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October 13, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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October 13, 1926

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NAISLANDER PAGE ELEVEN SUGAR LOAF STAFF ........... Juanita Gurasich .......... Barbara LeVitt ......... Catherine MacKa) ............... Jewel Watson Bernice Smith Edgar Harrison ........... Miss Davidson ............. Marion Miller Parlane Reid I~DITORIAL PUpils are added to which means that ~s growing. The com- ,ils mea'ns the coming Plans which they other schools. are what make our ~ore successful oue, er Students to it. Year has just start- old pupils, as well as Started out with a ire ready for business. his year will be one of t. of the A H. S. _ 'dG&R ... ~EMBLy Was held Tuesday of fOUrth period. " .X[r. registration cards to these were discussed entire Assembly. t L blank is given ou to each family, to be e PUrpose of enabling track of all child- nity. ~ LOAF HLETICS ready to make They are to SChool at Speed- ext two weeks. The this week. last Year, Francis Minney to 6-3. see the finals, and be proclaimed. LOAF CLUB Swirnnling Club had All the candidates tUe to other meet- The idea of of SWimmers was 'the .- membership of et~e requiremeni for meriean Red Cross The requirement :lass are: (I) Swim too; (2) Front (3) Pass Ju- est. For the first (1) Swim one mile three dives from s Senior Life tead of a corn- also. A presi- treasurer were Will not hold an- Weeks, but some that time. A DREAM They were closing ira upon me. I Aid not know where to run. 1 was lost ill the dense jungle inhabited by man-eating cannibals. Suddenly 1 came upon a wall of rock. I was trap- pod. There was no way out--walls on three sides of me and cannibals ira front of me. "I could see their horri- ble faces grinning at mc fron| the thicket. Creeping closer and closer they came. Oh! why didn't they shoot me with their arrows instead of this torture ? Suddenly they rushed! ] fought fiercely, but there were too many for me, and I was quickly over- powered. They tied me, and then one of them shrug me over his back like a sack of meal. How far we traveled like this I do not know, but suddenly we came upon a village and I was thrust into one of the huts. Everybody outside seemed as if he had gone into a fit. The noise was terrible. Then somebody came into my hut and unbound my hands. I was led outside, and oh, the terrible sight I beheld! Sitting in a large circle were the people of the village, and in the center of the circle was a huge pot of oil. They were going to boil me in oil! They lifted me up, up, up-- above the pot. Then down, down, into the pot of--"Jewell, if you don't get up you will be late for school." Oh, what a relief! SUGAR LOAF HEARD IN THE HALL~ "Gee, I like your hair cut, who did it ?" "Got your history ?" "Please tell me--I think you're mean not "to." "Can you imagine that !" "Oh, yes I will--not." "Didja' hear the latest?" "When you going over town?" "Aw ferget it " "Whatcha going to do tonight ?" "Gee, I haven't got my civics." "We had a won-der-ful time." "Are you tellen the truth?" "Isn't he popular?" "Wonder if there's a dance tonight ?" "Really." SUGAR LOAF DUMBELLS Some people are so dumb that they think the Community Chest Drive is a public hi-way. Some people are so dumb that they thing the Saturday Evening Post, is a place to hitch horces. Some people are so dumb that they think Premier Salad Dressing is the minister of France. Some people are so dumb that they t-kink the Hollywood Bowl is some- thing in which the soup is served. Some people are so dumb that they think the study hall is a place for amusement. SUGAR LOAF Oily to bed Oily to rise Is the fate of a man When a motor he buys. SUGAR LOAF Miss Davidson (in Biology)--"What animal makes the nearest approach to mall ?" Ralph---"The mosquito." When a Feller Needs a Friend When a fella has to study, \Vhcn the sun am shinin' bright And hc looks out of da winda' And he sees a wondrous sight, Of a football diamond callin' To come out and just begin, I'm a