned 200 people. Today we will see sunny skies with a high temperature of 75,humidity of 78%. The record high temperature for today is 94 set in 1964. Expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with an overnight low of 58 . The record low for tonight is 45 set in 1949. Saturday, skies will be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 71,humidity of 73%. Skies will be mostly cloudy Saturday night with an overnight low of 58 . Expect partly cloud), skies Sunday with a high temperature of 71 . Skies will remain partly cloudy Monday with a high temperature of 68 . o ~ AM g M Fri 3115-5:15 2:45-4:45 Sat 4:14-6:14 3:44-5:44 Sun 5:10-7:10 4:40-6:40 Mon 6101-8:01 5:31-7:31 Tue 6:50-8:50 6:20-8:20 Wed 7:37-9:37 7:07-9:07 Thu 8:21-10:21 7:51-9:51 Avalon Catalina Harbor Fri l:llam5:53am12:14pm7:48pm Fri l:16am6:0tam12:19pm 7:561ran Sat 2".35 am 7:00 am1:19 pm 9:03 pm Sat 2:40 am 7:08 am1:24 pm 9:11 pin Stm 4.'07am 8:41am 2:42pm10:191ma Sun 4:12am8:49am 2:47pm10:27pm Mort 5:21am10:35am4:161ma ll:25pm Mort5:26am10:43am4:21pro ll:33pm Tue 6:13amll:59am5139pmNone Tue 6:lSam12:07pro 5:44pmNone W ~I 6:53am12:19am6:45pm12:59pm Wed 6:58am12:27am6:50pro l:07pm Thu 7:27aml:03am 7:39pml:46pm Thu 7:32amt:llam 7:44pml:54pm I~ Sunrise Sunset Moonrise M~nset First Fri 7:01 a.m.6:15 p.m. 11:39 a.m. 10:09 p.m. 10121 Sat 7:02 a.m.6:14 p.m. 12:33 p.m. 11:13 p.m. Sun 7:03 a.m.6:12 p.m. 1:2t p.m.Next Day Full Mort 7:04 a.m.6:11 p.m. 2103 p.m.12:17 a.m. Tue 7:04 a.m.6:10 p.m. 2:40 p.m.1:19 a.m. 10129 Wed 7:05 a.m.6:09 p.m.3114 p.m.220 a.m. " ~J "Ihu 7:06 a.m.6:08 p.m.3:47 p.m.3:18 a.m. :Hoop Ne.t- atafina lsfang [ Book ~. 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