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October 15, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 15, 1924

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OUR --,,,,,-*.-,, .,, ..... -,., .... ,' .... THE ,PAGE ' *'"' ' ....... PAGES-FROM'A" :, this quiet beauty. The waves sing to '4, , " - : - CATALINA JOURNAL him not of fish and fish-markets, bUtwhich ='.. " . ". ,~ of the primal beauty of creation, I t (The following are extracts from is as fresh and sweet on these seclud- ' ,, "Pages of a Catalina Journal," which ed shores as in the day of Adam, and 4t~E~ ! is the title of one of the chapters in does not need to be dried or salted or a book entitled "Light anti Life From smoked .to preserve its quality for oth- q~leSllaSes IBOatlll Above," published by Solon Lauer iner generations. Tile product of theselU~gllm allld IllIS iltiO~ 1896. Interspersed in the matter de- beantiful beaches and coves to me is a IlelleWell flat owel~= ea!en leeUng and ! scriptive of Catalina will be found the somewhat that does not grow less withmllll~ theories of the author conceruing met- gathering or marketing,--if indeed itIIs l-l-s-|-I-l-O liar( '1 ~OU~/f aphysical questions.) ever can be marketed. I cast my net, satlslles lille el.avllnl~ IoI' (Continued from last week), and find it filled with a most miracu- ~eets. lous draught; for 1 know where to castWrlUleyis Ill dOlb|~ Wave-Symphonies it.The fisherman does not know. He value In the benefit July 24.--[ spent the latter part of pleamll~ It pl'OVlldell. SUPERFLOUS hair on the face o.r arms is unsightly. It should be '# .,rem0ved with the nt- :most care. We. skillful- ly remove all superflous hair and prevent its fu- ture growth. "Charmingly Different" ST. CATHERINE HOTEL BEAUTY PARLOR Phone for Appointment AL. WILSON (INVENTOR) AL. WILSON TROLLING SPOONS and SPINNERS "BEST BY TEST'" 693 Mission St,, San Francisco Your Wants Smoothly Attended To at the ATWATER HOTEL "As Good as the Best, Better ~I'han t.he Rest" BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor 0P Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California I Curios and Souvenirs Look for the Sign of The Big ,Curio Store H. D. MacRae Co. The AVALON Cafe ? Dlan Ostoich. Proprietor 4103 CRESCENT AVENUE Goocl Food, Well Cooked and" Neatly Served. DO YOU PRIZE THAT MAGAZINE OR BOOK? They will last much longer if they are bound in a neat cover; and that Radio Journal, or record, can be pre- served for future reference. How about that old prayer book or Bible ? Does it need a new cover? Let the Islander do it for you. O. W. COLE Painting, Decorating 201 Metropole Avenue , Avalon, California this afternoon in my boat, coasting along the is/anti. A smart breeze was blowing from the southeast, and most of the time i sat in the stern of'the boat snnply guiding her as she drifted before tire wind. [ passed many jut- ting points of rock, where the sea- birds circled on tireless wings, and in the blue waters tire gohtfish glided among the dark green seaweed. The brilliant green of the shrubs on the hillside contrasted finely with the gof den glow of the grass, dried in the summer sun. The scenery along the shore is charming.In some places high bluffs descend abruptly to the waters's edge, their base resting in a bed of gleaming pebl)les, washed by the ceasless waves. At other points a canyon comes down to tire beach, its sides clothed in green and gohl. At the mouth of the canyon a pebbly beach invites the drifting v:anderer to land and explore the bed of what is in the rainy season a rushing creek. A broad expanse of gohlen grass, dotted with green shrubs, tempts yon to pitch 5our tent and spend a (lay or two, fish- ing, sketching, or idly dreaming and watching tile changing colors of the water, or the shifting scenery of the clouds. A distant yacht seems to hang between the sea and sky, its white sail hardly bulging with the gentle breeze. Sea-gulls soar aronnd the rocks, a ra- ven with hoarse croak sails ox cr vonr head, arrt tlyingfish t)reak ,from tile waves and skim for a few seconds over the water. It ix dream-land, fairylaud and it does not seem possible that there is such a thing as care or grief in the whole world. It seems as if