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October 16, 1941     The Catalina Islander
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October 16, 1941

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Published by the Students of Avalon High School and Edited by the'Eleventh attd Twelfth Year:English Classes VOLUME XVi AVALON HIGH SCHOOL, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1941 LANCERS WIN 3-2! There was a great game played by l~oth team~--Catalina and Avalon--last Wednesday here at our home soccer ield. "It all s[artec~n the second quar- ter when Pete Rik"M,o scored a goal and following him was "Ray Dodge, ~vho ~$O scored. The third quarter the Latxcers marked up another goal--made again bY 'Pete Rikalo. G. Jones of Catalina scored a goal for their team, in the third quarter. The fourth quarter Catalina marked up another goal also made by G. Jones, and that ended the game. The line-up is as follows: Avalon PositionCatalina A. Pallas CF G. Jones O. Carter RF Griffith R. Upton RW Edwards P. Rikalo LF Keith R. Dodge LW Haskell I. Carter LH T. Jones C. Vincent CH Meighan A, Perluss RH O'Melveny J.' Gibson RG Richardson ~. Rikalo LG DeTreville ]R~ Batho GG B. Wright ~ubstitutes-- Avalon: A. Ostoich, p. Hines, L. Bermudez, R. Shiltander. : ,Catalina: Bayly, Gates, Hees. Officials: Ote Olson and Mike Le- A. H. S. RECI AIMING THE PAST new col.umn is being started to you rdaders,s0me idea as to the talent sho~n by the Seniors in younger, y~a~s.:~ from' Tile. Catalina Islander, written by Raymond of age : kitty is pretty wild; when she purrs it's very mild; she "tries to purr a song, I guess I have t0 give her the gong. mother&eeps:hei'sflf yery neat; kitty thinks, she's very sweet. ten kitty .tries to catch a fly, her on the eye, when she winks at me, think she got a flea A. H. S. FROM THE BOYS' GYM .:~:!~oach Walker is starting the boys' ~m classes,t0 work on the fall sports ~ h include soccer and football. Each Of'~the classes is getting some calis- fllehies ~ e'ach week. " A: quiet' and peaceful evening was ,~ajoyed las( Thursday by the Letter- tget? and the new members. The for- :l~t initiation was a smeeess, and the sew fellows took it swell. The seven new members were as fol- lows: Lester Smith, Lloyd Eber, Paul 'Hines, Anthony Ostoich, Ray Bathe, Richard ,Shillander and Cal Vincent. The Pre'sidenL A1 Pallas, with Sam ]Rikalo and Pastor Lopez finished the proces~ion nicely. A.H.S CAMP :FIRE "GIRLS' GROUP ENTERTAINED BY, SPONSORS. The new officers for Camp Fire are ~h/iafifred Wells, president; Olive Van Treese, vice president; May Fox, .sec- retary; Kay Mead, treasurer, and Lor- ~ine McCoach, scribe. September 28th the girls gave a pot- Juek dinner at the home of Miss ]Brown, and Miss Black Everyone ate heartily. The last meeting the girls held was at ]kfisses Brown and Black. They dis- cussed vitamins, National Defense in the home, and how to get the Home Craft project award The meeting was adjourned with the singing of $o~ngs A H. S. Advertising is the inseparable com- -panion of business, success. ASSEMBLY IS PEPPY A pep assembly was held in the Can- 5'on Wednesday October 7, to deter- mine who will :be the ~;elt leader ]?or the year. The assembly was slow in starting because the Lettermen, or should it be said the "Letterwomen" were causing a lot of talk. After the usual patriotic opening, Coach Walker gave a fine talk on "School Spirit" in which he said that. "We should support our team all we can. Being small shouldn't handicap US." This was followed by a very good talk from Mr. Moore, who is coaching the second team. He backed up what Coach Walked had said. Then the temporary team captain spoke--first, Orman Carter for the first team; and then Bill Jukes and Bud Hite for the second. All made some good points. Coy Hite then lead the Student Body in the try out. She was followed by Wanda Rogers and Betty Welander. Coy was successful in obtaining the po- sition, but both teams displayed fine Sch6ol spirit and a lot of pep. NOTICE ! The Cafeteria is in need of some- one to take the job of selling ice cream during the fourth period. Orman Carter has consented to fill the job until some other student is located. The compensation for this job is two dishes per day in the Cafeteria and 20 merits per quarter. Any student wishing it should see Miss Black. Come on, students, show your school spirit by backing up this Student Body enterprise~ O" STUDENTS ATTENTION ! Anyone who has an idea for a memorial, for Mr. Thomson please, hand it in at the office. The suggestions which have been made are as follows: (1) hnprove lighting system in canyon. (2) A new machine for the shop with a dedicatory plate. (3) Perpetual trophy for some purpose STOP ! LOOK! LISTEN! The f~rst year Spanish class is hav- ing quite a time. Miss Ball has been giving a tot of tests and quizes lately Not mentioning any names, but some of the students feel that these tests are graded a little too hard. May be if these students would do a little .study- ing in class, instead of talking, they would get along better. ELEMENTARY GRADES GIVEN TESTS This week the Fourth and Fifth grades are being" tested for general reformation by Miss Gross. As a re- sult of these tests the needs of the in- dividual pupil may be found and the work of the classroom adjusted to the individual's needs. A reading survey is also being made throughout the various Sixth grade classes of the Long Beach system. AvalGn