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October 13, 1926     The Catalina Islander
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October 13, 1926

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PAGE TEN I rHE WHY 4 I[ SUPERSTmONS II ,, H. ,,,v,,,,q K,, q ]] CURING STIES A FAVORITE method of curing those annoying little swellings on ~he eyelid known as sties is to go oul loa crossroads and repeat: Sty, sty, leave my eye; I Go to the first that passes by. : They vary this by rubbing a small piece of paper on the sty as they re- peat the magic formula while walking three times across the road. In all tmral districts, from Maine to Califor- lla, this cure for sties is popular. It is a survival of the idea of primi- tive men that all diseases were caused by evil spirits; it following logically that the proper way to cure the dis- ease was to drive out or coax out the laid malign spirit. The medicine-man among the savages of today Whl, seeks to cure his patient by horrible din and incantations Is merely work- |rig on the same principle as did our I)rlmitive ancestors---and on which we work now in putting into effect our ~Justly celebrated" sty-cure. Now the evil spirit which eausel |he sty will not lea~,e its victim reade fly unless it has some other refuge ~rffered it. Hence the doctrine of ansference--the transferring of the ~vll spirit from one man to some other ~nan or animal, a custom much prac- ~iced by the ancients. Hence a cross- oads where people are passing fre- quently is a suitable place for the in- cantation. Accounts of the treatment of their patients by the medicine-men of savage tribes today shows them strong in this magic of transference. The custom of rubbing a piece of pa- per on the sty and dropping it in the road introduces an element of "'con- legions magic" which would seem calculated to hell) considerably. Our remote ancestor would probably have called in a skilled necromancer to work this sty-cure, but we have so far larogressed in civilization that now, in I~llch cases, every man is his own magician. ((~) by McCluro Ne'~*apal)er Syndicate.) llll ii T~"r-- , ......... i ' HE YOUNG LADY] i I ACROSS THE WAY The young lady across the way uya It's always best to acknowledge It when you're wrong and If we had con- tinued to stand out against entering the L.eague of Nations the Dawes plan eouga., ever have been formulated. (~ h'~ MeCl, ure'News~a~er SlF'~4tcatL) % ......... ELECTRIC FARMING By Dr. Edwin E. Slosson 1)irector, Science Service, Washington One of the funniest things I saw in Sweden when I was over there re- cently was the use of electrical cook- stoves in forest cottages. Sweden is short on coal and oil, but long on wood and water. The Swedes are growing trees faster than they are cutting thenl, the reverse of the poli- cy that prevails in America. Conse- quently they have wood to burn, but they prefer to cook with water instead. The water falls down faster than the trees can grow Ul). So they turn it into turbines and with them grind the wood into pulp, and ship it over to America to be made into the yellow journals and silky stockings that are so conspicuous in our country. Elec- tricity is cheap over there and bcsides they have an ingenious kind of cook- ing contrivance that keeps in the heat and the steam, so a few watts will cook a lot of food, and it takes a lot of food to satisfy a Swede. About forty-five per cent of the farms of Sweden are using electricity for lighting antl light power. In the United States "not more than 3 per cent of the farms are receiving elec- tric current froln power lines," ac- cording to G. E. TriI)l), chairman of the Westinghottse. California, of course, claims the lead, with.554,000,000 horse-power-hours of electric power used in agricuhure during the year 1923, but 80 per cent of that is em- ploye(l in l)nml)ing water for irriga- lion. The number of electric power consumers on farms in California is reported as 26,915. Ohio has 17,000 farms supplied with rural electric ser- vice, and lowa and l'ennsylvania have about 12,000 each. TI) read over the list of the al)plica- titlns of the current one would think that the electrical farmer hadn't any chores to do and that his electrified stock were living in the lap of luxury. I am skeptical, as one of my age na- turally would be, about the moral effect of all these new tangled ways. Incandescent lights in the pig pen! Electric fans in the cattle shed! Ul- traviolet .rays for hogs and hay! Is it good for young hens to be kept up all hours of the night under the white lights, gadding about and stuffing their crops with rich food ? Can a thermo- stat altogether replace the maternal instinct ? And what will be the effect on the farmer and his family? Will he con- tinue his commendable habit of early rising if lie can milk a dozen cows at a time by sitnply turning on the juice ? Will not the farmer's wife lose the well-rounded arms that she developed by long hours at the