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October 14, 1937     The Catalina Islander
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October 14, 1937

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' Published by the Students of Avalon High School and Edited by the Eleventh and Twelfth Year English Classes ~LUME XII AVALON, HIGH SCHOOL, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1937 HEAR YE ! HEAR YE! , It's colossal, it's stupendous! Yes, folks, we mean the Hallowe'en Carni- val. No matter what kind of a mood you're in, Friday, the 29th, come, and you'll enjoy yourselves. ' For those of you who are movie- minded, the Juniors have secured a movie. There will be a continuous show all evening. Don't miss it. , For those whose appetites remain the same--gigantic--the P.-T. A. has arranged to sell coffee and pumpkin ~e. Our knowledge of these ladies' lity to cook makes us feel certain ~e pie' won't last longSo, come early and get your cut! ' If you.:are .a "dead eye", come and ~_,~n a prize; at the throwing range. np Fire Girls, ninth and tenth ,~raders each have a booth of this !nd. Cpme, try your luck! !' Pefhaps you'd enjoy a good scare ? ~,f, the ':Spook'House" will provide 3fou with lots of thrills. ilt costs so little; it's so much fun, t[I//se : Hal!owe'en Carnivals. SO--- N'T MISS .. , A.H.S. ~RLS LEAGUE IDEALS [:~ ~ ~. AND PURPOSE STATED Wednesday ntorning the Girls' ~tf~ague held the first regular meeting !theyear. Alice Walsh, the newly ~j~cted/pi'esident welcomed the new ~ls.lti the following speech : [~:~'We have called this meeting today ~iI welcome all new girls in Avalon b ":st cessfhl the Girls' League ~st be united and to be united the ~mbers nmst know what the ideals l~d ~rila~pllts of: t!te League are, and ~at ~if~ ~ea~as to. su, pport them. You ~e chosen yourofficers and repre- ~tatives for the conling year. A1- /f~dy this group has 'nodificd for you ~li.e ~il:ts' ~ri~form syste:n in Avalon ~cho~ls" ~nd have made plans to take ~aart in the Junior Class Carnival, but ore about this later. [ "Before I introduce to you ttie Girls ~eaagUe Council for the coming year, y I list briefly the fi;ve ideals and prlncqfles of the League: i "l--Pronmtion of friendlinessl i "2--Loyalty to" school. "3--Scholarship. : , . ! "4---Honor and Responsibility. "5--Health and good times. "The Girls' League does many things (luring the school year bot[a !or. themselves and others, such as ~hivlng cheer at Thanksgiving, taking arge of the annual Red Cross Drive, the stage ? I "12th--Uniform Guard, Cameron. "llth -- Vice-President, Ganli. "10th--Secretary-Treasurer, Ixwin. "9t h--Evelyn Fresco. "9th--Deanne Richmon. "7th--Jacqueline Heiss. nd entertaining .... themselves with the annual mmatmn May Breakfast, and 6ther such activities. i "Iil order that these good times may dontinue and that we :nay have an orgamzatlon of which to be proud we ask that you pay your dues of 25 cents a semester, or 50 cents a year promptly to your representative. "And now I would like to introduce the Council for the coming year. As f call your names will you come to Thehna Delphine Harriet "Will you members of the Council ~nswer '1 will' to the following state- ment : "I solemnly promise that to the best of my ability I will endeavor to live up to the ideals of the Girls' League and to do all in nay power to carry out the duties given to nle by the girls of Avalon High School." Following this ceremony, Thelma Cameron announced the enterprise which this organization has planned for the Juni9r Carnival. Girls were then dismissed to their third period classes.--Delphine Canli. Plan to See All Soccer Games Played In Avalon First Team Plays Here Next Wednesday. Oct. 20 AVAL WITH GATALINA First Team Bites Dust 5-3 Close Skirmish Ends 1"0 STUDENTS GET CHANCE TO YELL PLENTY A-V-A-L-O-N rah, rah; rah! echo- ed and re-echoed over the campus and floated down to Avalon proper, letting everyone know that Avalon s~tudents are back of their teams! Due to the strenuous efforts of the new Student Body president, John Marincovich, a pep assembly was held Wednesday morning, October 6: Coach Smith introduced the A team with a bang, telling of their greak and num- erous merits. The B team was talked of in glowing words by Junior Coach Thomson. Mr. Arnold told the as- sembly what he thought of their" school spirit in no uncertain teruls. These talks must have done some good as the cheers for their old Ahna M3.ter rang out loud, long, and lusty. Although it would have been hard not to join in with everything they had when led by such peppy leadersas Helen Greig and Peggy King. A. H. ~.. BOOK PROJECT ~TARTED Going into the first grade room you will find that they too, can work as hard as some of the higher grades. Everyone is busy doing Something or other. They are all well behaved and they find no trouble in doing their work well. Among the things they are making are: wall paper, kodak books, book- covers, and books about Black Sambo and the Three Bears. A book shop is being made in which to put their books. Over the shop, which is called "Our Story Hour", they have erected an awning, which makes the store quite attractive. A. H. $. SOCCER STAR DEPARTS FOR THE MAINLAND Jack Ginter left us last Friday, Oct. 8, for Los Angeles, where he will make his home from now on. 