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September 7, 2012     The Catalina Islander
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September 7, 2012

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WITH CAPT. JOHN KING I~0~m! DoDo our offshore fishery and this year the bow to cast live baits and two Top anglers make Jackie John- is shaping up to be a good one. others dropped back. OK, maybe son look like an amateur. We are The monsoonal flows and southern that was an exaggeration (which is accomplished weather forecasters, storms push warm water into our why we practice), but we did final- We use wind and swell forecasts, zone, which carries the top-water ly get a couple of baits flying in the we compare print-outs species such as tuna, direction of the paddy and within of sea water temp charts, marlin and dorado (Do- moments we were hooked up. we carry tide books on Dos) into our waters. DoDos are aggressive feeders. board, we struggle with Currently, the DoDos We had one fish eat both baits be~ the California coun- are on the chew. fore our anglers could use the circle ter-current info, we use During the recenthooks to set up the fish. On another chlorophyll charts to Church Mouse Marlinpass we had a beautiful bull dorado gauge life and altimetry Invitational our team light up electric blue and attack the charts to find "breaks" aboard Catallac came bait. Our last fish came flying out of that might be holding the upon a sma!l Piece of the water to win the race to the bait. off-shore pelagics (open John Kinp, floating kelp known as Fun stuff, and a good forecast of a ocean fish). During Au- a ~'paddy." I put out the very good off-shore season. ~gu~st we add tropical storm and hur- word that we were going to do a Capt. John King is the founder ricane watch to the list. practice run by calling out"Marlin, of Afishin'ados Charters fishing in This is the year of the DoDo, 2 o'clock, d00 yards!" The cock- Avalon. He can be reached by call- pronounced "Doe-Doe". Stormspit sprang to life as the jigs were ing (310) 510-2440 or send e-mail off of Baja are very important to wound in, two anglers sprinted to to From page 1 Stockdale said he was 12 feet from the bison when it charged him, Gencarella said the boy dodged to the right, The bison threw him sev- eral feet in the air. "When the buf- falo hit him, it was like the buffalo didn't move his head," Gencarella said. The boy landed on the ground and the bison stood over him. Gencarella said he threw a bot- tle to distract the bison. Stockdale confirmed that Gencarella threw the bottle to distract the bison. It worked. The animal moved away from the boy. Stockdale and Gencarella both went to the boy to see if he was hurt. The boy's father arrived at the scene while the two medics were treating the boy. At first, Gencarella and Stock- dale both thought he was simply bruised. But there was blood on his shirt. Part of his intestine was exposed. Together, Gencarella and Stockton stabilized the boy. Gen- carella said the 9-year-old looked pale. Gencarella spoke with the boy to keep him calm. "I was the main one who was treating him," Stockdale said. He said initially, the situation didn't seem so bad. Then witnesses saw blood on the boy's shirt. Stock- dale saw a hole in the shirt and found the puncture wound in the boy's abdomen. The wound was on his right side, about level with the waist band of his pants. Stockdale could see the boy's intestine. His first concerns where wheth- er the boy's spine or pelvis had been broken, but both pelvis and spine Wer~ ~ft undamaged in the incident. Stockdale and Gencarella made the decision to move the boy to a table. Other campers who were present cleared the table. Stockd~le said a third adult held up the boy's feet, keeping pressure off his abodmen. Stockdale said several people wanted to give the bo.y water, but the medics couldn't allow that because that could lead to peritinitis. "My biggest concern was getting him out of there quick- ly," Stockdale said. He said that a child's medical condition can change more rapidly than an adult's. Stockton asked if anyone had called 911. The man who had used his cell phone to photograph the bison now used the phone to summon help. "No one really knew it was that bad until the helicopter started cir- cling," Stockdale said. He said that he knew the boy's injury wasn't life-threatening as long as he got surgery. However, if the boy's injury had been an inch higher or low- er, the consequences could have been more serious. "He was really lucky," Stockdale said. Catalina bison There is a herd of 150 bison on the Island. Conservancy spokes- woman Baer said they were free ranging animals, restricted only by a "cattle guard" to discourage them from entering Avalon and a gate at Little Harbor. She said there were no plans at this time to change the free range status of the bison. Bison can range in size from 700 to more than 2,000 pounds. Friday Smrday Slmday ~lmtday Tuesday: ~Vedn.dla)-" Thursday smay sunny smay S, my 77/64 78/64 79/63 78/o:2 so/ , 75/6x 77/61 Tides T~s VVeek Are all hailstones round? 9 Sep_t. 7. 1970 - A ligltmiug belt slx~ek a group of football players at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Fla., killing two people ~ead injuriag 22 others. All of the 38 players and four coaches were ~ off tt~Ar feet_ 310-510-2440 F Avaioa Catalina ]BIarlm~ Ffi 3"3~ua 6:53am 2:t01m~ 14~37tma Fli ~:43~m 7~l~m 2!'IStma !0:451mi S~m ?24am 1057am 5~lmm ~ Stm 7~gmn 12:0~m 5:08pro tl.'~mm 7:43~um 12:49~ 6.-~pm 12:131ma M~m 7:4gain L2:57am 6:llpm 12:.?.lima Tm 8~Imm l~6am 6:5~pm l:0ilma Tue ~5~zm l:~4am7_-~im~ l.~91ma 8~Imm l:.$ram 7:36pm l:40Fm Wed g:26~m2:04~ "L'41tmi l:4~lmU Tim 8:4lmm" 2:,7.5am 8:16tm~ 2:17pm Tim &46ram2:33em8:~llmet ~l:tm Last Fri ~m Sat Sm New Tue Tbn SmarL 6:32am. 7:10p.m ll:30pm l:07p~ Irk-st 6:32 am_7:09p~ttNoRise l:57pm. ~t22 6:33a.m_7:07p.m 12:lgam 2:44p.m. 6:Ma.m. 7:06prol:12am 3:2~pra 6:~ am 7:05 p.m 2:08 am_4.'09 p.m.~ Fall 6:35 am.7.'03 p.m 3:06 am.4:47 p.m. 9t~ 6"_36 am7:02pm. 4.'07 am. 5:24p.m. Cbarurs iCatalin corn 4 i Friday, September 7, 2012 THE CATALINA ISLANDER