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October 15, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 15, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA SEEING THE PACIFIC COAST (Continued from Page l. Column 4) experience. Many times the traveler is almost dumb in puzzled fascination for the many scenic beauties that spring out in different turns of the road. Level stretches in the road re- veal the vastness of the agrictural country beyond, and the many winding curves of the highway carry the trav- eler through the heart of a forest growth that is almost indescribable in its beauty and autumn coloring. It is a noticeable fact that the peo- ple of the northern portion of the great American continent are particu- larly found of talking about their mountain "passes," and autoists, es- pecially, about "getting over the sum- mit," but the Pacific Highway has been so constructed that the autoists seldom pass over the tops of any great moun- tains. The highest elevation is some REMINISCENT By Mrs. Helen Combe*, Los Angeles. About thirteen years ago, I came on a day excursion to Catalina, and being seasick on the trip, felt that I never wanted to come again. But the Catalina Islander gave me an opportunity four years ago to spend three months here, and from that time on I have been a Catalina booster, and have never lost an opportunity to urge people to visit the Island. I have met many people who have been in Los Angeles for a number of years and have never seen Catalina. When I find people like this, I make it a point to tell them what they have missed. And I have succeeded in get, ting some of them, at least, to take the trip. I have come back each year since that three months. But usually in the The presence of those two magnifi- cent yachts in Descanso bay, opposite the Hotel St. Catherine, over the The Shenandoah, giant navy ble balloon, arrived at San Diego day evening, in a cross-continent from the Atlantic coast. But one was made--in Texas. So ships air are becoming more and more edient to the will of man. Subscribe now--:~?..00 per year. Wednesday Evening, October 15 Patsy Ruth Miller and Matt the greatest picture of their ca summer, when there is so much doingweek-end, is just a forerunner of scores "FOOLS IN THE 4000 feet, near Mt. Shasta. Mt. Rainier around the water front that explora- of such craft which will seek Catalina The happiest, snappiest, most and Mt. Baker, snow-capped when we tion is neglected. This year, a fall waters in the years to come. We have most thrilling picture of the year. passed them, were several nfiles in the trip is enabling me to look about abecome accustomed to seeing the Cas- Also Educational Comedy "TOOTS IE WOOTSIE" distance, bit. And so far I have seen three new lena, Mr. Doheny's splendid vessel, in . S'rRAND~ On Vancouver Island there is the things. First, I came over on the these waters, but the Vanadis, owned famous "Malahat Drive," and the beautiful new boat the Catalina. Then by C. K. G. Billings of Santa Barbara,Thursday Evening, October.16 "Marine Drive," but, in the writer'sI walked clear to Pebbly Beach on awas new to most Avalonites. Mr. "DON'T ..., DOUBT YOUR HUSBAI U. ,. opinion, if Catalina Island had a pro- nice wide board walk, some different Billings is a wealthyhorseman and With that winsome little star, ~i~i~ portionate amount of rain, such as fram the dust and pebbles through yachtman. Dina. Married Men! Married Worl~ falls in the northern Pacific coast which I waded in 1920. Last, but not -- ' Everyone who thinks of marrtaP Three more eventsremain on the 1024 schedule of the California Yacht Club. They are a hydroplane race for the Nordlinger trophy, the Dyes trophy race for speedboats on Sunday, Decem- ber 7, and the last of the series races for star and R boats on Saturday, Oc- tober 18. you mustn't miss it. Also Peerless Comedy "BE YOURSELF" STRAND~ Friday Evening, October 17e# "THE DANGEROUS BLONIJ I Starring Laura LaPlante She'll s~_,. your heart away! Because she ples and winks her way into your o~ in this big thrill. Comedy "SAHARA BLUES" least, I have seen the Wrigley house at close range. The chief thing which I admired about the Wrigley place, is not its beautiful architecture, its commanding site, which I think the most beautiful in the world, or its fine gardens and lovely surroundings. What connnends it to me more than any of these is the complete absence of forbidding signs states, the drive from Avalon to the Isthmus would surpass any of them. Huge green trees and rivers add a scenic grandeur all their own, but no- where have we found the sky so blue and the sea so translucent as we have observed it for many years at Catalina. Since leaving Wihnington, California, our speedometer has registered a little more than 1900 miles. By keeping on not, perhaps, for a moment pause on the highway as much as possible the only delay we had was from a small puncture, a tack that didn't like to be left in the road, and apparently want- ed a free trip back to California. The October 1st issue of the Cata- lina islander reached us October 4th at Vancouver, B. C. It was like "get- ting a letter from home." Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. PUMSING HEALTH experts say that external clean- liness is one of the great factors in man's effort to enjoy good health. Your efforts will be fruitless unless your plumbing is posi- tively sanitary. Our m e t h o d s guarantee sanitation. "A Perfect Service" I;ori W. i;orso, Plumbing, Tinning 212 METROPOLE Opposite City Hall Phone 7-W as one usually finds plastered all over the threshold of that bourne from STRAND~ a place of that kind. No "Keel) out;" whence no traveler returns, to listenSaturday Evening, October 18 "Trespassers will be prosecuted," "Do to the sounding, by the sih,er throated Jack Pickford in not pick the flowers," or "Keel) off the cornetist of the Santa Catalina Marine "THE HILL BILLY" , tire. Grass" signs, confronted me. I real- Band, of "Taps," in place of the joyous A great big, melodramatic story ~s 0f ized, of course, that this was Mr. shouts of welcome which would have out-of-doors, which fairly breathe Wrigley's private home, and that al- greeted him, had he been spared to the Kentuck~r hill regions. Also Peerless Comedy It though he is a public man, very much visit the Island, and the home of his"ADVENTURES IN THE FA in the world's eye, he has just as much friend William Wrigley. And to catch NORTH' right to privacy as I have in my own a glimpse of the holiday crowd, sub-.---~-~.-----STRAND~ little home on Vermont avenue. What dued and saddened, as it wended its Sunday Evening, October 19 I liked about it was the thought that way homeward feeling that it had lost The biggest littlest star on the screen' Mr..Wrigley gave me, and others, a friend, as well as a president. I Baby Peggy in _... credit for intelligence enough to real- have liked to believe, because I love it, "THE FAMILY SECRET] ize this, without his having to tell-- that some of his xery last thoughtsSure fire drama with a mighty P~nld let alone threaten us. on earth, were of this spot, which he yet tender in heart appeal, with .a u~ There was but one thing I wanted had planned to visit, and where he comedy relief. Also Sid Smith ttt when I reached the Wrigley home sitewould have had a royal welcome, and "HATS" _ after walking up the hills from Pebblya stay as perfect as Mr. and Mrs. and INTERNATIONAL NI'V'5 Beach, and that was a drink of water. Wrigley, aided by the whole poptflace, @TRAND~ Water, I know, is a marketable corn- could have made it. Monday Evening October 20,~ modity at Avalon, though I have never Well, though the Islander is bigger "THE MARRIAG'E MARgin_# With a cast of distinguished plaY, tit yet had to pay five cents for a glass, than it was when I first knew it, there A story sizzling, with .drama' alive u---"b" as we did at Rockaway Beach some is still a limit to its space, and I know romarjce, sparkhng with comedy, ,ottO twenty-odd years ago. .But needing it Mr. Windle anti Mr. Smith have lots bling over w~th the spirit ox :~a badly at that time, I began to think of interesting things to say. So I TAIsOFPRaO~ C;~;~ about what papers had said concern-shall close these little bits of looking and l GP t~In;Sl~ E N back, and look forward--to the day PICTURES" when I can come to Avalon anti nmke STRANO~ it my home for a large part of the Tuesday Evening, October 21 time--for everybody has dreams, and Herbert Rawlinson in that is one of mine. And, in the "DARK STAIRWAYS"we tte One solid hour of whirlin exc)t _, st meantime, I am doing my best to make . . . g oe more and more Catalina converts--and and gripping suspense m the clev c~#" "innocent crook" drama you ever ~ it is not a hard task, if the first step, ,, Also Universal Comedy ,, a brief visit, is accomplished. For, like HER FORTUNATE FACE" myself, they colne back. and in turn and INTERNATIONAL Nl~5 become boosters for the Magic Isle, STRANO~ the most beautiful spot on earth. Wednesday Evening October ~_d~- Mary Carr and Johny Walker. t~g'e#- "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are er for the first time since their ~'i~jll" on sale at Windle's News Stand. orable appearance in "Over tee -e in Emory Johnson's mighty pict~t-~ "THE SPIRIT OF THE Advertise your needs in The Catalina Islander. Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. Watch the world come to Catalina. ing Avalon's coming water supply, and to hope that some time, there will be, if not on the Wrigley hill, at least in the city, a drinking fountain. It was but a step from that to won- der if some day the city, or Mr. Wrig- ley, or both, might not erect a drink- ing fountain to the memory of that great man who, a little over a year ago, planned to come to this beautiful isle, and who, though his plans were never realized, left a memory behind him which will never die, in the hearts of the Avalon residents. Though the people here need nothing to remind them of the preparations for that visit, its postponement, and what took place on the night he "should have stood in the band stand, and addressed them, such a memento would be a graceful tribute. I have often wondered, if he did Also Aubrey Comedy _,, "CREAM OF HOLLYWOOi~ ADMISSION PRICES--2S en'l "'~'~ Children under 12, in First Sectlott' Matinee--2Sc. Children 10c.