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October 16, 1941     The Catalina Islander
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October 16, 1941

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PACJE SIX THE CATALINA ~Pu~ ~Tr~'~ILIL, II]k[l~ r~I~~JJI~[I~ TOO MANY AMERICANS ARE TUNA CLUB NOTES FORGETTING HOW TO WALK . lVl l o? l --- (Oontinued fro-'~age I, C01. 3}.h ~2'~ ~,~, By Chas. H. Smith Mr. and Mrs Phil M Swaffield ~.i~ r D~L~ ~1/1~ ~I~IUt We wonder, sometimes, guests aboard, Dr. and Mrs: SterJ!~e~ 'If they have an automobile and want Fillsbury, all of Long Beach we[rltgg for the week-end to try ttaorj dtc something a block or two away, the5" However nothing happened ay~, ~a use the automobile instead of their party nfinus the good Doctor le.*~r is ' legs. - home oil Sunday. Dr. Pills~,"Ml" It is quite rare to find a person who takes real pleasure in walking. Yet a staying at the clubhouse for tu~ person who walks over a road or a trail ance of week. Tr 0f will find many things of interest before Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Jones lie of his eyes that the man who rides, either Long Beach were over for a coUP~is- in an automobile or horseback, rarelydays aboard their snaopy fishing'~a~ observes. - I-tite er Nada IH. Judge Percy tai0g~ We have discovered this right here with them and they were very a ~00d in Avalon. ' - a ~: During the 1last 25 years we have to get the Judge hooked to d0i~g scrapping marlinbut notlaing found much pleasure in walking over this trip. lnany of the roads and trails in and about Avalon, for di,stances ranging * * * - ~1orose' Bob Lynn and his wite ~ board A little mongrel (log, six months old, from one mile to eight or ten. were over for the week-end.~eoZ~. who has been kicked around for many On these walks we have found and their smart fishing launch ~z~.~dl ll months because he is a jotlopy sort of been entertained by various things in hound, turned ont to be the hero of a,imal and bird life, flowers and trees They were out for a marlin or broo but drew a blank this time. the ~ery drastic fire, out Pebble Beach and small shrubs, etc that the man * "* * t gr. way. By his determined disturbance who rides seldom sees. W "W Valentine and his gueS;.'~aria at his master's door, it was he who Another thing gained by these walks McCurdy, were over on the ;~rli~t awakened his master, who tbon noticed has been a measure of good health hunting for an accommodating. ',od to the burning building, lmnce the Mama. that, although we spent many hours or even a broadbill but they t~ Idt alw Many have, and love their pedigreed day after day in an office, is not often meet up with such this trip dogs, but it has been proven by expert found even in Apse vCho work out- for the mainland on Sunday. genealogists that the mongrel is the doors all the time. . . . ~ I. smartest. The loss caused by this Add to that tide fact that good health On Monday, October 13, Mrs',~l~ devastating fire has been severe, but helps you to keep young--both physi- Jarvis took a nice marlin ~ 1#1~ if it had not been for this little mon- cally and mentally, and you have a pounds, which places this .g ~01~u grel dog, perhaps the fire would have fine combination which ought to induce angler in top place for the .~ UP been much more destructive. And more people to walk. Swaffield marlin for lady an.glo~ e# there is much credit that belongs to If you really want to enjoy your to this catch Mrs. Frank B lve~f~##, Fire Chief Sullivan for letting the in- walk you should have one or two corn- high with her catch of 174. ~t~O tense inferno 'blaze, fo- it was impos- panions. Thereby, in pleasant conver- taken on August 17. Mr. JarVt~h~'O,t" sible to check wnat was already a sat;on and joint observation of various his wife's fish after a well fq~:~r~d ~ mass of ruins. His efforts were con- objects seen on the way, the distance tie and nerfect handling of tn / ~00" "- ano r centrted on surrounding buildings, that is covered with pleasure--and you are Mrs. Jarws. There should, bY were saved. This tire, however, is the stimulated mentally and without great ably will be keen compeUU .n,he # second for Santa Catalina within a fatigue, ladies from now to the end or" tmblieity department of the S. C. I. C~. year. The cause has not yet been deter- There are quite a number of pleas- son. office, at Saata Catalina Island, Ava- Ion, California, fbr her kind hospital;- ty extended to me while vacatkming there recently; which in turn helped make nay stay in Avalon a very pleas- ant one indeed!. Would like to say "Thank you" to Mr. Ted Sierks for his cordial welcome to me and who was pinch-hitting for his mother, Mrs. Alma Overholt, pub- licity manager of same office while on her vacation whom I haven't had the pleasure of meeting while in Avalon. May I add a word for the "Couriers," who are youthful, pretty and on their toes at all times even while off duty. An orchid to pretty .Miss Eleanor F;verett, one of the Couriers whom I found ~'~ be a ~ery acc~mnnod:~tin~" young lady. The day I left Avahm for Los An- geles, it seems Miss Schinner who spent her vacation with me on the Is- land was detained and therefore un- able to make the earlier boat for which we had reservations. This ~;-n- eious young lady, Miss Everett. made it possible for us to obtain passage on the later boat within just a few min- utes; for which we were very grateful to her. To Mr. Sam McCoaeh, Capt. Tinch Morocich and Capt. George Gemilere, thanks for the lovely trips which were both enjoyable and educational. I am looking forward to another trip real .soon. Ann Patron Andrews. 