the music of the worht must be pitched to the key of the surf-beat and the winds which breathe soft melody around the rugged crags, tn such a scene, yon perceive tile true slate of man in the worhl, how divine and beautifnl it ought to be. \,Vhat but a god should inhabit this fair scene? \Yhat figure but that of at god is t~t to stand in tile foreground of such a ldcture ? \Vhat place for grief or pain is there in my blessed ishmd ? \Vha~ place for sin or wrong? ttow harshly does the grief or pain of man clash with the blessed harmonies of beanties here[ Fishing for Beauty On some of the small beaches fish- ermen have established a camp, and the odor of dried fish pervades tile air, mingling not unpleasantly with tire salty odors of the sea. Racks of lath on which the fish are spread to dry lie here and there, and tin cans, empty bottles, bits of netting, heads and tails of fish, blackened stones snrrounded by ashes and bits of bone, give evi- dence that man has invaded the peace- ful scene in the interests of trade. And yet, although the fisherman may invade this peaceful shore, and cast his net into the hlue waters to drag out the beautiful creatures of the deep, the scene does not belong to him, but to the poet or artist-soul, whose heart stirs within him at the sight of all may break his nets with the multitmle of fish, but he never brings to shore what I am fishing for. His nets will not take it. Numbers of sheep wander through the canyons and over the hills, so long nncared for by their reputed keepers that they are xlrtually wild sheep, be- longing to the Owner of the hills Him- self. Wihl goats also abound, possibly descended frolll sorlle scapegoat sent into the wilderness by the primitive inhabitants. Hunters deem it rare fun to chase these wild goats over the hills, and bring them down at long range with riiles. But 1 shouhl prefer to see them roaming in fearless freedom over the'hills which belong to no earthly owner so truly as to these wild drea- tufts that find their home and spend their brief life in these wild solitn,les. The Music of the Soul To lne, the sea socials always young and recent. 1 cannot see a single wrinkle in her brow. As old as eterni- ty, she is still as yotmg as the morning. . Over her face tlit tire shadows of the clouds, like smiles upon the face of an infant. She sings the song the morn- ing stars sang together in the begin- ning of creation. Her waves are ever chanting tire chant of joy, and do not know a single minor note. The an- cient sea, tlle new-created sea; tile sea which swam aronnd the earth when first the light of heaven broke the veil of night, and threw its glory oxer the works of (]od, the sea which nmr- tours at the feet of ]~lall today, whis- pering of a new-borll earth, to every earnest and rexereut soul; this sea so full of beanty that no man need fish therein for that and come back empty handed; so clothed in light, so filled with wonders, so redolent, so sweet, so l)eacefnl and serene, suggesting the infinitude of Life and its boundless scope of Time; who shall chide me for lov- ing this wondrous sea, and chanting its praises in nlany-modnlatcd strains ? If only tile music of its waves could bc repeated or echoed in my lines, what songs and poems there shouht be ! No ttomcr ever caught the mystic music of the many-sounding sea to weave its witching harmony through his graceful lines. No siher-tongued, no god-like orator ever caught the chant of the breaking waxes to repeat its matchless music in his polished rhe- toric. No, the music of the sea can be rendered only by the waves them- selves, sweeping the many-stringed lyre of the sands. Its deep bass notes nmst be soundedfrom the throats of rocky caverns, where the sea-gtdl loves to circle, spreading her white wings to catch the flying spray. Her higher notes must echo from the silver strings of pebbly beaches, where the curling breakers leap and sport like white- haired children of the deep. It is the echo of the spheral music, the harmony of the stars, this many-voiced mnsic of tire sea. The voices of white-robed angels only are worthy to mingle with (Continued on Page 5, Column 2) .Se,ded ~ iLs Por.kage. 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