is also being tested and the results will be compared with those in Long Beach schools. Avalon is fortu- nate to have smaller classes in which the teacher may give aid to those who are having reading difficulties. Our library facilities are also helping in keeping up our reading standards. A. H. S. "KING ARTHUR" STUDIED The twelfth year English class is reading the "Idylls of the King" by Tennyson. It was from thi~ book that Mrs. Whittley got her idea for naming the city of Avalon, The story tells of the rise and fall of King Ar- thur and his knights of the Round Table, and of their search for the Holy Grail. A. H. S. FA:SHION COLUMN OF A.H.S. American girls are said to be the best groomed girls of the world today Most of ns are glad to hold this title, but are we living up to it? The ma- jority are, but what about the rest? ~ it doesn't matter what the color of your hair, eyes, or even your skin, it's how you treat these features that counts Did you notice how remarkable Olive Van Treese looked in that "red outfit" she wore Wednesday ? Jerry Batho's new hair-do looked terribly cute, espe- cially with that pleated skirt, and yel- low sweater. She looked as if she had just .stepped from a storybook And iwhile talking about clothes, don't we all wish we knew how to pick and wear our clothes as Miss Hill does ? Bye for now, but we'll be seeing you in this same line next week. A. H. S. SCIENCE ACTIVITIES Physics people are beginning their work on simple machines. To start with, they had no idea of what the principle of movement was. , The Biology class is working 'on the chemistry of Biology, and is going to do food testing The General Science class did quite well on the first test, and has now started on the study of water, learn- ing the difference between evaporation and condensation. A. H. S. For health, or change, or play, or ,rest. Catalina is the best. STAFF Advisor Miss Virginia Hill Editor M~arje Ellington Assistant Editor Coy Hite Staff--Ivan Carter, May Fox, Jean Griffith, Paul Hines, Clara Le- desma, Lorraine McCoach, Kay Mead, Anthony Ostoich, Sammy Rikalo, Lester Smith, Danny Sughrue, Cal Vincent. EDITORIAL One of the ideas that we Americans have is that of giving everyone an even chance. We all believe this to be a good policy, but the question is, "Do we practice it? To judge by some of our recent as- semblies, it would seem that this idea has been temporarily forgotten. Some of ou-r guests and students who are speaking, have been constantly inter- rupted by loud talking and even heck- ling. For some people, .speaking before an assembly is a very difficult task and to be constantly interrupted makes this job twice as hard. To cause this com- motion, is not giving the speaker the even chance he deserves. These assemblies are held for your benefit and enjoyment. It is your duty to participate in them, when called upon to do so, and if not, to listen to the speakers with attention and cour- tesy. To fail to do this only hinders the work that our school is trying to do for you. Also, visitors who might be present, receive a very bad impression 'of our school But, most of all, we are forgetting that idea of giving everyone an even chance So, at the next assembly lets give our speakers a break Lets begin again to practice that good, old Ameri- can idea. AMERICAN E!DUCATION American Education Week November 9 and ends The slogan this year is "EduC a Strong America." The mittee making the pi-eliminary are: Miss Hill, chairman, Miss Carey, Miss Wallace, Mr. The daily topics'will be:~/ 11 Su.~aday, November 9~Seekitag~' Order. Mo~lday, November 10. -B0il~ Physical Fitnes. 1 l Stret~gt~ Tuesday, November ing National Morale. ~rap~ Wednesday, November 12-'~ ing Economic Wellbeing te~ Thttrsday, November 13---~a* ~ ing School Support. ~ Friday, November 14 Leartfitag Ways of Democracy, Saturday, November Fami!y Life. There will be a formal flag for .all students and two the Canyon, one 'for the and one for the Senior Thursday evening, November Parent Teachers' Association a meeting at which the be lX, fr.:Arthffr Carey of Los. The public is invited to any day that week, H. S. LETTERMEN'S CLUB TAKES NEW MEMBERS The public initiatiom of * ,$ members of the Lettermen held the week before the participating in a Carnival part of the initiation. 'were, L. Eber, R. Shillande C. Vincent, L. A. P. Hines. Each fellow face" in the Lettermen's They were gwen the made members of th~ club They are now ordering sweaters, and will be soon. ,~ ;, A. H.+S. ELEMENTARY CLASSES ++ HARD AT WORK It seems that our in the elementary building to settle down to real quarter in a splurge of To begin with the dergarten, their teacher letting them play in the and they are also learnin$ healthy little boys and In the First grade, competition going First Grade Rhythm Avalon High (j~st p looks like a close tie. The second and third finding out how our Avalon is benefitting us. ment, : theyare making which to fill their replica bor. Now the early ing upon the fourth Good and bad is found and it seems that the awful Fundamental good is leai'ning the art water-colors. Last, but not least, seniors of grammar out to learn all about They are planning to radio. They are even to bring an actual radio to study the parts. As a last parting of the Avalon the American Red CrosS- er of this column should do A. H. ~. The U. S. History cl~ ing its study of the ~the thirteen original ica, dating from 1607 to (Additional Sugar