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September 24, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 24, 1924

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA YACHTING NEWS (Continued from Page 3, Column 4) ser Bello Campo, and upon landing at the clubhouse presented the secretary with two large life rings for the club, with instructions to have them painted several coats of white, lettered with the name of the club, the club's flag in colors, and the necessary length of rope and to hang them on the gang- ways leading to the landing float from the pier. Mrs. Fairfield stated they thought these two life rings wonld give an added nautical touch to the appearance of the clubhouse from the sea and at the same time might come very handy in case someone fell over- board. B Rear Commodore Owen P. Churchill has arrived off the yacht club with a party of friends, and is to remain sev- eral days. His handsome cruiser Gal- llano added greatly to the appearance of the fleet of the yachts in the bay. Captain D. P. N. Little and wife made a pleasant trip over from the mainland aboard their aux-yawl Tri- dent, to remain a few days. Captain Little informed Secretary Abbott that the flash light of the club was a great aid to him, as he arrived off Avalon during the night, for, after picking up the light, he was able to get his bear- ings, and its blinking eye flashing out of the night gave both he and Mrs. Little a feeling of friendliness and wel- come that was awaiting them. Tom Mix, wife and party, arrived aboard his fast cruiser Miss Mixit, to participate in the Elks convention, and to enjoy a few days fishing. They are stoppir/g at the family residence on the West Side Terrace. Catalina will give you the rest of your life. Come to Catalina. Write to the Catalina Light Tackle Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon, California, for information about sea angling. "For Rent" and "For Sale" signs are on sale at Windle's News Stand. APPEAL OF A MODERN BATt4ROOM t$ UNIV[R$AL Conven- and comfort at "A Perfect Service" Gari W. {;arson Phone 7-W SANTA CATALINA ISLAND --is certain, for it is rapidly taking its place of Avalon, sold parcels of land for as an all-the-year-round resort, to $1000, according to the location, HISTORICALLY REVIEWED Catalina Island's baseball park, the train- ected the first hotel of" hag grounds for the Chicago Cubs is eonsid- Previous to the opening ered by experts to be the most unique of all ropole, visitors camped in tents on Santa Catalina Island has many other baseball grounds, then known as "Timm's Landin names that have been given to it by writers With the introduction of steam shovels, 13 1887, the possibilities of of fame: "The Isle of Enchantment," "The trucks, etc., many of the old trails have been pleasure resort--"A Fisherman's Magic Isle," "Avalon the Beautiful," "The widened and made excellent roads. The road became known, and since that day Isle of Silence," "The Fisherman's Para- to Pebbly Beach, the site of Graham Bros., been widely advertised. dlse," "The Glorious Gem in the Opaline rock quarry ts a picturesque tho;oughfare More than 200,000 tourists visit Crown of the Golden State." It is one of along the shoreline toward Seal Rocks. chanting isle each year. From 1892 1 the most famous pleasure islands of the Pa- Since 1919 the Santa Catalina Island Corn- many hotels, apartment houses and cific coast, twenty-five miles from Los An- pany has spent nearly a million dollars de- cottages were erected. Then follows geles Harbor, and politically it is in Los veloping water for Avalon. It has just corn- astrous fire that caused a loss ot Angeles county. It was first discovered in pleted a system which takes water from the $1,000,000. The historic "Metropole 1542, then "re-discovered" in 1602. Later his- large springs in Middle Ranch canyon andwas completely destroyed, as were m tory records private grants to 1892, when it pumps it to the Summit, whence it is sent cr buildmgs located on the north was acquired by the Santa Catalina Island rote the water mains of Avalon, ~nd may side of the crescent-shaped "Bay of Company, the corporation which still owns it, be piped to any other point on the Island "Greater Avalon," more beautiful, although the ownership of the company haswhere needed. This new supply of good inn and attractive, is now a reality. changed. Island water does away with the necessity for A charming feature of Avalon is In 1919, Mr. William Wrigley, Jr., acquir- bringing drinking water from the mainland, walk along the sea shore, ex .'n ed ownership of the Island and the boat Almost 75,000,000 gallons of fresh water the Hotel St. Catherine to Pebbly equipment, comprising the Wilmington Trans- were used in Avalon during 1922. distance of two miles. . portation Company. Topographically, the Island is a series of " That Catalina is rapidly becomtng Immediately after the reorganization of the high precitpitous mountains and deep can- "Garden Spot of the World'~ is a {act. J Santa Catalina Island Company (February yons~dangerous gorges that have a scenicpredicted that in five years the IsthmUS, 1919), real estate in Avalon was placed on beauty almost indescribable. It is sixty miles an "Hawaiian Village" will bid very ,P~ the market, and during the first year praa-in circumference, superficially 48,438 acres, isingly to become a sister' rival to~ _Aval';paCt tically one million dollars worth of real es- The volcanic origin provided many inletsthe "Queen Pleasure Resort of t,l~ tate was sold to year-round or summer res- pebbles,and