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September 17, 1924     The Catalina Islander
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September 17, 1924

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-+. ;7-- - .... - - + . TO OR "isor O CHANGE : / -" OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Editor catalina Islander : ~.AS'Iy' $ JMS SPENT YEARLY Two things have happened recently .... - -" to !~,e ~t~r, eSt ia-dqep~sea ang- Pkyr~ll~-~of~ $~,+000,~0 a,d Expendi- ling~'~nd .~stimtflat~a~rnTent aS to ~ Tures:tor Food of ll;70,~0JRIO Un- ooi BtJsii s; HOTELS BI .+ ST< + +At their cost+ too, runs -into a tremendous aggregate, realized by Average Cit~mi." By C. G. Milham Executive S~retary All-Year Club of Southern California Southern California's biggest busi- ness is its hotel and resort business-- the hotels and resorts through which the Southland takes care of the hun- dreds of thousands of visitors that throng to it ~innually and through which also it cares for its own vaca- tionists. Fully 150,000 persons are eml)loyed in the hotels and resorts of this sec- tion, their average wage ranging from $I000 to $1500 a year. In effect, one person in every fifteen in Southern California is depemlent on this busi- ness. The turnover of this business runs into hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The supplies that are needed in carrying it on,~the meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits and dairy products, cost many millions of dollars annually and consmne a considerable portion of the output of California's farms. The annual payroll runs anywhere from $150,000,000 to $225,000,000. REVENUE TO MANY This tremendous business is one of the factors that vitally affects the prosperity of Southern California, and, indeed, of the entire Golden State. When it is running at top speed, which means when tourists come into Southern California from everywhere, it provides the money through which thousands of families buy their daily bread and thousands buy many of the comforts and luxuries of life. When it is running at half-pressure, which means when tourists, for some reason or other, are not visiting Cali- fornia in wonted nmnbers, business men generally suddenly appreciate that "business is slow" and wonder why it is. According to an estimate just made, there are, in round figures, about 7000 hotels and resorts in the territory from the Tehachapi to the Mexican border including mountain camps, beach resorts and similar places. The investment represented in these hotels and resorts amounts to more than $500,000,000. It would be possible *o accommo- date between 150,000 and 200,000 per- sons at one time in these hotels and resorts. On the average, they are sel- dom called on to care for more than 75,000 to 100,000 at a time. But even figures smaller than these involve a truly tremendous purchasin.a-. The food supplies alone bought by these hotels and resorts cost anywhere from $150,0(10 to $200,000 a day. It is hardly possible to figure the cost of other supplies, but it can be stated Let Mr. Grey use as heavy a line as he chooses. Here's hoping he will land a broadbill or tuna weighing a thousand pounds or more, if he feels that way. But let the Tuna Club stand by its tackle and its principles so long as its members, as true sportsmen, are able to demonstrate that the limit of ach- ievement and true sportsmanship has not been reached. CHARLES V. BARTON. P. S.--C. Alma Baker took fourteen albacore straight without breaking a ~ line on -3-6----weight-b.round 20 pounds. -INCREAS/~- POSS [BLE The annu'aL expenditure of the ho- tels Mone 0v foods probably ranges from $34,750,000 to $70,000,000. Important as is this volume of pttr- chases to the community, it is ex- ceeded by the buying power of the hotel and resort employees. The annual hotel and resort busi- ness, the annual tourist business of Southern California could be greatly increased, with consequent addit'i'onal profit to everybody having a stake in the Southland. the proper size of line to be used iia catching the larger fish. One was the taking of 528 pound broadhill.swordfish on regulation heavy tackle (24-thread line) by Harry Mal- fen of the Tuna Club; and the capture of a tuna in Nova Scotia waters weighing 640 pounds, by Zane Grey, the author. (Also one of 758 pounds). Information was not given as to the tackle used by Mr. Grey, but it was presumably 36- or 39-thread line, as Mr. Grey has argued strenously for this line in the taking of broadbill, So this question comes to the front: Should the Tuna Club authorize the use of the heavier line in this particu- lar case ? Mr. Grey contends that the increase in strength of the line is essential;and he has taken the largest tuna ever caught on rod and reel to back up his position. On the other hand, Harry Mallen has caught the largest broadbill ever taken, on the Tuna Club heavy tackle; larger by many pounds than any swordfish previously taken. Now then, if Mr. Grey, or anyone else, wishes to go after broadbill with a 39-thread, a 48-thread, or even heav- ier, that is his privilege. He has taken too many large fish on the regulation tackle to permit criticism of his skill as an angler. But the motto of the Tuna Club de- mands "elevation of the standard of sport," and not only has the standard been elevated through its efforts, but the wanton slaughter of our big game saltwater fish by anglers has been brought to a standstill. At the same time, the increasing possibilities of the regulation 16-ounce rod and 24-thread line in the taking of the larger fish, and of the nine-ounce rod and nine-thread line, and the six- ounce rod and six-thread line for small fish, have been practically demonstrat- ed to a remarkable degree; and the limit is far from having been reached, judging b.y past achievements. It is not so ninny years since Dr. Holder established the use of rod and reel in Catalina waters. Suppose he had accepted the handline as' final. Not long ago the taking of marlin swordfish on rod and reel was regard- ed as an impossibility. But Pillsbury showed the way. Suppose he had not done so? Suppose that Boschen and others had not gone after the broad- bills with regulation heavy tackle? Still more recently the taking of a 100-pound tuna on light tackle was re- garded as out of the question. But now Jump and others are taking them every season, with increasing weight of catches. (Also marlins---158 pounds this year and several last year.) Also, nine-ounce light tackle was re- garded as the minimum; then along comes Tom Potter, "Father of the Three Six" for yellowtail, and estab- lishes a new class and greater possi- bilities. All this has been done in "elevation of the standard of sport" under the auspices and leadership of the Tuna Club. Has the limit been reached? Have the possibilities been exhausted ? The splendid records of the Tuna Club show most emphatically and impres- sively that they have not! Then why should the Tuna Club sanction the use of heavier tackle in the making of its records? More than 20,000,(XX) people annually take vacations. Probably 25 per cent THE CATALINA "of these, or 5,000,000, could be to plan vacation stays in Ca+liforriim+ +At the present about a fourth of the possible come here. 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