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September 17, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 17, 1924

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L|NA ..ISLANDER ............................. _ . :=. ---=:-:..---:.---:== ......... : P ,GE LE Ii:N Evening, September 17 (lene Stratton Porter's fill of THE LIMBERLOST great cast. Bringing the screen riches and beauty of this wide- ut-of-doors romance. Also Tuxedo Comedy ~sEW SHERIFF" TRAND mrsday, September 18" TIE THAT BINDS" famous story by Chas. K. ~dern Domestic Melodrama husband who is neg- a frivolous and dance crazed ring Barbara Bedford anti ttton. Also Century Contedy ~"EAT AND RUN" ~'-~--~-ST R A N D Friday, September 19 Atrul._v great story VELATION Dana, Monte Blue, Lew iarjorie Daw. Superb spectac- g thrills, sensational drama, eauty, sparkling comedy--a Story. Also B llv West in 'NOT WANTED" Cartoon "SHADOWS" TRAND Saturday, September 20 my Hines in NY JONES" tation of George M. Cohan's drama filled with coinedy, and lmnch. Also Juvenile Comedy,, "JUNIOR PARTNER day, September 21 GUEST" motion picture to combine 01Ors and undersea photogra- Peerless Comedy ON A BLUFF" ORAL NEWS TRAND ~{Onday, September 22 d Niblo Production RED LILY" 1on Novarro, Enid Bennett, cry. A boy and a girl from boy became a thief, the ~- Also- Sennett Comedy "..Q LAcK OXFORDS" ~STRAND lay, September 23 and Virginia Valii in , OF QUALITY" love story of haunting breathless suspense. ntury Comedy BEAUTIES" :)NAL NEWS ND, September 24 Hammerstein in OF JEOPARDY" ee WOVen ahout the two most emerahls in the world-- evil to i;len and haplfiness a star cast including eery and Jack Mulhall. Comedy :) OR BUST" PRICES--~Sc and 35c. 12, in First Section, 15. Children 10c. FISH OF CATALINA dorsalis). Ththynnns). unnus macropterus). alalonga). Sarda Chiliensis). noblis). pelamys). hippurus). gigas). mitsukuril). gladius). ! SELLING IS WORTH ~DVERTISE 1 -.%7"~ PERTINENT FACTS ABOUT .fish. marksb~,eonfectione~y., st ---: DO,=: OU -PR|ZK-THA'lg ......... .,, AND:CAT~LINA news 'sta~id'gfC~ .......................................................................... ,,t ~ AVALON ISLAND Thre ehnrch o rgan at o s--Congre- MAG ZIN___ OR BOOK, Island" :"resprt, r ~ " -- = " --": ganonal, Chnstmn Science and They will last much longer if they Splendid ~NI, '~: Catholic ........ : ..... , Public libl'ary. " " Has nightly;band' c0ncert$ for three are :b0tlflci i~ a nea~ ~er; and that Tennis c0gri~S, - mouths during the summer in out- Radio Journal, or :reco~, can be pre' Tourist resort. Winter resoi't. Summer resort. Has gas plant. Has a city hall. Fine bath house. Very little frost. Sporty golf links. Telephone system. Many good hotels. Sight-seeing busses. Has electric system. Good sewer system. Has auto fire truck. Country club house. Fine mountain trails. A transfer company.. Is remarkably healthy. Many species of birds. Vohmteer fire brigade. Very few fleas or flies. Moving picture theatre. Twenty-one nfiles long. Municipal pleasure pier. Excellent water system. A live, weekly newspaper. Lava beds and volcanic ash. The Pacific ocean around it. Wonderful deep sea fishing. Ocean bathing in still water. Fifty thousand acres in area. Strange geological formation. A paradise for elderly people. Sultry nights almost tmknown. Seven and one-half miles wide. Riding horses and bridle trails. Prehistoric Indian village sites. Two prominent nmuntain peaks. Mosquitoes practically unknown. Seldont rains during the summer. Mount Orzaba, 2100 feet elevation. Many interesting coves and bays. Row boats, canoes and power craft. Gold, silver and lead ores are found. Chicago "Cubs" spring training field. Delightful climate the year through. Mount Black Jack, 2000 feet elevation. All principal streets graded and paved. Daily steamers to and from mainland. Many cafes, cafeterias and dinning halls. Auto stage road to the Isthmus, 25 miles. The largest native wild animals are foxes. Great rock-crushing plant at Pebbly Beach. Standard Oil gasoline and oil supply station. Has high pressure salt water fire pro- tection. Magnificent Casino (lance hall open all the year. High school, grammar grades and kin- dergarten. Power boats with the same control as automobiles. Wonderful submarine gardens, open all the