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October 16, 1941     The Catalina Islander
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October 16, 1941

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IDA~ OCTOBER 16, 1941 ,- PAGE ELEVEN JUST NOTES , art never lost among '~he various . t - -' +" tribes, for to this day' it is still ritual ~i The Juniors and Seniors have begut/ - and their legends still maintain a prim- ' their health studies. Each Thurs- itive flavor that is yet not blended [Continued from Sugar Loaf Page] day t"y' "UJuni rs have a ]~sson while on with the white civilization about them. it Fridays the Seniors participate. Although the authors, Louise McKee /t DANGEROUS ENEMY! BOOKKEEPING IS FUN The schedule for the seventh periodand Richard Sumhmrs, and the artist, II~.ry different type of assembly gym class is very difinite. Monday-- Powell Scott, set about preparing a around ~[he study and preparation of Beginners class; Wednesday--golf for High School age children they Succeed- ~t*e~,last week on Monday after- The work in Bookkeeping is centered the girls dress; Tuesday--golf for the book whose appeal would be to Junior ~ ne usual routine was dispersed the Work Sheet, Profit and Loss the Advanced group. It may be added ed in presenting something which will ~tlae group met in the Casino Statement and the Balance Sheet. that while the girls are taking lessons hold the interest of all ages. It is in- ~re to learn about Fire Preven- There are important business state- the other group either play Pitch andcumbent u!~on every adult, who may ments. Putt or get dressed--result, play pitch profess a wide knowledge to include Chief Sullivan of Avalon was In the Shorthand class, several newand putt. these legends in his repertoire. characters have been studied. I)usty Desert Tales are of the !'ima, ff~i~d and in turn introduced Mr. The Ninth graders have started tour, ~[~ l liar, Assistant Fire Marshal of Money has been the topic in the naments in ping pang and badminton.Apache, Yuma and Hopi Indians o'f the ~n)a, who gave some very inter-Genera! Math Class The Seventh grade has received theSouthwest and the stories are the very I~,t}aets about fire--both causes, The 'Future Typists of the World' first copy of "Current Events," to ones which are being told today in the i~t ns and fire-fighting methods, are diligently at the work in typing which the class subscribes. The groupsocial circles of these groups. ~1%t notable fact was the great I and II, with Miss Hartmann to ad- particularly enjoys the news occurring * * * ~raent made in the methods of vise. daily and they are studying the coun- DEATH GOES NATIVE F fires . A.H.S. tries in which the news is occurring. es were shown portraying CAMPUS CAPERS A new idea is being presented in the By Max Long , I~t fire bugs r ram study of Modern Explorers. The peo- Almost invariably "Hawaiian or IL2 eases offire, and warning Roger U. is looking very broken- pie being studied are in all fields of "Honolulu" conjure up visions of sway- , g,~e.Vaammg part of the p og . .hearted and we don't blame you, work, the idea being that these people ing palms, tinkling guitars and romance ~'a~cl on Casino point, where wxtta Roger. are living--such as Byrd, and they do--not nmrder! ~[~0f Fire Chief Sullivan, Mr. Try knitting your eyebrows for a not belong to the past such as Colum- However, this startling deviation ]~.t~Well and Mr. AI McCarte, pastime, bus. The gap between the past explor- from the norm is the sum and sub- I"qler gave some demonstrations. Notice for Seventh and Eighth ers and the modern ones is more stance of Death Goes Native, a thrill- I~R A. I-t. S. graders. Why don't some of these readily understood by a pupil taking er by Max Long from the presses of. ~I~.'~l Y RECEIVES up-and-coming Seventh and Eighth this course. J.B. Lippincott. It is written in the [~ graders wake up to themselves and Even though all lands have been con- third person, fascinatingly, by the ATERIAL realize they are not so grown up. quered a person nmst not believe thatcharacter, Hastings Hoyt, a seeker Patty and Douglas M. have been explorers do not exist. Science, bet- after solitude and peace. ~brary has just received some together quite often. Well-- tering materials for the human race ~s for the Ninth grade. Among and other subjects are being explored It was because he had reached a ~t~e two copies of a very inter- The gang around school has certainly saturation point in nmrder and rays* been surprised when they saw who at- continuously, by these modern explor- tery that he had fled the compare of ~a~Phlet+,efttitled. "Uncle Sam's ers. A H S ~i~Slets.' It ,s seventy pages full rived with who at school in the morn- his friend, Komako, genial and cfficie,t I~Stmg facts concerning our Pa- ing. Hawaiian detective, a worthy successor Why did everyone look so jubilant English 11 is beginning work on theto Charlie Chan. Fate decided other, I~Sessions, telling their descrip- FridayI(way back.) Evidently they Short Story after completing the study I~'ten they were discovered, andgot the right person to take them to of the novel. They will latter cam- wise, for in the supposed native aml ~l~l~ taeir annexation. There als0 the Carnival as it can be remembered pare these~ two pieces of literature,unspoiled haven of the Valley of Wai- maka he found a colony of whites, go' I"y maps which are very easy toby each and every one who attended. Some of the class seem at have diffi- . ing native in a large way, attemptmg ~+ A certain last year's Senior and a culty in telling the difference between to forget Armaggedon. know your Uncle Sam's chil- the various types of literature which pretty blond Junior enjoyed the Casino Horror and unceasing turmoil were It tile Pacific? Did you know Theatre and--last week. they have studied, his constant companions after the dis- I~2~ them are included the Mid- Bud is still trying to figure out -------- ' " covery he made in the refrigerator cf I~2Ure Islands, Wake, Johnstonwhy Olive didn't keep that date. his sampan. Not until Komako ap- ~jiSs~an Islands, Palmyr Island, Flash--Bud and Olive were just seen O~[ll of Prin/ peared on the scene to frustrate evil lli~ ~land, Baker, Howland and enjoying the show. She must have ,doers and unravel a skein of vici0u+s ~l.