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September 20, 1934     The Catalina Islander
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September 20, 1934

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PAGE TWO THE CATALINA SUNSHINE PSYCHOLOGY (C~mtinued from Page 1, Col. 4) or e]ectrollS frolll all elenlellt. Aviators and mountain climbers watch closely the climatic variatiuns. Atmospheric changes at different alti- tudes affect not only the physical co- ordination but also the mentality. Quite frequently the behavior of a person changes to that of the primi- tive, erratic impulses and confusion when the "air conditions" are changed too suddenly, without giving time for respiratory adjustment. Then again, sonle persons, upset with all enlotlolt- al fear, tend to stutter, that is, tile respiratory mechanism becomes "tied up". They frequently find relief from speech "tie up" by attempting to whis- tle; an act that possibly change~ the "nerve polarity" and releases the im- pediment. Standardization of breath- Ulg is not advisable. Each individual is emotionally different. Standardiza- tion does not remove the causes of the imt)ediment. The effects of oxygen deficiency on "will power", deternfination, mental alertness and nmscular action (high and low oxygen pressure) should be made clear to all who are seeking mental and physical development: and more particularly to athletic contest- ants who "swallow air". Ox),gen, when swallowed, does not readily pen- etrate through tile intestinal walls and an access of oxygen in this tract often tends to dizziness and a "bloat- ed feeling". By attention and control of the breathing an "upset mental condition" can be restored to its nornlal beha- vior. The difficulty with most per- sons--when things go wrong--seem~ to be that they become so upset and excited that they forget to breathe. Suspense just "kills them!" If a hu- man being tries to do two types of thinking, objective and subjective, there is not only a mental conflict but the excitement leads to a disturbance of the endocrine systeln and the breathing. As before stated, deep inhalations in rapid succession is "forced respiration", and force, ap- plied in any activity, tends to harbor conflict, strain, resistance and resent- ment. 6UN~HINI PS'~CHOLOGY "Can you explain why Jt Is that so many college students like to go to 'wiht parties' ?" Answer : Unstable personalities-- lives that are not well managed--often take refuge from their fears by seek- ing excitement, thrills and adventure. Most human beings who have beha- vior problems resort to subterfuge to allay the fears. Allcohol, morphine, nicotine, sports and other forms of diversion are all used in the technique for control of mental activity. By the term "a well managed life", is meant that the .individual manages his own behavior. Parental guidance, in the form of helpful suggestion, is seldom of much consideration by tile younger er generation, particularly if the par- ental advice is known to be of the "theoretical variety". Most parents make the mistake of attempting to manage and to dominate, instead of guide and educate. "Wild parties" are an effort to find relief from the ten- sion of modern liv'ing: That the said "effort" often ends m much regret and remorse, is indicated by the rec- ords of the police courts and other state institutions wherein law enforqe- ment officers forcefully attempt to manage the behavior of persons who refuse to be influenced by guidance and education. SONS.m PSVC.OLO V "Please describe an 'off-color mo- tive' ?" Answer: All "off-color motive", is a motive that does not co-ordinate with the intention anti behavior; it is like a piano that is out of tune. A motive that is without behavior color is like food withou,t seasoning--it tastes "flat". There is a difference between all "off-color motive" and a motive that is vicious, sinister and ul- terior. An "ulterior motive" is not "off color". Its intention is to be tricky, subtle, misleading and posses- sive. An off color means out of tune; not in accordance with the rules of YACHTING NEWS (Continued from page 1, colunm 3) on board his beautiful schooner "Good Will". It is noted that LeRoy M. Edwards, comniodore of the Jonathan Yac!it Club is now the proud owner of that 74-foot cruiser "Arbutus". Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Thurling of San Francisco arrived during the week-end for a few days stay. Mr. Thurling enjoys ularlin fishing anti for sexeral years has brought his cruiser "Mar- lin" here for that sport. \Vhile here five years ago lie had a bad explosion on board the "Marlin" but fortunately no one on board was hurt. Mr. Thur- ling is a non-resident member of ~i~e C. 1. Y. C. He is a member of the S',. Francis Yacht Club and a well-known yachtsman in San Francisco. While here they are stopping at the St. Catherine Hotel. Dr. White has had Mr. Thurling out fishing with him since his arrival but no fish as yet. Bill Remington, the new owner of that very fast schooner "La Volpe", and guests arrived from Balboa and is spending several days here at the Yacht Club. Secretary Douglas R. Radford of the Transpacific Yacht Club and Staff Comtnodore of the C. I. Y. C. kindly submitted tile final results of the Hon- olulu Race : Comm. Albert Soiland