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September 16, 1925     The Catalina Islander
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September 16, 1925

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PAGE TEN THE CATALINA ISLANDEg BLUE BIRDS Is there any one in this big round world who does not enjoy a surprise? That is the reason so many, "In our Far-flung Synagogue on the Blessed Sabbath Morning," or any other morn- ing, enjoy John Steven McGroaty's page "Seen from the Green Verugo Hills." When we begin reading that page we know there is going to be a surprise in store. It may be some- thing~ about the "'Conductor's gray cat," the Santa Barbara Mission or the "Fus- sy Man.'! Whatever it is, we may be sure that it is well worth reading. So we read of the long flight of the "black warblers" from Alaska to Yucatan. That nmst have been a wonderful slight ! Then, when we heard a terrible chatter on Saturday afternoon and saw the Bluebirds flocking together from ~tll points of the compass to one par- ticular spot in Catalina, we followed to see what the commotion was all about. We thor, how dreadful it would be, if, like the "Black "v~arblers" they were going to leave the "Isle with a smile" for Timbuctoo or the Canary Islands. What a lonesome place Catalina would be without the Blue-birds. We had to hurry to keel) up with them. Now, where do you suppose they were ~o- ing? To the same old place where they have met so many times during the past two years--Descanso avenue --the home nest of the Blue Birds in Avalon, where the -Mother Bird, XIrs. George W. Greene, lives. Our curiosity led us right into the midst of the flock, and we were about to shout out "What is all the com- motion about?" when we were, with many whispers, and fingers on the lips, led into a secret ro~nn and told all about it. So 1 will tell you now, since it is not a secret any more: Mrs. lsabelle M. Holt, assistant Guardian ot the Campfire Girls, and "Auntie Belle" to many of the little girls in Avalon, entertained the Blue- birds with a surprise party in honor of the ninth birthday of Ezmyrl Knopf. I wish you could have seen how beautifully everything was planned. The cake, a product of Hoover's Bak- ery, was in pink and white layers, with blue flowers and green leaves. Nine blue candles in blue rosebud holders were placed on top, ready to be lighted by Ezmyrl. The dearest little favors you ever saw were little blue boats, each con- taining a candy animal or doll. The place cards were tiny and white, with bluebirds and flowers, and the napkins white with bluebirds. Everything was just gorgeous. My! we almost forgot the generous dishes of pink and white ice cream that fairly melted away like magic! .~Iany games were played, but one of the interesting features of the party was the Bluebirds" feeding the canary." Did you ever hear of such a thing? It was lots of fun--to the :Bluebirds. Claudia Wahon entertained with singing and dancing. So they had a wonderful party, and everybody went home happy aml all wished many happy birthdays to Ezmyrl, and many thanks to Auntie Belle and Mrs. Greene for their lovely party. The members and guests present were Ruth Edmundson, Isabelle Scott, Vio- let Watson, Dorothy Scott, Helen Sweeney, Ezmyrl Knopf, Virginia Knopf, Katheryn Dunkle, Florence Johnson, Marian Johnson, Lois Harri- Get the Red Crown Mileage Card at any "RedCrown"pump. Use it and seeyour mileage increase I "The Red Crown Mileage Card sure saves money!" The Red Crown Mileage Card is more than a card for recording mileage--it's a help to you to get the extra 15 to 3(1 miles that are always in a tankful of Red Crown Gasoline. 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Among the marine specimens wbiT;.rll may be viewed through the clear cry taline waters on the lava-like sea-It0' ale : FISH AND SHELLFISH Garibaldi, or Octopus Golden Perch Sea Cucumber Blue Perch Sea Hare Blue Eyed Perch Sea Porcupine Silver Perch Jellyfish Wall Eyed Perch Sunfish Rock Bass Tiger Shark Opal Eyed Bass Sheepshead Striped Bass Moray Eel Ratfish Abalone Kelpfish Crawfish Candlefish Sand Crab Whitefish Starfish Sculpin Keyhole Limpet Ghostfish Sea Anemone KELP AND MOSSES Iodine Kelp Chenille MosS Sea Grape Kelp Irish Moss Giant Bulb Kelp Feather Boa Ivi0St Ribbon Kelp Ruby Moss Rainbow Kelp Feather Moss Red Alga Sponge Moss Sea Lichen Heather Moss Bridal Veil Moss Corat Moss A BILL THAT IS NEVER pAID A ten-year-old lad overheard a c[i versation about certain bills to be v~,~t and conceived the idea of making ~e a bill for his own services. SoSf next morning he laid this state~le.u,'.d account on his mother's breagt~ plate : "Mother owes Willie for carryl~ coal six times, 20 cents; for bringl~ water lots of times, 30 cents; for g0iSs ten errands, 25 cents." -td His mother read the bill, but .s.~ie nothing about it. That evening W~d found on his plate the 75 cents, ~, also another bill which read as ~,, . , ll~ J lows" "Willie owes mother for ., hl~' happy home for ten years, not _.~, for nursing him through a long illnV* Subscribe for Your Home Paper nothing;when total.willienOthing."saw the seventy"~*,. Catalina Islander cents he was pleased; but wheno~gro~ read his mother's bill his eyes ~e dim and his lips quivered Then % took the money to his mther tl~re] his arms around her neck and begg0f that she would let him do lots things for her. prese .e~..~.~ Mother's blll is rarely to thin"" but it will pay each person out and over for himself, and the~ it in love and service. HELP US GET ALL THE LOCAI" New Line of SEE OUR WINDOWS NEWS If you have an item of local neWS'-Sq personal about some visiting frie. a:g. have entertained at a card party,vu~ af day party, or other socal functiOnto~t hear of something of interest a%.[ "4 all up " any formel Avalon rest tent, c ,,oSl and tell us about it-or send us a v. card with the names carefully w~itte~ . . "lip If you have some printing you ~n:. done, call up 7-J and our represe~'" ti~] will call upon you. telr you have an advertisement, phone it in. SOCIAL AND PERSONAl" DO YOU PRIZE THAT MAGAZINE OR BOOb , They will last much longer i~ tt~~ are bound in a neat cover; an .. Radio Journal or record can be Pf_~ , , Uv served for future reference. ~:.~ about that old prayer book or I3ib:~#" Does it need a new cover? Let Islander do it for you. ) .kit Write tO the Catalina Light TS~i~, Club, P. O. Box 14, Avalon CalifofW for information about sea angling. Watch the world come to Catali~"