year. Twenty-seven miles south of Los An- geles harbor. Is a part of I,os Angeles County, State of California. A splendid fleet of power fishing laun- ches-for hire. Women's literary organization, "Mary Williams Club." Camp Fire Girls, Boy Scouts aml Blue Bird organizations. A splendid board walk along the sea shore for two miles. The water on the lee side of the is- land is seldom rough. Has ironwood tree groves--practically uhknown on the mainland. Telephone connection by cable with all parts of the United States. Breezes, from whichever point o'f the compass, from off the ocean waters. Catalina is owned by a corporation-- the Santa Catalina Island Company. Has branch of the Pacific Southwest Trust and Savings Bank of Los An- geles. Among the Catalina wild quail the fe- ntales are crested the same as the males. Wonderful " growth of wild flowers during the early spring and summer months. Masdns, Elks, Foresters, Eagles and the American Legion have represen- tative organizations. Grocery stores, meat markets, drug stores, bakeries, hardware and furni- ture store, electricians, drygoods, stores, curio stores, photographers, door natural amphitheatre. Many groves of beautiful lilac trees (tree myrtle) beautify the hillsides and canyon slopes in the spring. Splendid glass-bottomed boats through which to see the submarine gardens and sea life through crystal clear water. THE SUBMARINE GARDENS Among the marine specimens which may be viewed through the clear crys- taline waters on the lava-like sea-floor al'e : KELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Chenille Moss Sea Grape Kelp Irish Moss Giant Bulb Kelp Feather Boa Moss Ribbon Kelp Ruby Moss Rainbow Kelp Feather Moss Red Alga Sponge Moss Sea Lichen Heather Moss Bridal Veil Moss Coral Moss FISH AND SHELLFISH Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare Blue Eyed Perch Sea Pnrcupine Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead Striped Bass Moray Eel Ratfish Abalone Kelpfish Crawfish Candlefish Sand Crab Whitefish Starfish Sculpin Keyhole Limpet Ghostfish Sea Anemone served for future ~ference. How about that old prayer i~ook or Bible ? Does it need a new cover ? Let the Islander do it for you. Wear your Light Tackle Club But- ton. It shows that you are an angler and a sportsman. Magazines, newspapers, candies, etc., at WINDLE'S NEWS STAND. Subscribe now--S2 per year. UNGUENTINE Quickly Relieves the Most Painful Sunburn ISLAND PHARMACY CO. 417 Crescent Avenue AL. WILSON (INVENTOR) AL. WILSON TROLLING SPOONS and SPINNERS "BEST BY TEST" 693 Mission St., San Francisco ANGLER CATCHES SAME HUGE FISH TEN TIMla.S Fishing on the Magothy River in Maryland, J. J. Snfith,caught a 26- inch pike. It was placed in the live box and that was put overboard. He cast again. Soon the cork went un- der, and another pike, as big as the first, was landed. Thus Smith fished for several hours. Each time he pull- ed up a pike. At last nine had been placed in the live box and one lay in the bottom of the boat. Satisfied, Mr. Smith pulled in the box. There was not a pike in it. In the bottom the wire mesh hac'l rotted through. Smith studied his lone pike. Says he, "There were ten holes from hooks in that pike's head. t caught the same fish ten times, so help me mackerel. HELP US GET ALL THE LOCAL NEWS If you have an item of local news, a personal about some visiting friend, or have entertained at a card party, birth- day party, or other socal function, or hear of something of interest about any formel Aval~ resident, call up 7-.1 and tell us about it-or send us a post card with the names carefully wtitten. If you have some printing you wish done, call up 7-.]" and our representa- tive will call upon you. If you have an advertisement, tele- phone it in. LOCAL TIME AND TIDE TABLE Your Wants Smoothly Attended To at the ATWATER HOTEL SHOP "As Good as thi~ Best, Better Than the Rest" BILLIE PRICE, Proprietor Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California "RENE'S RESTAURANT} WE SERVE THE BEST FISH DINNERS A SPECIALTY Lunches Put Up for Boating and Fishing Parties A LA CARTE SERVICE Lefavor Building, Sumner Avenue, Next to ,Hotel Atwater J Gurios and Souvenirs Look for the Sign of The Big Curio Store H. D. MacRae Co. 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