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September 17, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 17, 1924

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ISLANDER ~IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIBIIIIIIIIIIIII~ IIndian f li ic. L . ---- '~as Walk Away With Easy ,~ ,vet the So-Called Los An- ~t Stars. Wild and Wooly ~lll]llllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli~ Proves a Farce---Islanders by Score of 11 to 7--John ~:tive in the Pinches and Way to Well Earned P' T. l~arnmn and his herd of gone barnstorming material, in all probab- WOuld have found metal more on the Magic Isle. The or- Sunday morning was a between the Catalina Cubs Angeles All Stars; but thing turned out to be a circus, with the All Stars main tent. The game was Played, drawn out and un- The Cubs toyed with the and nlade runs at their will, base's while the pitcher the mound trying to think. the roast and discuss Sisto Stars on Mound mound artist, young Sisto, Stock a hundred percent e set down the All Stars in ,~lnorning's tilt at Wrigley ;he "batting halian" was in .hole due to the erratic work fielders! but he bore down the storm successfully. He quite a number of batters close to setting a strike-out Jim Kenny has held this Callan looked good with Pounding out long drives while Bill Saints eontin- streak to Play for Championship afternqon at 2:30, at Feld, ihe Ventura Elksl the of Southern California, will best Elks team around San bay cities, for the undisimt- qaionship of California. Only Will be played, and the Cat- are to play the winners on afternoon at 2:30, and Sun- at 10. What looks to be attractive and promising the year, without a doubt, THE BOILING SPRINGS AFTER the wise men of the tribe had glme to counsel with Manitou his wrath endured for ninny days. And the storms came and the ilgi~t- ning tlaslmd and tim thunders rolled, and the tribeslnen were nmeh afraid. Ti~en when the storms finally had ceased, the face of Mtmitou frowned on the world for many weeks. The sky was overcast and the cold sun shown dimly througll the clouds. The streams that imd one time danced and sparkled in the sun no longer flowed, but the waters stood still and the fishes died and the water was foul --so foul that the Indians dared not drink it. Out of the east c'une cold winds bringing grasshol)pers which devoured the grass and bhlssoms and plants, and even the trees, until no green thing reumlned. And man and beast alike were without food, and the world was filled with pestilence and disease and the chosen people were helpless and forlorn and children ceased to smile and play. Bad grew worse, until the chosen people, troubled and afraid, knew not whence to tm'n. So their hearts were filled with repentanee, and witi~ hmn- ble contrite hearts they besought the Manltou that he might save them from death. And so they prayed and fast- ed week by week and called upon the Manitou to pardon their transgres- sions and to stay the deadly plagues. Hearing them, *the ManSion took plty upon the puny frightened people and sent a lesser god from out tlie sky, who traveled down the Holy Mbunt at night until he reached a spot where plain and mountain met, and there he smote a rock. And where he struck there gushed forth a fountain of water. It was very fair, hut when the Iwavest of the people tasted it, it was too bitter to drink--- so Mtter that no living man could drink it unless his mind be pure and his body "strong. Three times he smote, and each tlme brought a spring, each sweeter than the other and more fi~ir. And then, stooping, he breathed the breath of life into the buhbling waters that all who drank shoah] be mad~ whole and springs remain, though the tribesmen long since have gone. And now the tribes unite in giving praise to him who gave the springs, and in his honor they eall them Manitou, and so they now are called to this day. Note.