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October 1, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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October 1, 1924

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'lop Corn a~d CahouslZ.iaster.. ~"~ .~11 Walk warl[, davce :r comfort! J "= t" l[ Medicated ]Red Top ] absorbs hard growths w tbout ] injuring healthy flesh. Antisep- t j tio.nealing---gives,aating relief. /' ~[Ha~dv roll, 25 aouare !nehes, ~Se # all miany auwlications. Try : t. ~ld ~ hy dcag, shoe tad dept. at~res. Made by ]K~ox 0o. Rutlm~,Vt. PAGES FROM A CATALINA, JOURNAL (The following are extracts from "Pages of a Catalina Journal," which is the title of one of {he chapters in fi: book entitled "Light and Life From Above," tmblished by Solon Lauer in 1896. Interspersed in the matter de- scriptive of Catalina will be found the theories of the author concerning met- aphysical questions.) Man the Light-Bearer July &--This morning the sun rose clear and bright, his face undintmed by fog. So should man rise each morning, with unclouded face, to look upon the beautiful world. The Hindu Brahmana, bright with the Brahmic splendor, is the type of what every man should be: Bright with the splen- dor of his divine nature, the spirit of man in indeed the candle of the Lord. But in many, yes, I fear ntost of us, this candle of the Lord is under a bushel, and not on a candle stick where it may give light to all that are in the house. Each man shouh! be a son of righteousness with healing in his wings, rising over the horizon of life each (lay to shed his light and life abroad. The Greek Prometheus, who caught a flame of the celestial fire and brought it to the earth, is a significant character in mythology. In the deep meaning of that myth I see a hint of of higher possibilities of man. Let me, let thee, O brother, be another Prom- etheus, to bless our fellows with a gift of the divine fire; yea, even though suffering shouht be our penalty, as was his. To commune with Reality, to look with the open eye of the soul upon Truth. to know that in our inmost nature we are divine, that time and space and things physical are but fleeting incidents, and that Spirit is the only eternal; what knowledge is like nnto ~his ? The Prince of Nature The princes of natnre's real find their heritage awaiting thent in every place. They need not take the sword to gain their own. Born in hovel or lllarlgor, they open their eyes on a -world already theirs. It invites them ]d possess it." Their ownershil) is ab- solute, needing no title-deeds to prove it. I wouhl be a prince in this vast realm; my higt~est ambition to ade- qnately li\e therein. But how great --is the character one must have to l)]ay this part! [;lowers and birds, trees a melody we would give the world to hear in their full and coinplete her- ninny! the mocking-bird, I say, will pour out her musical refrain, ever changing, and yet ever full of the same rich melody; and nay prince nmst keep his ears delicately attuned, lest he should lose one of those marvelous notes. The harsh noises of the world, which lately bruised his ears, have all died away, not the faintest echo of theln remaining to mar the sweet har- mony of nature's voices; but there are harsh tones in his own voice, guttural notes, the remains of the tiger's growl, which nmst be all charmed away, so that his tongue shall never lacerate his ear with discord. A sweet little fairy must touch his lips with her per- fumed wand, so that they shall for- e~er forget how to coin any but the sweetest and purest tones. Bird-notes, the hutu of the bee, the nmsic of waves lapping the pebbly beach, these notes of nature's symphony may enter in and possess my prince's voice; but all harsher notes must melt away, like dying echoes among the mountain crags. So daily will my prince prepare him- self for the realnt that awaits him. Ever alert, ever zealous, ever learning lessons of beauty and pnrity from every teacher in nature's school, be will become daily more beaut4ful, more pure, more wise, ntore tender and loving and compassionate; and the light within his soul will grow brighter and brighter, and shine out to admon- ish men of a diviner life than that commonly known, which ntight be lived by all who wouhl aspire to it. So might earth becon3e heaven, and men "and women become as gods. Enchanting is the drealn of this di- vine life ! inexpressibly sweet the thought of it. it is as the scent of flowers in the desert; as the sight of water in a thirsty land; or the shadow of trees in a midsumlner (lab'. It is born of the divine sonl within, whose nature is all-perfect. It is a light shining in a dark place, and the feet of men are drawn to it with a power that must at last prevail. (To be Continued) TROUBLES ARE A PART OF LIFE In one of those many 1)ublications you see nowa(lays, we read a piece telling how to handle tronbles. It said that the thing to do is to take them, ane at a time, and analyze them. And that if you Go at them in bulk you will be bewildered and get nowhere. THE Chew It lppellle lids ll malgcm lood do: Oooa. It relieves that stufJY alter hearty, eating. . Whitelg Squibbs' Milk of The Best Tooth Paste Counteracting Mouth Acidity 50 CentS AVALON DRU(i 405 Crescent AvenUe ( FOR EVERYONE D=MOqg5 A Brilliantine that ~-,---'- the DANDRUFF, Promotes Growth of Hair, and It sta~s Combed as you ONAOLAMOTOFI Prevents and Relieves Try it and see the difference' Ask your Barber or HairdreSSer" They Know ! LYLE PENDEGAST ; and clouds and rnnning streants, ad-\.Ve don't think it will work that monish one of the beauty and purity way. From the beginning of time, men, wise an(l otherwise, have soug ]t to find a system by which they can give correspondence on problems trouble the ~o by. l~ut, none of themchotogical nature. .required in him who wouhl co3~panion with lhem. Sea-birds in their graceful itight ; shells, more "beautiful whhin than without; Gems and flowers of the deep: these are the alphabet of that li'tnGnaGe which my prince nlllSt learn. The speech of nature shall be his, to eolllluune with the soul of the stars, the ttowers, the sea-plants; and the languages of" birds he must know, for they will be his sweetest companions. The winds that sweep over the salt water, or ~town from the rugged hills, bringing with them the scent of grass- es "and flowers, or whiff of ohl Nep- tune's breath, these calling early and late, staying never a moment, but just opening the flap of his tent, or lifting the drapery of his couch to look upon hint,--these, I say, will be his frequent visitors, and he must be wary and watchful, lest some whispered secret of theirs escape him. The mocking-bird--O how many voices of nature do but mock us with Attorney at 622 Stock Exchange Building 639 So. SPRING ST. Los Angeles Phone VAndik~ The Catalina Islander will AVALON REPRE~ENT~ "Keep Avalon a Spotless Town." We pledge our help! ReGister NOW for the presidential election every one who desires to vote on November 4th shouhl register this week. Don't put it off or you may lose your vote. And did you ever think of it, that your vote might determine the result of the election? Register NOW AUTHORIZED l FORD AND LINCOLN DEALI~I~ MOTORS REBUILT And Returned in Three Days CLAUDE WALTON has s,,cceeded J NOTARY..,..-, PUBLI I Troubles arc a 1,art of life--a part ERNEST wINDL[ of the life' of every man and every woman. Sometimes we make otlr own, and other times somebody else makes g Documents them for us. But, no matter which Promptly ~xecute@ All way it may be, they come. NewsSland, Opp. Boos Bros. Cat~ And wl~en they come, the only ------.----- thing to do is to keep a stiff ul)per lip, ~ ~-~ SALES ~011 pray to the good Lord, and hope that they will soon pass.--Exchange.