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October 8, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 8, 1924

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CATALINA ISLANDER PAGE THREE Club last week-end, and when he came f a..hor a,d - s--" $ #S .-" -: - ~, ":--" ~ larger broadbill, and thonght a trip to ~- d .i N I ~ ~ ..' early one morning he shoved off. Let _=--- = - : - &Y J' us hope he win be successful. .~.,,:v~.~-.~ ~ ~- ~" i ~ !~ /A ..... S.T..alien, president of the Encino _-: -= '. / Corn, try Ch,b, has purchased the eru - -- - "--- a~a-- ~ ser Helen Mc., and is now numbered -= -=-~= - ~3 m = = ---~ ~~ among the regular members of the fX{~ny islander~essed the defeat Catalina [slal,d Yacht Chlb. mep, o_" e Catalina Cubs at the hands of ~=~-=~ ~ * * * * * * %~n.-I';dale \Vhite Sox Sunday after- Cal,tain J. T. l)iekson, ownerand t%ff hen the reinforced Glendale ~/ ~ skil,t,er of that very comfortable and ,1,h Won 6 to 0. speedv aux-scbooner Jubilo, arrived off ~ell e Splendid pitching of Dick' Bun- ~~ the vacht club Saturday with a jolly Sash.who has been pitching for Kan- party of young people aboard, for a 1. t.tty, was the featme of the am ~eel~i~g ,t. " ~g e, stay of several days. Among the party ,4.1ao0. 'he Cubs down to four hits. was Fox Case, yachting editor of the the -er newl ac ' Sec etarv E(1 Abbott of the Catalina Los Angeles Herald, who by the way andtheway togo Q]e " Y qmred member of ndaleteam was h0 hao~ Ray French, Island Yacht Club has been busy theis becoming an expert sailorman, ac- Southern Pacific service ~a~^ ,Y oeen plavin~ with the Chi past week getting things ready for the cordimz to 1)ickson, as he now is fa- ~;e.WhReSox thisyear, who alsowinter season for the yachtmen. The miliar with most of the deep-sea terms fulfills your going away It :a wOnderful showing at short.Chlb's ttoat is now ashore at Pebbly that Captain Dickson throws at him expec'tat/ons. gar%Was the Glendale aggregation's Beach, and a new system for landingwhile under way and handling the Join the thousands who less ,L"rung the start but never-the- is being completed at the clubhouse. A many lines aboard the little ship. Keep le ,.e Cubs ' , have learned to rely upon .ttln~, aplayed all the wa3, neverswinging gang-way has been rigged, soat it Fox, you will be able before long hee ~tu~wn for a minute, e')en in the that the attendant, (Mack) E. A. Mac to know how to splice the main brace. Southe,n Pacific in the ~" ~lefeat Marlatt, whom the secretary will leave whole matter of tramper. 1'he following is the score: in charge while he is away, can raise The auxiliary steam yacht Seadrift tation. owned t33' C. S. Somerville of Los An- ~%e"l~lltyer andCATALINAp CUBS itingr lowerclnbitmembers,fOr the convenienCeso that theyf mayViS- geles, arrived at Greenport, New York,tThe comfort, safety, con. ~cl.' of. os. AB R H O A E October 2, thirteen days overdue, on veBign~ and widescopeof u%s, lf." ................... 4 0 0 4 0 0 land safely. According to Secretary ~r'.~, 3b .................... 4 0 0 4 1 0 her maiden trip from Cowes England. ., " ~a~.%, l~ ..................... 4 0 0 1 1 0 Abbott the clubhouse will remain in ....... , . S uth rn Pamfic servtce ,ehafl s, rf.' .................. 4 0 2 5 1 0 .~lt~r, ss .................... 3 0 0 i o 1 commission all the year. ~ne yacht na~ eleven passengers m- ~ .---~ - * * * * eluding several wealthy Californians. .~ _1 r r :/,::::::::::::::::::::::: o " ' mau, e r ormmoreroyou ~i~~s, ~ .................. [[ 20 0 4 0 1 James W. Jump, president of the ~ l:/'l, an any oi;fl,er j01"~ oj" 1) 1 r ..... - ................... 2 0 1 1 o o Tuna Club and commodore of the Cat- At Los Angeles harbor on Sunday fTan$~~, ' ~. , ." ...................... ~ o o ~ o o "rot ....................... 0 0 0 0 0 0 alina Island Yacht Club, left for theHarry .... Fisher sailed his R boat Peggy t~ommtmlea~t~tnanTd__________________~mt~ern ....... als..'2 ................... ao 0 4 24 7 ' 3 mainland aboard his cruiser Ranger to a wm m the Callforma Sports tro- q~aci~c agent for co~rteoN$, 1)~"l~l'yeruLl~NDALga WHITE SOX last Saturday forenoon having just phy race, over a twelve-mile triangular a~s~ra~era~dL~forw~mffmm~ ~~n, c~.d Pus. AB R H O A g returned from a fishing trip to Santacourse, in 3 honrs, 14 minutes. OtherF.S. McGINNIS, Asst. Pass. Trail% Mgr. r Pacific Electric Bldg Los Angeles qaMt , ss .................. 2 1 1 2 0 0 }r~.~, 1i .................... 4 t 0 I 2 0 Crnz Island the day before. "No fish,"boats came in in the following order: " ' ', ~.~,~on, it .................. 4 2 2 ~0 0 0 Angels, Patrieia, Debra, California, ~'l~al-lL~-- }hie[~ung '," ............... 