---The Manlt_0u springs now are famous the world over, but they were known to the Indians for hun- dreds of years before they were dis- covered by the whites. Even now it is not unconlmon to find arrowheads, bends and even bits of pottery about the springs where they were thrown by the Indians as gifts to Manitou. Sheep Lived Long, Though Staked. When the sheep were mustered for shearing on a Nel)rask,~ farm one was found to be badly "staked." A piece of wood 2 feet long entered the shoulder blade and came out under the belly. The end of the stick was touching the ground and had heen worn smooth hy tile continual contact. Obviously the accident had ilappened some time before, as the flesh at the entrance was t)ealed up, though the underneath Wound was a bit raw. Ten minutes after the stake was pulled out the animal died. Turtle Escaped Death. A turtle, seven feet long and weigh- ing 1,000 pounds, was landed at Douardenez, France. Its captors hav- Ing difficulty in finding a buyer, the tur- tle somehow or other, with the aid of mischievous boys, rigMed itself on its legs. After taking a survey of the place, it plunged into the sea, promis- ing no doubt in its own mtnd to give 15ouardenez a wide berth in the fu- ture. Why Spend So Much? Come Here! The following has been clil)ped fronl Tuesday's Examiner. Ted Cooks' "Cook-Coos" column: "The Fijians, if left alone," says Miss Cabot, "are love- able." "So are the Catalina Islanders.". ........ "The fare from San Pedro to Suva is $128.76." /- PAGE THREE fOr ON Summer excursion fares are still in effect. Spend your vacation days at one or several of California's delightful beach and mountain resorts. Benefit by Southern Pacific summer round-trip weekend fares, sold until and including Sept. 28. 16-day return limit. Or Southern Pacific season tickets, sold any day up to and including Sept. 30th; good un- til October 31st. For COurteous, accurate railroad information communicate wid~ F. S. McGINNIS, Asst. Pass Traffic Mgr. Pacific Electric Bldg., Los Angeles Watch the world COllie to Catalina. IN OUR STORE AND TAKE HOME A FEW Cold Bottles of East Side FOR YOUR LUNCH OR YOUR PICNIC We Sell it by the Bottle, Dozen or Case ,ALSO BEST BRE AND ON THE ISLAND contests between three cleansed of all disease. Strngest clubs in the state. But first he tanghttii',t those who Hoover .,,:haYer" Cash ..,~ zar"~er- [atlahly- CATALINA CUBS drank must come clean-purged alibi and l)~le~r ~a~d Position AB R H repentant of their sins. And lie gave 2 0 SUMNER AVENUE ATWATER HOTEL BLDG. ~rt~/ha~b ......... ~[~ ~~ ~ to'all tile chosen ones a prayer, wiiieh 3 3 ~ they must say hefore they stooped to ~a~_lf, , ss ......... 4 3 2 l 3 ,%irr',~a|h'~s'c. i'b'. .................. .............. 24 03 01 . 6a 01 1 drink. And ere he left he,, cast into .... ~t~s, rf ..................... 3 0 2 the spring a flower--white anti pure ~isto ~'ell " 2 ................. 5 O 1 4 o and beautiful--as a gift to Manito~h. FOR YOUNG AND OLD WITH POOR CIRCULATION , ~), , c, ............... 4" ~) 1 0 o So the Cbosvn I)eol),le. saved from ~tal ....................... 3 i 1 (~3 0 plague, drank at the s~)ring and pros- HOME TREATNI'ENT BY APPOINTMENT ..................... " 11 O$ ANGELES5 12 27 11 7 ALL STARS pered through the years. Yet ~a,0h before im drank gave praise to Manl- Position AB RH O A E tOll and at the spring gave of his ................ 4 o o 2 o 1 1"1~/ ................ 4 0 0 2 1 0 choicest wealth--his wampum and his .............. 5 0 0 8 0 0 beads and arro~heads--thaf Manitou ss, 5 1 "~ 0 3 0 If.- ................... 4 1 1 7 1 0 might know that he held sacred the .................... 3 1 I I 0 0 boiling waters which the god h$td 3 1 0 2 1 2 glveff. rf ..... 4 3 2 2 0 0 .................... 3 0 1 o 4 1 Through the years ~he boiling i:: ................. * 0 0 0 0 o ............... I 0 0 0 0 0 SUMMARY Scientific Sulphur Baths and Swedish Massage, Salt, Oil and Alcohol Rubs--IN YOUR HOME SWEDISH MASSEUR ~ BENEFICIAL FOR COLDS, RHEUMATISM* NEURITIS AND OTHER AILMENTS MASSAGE AND OIL TREATMENT SPECIAL FOR ADDING FLESH AiqO STRENGTH SWEEDISH GYMNASTICS FOR HEALTH AND aTRENGTH 208 East Whittley Avenue Avalon, California Call or Street Opposite Telephone Of~ce Phone for Appointment: 145-W Between 8 and I0 a.m. or I and 3 p.m. Appeintments Must be Kept or Paid far. Lady Attendant ..................... :" 8th--Struck out. 7 ~-3, by %'are 1-3; Home r~n, Barrett; 3. for Brooks in37 7 6 24 10 4 Innings Pitched--by Sisto, 9, by Pahner, gCORE BY INNINGS base hits, Callan, 2, Cunningham, C. H..Wil- burn; 2-base hits, Htrghes, Doran 2, Cul- h~,(~ubo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7_8 nig~ham, C. Wilburn;Bases on Ballsz by ~9, C~b~" ............... S 3 0 3 0 002 9--1t ~truek out, 8, by Palmer, 5. t[i~''a'dl gt-" .............. 1 2 1 2 1 0 2 3 ;zl2 Sisto, 2, by Pa|mer 4; by St,to, % &ll ~.{r~ .......... 0 3 $ 0 0 3 0 9 Pieksring and Bin. - otars ....... 0 2 1 g 0 3 0 0 9,-- 6 Scorekeepar A. ',~. ldcl)owe/I. PARALYSIS AND NERVOUS TROUBLES A SPECIALTY :4