churn and the rosy complexion that she acquired over the cook stove? Will the tungstcn filament give that well-grounded ed- ucation that we, or anyhow our fore- fathers, got by means of the torch or tallow dip? Will the tennis racket adequately take the place of the buck- saw in the development of the muscles and the sense of duty ? In short, will those whose hardest labor has been to press a button or jerk a switch ac- quire those sterling qualities which have made us what we are? THE CATALINA |eLANOI[R Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. THE GATAt.INA IIII.ANDI[O Read the new advertisements. THE GRAND CANYON OF THE COLORADO RIVER What is the Grand Canyon? Read all the descriptions, see all the pictures and still it is undescribed and unpic- tured. A titanic gash in the earth's crust, an unexpected step-off in the wooded mesa country, a geologic mar- vel aud a spiritual emotion. One spectator may proclaim that at the Canyon color is king, aftother may.ex- claim "this surpassing wonder," an- .ther says that it is alone in the world, but most all who have seen it will agree' with the little girl who said, "So beautiful, I would like to live here always." A stupendous chasm ten to thirteen miles wide from rim to rim in sonic places, more than 200 miles long in the total of its meanderings and over a mile deep. The Colorado river has chiseled out the inner granite gorge, flanked on each side by tier upon tier of huge architectural forms--veritable mountains---carved by erosion from the solid rock strata which lie exposed in wide layers to dessrt sun and wind. And all painted in rainbow and sun- set colors. That's the Grand Canyon. Viewing the Canyon from the rim as many thousands d0 annually, it may be described as "looking at a strange landscape from a low-flying aero- plane." At high noon the enclosing walls flatteu out. You are aware only of bigness and deepness. Come back to the edge of the abyss in the late afternoon. How marvelous the trans- formation! This is the Grand C:myon. It must be seen to be appreciated. THE CATALINA ISLANDER MAN'S TRUE CHARACTER NOT TO BE CONCEALED Many people learu to mask their thoughts, and anger, chagrin, greed and spite, as well as glee, pleasure and humor may be fairly effectively hidden by the man with the "poker fact.." All the sam::, nobotly can really disguise his real nature by facial ct,Ii- trol, anti those who have learned how to read the htnnau face as one reads a book, arc ahlc to make a .very fair estinaatc ~f character by a ch,se aud shrewd inspection. It is because so many people t~ever attempt to master the art of face-reading that the wiles of rogues are so successful and the triumph of the practical liar st, com- plete. Apart from the general aspect of a face, which is determined by the bone structure beneath the skin, what really naohls the features and general expres- sion? The answer is, character. Scientists now realize the close re- lation between hody anti mind and in nothing is this interaction more com- ph:tc than in the iml)rint of the mind upon the face. \Vc hear ~lf the "legal face," for example. It is a face with a set, firm mouth, keen eyes and a powerful jaw. These characteristics are merely the result of concentration, persistence aud (leterminatiou. Why is this? It is because the many minUte muscles which mohl the expression of a face are directly cou- trolled by the brain. TI41= CATALINA ISLANDIrR Ask yourself if hateful thoughts stimulate you to be wiser, happier. kinder, better CATALINA ISLANDKR The Catalina Islander' will welcome correspondence "on problems of a psy- chological nature. THE CATALINA STRAND ..____,__.- The picture tonight, Back Home," reveals surge illusionnmnts that the ceives when she tries life "1 can't eat, i can't wanna walk, I'm not craZY, seems rosy red, it has tile ~ --'It Must Be Love!'" title of the picture Recognize the syml)turn Quite naturally, on "Marriage License" Then on Saturday Flirt" comes on the iels, supported by On Sunday evening, may be seen in "Fig the comedy there is Monday evening, Octc Side Up" reveals the On Tuesday evening, "The Love Toy" may you of "The Lucky On Wednesday evening' Patsy Ruth Miller will the "Broken Hearts of THI: CATALINA NEW BOTANICAL Mrs. l_)orinda nated fifteen acres of Canyon, Santa Barbara, lishment of the Blaksly den. It is a wonderful on diSlllay plants and w-rhl over. 1Akewise it ful thing whel~, througl~ ment c)f a zooh,gical l)a able to study live sP,dffc(l specimens in a ulO~ tunately, in spite of the is only one outstanding garden, that at San an increasing interest m in California. An bc ft)und in Oakland'S ne Redwood Canyon.__Califor (Jatlle. THE CAIALIflA ILANI Catalina will give your life. Come to THE CATALINA Subscribe new. $2.00 pet" HEALTH that external liness is one grca! faelorS ill effort to enjoy health. .Your will 1)c fruitlesS. your plunlbing IS itively sanitarY" methods sanitation. "A Perfect service" Plumbing, III WHITq Phone