4 1 1 3 0 0 said he; "so home for 1he." ~. }~s,, al~ ............... 3 0 o 0 , 0 * * * * * * Lady V., and Machree. ~t~UlilCI~ ~II~ Iltlg, 'rl ................. 4 1 1 0 1 1 ~O~ll~" "" ............... 2 0 0 1 1 0 Captain Milton Hesselbergerand wife "Does your husband spend as much D,.~ICI~ .,,~ , ,, .................. 2 o 1 ~0 3 0 arrived off the clubhouse last week- 'l~baaC ................ 2 0 1 0 1 0 tim as ,he used to do with his fishing II-~glll[l~lili,ll~l~ ~,. -.~. rf ......... 2 0 1 0 0 0 end for a stay of several days aboard ~als ....... tacMe ? I * ""~ ................. 29 6 8 27 9 1 their yawl Mollilou. "No. He's mostly in the cellar now', - 8CORE BY INNINGS * * * * * * nmking home brew." Subscribe now--S2.00 per year. ~,ttalir~.., 1 2 3 4 5 6 7..8 9 Port Captain "Bill" Warmington ar- ................. o o o 0 0 o o o 0-- o rived at the clubhouse with a stag .: .............. oo000 , VourSt tff Life h^~- " SUMMARY party of young fellows. Bill informed !i!2~))~i--__v~H~wdi ~.Hu~!s~./~D,ns~c~ the secretary that they had a most enjoyable trip across the channel and Of I,~:. I'll~h_; D 11, 3" i3 .... eli~'3. Struck ~t-- ~Seh~ereS{ 2; Dill I; Bonnelly, 8. Umlnres that his cruiser t3illedick made the trip rid Selfert Time 1"50 in record time; that they were to Utll /) ....... . . 1 " " %, Oran should be 'ixen nmch cruise upto Jobnsons Landing and From toast at breakfast to a before-bedtime bite, bread is the impor- mt t g" tant food of every meal. That Is why it has been cal ed the staff t2~bs ~or tbe splendid showing the have a real outing swimming and fish- of life." Upon its wholesomeness and nourishment depends to some ~an,. ave made this year and the ing and knocking aboutfor several extent your health and well-being. Be sure the bread you eat at every have~bthrdling games that the public days before going home. meal every day comes from HOOVER'S BAKERY. Then you can , , , , , , be sure that it is as good as it looks and as wholesome as it is pus- % tl-v.en privileged to witness. It is sible for us to make it. the ~uut)t due to his ability to handle AI Christie, accompanied byseveral at C~ea.n} that many games were wonstag members of his company, arrived COME IN AND LOOK OVER OUR BARGAINS ~talina. off the vacht club last Friday, aboard GET OUR PRICES 'Ph~ ~ ' his cruiser Apache, and tied up to his h~.. DUblic at large is interested in moorings for a stay of several days. SOMETHING SPECIAL ALWAYS ON SALE ~%all, f_ ~rar~a, rum the little chap to the They will cruise around the Island !slaldta~her, and the Santa Catalina where they can enjoy the quietness Hoov..'r Bakery ..0 Cash 0rocery '~Iilt ~ ornPany, Manager Renton and necessary to concentrate on the com- th~ f~ftn.ek and those responsible for pletion of a wonderful new play Mr. SUMNER AVENUE ATWATER HOTEL BLDG. thfir"~tahna Cubs, shoukt know that Christie is to soon start work on. H%.eroarrts, as well as those of the * * * * * * ", are greatly appreciated. Mr. Murray Vosburg and party of ~l~,~ltar '~of Mary Williams % ti~aUrsday afternoon at 2:30. Be %%at" f' It. Ott, who was recently l}r ,. eu 1.1t3011 I,%';%Vering for apendicitis, is slow- . She was remm'ed to mgeles Monday afternoon. l~t~ Quidin%er the electrician who ~leet~eea connected with the Avalon I haft WOrks for many years, received ]'her~ tall Monday, breaking his hip. lt~ th~ not yet being proper appratus ~eh ~ meal hospital for treatment of ~.. ~t ease, he was removed to Los ~1~$ stag friends, anmng them being Mr. Morgan Adams, came to anchor off the yacht club last Saturday evening aboard Mr. Vosburg's deep-sea cruiser Colorado, they having been on a cruise to San Clemente Island on a fishing and hunting trip. Mr. Adams is the owner of that very fast schooner Hen- rietta, is a member of the Catalina Is- land Yacht Club, and said he was go- ing to secure the aplflicatlons for mem- mership to the club of everyone aboard the Colorado-and when he says things like that he usually lands them. * * * * * * Harry J. Mallen of swordfish fame picked up his moorings off the Tuna FOR YOUNG AND OLD WITH POOR CIRCULATION HOME TREATMENT BY APPOINTMENT Scientific Sulphur Baths and Swedish Massage, Salt, Oil and Alcohol Rubs~lN YOUR HOME SWEDISH MASSEUR vtlrNlrfflClAL. FOR COLDS~ RHEUMATISM, NEURITI~t AND OTHSR AILMI~NTS MASSAGE AND OIL TREATMI"NT SPECIAL. ffaR AODINa VKI~SI'I AND STRENGTH sw~so,s, aVMNAST,C$ fOR UEAL.~N AND EVRSNGT" 208 East Whittley Avenue Avalon, California CaW or Street Opposite Telephone Office Phone for Appointment: 145-W Betwaen 8 and I0 a.m. or I and 3 p.m. Appointments Must be Kept or Paid for. Lady Attandant PARALYSIS AND NERVOUS TROUBLES A SPECIALTY