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October 5, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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October 5, 2012

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Letters From page 7 guarding your beaches, this his- toric happening would not have taken place. Jeane paddled for the winning women's crew this year, Lanakila from Redondo Beach. Her love of the Island and sport shone through, that gave us a spark to reignite the warm memories of this event. Along with Avalon life- guard, Rob Pelky, we have found a way to come back to town center and become part of the city's al- lure for it's visitors. Your restaurants, shops, hotels, transportation entities all had a special greeting for us. For myself having paddled the channel back in 1965, when the men were the only participants, it brought back fond memories of yesterday and beyond. The entertainment (Ka- lama Brothers) that was provided for the Wrigley stage was histori- cal in the fact that their great uncle (Noah Kalama) was one of the original founders of the sport in California. The year was 1959, Hawaii had just had become the ,50th state, long time local businessman, Reyn McCullough had just left Avalon, to start his infamous Reyn Spoon- er Aloha shirt business in Hono- lulu. Our Island crossing then, was the same as it is now, except for the increased canoe numbers by 60, support boats by 70, the visitor count by 1.000 paddlers plus fam- iky and friends. The SS Catalina and Catalina Airlines were the. modes of transportation. The re- ception was just as festive, except for the fact that, back then there was a goat roasted on the beach, maybe we can find a restaurant to supply some mini sliders of pulled" pork sandwiches for a fee? Again Mahalo for your Kokua (help) the manao (spirit) was greatly felt amongst our paddlers and we will always be indebted to you, the living icons of Catalina. Many Mahalos Bud Hohl SCORA event logistics director Poor little deer By now I imagine most of the community has heard about a group of young residents that bru- tally injured a young deer by beat- ing it With golf clubs so severely it succumbed to its injuries several days later. Last Friday, while taking the Express over town, I was reading the letters to the editor in the pa- per about the fawn that was beaten when I overheard a few locals jok- ing about the "poor little deer." My immediate reaction was one of anger. Angry about how anyone could not only beat this poor little fawn, leading to its blindness and ultimately its death, but at the cal- lous reaction to those few on the boat that found it humorous. 1 find it heartbreaking that the fawn's mother was crying outside the location where the fawn was being cared for. One cannot go un- touched when hearing the mother crying for its injured baby. We as a community need to ask ourselves what kind of youth are we cultivating? I believe the ma- jority of the kids in our commu- nity are wonderful kids and I don't want the reckless, vidous actions of some to reflect on all. But I do have to ask myself where have the parents ~)f these boys been? How did these boys get to this place? Laws concerning anifnal cru- elty are designed to prevent need- less suffering to animals and there is no question that this incident calls for the identification of those involved and bringing them to jus- tice. I am happy to hear that some of the youth responsible for these cruel and inhumane actions will be prosecuted for these crimes and are not going to get just a simple slap on the wrist. I hope this shows the youth in our community that there are consequences to one's-ac- tions. There were sevei'al deer that were attacked that night. These boys threw rocks at them, kicked and stomped on them, beat them with sticks and "golf clubs. We will never know about the injuries the other deer suffered that night. There are still more kids out there that have not been caught for their participation in this cruel act. Any information from the community that could lead to finding the oth- ers involved in this vicious crime should contact the Avalon Station of the Los Angeles Sheriff's De- partment. This is nothing new to this Is- land; the community has turned a blind eye to it for years. It is my understanding that bul- lying is a problem in our schools. First, kids against kids, now kids againstdefenseless animals, what is next? I realize peer pressure can be very influential, but our youth need to be sure they do not get caught up in a pack mentality. I would like to see our youth's peers, the schools, churches, busi- nesses and the Island residents step up and say that this behavior is not acceptable in our commu- nity and it will not be swept under the carpet. There is value to all life and we all need to coexist with the animals on this Island. What kind of message does this send out about our community? The Island suffers; it is just more bad publicity. If you don't care about the inhumane aspect of this issue you should care about how continued bad publicity 4affects tourism, which affects businesses, and eventually trickles down to employees/residents. On a more positive note I would like to commend Raylene Lewis for her heart, time, effort, and sleepless nights attempting to keep this poor little fawn-alive. Unfor- tunately, the injuries were too se- vere for the fawn to survive. Dr. Denney is also to be commended not only for his care of the fawn but for his constant dedication and care of the animals on this Island, both wild and domestic. Debbie Wright, Avalon Before you go back to the mainland... take a little Catalina with you. TD(3 Subscribe Today. Ctt tlhlI l ]S] gl/l)flll RO. Box 428 Avalon. 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