baysthatthatnowlaterformCOllectedthe v/lriousSilt andbeachesS~nall idents. Under the stately eucalyptus trees in SEEK TO ~TORY the territory formerly used by summer camp- so popular among the visitors, anglers and FISH IN KLAMATH RIVglt ers, the new real estate owners outrivaled each campers. The great charm and attractive- other in the construction of artistic bunga- ness of the Island is its ideal setting in the lows. For weeks house-movers were busy. Dady semi-tropical waters of the Pacific ocean; its some ancient landmark dissappeared, and in mild and invigorating atmosphere; its almost Resolutions calling upon the $I its place was commenced a permanent home. daily sunshine, and the soft and gentle bree- In front of the dancing pavilion a new block zes that fan into restful quietude the weary Fish and Gante Commission to of stores extended the business section of the and exhausted wayfarer from the haunts of water front. Still greater improvements have commercial activity, draw its support from initiative since been made in various parts of the town. The adjacent waters turntst~ many wonders, nre ntnnbereleven and to In 1920 the reorganized Wilmington Fish and marine vegetation, the marine gar- Transportation Company added to its cross- dens, seen through glass-bottom boats, are to voters its defeat provided channel fleet then consisting of the steamers the delight and bewilderment of many thou- "Hermosa and "Cabrillo," the splendid sands of tourists from all over the world, tees be given that migratory fish steamship "Avalon," carrying 2000 passen- From 1602 to 1863, practically no histori- be protected in the Klanmth river gets, at a cost of half a million dollars, cal data is available that is of interest. It This ~ear another new steamship, the "Cat- was "just an island in the Pacific ocean," power develolnnent is undertaken alina,' costing $1,000,000, and with accomo- visited occasionally by vessels passingup and were adopted by the directors 0f dations for 3000 passengers, will be added down the coast. Captain Phineas Banning, to the fleet. The vessel was launched May Mr. Harris Newmark, and a party Of friends California State Fish, Game and 3rd, and will be placed in commission m visited the Island in 1859, and the outing time to handle the summer travel, was considered a memorable one. The goldeat Protective League at San During 1919 and every summer since, many mining boom commenced in 1863, when Mr. CO last Satnrday. visitors have come to Avalon in flying boats, James Lick bought "the property for $80,000, which are now operated by the Pacific Mar- the title being a Mextcan grant to Jose The resolution recommended ine Airways. The trip from San Pedro to Maria Covarrnbias, confirmed by United State Fish and Game Conmlissioll Ayalon is frequently made in !ess than 20 States patent. Hundreds of mining claims ramutes, were staked out near the Isthmus. At John- the Electro Metals Company, Both the Island Villa and Villa Park have son's Cove streets were laid out for a town recently been enlarged by the addition of to be called Queen City. Then trouble corn- seeks to develop hydro-electric . several hundred bungalettes, which have ta- menced: Catalina Harbor became famous for on the Klamath river agree on nae~! smugglers, and for its easy accessibility to ' . WIj~ ken the place of the canvas tents formerly California and Mexican lawbreakers. Ontires insuring that no obstructionS used. February 5th, 1864, Captain R. B. West, In 1920 the Hotel Atwater was opened by commanding the Fourth California Infantry, be placed in the river which will pro the Santa Catalina Island Company. It is stationed at the Isthmus, gave orders for all vcrlt free passage of migratory fish. located on Sumner avenue, near the water mifiers and prospectors to leave. September front. It is a very complete modern hostelry. 1864, the troops were withdrawn, and the In 1919 the Hotel St. Catherine was open- barracks at the Isthmus still stand to the A BILL THAT IS NEVER pall} ed. This beautiful place, on the ocean front, memory of those thrilling days. in Descanso Canyon, one-half mile west of July 1887, the trustees of the James Lick Avalon, is a veritable dream of loveliness, estate sold Santa Catalina Island to Mr. Gee. A ten-year-old lad overheard s with service fully in keeping with its delight- 1L Shatto for the sum of $200,000. An versatton about certain bills to be ful location. The hotd has just been en- English mining syndicate later took an option and conceived the idea of makln$ larged. (See illustration on page two.)on the property, and in 1892t after conside?- That the coming years will witness an able litigatton with the syndtcate, Mr. Shat- a bill for his own services So even more extensive development of Avalon to sold the property directly to the Ban- next morning he laid this s| " --the queen of Pacific coast pleasure resorts sing Brothers. Mr. Shatto planned the town account on his mot3aer'e The Catalina Islander Subscription Blank CUT THIS OUT AND MAIL Subscription Rates : Annually ........................ $2.00 No ......... Three Months ............... 50 Six Months ...................... 1.00 Dale Three years, in advance 5.00 ............................ Publisho of The Ealalina Islander "Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Cali/ornia Please enter my subscriptS'on/or 7he Catalina Islander/or ......... ............... commencing .................. /or which I agree to #ay you $ ........ in advance. Name ................................... 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