'He has been one of our most outstanding soc- cer players. Jack will attend one of three schools: Manual Arts, Los An- geles High or Fairfax. Avalon will miss him and we all wish Jack a hap- py and pleasant stay and that he will return to see us m the future The field was in perfect condition for the first soccer g:ime of the sea- son with the Catalina Island School for Boys. Catalina scored the first goal in the first 10 seconds of play. However, Avalon quickly recovered when Manuel Hernandez made the first goal for Avalon. At the end of the first quarter the score remained i-1. The second quarter was very bad for Avalon, Catalina making two goals to Avalon's one. At the end of the half the boys hada five-minute rest. The score remaining 3-2. In the third quarter the Avalon .team.was unable to score while Cata- lina made one retire. The score then being 4-2. In the fourth quarter boys from Catalina made one and so did Alfonso Bermudez for Avalon. Both teams were showing up very well. The out- standing players for Avalon were Si- las Hathaway, the captain aud, full- back, Manuel Hernandez, who made the first and second goal, and Alfonso Bermudez, who made the last goal. All of the bc~ys gave everything .they had, having nmch support from the side lines. The line-ups were as follows: Harrington , G Lawler J'. Kilgour R.G. Manning J. Ginter L.G. Mel M. Hernandez C.I. Robinson J. Marincovich R.H. Wotton G. Bernmdez L.H. Miller S. Hathaway F.B. Robins, on J. Ledesnla R.E. McCook P. Shonafelt R.F. Badgley J. Franklin L.E. Sanborn A. Bermudez L.F. Thomas Avalon Subs.--M Marincovich, C. Ginnett, G. Gibson. Catalina Subs--Richardson, Payne. A. H. S. In the library this week the sixth grade is learning how to find maps in the Atlas and other books and how to locate cities and towns on them. The fourth grade is being given words, such as baseball, and are given three minutes to write down as many words as the word baseball makes them think of. They arc doing this to im- prove their vocabularies. Miss Rex is m charge of these projects. A. H S. Try a little Adlet for your wants STAFF Editor ..................................................................................................... Alice Walsh Assistant Editor .......................................................................... Blanche Mackey Advisor ....................................................................................................... Miss Hill Reporters--Blauche Mackey, Jimmy Greig, Virdo Moore, Stuart Kil- gour, Thehna Cameron, Tony Ferlet, Alfonso Bernmdez, Ignacio Guerrero, John Franklin, Billy Kilgour, Louise Staininger, Virginia Lee Graham, Geraldine Alton, Paul Shouafelt. EDITORIAL It's school spirit that we need! It's what we want! It's what we're going to get if it takes all of Johnny Marin- covich's senior year to give it to us. We owe a lot to Johnny. The pep assembly and the idea of having yell leaders both came as a result of a Marincovich brain storm. With the cooperation of Peggy King and Helen Greig, John was able to put over his plans very successfully. He asked for a big turn-out for the first soccer game cf the season '"We want to show our boys that we're in- terested in their sports; we want to encourage them, and we want them to uphold the honor of Avalon High by playing fair Square, and hard. We want them to know that we are root- ing for them, so when Helen and Peggy say ,/ell--Iet% M1 yell'!" Sports are not the only activities that need a big turn-out. All school affairs need the support of the stu- dent body--candy sales, public appear- ances, school plays, pageants, school dances, anti everything which concerns Avahm High ! For the first time in many years Avalon High shows a school spirit. Students seem anxious to hold offices, make money, offer ideas for improve- ment and participate in school af- fairs. The Junior Carnival is some- thing that will boost this school spirit. All right, now remember you have Avalon High as something to be loyal to, to work for, and uphold as an ex- ample for other small schools. Lets be able to say: "It's not our size; it's our spirit !"- Three cheers for Avalon ! Rah! Rah! Rah ! Let's get inthere and fight !--Blanche Maekey. Avalon's second team shoWS room for improvement. boys are a little " showed fine spirit, spc skill. ,Mr. Thomson, the coach boys, seems mighty proud, he won't tell the boys. In last Wednesday there were that showed outstanding abilil all didn't make points, but they were needed in the mon Carter seems to be all field at once, while Louis the wimfing goal kicker, is what team work will do. In the first quarter of the was practically even with one territory as nmeh as another, and the second quart' the same. But when the came in for the third qua ready was a game! With "Pee Wee" Palmer in the t~ the second team held Catalina as did the first team. In tl? quarter, the first team wen and soon scored by the of the center, Louis Cam* game ended at the score Ion winning. The line-up for was as follows : SL Mazuika, C.G.; H. R G.; J. Vickees, L. G.; ~. H. ; J. Cervantes, C. H. ; H.; M. Lopez, R. E.; 0 E.; L. Cameron, C.; A. Pa 1. Hall, L. E. Subs---L. Eber, A. Ostoict S. Rikalo, T. Shinn, J. MacRae, O. Olson. ,.~. H. S. SPORT LIGHTS By Tony and Bill The first team this yea very good judgment in Hathaway. He has been' a~ tional player and a very Silas plays the position the team. We believe that 1 will be a struggle to the en~ think that Avalon will come top. The second teanl good judgment when theY. Howard Harrington as thel~ Howard plays the positio! guard and does a very We hope that the secon also come out ahead! A. H. 5. SCHOOL SPIRIT LEAKS At last l A little of the spirit, which really exists most forgotten about, lea] the first game of the socce The onlookers were two very capable cheer le~ Greig and Peggy King ious novel yells and tion of all attendants, the a hard fight, even if tl first game to their very wor nents ! But, getting down to braS~ is really up to the girls full support at games. three-fourths of the school are on the teams. to be out for all comin~ yell as loud as we pus A. s. -gO USEFUL OBJECTS IN MANUAL ART t,r,-- ~Oj The students in the se e i6 eighth grades are getting 2~;~i~ well in Mr. Thomson's tn iO..,~ woodshop class. The boYS, m.y ~ttt n v"~ ~' e~ghth grade have bee rrta#~tlt making footstools, drawingS,:~ts; a~t* racks, and waste paper baS~,~aJe 0i the boys in the seventh ~, itt- making footstools and tlar:o~ l) (Continued on page 11,