tcllin' you, dear folks, That's when a fella need a /rien'. When he's labored o'er his home work, Till his lessons he has done, An' goes to school next mornin' To find he's lost a 1 And the teacher st.arts a scoldin' says, "Your ways you'll have to mend" Then l'm here to tell ya That's when a fella needs a frien'. Or" sortie evenin' after school, The team is goin' to play And mother sayes she'll need him, He can play another day, Or suppose that dad has told him, Of some business he must tend, Then I want to tell ya, folks, That's when a fella needs a frlcn'. SUGAR LOAF The World's Menu I've eaten chili con carne beneath Bra- zilian skies. Fv;: sampled fresh fried sausage held down with English pies. ]'re even tasted peacocks plucked from some hidden nest. I've gorged myself with caviar until I couldn't rest. I've tried the dainty reindeer in the land of ice and snow. I've traveled and I've eaten at the best of foreign joints. I've even tasted onions--yes, listerine I know. I've seen the meat so ancient that I had to file my points. I've had most all the dishes,and there's one thing I would say: There's nothing like the "HOT DOG" from the good old U.S.A.! SUGAR LOAF PERSONAL DICTIONARY Goof--A sap who carves his initials on the desk. Sap--A dumbell who whispers in as- sembly. Dumbell--A nut who loiters arid whistles in the halls. Nut--O poor fish who skips between classes. Fish--A rube who doesn't read the bulletin boards. Rube--A goof who reminds the teacher of a test. SUGAR LOAF LOVES LANE : Friendship ............................... N. Y. Love ............................................ Va. Kissime ................................... Fla. Ring ........................................... Ark Parson ........................................... Ky. Reno ....................................... Nev. SUGAR LOAF Before I resolve to do one thing or the other, I must gain my confidence in my own ability to keep my resolves when they are made.--Abraham Lin- coln. SUGAR LOAF Never bear more than one trouble at a time. Some people bear three kinds: all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have. IUGAR LOAF It is better only sometimes to be right, than at all times to be wrong. IUGAR LOAF The secret of happiness is work: to find real joy in doing things, JOKES A Short Drama Scene--Geometry Room. Teacher--George, explain the propo- sition about parallel lines. George--What don't you know a'bout it? Miss McKlveen--"Glen, didn't your conscience tell you you were doing wrong ?" Glen--"Yes; but one can't believe everything he hears." Scientific Humor AI--"How do these love triangles usually end ?" Bill--"Most of them turn into a wreck-tangle." Miss Fox--"Ed, what are you going to give Francis f0r a birthday pres ent ?" Ed.--"I don't know. Last year I gave him chicken pox." Leo F.--"Were you bashful the first time you called on Ruth?" Gene K.--"Why, yes, but her father helped me out." Art--"Have you heard the new wait- er .song ?" Neal--"Show Me the \Vay to Go HOme." Teacher--"What is steam?' ' Phil--"Water crazy with the heat." Hay--What do you think (,f my girl ?" Seed--"A lot of things I shouhln't." Mildred--"Tbey say Saturn has eight moons." Ancil--"Gee, some place for ham- mocks." "Who was the hottest fiddler that ever lived?" "Nero." Teacher (to Sunday school class)- Now will you tell me where Moses got the Ten Commandments? Bright Boy--Out of the Bible, page 127. Clyde Jordan--"Did you ever have your hair cut?" Euli Major--"No, I didn't, I washed it and it shrunk." Circus Man--"The leopard has e~ caped. Shoot him on the spot." : Jack--"Which spot, sir?" , Laugh, and the worhl laughs with you. Loaf, and the world laughs at you. -- i Miss Bridge--"What do you expect to be when you finish school, ~[ilt ?" Milt--"An old man." You have a right to your own opinr; ionIbUt your opinion is not necessar-~ fly right. Teacher--"What is the name ot th~'i teeth we get last?" Johnny--"False teeth." The hardest task a teacher has is! putting abstract /acts into concrete' 'heads. Miss MoranI"Have you done anyi' outside reading ?" Student--"No, ma'am, it has beertl. too cold."