Trophy, "Manuiwa"; H. W. Rohl Trophy, sec- ond, "Burrapeg"; Yachtsmen of Ha- waii Trophy, third to finish, "Mon- soon"; Yachtsmen of Hawaii Trophy for first to finish, "Vileehi"; Milton Hesselberger Trophy, first for larger class, "Manuiwa"; Los Angeles Yacht Club Trophy for first ~n the 40 to 50 foot class, "Burrapeg"; California Yacht Club Trophy, second, "Mon- soon"; Douglas R. Radford Trophy, first under 40-foot class, "Queequeg"; Wich:nan Trophy, last boat to finish, "Scaramouche"; Pacific Skipper Tro- phy, "Manuiwa". WITH MOTION PICTURE FOLK AT SANTA CATALINA (Continued from Page 1. Column 2) ders exposed to a new sun-tan, Mr. de Mille looked longingly down into the blue waters and watched the fishes play beneath his yacht. "Are you go_ ing down in your diving hellnet to walk around on the floor of the ocean?" l asked. He sadly shook his head: "[ would like to, but we have to work." Tarpon fishing, Mr. de Mille says, is tame sport compared to nlarlin sword- fishing at Catalina, "The marlin has it all over tarpon for sport," tie states. "The :narlin is a real fighter, and the most magnificent game fish of all. You fight him all over the ocean, while tarpon are fought comparatively close to the boat, with only some hundred yards of line out, against seven and eight hundred for marlin." The coming wedding of John de Mille to Rose Denker, will call Mr. de Mille back to the mainland. And then John and his bride may be honey- mooning at Santa Catalina on board the "Seaward" for a week or two. So, whether its fishing or working, honeymooning or vacationing, Santa Catalina Island is the rendezvous. Bing Crosby has already telephoned Percy West of tile Tuna Club that he is coming over to fish for marlin. Eddie Cantor and AI Jolson were at the H~;- tel St. Catherine last week liter swordfish; Richard Arlen went fishing with Sheriff Biscailuz, amt witnessed the fact that the Sheriff always gets his fish, even if he has to hook it by the tail. Arlen is coming back to get his own swordfish. Come to Catalina and be charmed. A place to rest---a place to play; The most to see--the least to pay. color blending and harmony. Neu- rotics are frequently off color with their behavior problems; that is, they perform acts that are confusing to themselves and to other~ who attempt to understand the behavior. AVALON THEATRE PROGRAM Evening Shows 7:30 and 9:Z0 p.m. Or- gan Concert 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. Prices: Evening, any seat 4Oc; Chil- dren 25c. Matinee, Loge 35c, Gen. Ad- mission, 25c, Children 15c. Thursday, Sept. 20--"The Cat's Paw", featuring Harold Lloyd with Una Merkel, Nat Pendleton and Grant Mitchell. Story taken from Clarence Budington Kelland's comedy of a missionary's son who is u,sed as a pawn by crooked politicians; also a musical novelty, "Ben Pollock and Band" and a cartoon, "The Owl arm tile Pussy Cat". Friday, Sept. 21--"Treasure island" with Wallace Beery, Jackie Cooper, Lionel Barry:nore, Otto Kruger, Lewis Stone and Chic Sales. Rollicking pre- sentation of Robert Louis Stevenson's immortal classic, tile fantastic seafar- ing adventure of a small boy questing for hidden treasure; a novelty, "Walk- ing the Dog", and a Newsreel. Saturday, Sept. 22--Richard Bar- thehness, Helen Lowell and Ann Dvorak in "Midnight Alibi". Barthel- mess plays convincingly a dual role in an entertaining story which cqntains interesting situations and excellent comedy; a- Broadway Brevity, "The Mysterious Kiss", and a Cameraman adventure novehy, "Man's Mania for Speed", Sunday, Sept. 23--"The World Moves On" with Madeleine Carroll, Franchot Tone and Louise Dresser, an epic drama portraying the honor, affection and family ties which for more than a century bind the des- cendants of an old Southern cotton king through financial domination, tragedy and ruin; also a novelty, "l)unlbelle Letter No. 1", reel. Monday, Sept. wiZb Ann Sothern, Paul Kelly anti Mickey ter Catlett and comedy, "Making the Screen Souvenir. Tuesday, Sept. mine" with Lionel ness and Henry B. edy, "Plumbing for elty sport subject, Wednesday, Sept. with Jean Parker also Arthur Jarrett in a sie's Affairs" and a "Man on the Flying "0: MUST HAVE STAMP TO In a statement urgUlg have their car re validated now by comity--assessors in becoming involved in the minute rush, the Southern California that the reverse side tration slip must be ceipt of payment of per erty taxes, or if made a real property, in order automobile licen yes Thousands of have already had the affixed to the backs of lion slips through or having had tile pers' levies made a lien again! Many owners, however, have their certificates This wilt prevent them tering their motor vel ary, due to the Law" passed by the las unless they do so before the year. Now is a good time to quirements of the law, in order to avoid delay tions later. :o:~.~ A place to rest; a place Much more to see; much Catalina mountains, ocean Let's take the trip and NOTHING DOES SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE AS YOUR TELEPt "Call us whenever you can, son. We want to h your voice." THE TELEPHONE binds families together, matter what distance between. Encourage to call you regularly. Bring those voices home. Southern California Tdephone Company Business Office: 135 Whittley Telephone Avalo0