~nds and Canton and Ender- told him. By Jeanette Higbie events did Hastings Hoyt achieve a l'~alds~ Two new boys appeared in Avalon modicum of the peace he had been so ~, A.H.S. Thursday. It didn't take the girls LITTLE BROWN HEN long seeking. " i ~'i~ faces an emergency~ Everylong to get aquainted. Did it Kay? ~.~l~rged to assist to the utmost Books c~ the yeek ' By Dorothy Parmlee Farrow CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCHES I~IztY by buying Defense Sav- "When the Bells Toll'--S, chool's Out. When parents were children there The question "Ar----e Sin, Disease, "Live Alone and Like It--Miss Hill was certainly not the selection of read- tied DeesathnRseear~;nW~S t~en~uabjeent ~ (After Miss Coppoek left), ing matter there is for the child to- L - y ' alin01slmlL0dge, "Gone With the Wind"--Richard's day. For all the large publishing Churches of Christ, S e,!entist+ T~s Na, SZ4 Motorcycle houses have specialized departments verse from Jeremiah, 'Heal me, ':'0 every Tuetutay night o! ue.~ The SPy --Writer of gossip column,which read and analyze the copy sub.- Lord, and I shall be healed; save r~, at 7:30 in Foresters Hail "Pride and Prejudice"--Orman Car- mitted them to besure it is psyehio-and I shall be saved: for thou art my brethren are wet one. J. W. 1L WINDLE, Master I~]~RBERT A. WEGMANN. See'y. WINDLE PUBLIC or at Idander Of~ce three 500 ter. "Magnificent Obession''IWinifred Wills. "Murders in the Ruenorgue Morgue" --A1, Ole and Norman. "Age of Innocence"--Seventh and Eighth Graders. "American Bea.uty"--(None in Ava- lon--sorry). "Laughing Boy"--Dick Peterson. "All Quiet On the Western Front"-- Main street after 8 oclock. "Marching On"--Avalon's Contribu- tion to Uncle Sam. A. H. S. DEFEATED 1 Avalon's second team was defeated by Catalina. last Wednesday on their home ground by the seore of 3-2. The starting line-up was as follows: Avalon Position Catalina B. Brooks LF Currier N. Carrera CF Royce B. Hite CH Willis B. Jukes RH Drake D. McCoach LW Toms K. Smithers LG Currier B. O'Hara RW Adams D. Peterson RG D. VaUes GG Thomson H. White RG Krag B. Taylor LH Clippe The substitutes for Avalon were Gale Paulson and George Mobias. Other players for Catalina were Sells, Wigram and Phillips. A. H. S. Do you know that Avalon has one of the finest all-year climates to be foun.t anywhere ? Advertising is the inseparable com- panion of business success. logically correct for the age youngster in whose hands it will be placed, Keeping faith in, this respect, The Macmillan Company has just publish- ed Little Brown Hen, a book which might be dubbed a primer. On every page are pictures done in the brilliant hues which so delight the eye of the child reading his first book--or, so to speak, reading it over mother's shoul- der. The story is entrancing-~-of a little Snowshoe Rabbit who lacked cou.rage. In fact he was such a coward that when he met Red Fox one day and Red Fox promised not to eat Little Snowshoe Rabbit if he would take him to Little Brown Hen, Snowshoe just couldn't say no. But the way the plot was foiled is a tale that children will love and want re,told again and again. 8*" DUSTY DESERT TALES By Louise McKee and Richard Summers Indians, their beliefs, their legends and the manner in which those legends originate, holds fascination for every person raised in America. Who, as a child has not played "Indians" and to this day does not read such novels as "Drums Along the Mohawk" with avid interest for its depiction of ~Indian color. No doubt bearing this thought in mind, The Caxton Printers bring forth another of their beautifully hand made books, Dusty Desert Tales. As there was Roman and Greek mythology so there is Indian but it is far more obscure. With .Indians of the Southwest, story-telling is religion, education and entertainment. It is an praise," was the Golden Text. One of the Scriptural selections in- eluded these verses from Luke: "And it came to pass the day after, that he went into a city called Nain ; and many of his disciples went with him, and much people. Now when he came nigh to the gate of the city, behold, there was a dead man carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow: and much people of the city was with her. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not. And he came and touched the bier: and they that bare him stood still. And he said. Young" man, I say unto thee, Arise. And he that was dead sat up, and began to speak. And he delivered him to his mother." The Lesson-Sermon presented also these statements from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "The humble Nazarene overthrew the supposition that sin, sickness, and death have power. He proved them powerless." "Nothing can interfere witb the harmony of being nor end the existence of man in Science." At Catalina you'll always feel gay. There's laughter and merriment all thru the day.