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October 7, 1931     The Catalina Islander
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October 7, 1931

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PAGE EIGHT "THE ROCKNE SYSTEM" AS APPLIED TO SALES TRAINING (Continued from page 5, column 4) the gymnasium, around the campus, you are apt to see some candidate for the team prac- ticing pivoting, shifting, changing pace or Some other elementary feature of playing form.They keep it up and keep it up and KEEP jt up, until these various fundamen- tals become as natural and subconscious a~s breathing. I have a halfback, Marchmont Schwartz, whose idea of a pleasant afternoon is letting opposing players dive at the spot be just left. He has broken the heark~ of more star tacklers than all the co-eds west of the At- lantic. A sport writer called him "the in- spired eel " But his dodging isn't inspired ---it's the result of years of practice. His gyrations on the field . are just as natural and just as easy for him as walking. The same principles apply to selling jm~t as well as to football. The average salesman is inclined to take one look at his sales pro- cedure and say, "Oh, yeah, old stuff" and toss it aside. Then he begins to look around for some hypnotic method of charming pros- pects into buyers with a couple of heavy stares and a two-line speech. If you want to be a star in the selling game, you've got to have your fundamentals --the ABC's of your job as outlined in the Studebaker Sales Course--so firmly in your mind that they are a part of you. Know them so well that no matter at, h(~wever, is to cod- ify those principles and ihose common sense working methods .h'hich are al- ready producing a high average of tangible, bankable results. What arc the "fundamentals" that will serve as a guide to the salesman who is willing to do 'his own thinking --and who hopes to be a sales mana- ger some day? It has seemed to us that the best way to arrive at this was to ask the salesmen themselves: "What should a training program do for a salesman, anyway ?" This ques- tion has been asked of hnndreds of Stndebaker salesmen. The answers, in many forms, could be used as art index to the Studebaker Sales Course: 1. It must help him to find more live prospects, to size ul~ his l~ros!~ects better. and to secure interviews on a smmder basis. 2. It must give him a ,~imple, practical plan for analyzing the basic attributes of his product in terms of its value to his custo- mers, and for determining the individual needs of prospects. 3. It must help him to use these basic at- tributes in appealing to the personal motives which will influence the buying of individ- ual prospects. To do this he mu~t be able to take his prospect's "measure" for the product. 4. It must help him to stay ou the track and hold control of the interview. what point a prospect breaks away from the 5. It must aid him in saving his own and pae(hof closing the deal, you can get him hisprospect's time and in leaving a clear back on the track again without either of impression--these being closely related. you consciously realizing what has taken 6. It nlltSt help him to conquer, or pref- place. You can't de*aelop that perfection by erably to forestall, obstacles--ineh~ding those looking in the mirror and congratulating the obstacles incident to competition. automobile industry for taking you on. 7. It must heir, him to make, and take ad- You've got to drill and drill and drill, vantage of, more and better closing chances. Of course, this bulletin dealing with coaching salesmen in the ABC's and nursery rhymes of selling did not pre- tend tJaat there are no occasions whet} every sales manager has .to stand up trader the blow of losing some sales g. It must help him to increase and sta- bilize his earnings and to prepare for pro- motion. Such an outline is only a begitmin~. Deciding what the salesman should do under each heading, and keeping up to dale, is a lifetime job--for both the for reasons beyond his control. But salesman and the sales manager. it was made clear that the defeats The further we get into the job, the that "could have been avoided" re- more clear it becomes that getting ,fl, ected on the "coach," amd that e hue ~es higher average current production per 'playing the old Army game whe salesman is not the only important ob- blames all his grief on "those damned jective. An equally important aim is salesmen"--without remembering that to develop in the salesman of today he picked them and hired them, and the point of vie~ and the habits o'f that he is the one who is responsible work that will make him better able for training them and directing them. to shoulder the sales management re- So far as Studehaker's experience sponsibilities ~f t(~morroW. This is goes, it is obvious that by far the ms- brought home in another part of jersey of lost sales results from the af- Knute Rockne's message to Stude- f~ction that salesmen have for ira- baker sales managers: promptu spellbinding, and the propor- Remember that as regards your salesmen tionate resistance t~ey put up against you are the coach and one of the most ira- "planned selling," that seems to ques- portant jobs of the coach is to teach his men to think for themselves. Guide them tlon their resourcefulness or the om- aud instruct them so that they can play the nipotence of their "personalities." game by themselves without *ignals from the Over the period of the last five coach's bench. The ability to think for himself was what years, however, we have had a very made Frank Carideo America's outstanding ~.neouraging experience in graduallyquarter the last two years. Of course, I raising the average, guided and instructed him during the week, but on Saturday Carideo did his own think- This has been done through the me- ing, made his own deductions, met situations dium of a sales course vchich provides as they arose with rare resourcefulness and developed the initiative that won ball game a simple, practical statement of the basic principles of selling, set up as a program which any salesman, can eas- ily understand and adapt, in getting better returns from whatever he al- ready knows about Studebaker cars and about his prospects. Selling must deal intimately with people's minds, andselling methods probably never willbe completely standardized, because both the sales- man and his customer--not to mention the sales manager--are human beings; and human thoughts and actions have thus far refused to be poured into anybody's molds. What can be done--and is being after ball game by doing the right thing at the psychological moment. In the Northwestern game, we were sound- ly outplayed the first half and were in some mighty tough spot~, but Frank always kept his head and was thinking just a little bit ahead of the other fellow. In the fourth quarter, when it was make or break, he outsmarted the opposition, man- euvering them out of position and presto, out of the clear sky, came Schwartz' run for 37 yards for the touchdown. Now Studebaker is in the big business league. We have no setups. Our schedule does not include Laporte Veterinary College. Instead we play the best of the world in motor car competition and the only way we can win is to do "big league" selling. --:o:--- Advertise for what you need in the Catalina Islander . . " Windle ' s" History of Santa Catalina Island including Maps and Illustrations PRICE 50C (postage extra) Send your order NOW to The CATALINA ISLANDER or WINDLE'S NEWS STAND AVALON, CALIFORNIA ~... ...... .: .... :..... :- --- . " ' THE CATALINA 112 Avalon Blvd. WILMINGTON, CALIF. 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