131 S. E First Street, Miami, Florida. PIgBBLE RE-ACHnMILL - TOTAL LOSS In the early hours of last Friday morning the Avalon Fire Department responded to an alarm at Pebble Beach. As the rig rounded the turn going to Pebble Beach, flames could be seen shooting into the sky for at least 100 feet. Finding, upon their arrival, that the mill proper was beyond saving, Chief Sullivan directed his crew m protecting the surrounding buildings from being ignited. Steady streams of water were played for seven and one- half hours, and twenty-four hundred feet of hose were laid to bring the water to the fire. The estimated loss is approximately $33,000. The origiu of the fire is unknown. mined. The first alarm was at 2:15 a.m. Brief Chatter;nit Capt. Roger (Buster) Upton of the good ship Sonny H, was looking for the mighty swordfish last Saturday with Commodore "Farmer" Hemmi, Mrs. Sonny Hemmi and Carl Baals. They were furrowing through the blue Pa- cific trying to plow uuder a swordfish or two, The Sonny H returned with- out a fish. There were seven of the the large ones caught during the day. Avalon time, according to the chimes tower is a few nfinutes faster than mainland time. The local populace set their clocks and watches with what is known as "Chimes Time" A very amusing postcard arrived from Harry Johnson while 'he was visiting on the maiuland for the first time in three years, he said he was painting the town red, but I don't believe it Harry James and, his orchestra has become one of the best in the country. Harry is known as the "greatest trumpeter of all times" and has remarked, that an engagement on Santa Catalina would just be swell. And there is nothing to the rumor that Ben Bernie will take over the Rumba Casino, Chicago, he also would like to fiddle around the Catalina Casino Popular expression in the new army: Situation normal, everything snafoo--They probably can't spell kopasetick All Avalon attend- ed the St. Catherine Hotel dance; there I was grimly tripping the liffht fantas- tic Sunday was the first day for Avalon to have liquid suns'hine, and it wasn't a tropical storm. The new weather man in Los Angeles had missed Suunday's weather by a long way Many do not know it, but you can not send a book of matches through the mail Someone asked by card, about this two weeks ago Frank Henry, former St. Catherine Hotel bell captain is still in Honolulu, Hawaii, working in the Moana Hotel. He will be busy shaking hands, as sev- eral Santa Catalina natives have left for that distant Island. Throw away your identification cards. Use Security-First National Bank "Personalized Checks" with your name, address and phone number on each one.--Adv. Sell Catalina--Buy Avalon. ant walks in and about Avalon that are interesting, that give one glimpses of the city and its environs that you might never receive otherwise. Here are a few of them, starting, say from Crescent avenue, near the Santa Cata- lina Island Company's ticket office: Go straight up Sumner avenue to where the road on the right turns off to go up to the Country Club. Keep right on past the club building until you come to a fork in the road; take the right one; follow that until you come to another place where you can go either of two directions. 'lake the left hand road until you come to Whittley avenue, and follow it ,town to Crescent avenue. If you feel like going further, turn to the left when you reach Whittley avenue and follow that road until you come to the upper terrace. Then, follow the upper ter- race until you reach the the stage road fronl the Isthmus; follow it to Marilla avenue, and along Marilla to Crescent. If you can find some one to go with you who can tell you something about the places which you pass, the trip is all the more agreeable. A party of two or three is large enough. Of course, there is always the walk to the Bird Park, straight out the ex- tension of Sunmer avenue, which some call Avalon Road. Still another, is to continue on past the Bird Park up to the Wrigley Mau- soleum, which is a beautiful thing, worthy of intelligent observation. Then there is the walk over by the ttotel St. Catherine, back around the Avalon Casino and return to Avalon. Another, longer walk, pass the Hotel St. Catherine and follow the road over the ridge and down to the Catalina Airport. There you may rest and see the planes come and go. For another walk that is different, go up Marilla to the stage road. When you come to the fork in the road, go either to right or left, clear around the hill--but do not take the road to the Summit until you have be- come an experienced walker---equal to at least four or five miles and return. We may tell of other walks later. Now, just a word or two of warning: KEEP ON THE ROADS! Some visi- tors have become seriously injured on Catalina Island by not observing this warning. Also, do not pick flowers or young growth along the paths or road- Edwin Earl and Hugh guests of George I). Rowan house. They came over by plane and fished on the Marija V. II. Capt. rich. Unfortunately theY for time and could only day and it had to be the but that's fishing. CATALINA FisHING : (Continued from Page 1, e, ol pounds. Time, 1 hour, 51 Taken on light tackle. October ll--W. R. VoorhR weight, 175 pounds. Time, minutes. W. Davies: ma 114 pounds. Time, 49 Peeler : marlin, weight, Time, 50 minutes. Ligh Joe Peeler: marlin, wel Time, 25 minutes. marlin, weight, 119 pounds nfinutes. H. Priester: t~.a: 118 pounds. Time, 55 mlta on light tackle. October 12---Dr. Joe weight, 142 pouuds. Time, O--/ AUXILIARY TO HOLD CARD PARTY All bridge, five ,nnd keno players are up on their party sponsored by American Legion The party will be October 30, at the room on Crescent will start at 8 p.m. grand prizes, so fee for cards will be you there. Try our Adlet Column. ways. Leave them for Do not deface walls, marking them in anY waY cutting or writing you1 them). Be a good zen. ~rill be glad to desiring to take any nmtual pleasure, when engaged. Phone 639.